I never planned on sharing this but …. People wonder why me and Stephanie are so close… “Why we’re get married so “quickly”“… “How are we so in love?”… Honestly it’s no ones business but I wanted to share my story not for attention or likes or anything like that but just because it means a lot to me… So much of it is because of my struggle with cancer but the other major thing is last year I was sexually assaulted. I got pregnant and somehow I guess I was fertile because I ended up with triplets.
At first I was devastated but my fiancé was so supportive and the day after we found out, she went to join the army so that she could support us all.( it still makes my heart melt that she did that because it takes a strong women to want to help raise raped conceived children and I knew she truly loved me then & I didn’t wanna spend my life with no one else, I mean what more could you ask for? ) I know it sounds silly, but don’t judge me.. We decided that they were two girls and one boy. Aniyah, Anton and Aaliyah. Although it wasn’t a planned pregnancy, we took it on as a blessing in disguise and wanted to raise them.
With me having cancer and have had been doing radiation (unknowingly being pregnant), and several other complications…I miscarried.. So for Mother’s Day I got us these necklaces with their names and due date & at the bottom says “your mommies love you” Made by @loveandwarjewelry Thank you so much for making this special.

We’re gonna try artificial. Not to replace them, but because we still want children and aren’t going to let this stop us. We are and always will be an #ArmyStrong family. I don’t care who thinks it’s fast or that we are rushing anything. It is our life and life is too short to wait. ❤️🍼🙏