No Turning Back Now…

(yet another angsty Kylux story no one asked for)

Warnings for: minor character death, slight force mind control, mind/memory wiping, kidnapping, lots of lying at first, angst and nothing but angst, possible/implied major character death (characters are under the impression another is dead but they are really not) 

Inspired by this prompt challenge

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3D Sidewalk Murals Allow Pedestrians to Interact With the Optical Illusion 

Artist Nikolaj Arndt is known for his composition of impressive 3D street artwork which is drawn by chalk on sidewalks. The optical illusion’s saturated colors and shadows give depth and a psychedelic sensibility to his illustrations.


If your sweetheart is hooked on Pokémon Go you might be able to distract them, at least momentarily, with a bouquet of these awesome Pokéball Duct Tape Roses made by Lydia Arndt of QuirkyQrafts.

They’re available individually or in three-flower bouquets and in two different sizes. Head over to the QuirkyQrafts Etsy shop for additional info and to check out more of Arndt’s duct tape creations.

[via Technabob]


Nikolaj Arndt 

Nikolaj Arndt (1975, Russia) studied painting during his college years at Pedagogic Art College. He moved to Germany in 2006 and started participating in street art festivals. He soon caught the eye of passerbys because of his ability to create 3D paintings with chalk. Arndt is continuing to do street art, but also teaches classes at a college and works as a designer for advertisement companies. 

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