arnica gel

anais-ninja-blog replied to your photo “For today’s cocktail o’clock, we have a somewhat classic Americano (no…”

That cocktail sounds questionable, but I don’t love vermouth. Soak the tootsies! Epsom salt, ftw.

I’m not going to lie, this drink - or any drink with a strong bitter flavor to it - is definitely an acquired taste, vermouth not withstanding.  I know people who will drink these types of bitters straight up with just a little ice, and I don’t know how they do it.  *gives my sister a very suspect look*

And the epsom salt has been working wonders.  I got that and some arnica gel yesterday, so this is going to be my nighttime routine for the next few days.  Seems to be working so far!

Weekend update: Arnica Gel given to me by a friend after I came off my horse in a sudden and catastrophic manner. It worked, but the expiration date is September 2004. Too bad, because there is so much left. I guess that could be a good thing - I did not need to use it again. No photo for Saturday’s shed: two rubber teapot stamps sent over to the UK.