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To put it simply, you felt like shit. You were buried under multiple thin and thick blankets, each varying in color and material. Normally, you would be sitting up straight trying not to slouch, still wallowing in emptiness. But for some reason, you couldn’t do that today. You heard a door open and close, along with the heavy steps on the wooden floor. Gabe was home. You didn’t have the effort to try and pull yourself to see him at the door.

The door to your shared room opened with a small creak. You could hear Gabriel throw his boots to the side of the room. Books scattered the bedroom floor, most were in Hebrew or English, and there was a couple of French. You had attempted to read the French books and try to write down what you understood but you didn’t have the energy. He then sat down on the king-sized bed, you could tell because of how the bed dipped and how he was the only one there.

“How was your day, mi alma?”


“As always?”

“As always.”

Gabe lifted a few of the blankets so he could scootch right under and wrap his arms around you. His arms were chilling, but after being trapped under the hot blankets, you found in comforting. “How was work?” You mumbled, leaning against him tiredly. “Shit as well, Jack is on my ass about the new recruits, apparently we have too many and we might have to transfer.”

“I’m sorry מותק…”

Gabe pressed a light kiss to the back of your head before sighing. He didn’t say anything after that, and you didn’t press on. It seemed that wallowing and holding each other was all that you could do sometimes, but every once in awhile Gabe would do things for the both of you to try and enjoy life, or just be content with it. Every other Monday he would make breakfast while you made coffee, or you’d eat leftovers from the night before. “Heat up leftovers or the McDonald’s down the street?” Gabe had scooched under you, to where you were laying on his chest.

“We finished the cheesesteak last night, and I gave Mrs. Arner that chicken soup. So McD’s I guess.”

“Want me to get it?”


You both stayed like that for awhile, before Gabe leaned up to kiss your forehead and pulled himself out of bed. “Nuggets and fries, right?” He was pulling a hoodie as you wrapped a blanket around you.

“Mhm, can you get some sauce too?”

“Gotcha, ketchup, BBQ, or mustard?”

“As many as you can steal without them noticing.” You leaned against him as he laced up his shoes. “They give those willingly, cariño.” Gabe chuckled as he stood up. “I’ll be back in a few, don’t hurt yourself while I’m gone.” “Gotcha. Love you, Gabe.” “Te Amo, see you soon.”

You stayed like that for awhile. You needed to be a bit more active, so you stood up and left the blankets on the bed as you gathered up all the old and new books, cramming them into the nearest bookcase. There were different types of shirts and shorts thrown around, and you made a reminder to do the laundry later. You closed your planner book, it had a few animal adoption centers scribbled down with the name ‘Lokitty’ circled near the side. You would have to get back to that later. You had finished tidying up the room by the time Gabe came back, with some chicken nuggets, dozens of sauces, and some ice cream. You both had ended up eating on the couch, not worrying too much about the crumbs as you watched old Spongebob episodes. Both just being content.


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