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The Darkest Knight - Part 2

@phati-sari guess what’s finally done????? THAT’S RIGHT. IT’S PART 2. 

Find Part 1 in my index! Also, I know I said that this would be three parts but i lied, it’s gonna be much longer most likely.


“Tell me again why I had to come with you?”

Arnav cast a sidelong glance at his younger brother who was sulking in the corner of the limousine, glaring darkly at him every couple of moments.

“You wanted to be Robin so badly, didn’t you?” He scoffed, feeling a smug delight in Dhruv’s answering groan.

“That’s crime fighting, bhai. That doesn’t mean I have to double as your wingman.” Dhruv quipped, before a devilish smirk lit up his features, and Arnav’s heart immediately sank in response.

“Whatever you’re about to say -” Arnav began steadily, pointing a warning finger in the brat’s direction only to be interrupted almost immediately.

“But then again, I would only be a wingman if you had even the slightest chance with her. To her, you’re about as attractive as Himesh Reshammiya in a speedo.”

“I have no idea who that is.” Arnav snapped, turning to stare stubbornly out the window as he saw Dhruv shudder out of the corner of his eye.

“Well… lucky you.”

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Aapko kabhi pata nahi chalega ki aapke rashte mein kon ajnabee aapka humsafar banjaye aur woh…konsi ghadi ho jab koi anjaan aapke dil ko chhu jaaye…