Include him in the group is something:D

  • Spanish and Italian are a little similar:

Italian: Come stai?
Spanish: ¿Cómo estas?

Italian: Bene, grazie!
Spanish: ¡Bien, Gracias!

Italian: Il pane con la marmellata è delizioso.
Spanish: El pan con mermelada es delicioso.”

I give you that as an example to understand the joke.

Noooow, the girls!


Practice practice. This was fun.

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Start of Assassins' quests
  • Altaïr: I must find and kill these people in order to regain my honor
  • Ezio: I must serve justice for my father and brothers and friends
  • Connor: I must join the Assassins to protect my people and fight for their freedom
  • Edward: I must find the greatest prize there is so my wife and I can live prosperously
  • Arno: I must join the Assassins to redeem myself for the mistakes I made in my youth
  • The Frye Twins: So the Templars are being real dicks over in London let's go do something about it