dragons in ancient times up to about 2000s (cool, good, not dumb, live in mountains, breathe fire, fight wizards, designed by normal people, you cant fuck them):

dragons in the past decade or so (weird, dumb, not cool, shit at fighting wizards and breathing fire, lame as hell, designed by horny nerds):

dragons in 2017 (very bad, disgusting, awful, hideous, designed by malajusted dregs of society):

that moment when robert and aaron are swaying and aaron is all “you will never get me to slow dance with you i will never reach that level of soft and soppy” even though his hands are literally going around robert’s waist as he’s speaking and u know that aaron’s happiness in that moment and love for robert transcends everything he ever thought or understood about himself before


Finally finished @popelickva‘s pen chain suit. Business AU is a go and I’ve atoned for my sins for not recognizing Charley’s voice like a fake fan. Ya’ll are ready for the runway. I’m like 80% sure he could go into battle with his pen chain-mail. Maybe. A business battle. 

Along with @knittinggiantbeanies and @chongoblog in a bonus chibi pic. I took the little judycubes to go and see the big judycubes


Youtuber (I really love this au)
1. Everyone ships us together, even though we haven’t done a single video together. Wanna change that?

2. I’m always in the background of your videos and everyone just assumes we’re dating although I’m your roommate.

3. Every time I do morning vlogs you’re always curled up against my side and it’s really hard to focus when you look so damn cute.

4. You did my makeup for a video and now my subscribers keep asking for you to be in more videos.

5. You were editing a video and noticed that I was dancing in the background, wait are you actually going to post that??

Ok so my laptop gets really hot and lags and stuff really bad when I play the game so I removed all of my cc (with the exception of about 8 or 9 files) and I am kinda able to play on mid-settings without too much lag, its still crappy but I thought i’d post some gameplay. 

Because I can’t build i’m playing in slightly renovated house by @servobride.