arne darvin

The frustrating thing about Arne Darvin is that again, being such a minor character, his backstory is not consistent at all! Like, we don’t know his real name, we don’t know if Arne Darvin was a real person.

I mean, in the 2007 comic “Beneath the Skin” his real name was Gralmek and he was a Klingon runt with head ridges, who got surgically altered to look human and replace Arne Darvin who was a real human that he killed in a spaceship before taking his place. In the 2010 AU novella “Honor in the Night” his real name is Krek and he was a ridgeless Klingon who could pass for a human, and Arne Darvin was a fake identity created exploiting a computer error and Krek lived as Darvin for years before Sherman’s Planet. Finally in the 2012 reference book “Star Trek: Federation - The First 150 Years” his name is Kron and Arne Darvin is once again a real human, but this time he got kidnapped and executed by a Klingon ship and replaced with the surgically altered Kron. I mean, not even when they used the same backstory, it’s consistent! What the hell?

Personally I prefer Honor in the Night, but really guys, can’t at least agree on a fucking name?