So long story short an “army” that goes by the name of Venny is pretty good at making celebrities notice bangtan. She got a retweet from wale from an old cover from namjoon and even got tinashe to notice hobi. 

But heres why you SHOULD NOT treat here as the best namjoon stan ever because she is not

*i dont want to bring up the past but a lot of people are comparing her with namjoon because VENNY IS PROBLEMATIC SHE MADE A LOT OF RACIST REMARKS AND NEVER APOLOGIZED OR OWNED UP TO THEM AND EVEN REPEATED THEM UNLIKE NAMJOON*

So basically many armys AND HER claim that the collab happened because of her WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT BECAUSE ME KNOWING NAMJOON HE WOULD OF SAID SOMETHING HIMSELF

so then venny venn diagram releases these on her twitter (WHICH IS NOW PRIVATE COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT)

Okay but e ven before i knew that this was fake I HIGHLY DOUBTED IT namjoon would of done something himself he has the full capability to dm and message intl armys he has done so before

also she sounded soooooo shady i wasnt buying it


so then seeing this beef wale assumed namjoon knows venny venn diagram not knowing the real situation



I feel really bad for her BECAUSE SHE IS SO PETTY

okay but basically i dont know what to do

the whole situation is so petty and stupid, like did this girl REALLY have to do this, being a namjoon stan since pre-debut i wouldnt be this thirsty to get namjoon to notice me, like i dont really know what to do because she already has done it and really cant take it back.

but hey im happy this happened because the twitter memes about her are so funny

peace, love, and support namjoon’s mixtape

*note* so many people are supporting namjoon remember when everyone used to fucking hate him people are giving him so much love i love armys we are amazing we need to protect namjoon 

i feel bad for namjoon bc this is affecting his career, some “armys” are no different from antis using namjoon as a fucking target for everything, i remember him mentioning that he wont feel as if his life has purpose until his music affect the lives of his fans and now when he actually gets to know an intl “army” its about something negative and false accusations against him. Imagine how hard breaking he would feel GREAT START TO HIS SECOND MIXTAPE UGH


atfirst i thought it was stupid to hate on  venny as what she did was a harmless petty joke but this can really affect namjoon’s image in his rap career as wale knows about this

imagine how ashamed he felt goddamn

Beach Day

Tomorrow was the last day of summer and Alya suggested to go to the beach one last time since it would be a while for them to feel the cool gentle breeze against their face and the warm sunlight shining over their skin. Nino was definitely going, spending a full day with his girlfriend? Yes, please! Recently they haven’t spent much time together due to the huge piles of homework they’ve been getting. 

Adrien had to ask his dad first so he wasn’t sure if he could go or not. And of course, Marinette is going if Adrien would be there, and also she loved the beach, well Summer in general. She didn’t have to worry about school, she could help out her parents more often, and she could see everyone’s clothing and outfit choices. She loved it all. 

Later that night Adrien asked his dad if he could go to the beach with his friends. He was hoping that his dad would allow him so since Adrien has never been to the beach just for fun, only for photoshoots. Adrien’s dad was silent for a long moment, thinking about the question in his mind as he chews on a shrimp from his Bouillabaisse. Adrien’s dad wipes his mouth before letting Adrien know his final decision. As Mr. Agreste told his son his answer, a smile spread across Adrien’s face, the teenage boy quickly thanked his dad before running to his room to text his friends to confirm he could go to the beach with everyone. 

Of course everyone was happy that he could come, well, almost everyone. Marinette tried to but she couldn’t. Out of all days, the night before the trip to the beach had to start her period. It was also her first period. Marinette was a late bloomer and her mom was getting worried. Marinette’s mom taught her very few things since she learned about it at school during health class. 

She really wanted to go to the beach with everyone but now she couldn’t. Marinette was rambling to herself about how she couldn’t go to the beach anymore before her mom cut her off. “Marinette, sweetie, of course, you can still go. You just can’t enter the water. And you need to make sure you change.” Marinette’s mom told her. Marinette’s eyes grew wide, “I can?” Her mom nodded and Marinette pulled her into a hug, “Thanks, mom!” 

The next morning everyone met up in front of Adrien’s house since he promised to drive everyone there. Everyone was in their bathing suits and something light over like a flannel or a scarf shawl, everyone except for Marinette. She was wearing army green flowy shorts and a red crop top. 

“Where’s your swimsuit, Mari?” Alya asked as she peeked through Marinette’s small bag to see if she had one in there.

“A-ahh, um, last night I had these very bad cramps and I didn’t think I should be going into the water..” Marinette replied, hoping her best friend didn’t catch what was going on. It wasn’t like she didn’t trust Alya, Marinette just didn’t really felt comfortable telling anyone at the moment. 

Alya shrugged it off and just told Marinette to feel better. The four kids piled up into the shiny black limousine. They told jokes and talked about the projects that were due next week. Sooner or later, they were at the beach in no time. There were a lot of people but not packed. Adults playing volleyball, kids playing tag or building sand-castles, but mostly everyone was in the water splashing or having contests to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest. It made Marinette sad that she couldn’t go and join in with everyone and that she had to sit out and watch everyone’s stuff. Luckily Marinette brought her sketchbook so she could get some ideas. 

Two hours past and Marinette feel asleep on the blanket underneath the beach umbrella. When she woke up Adrien’s flannel was on top of her and Adrien sitting beside her. “Morning sunshine.” He joked but Marinette quickly felt her cheeks flushed. 

“What time is it?” 

Adrien checked his watch, “Almost four.” 

Marinette was asleep for twenty minutes, which wasn’t very long. “Where’s Alya and Nino?” Marinette asked as she tried to scan the beach for her two friends.

“They went to verse each other in volleyball somewhere.” 

“Oh,” Marinette said as she got up. 

“Um, Marinette. Are you okay? Did you sit on something? It looks like you sat on a grape juice box!” 

Marinette quickly turned to look at her butt. It really did look like she sat on a juice box. Anyone could spot the stain on her pants from a mile away. Okay, maybe not a mile away, but at the moment Marinette thought so. And just as her luck got any better, Alya and Nino were walking towards the two. Again, Marinette started freaking out. Adrien noticed Marinette’s discomfort almost immediately, “Marinette.” He called out and toss her his flannel for her to tie around her waist. He stood up and took Marinette’s bag and with the other hand took her hand and started running towards the public bathrooms right when Marinette finished tying the flannel. 

“Hey, do you know what a period is?” Marinette asked as they ran.

Adrien shouted over his shoulder, “Kind of, not much. I heard the girls at our school talking about it once.” 

Marinette nodded but she wasn’t sure if he saw. 

Marinette ran inside the little girls’ room to clean off the blood from her pants. It took her a while and you could still see part of it, but she hoped Adrien would allow her to take his flannel until Monday when she sees him in school. 

She walked out with Adrien’s clothing still tied to her waist. Adrien didn’t ask for it back and knew that she still needed it. “Thanks.” She told him as they started walking back to their best friends. 

“No problem. Everything is okay, right?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. Is it okay for me to give you back your flannel on Monday?”

“Sure thing.”

“Thanks again, you’re the best.”

“I know I am,” Adrien said jokingly, still looking straight ahead. 

Marinette paused for a second, she thought it was odd that he said that and not something like “I’m really not.” or “Thanks, Marinette, you’re great too.” She shrugged it off and assumed maybe he felt comfortable enough with her to joke around like that. Which made Marinette happy, still, she could help but feel like he reminded her of someone very close to her, but she couldn’t place a finger on who. 

A/N: I know France don’t have beaches that you could go in the water, or at least I don’t know any, but I got this headcanon AU from this manga called Nekota No Koto Ga Ki Ni Natte Shikatanai.

BTS Boyfriend Material


Uh, jagi…what time do you end today?

She was too busy typing away on her laptop that she barely even noticed the text notification on her phone. It took a second notification to come in for her to notice.

Ah, I’m guessing you’re working OT. You’ll be in your office yes?

“Shit,” she mumbled under her breath. They were supposed to have dinner together at their favourite street stall. She checked her watch while contemplating on whether she should make a run for it. The stall was only two blocks from her office.


Another notification. This time it came from her laptop’s mail inbox.

I’ve attached the second file here. This has to be linked to the previous paragraph. In the file, there are also audio interviews with the locals. I need you to phrase it and include them in the last section.

It was her chief editor. She groans, on the brink of tears as she rubs her eyes. Guess that rules out the possibility of meeting him. Why did no one ever told her adulthood would be so bitter?

I’m sorry Yoongs…There’s a big project going on and my chief wanted me to piece it together. Get a raincheck for that dinner?

She sighs as she watches her text flying off in binary codes to his phone. Usually, she was the type to see life as half full but now, her glass was completely empty.

“Is the raincheck possible now?”

The sound of his voice startled her. “Oh, what are you doing here?” she asked, surprised at the unexpected visit.

“Would it be too cocky for me to say that I predicted how the events of tonight would play out so I bought the food beforehand?” he grinned.

The smell of freshly cooked noodles awoke her sense. She was now dizzy with hunger, not even realising that the last time she ate was almost 10 hours ago. “Cocky or not, you brought food,” she squeals in delight as he uncovers the box.

Yoongi chuckled at his girl. It was a bittersweet moment for him. Yes, he was happy to see her delighted but it only showed how hard she has been pushing herself all day to the point where she forgot to eat.

“Take the whole thing,” he smiled as he pushed the box of noodles. “Eat all you want. I bought enough.” He sits beside her, feeling content at seeing her eating. Ah, his girl is so hardworking. Sometimes even more than he is.

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Spring Day

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Spring Day

Parts; One

Pairing; Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Fluff

Word Count; 3.090

Synopsis; Confessing whilst being drunk is not the best move especially when you forget about it.

You woke up to someone ringing your doorbell, which was really annoying and especially because it was still dark outside, You quickly glanced on your phone which said it was 5 am in the morning. This person who was ringing your doorbell better be ready to die did that person know what for a crazy week you had, with all those damn deadlines and taking care of your little niece.

You stepped out of bed and put a robe on before walking to the door. “Ya stop ringing that doorbell!” you shouted at the person behind the door through the speaker. You weren’t wearing your glasses so looking at the screen to see who it was, well that was not going to work, so hopefully, it wasn’t some lunatic. You made your way to the door and of course bumped into something hard. “AISH!” you were holding your knee when you were finally at the door. “Who is it?”

“Just open the door!” this sounded like Taehyung, it better not be Taehyung because it would be a shame to have to kill him, as he was the most adorable fool on this planet but then again why would he risk his life when he knows you don’t like to be disturbed whilst sleeping. You opened the door and met the smiling face of Taehyung, he didn’t give you time to yell as he quickly pushed you back inside. “Get dressed you babo.” he turned you around and pushed you to your bedroom and closed the door when you were in it. You could hear him going around in the kitchen and you were hoping he wasn’t trying to make you breakfast because the last time he tried that, your kitchen almost exploded.

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Sexy BTS


He sighs in relief as soon as the hot water hits his back. The morning was cold and foggy, the perfect weather to sleep in. Unfortunately, he had a dance practice to attend to. His mind keeps wandering back to the person lying in his bed. God, she was beautiful. If he had no plans today, bet on it that he would still be in bed right now. Though sleep might be off the table.

“I forgot you had a dance practice today,” she yawns.

Her petite body was covered up to her chest with the blanket yet his eyes could perfectly see her bare. He had to stop himself before his eyes started roaming her silhouette. Any longer and he would have her below him, squirming against his grip.

“I’ll be back for dinner,” he assures her with a tight smile, hiding the lust that was growing in him.

From the reflection in the mirror, he could see her get up from the bed. The way her hips subtly sways in the light was threatening a growl from escaping his lips. He stood frozen, his mouth agape as he stares at her curves. The seconds slowed down as he watched her daintily put on her favourite baggy button down shirt. He presses his head against the mirror, trying to slow his rapid breathing.

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July 12, 1991

JC Dobbs, Philadelphia

“State Of Love And Trust” is performed for the first time at this show.

Matt Chamberlain: By the second or third song, people were moving closer to the stage. By the end of every gig at any of these places, people would be like, “Fuck, yeah!” and be totally into it. Converts. At that time, Eddie took it so seriously. After every show, he’d be drenched, speechless. He wouldn’t talk for a while. He was jumping around like a nutcase for an hour. It was a cathartic experience for him at the time. The one thing I remember about him that made me kind of laugh … I thought it was so great. He wore a Butthole Surfers T-shirt from the Locust Abortion Technician album: the one with the disturbing image of the Ethiopian children. He wore that shirt, and he had these army shorts with a hole in the butt that he would gaffer tape up. And white Doc Martens. He would wash his clothes in the hotel room. Everybody was broke. I had to loan Stone twenty bucks at one point because he didn’t have enough money for lunch.

Pearl Jam Twenty, p. 57

BTS Metahuman Short Imagine

–> A short imagine based on this au

Part 1 / ?

It was 3 in the morning as Yoongi took a stroll on the roofs of the houses. The silver light of the moon fell in fractions around him, following every move he made. A puff of white steam curls away from him as he sighed into the icy night.

Out of nowhere, he felt a burning sensation on the underside of his wrist. He froze, slowly turning his hand to reveal his wrist. As expected, the trident mark on his skin illuminated like the moonlight. He stood rooted to the ground, unsure of what to do. It’s been decades since that mark last illuminated and he had done everything he could to prevent it from ever happening again.

“You bastard!” a shout rang out into the empty waste.

Yoongi’s hand curls into a fist, his eyes never leaving the mark. He could hear the chaos ringing along the alleyway, not too far from where he was from.

“Fuck,” he growled under his breath with his teeth gritted.

Before he could convince himself to turn the other way, Yoongi swiftly teleports himself to the roof two blocks away, leaving thin black smoke swirling around where he used to be. He crouches down near to the shadows, his entire body becoming one with the dark. The ruckus came from a group of men cornering a younger lad, yelling and cursing at him.

“Give back the $5000 you took from us and we won’t beat you to death,” one of the men hissed. He had a baseball in his hand, ready to swing.

The young lad only laughed it off with a smirk on his face, seemingly unaware that his life was on the line. From the top of the roof, Yoongi’s eyes scoured every inch of skin that was visible until he saw what he was looking for. When the young lad pushed back his sleeves, the mark on his wrist glinted in the dark. He was a metahuman, just like Yoongi.

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One Faithful Night -Jin- One Shot

One Faithful Night -Jin- One Shot

Parts: One

Pairing: Seokjin x Y/N

Genre: Drama, romance

Word count: 11.953

Synopsis: Meeting Jin from bts seemed the best thing that had ever happened but who would have thought you ended up hating him.

“Wait for a second mom, I can’t hear you,” you yelled into the phone. You were at a club when you got a call from your mother. “Where are you?”

“I’m at a club, I forgot to call you when we landed, I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay, I’m happy you are okay.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“I won’t love, have fun in Korea but please be careful.”

“Of course, I will call you when I go home, Love you.” you just hung up because, to be honest, you couldn’t hear the half of what she was saying. “Ya Y/N, get back in here!” Your friend Yoona texted, which was ridiculous as she was a few feet away.

“Arasso!” You texted back but the minute you wanted to walk back into the club you bumped into someone, which made you stumble back and even fall down. “Ya look where you going!” you yelled this but became speechless when you saw who you bumped into. It was Jin from bts who was looking at you annoyed, he was even more handsome in real life it really wasn’t fair. The world stopped for a second and then embarrassment washed over, you just yelled at a member of your favorite Kpop group, how disrespectful.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.” You were brushing off his shirt when he grabbed your hands to stop you. You felt the spark but before you could register it, he had already let go of you. “It’s okay but you shouldn’t walk and text.” you nodded in agreement and as he walked past you, you could smell the faint perfume that he was wearing, which was intoxicating, you couldn’t help but stare at him when he suddenly stopped and glanced back, which made you even redder because now you were caught staring.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked and you looked behind you to see if he was talking to someone else but there was no one, so you pointed at yourself just to be sure and the annoyance returned to his face. “Yes you, stupid.” you just checked for the second time when he suddenly grabbed your arm and dragged you with him. You couldn’t really stop him as he was stronger than you. This was really shocking behavior for someone who’s usually trying to win over people’s hearts by blowing kisses at them. It was like he was angry about something and of course thanks to your incredible timing, you had to make it worse. Normally this would be a dream came true but now you just wanted to leave him alone or maybe he just needed someone to talk to.
“Ya, let go of me, I will follow you.” you tried to get him to release your arm but he wasn’t listening. You were happy when you two walked into the bar and he finally released your arm but bruises were already forming. “Why are you talking informally to me, aren’t I older?” He was but was this really the time to confess that? He saw the hesitation on your face and grabbed your bag, he pulled out your wallet and found your ID, which clearly stated that you were three years younger.

“Don’t talk informally to me, okay?!” You couldn’t contain the snort, which was highly unattractive. He didn’t think it would be that easy right? Who was he to talk to you like that, it wasn’t like you lived here, you respected their culture but to talk formally to someone was just weird but then again he was a member of Bts so it didn’t leave you a choice but that didn’t mean you did it because you liked it. You got into position and neatly bowed whilst apologizing. He nodded and ordered a few bottles Soju. Before you knew what had happened he already finished one bottle before you even got a taste. “Didn’t you want to drink with me Jin oppa?” with that you had pushed your pride aside.

“Ye, here drink up.” he put the bottle in your hand and you decided it was best to just go along with this, it wasn’t like you were going to go home with him, there was no way that your friends would leave you here.

Jin was pretty funny when he was drunk. He kept talking about the guys and if you weren’t under influence of alcohol, this would come in handy but sadly I had joined Jin and was also not completely sober. “Let’s dance Y/N!” He got off his chair and dragged you to the dance floor and if someone actually thought he couldn’t dance well he proved everyone wrong right now, okay it still wasn’t on Jimin, J-Hope or Jung kook’s level but it wasn’t that bad. “Am I already better than Jungkook?” He yelled at you and that’s when you knew what this was about, he was actually angry at his members and that broke your heart.

“Why do you want to be better than him Oppa?”

“Because I’m sick of hearing all the praise he gets! Nobody ever praises me, they only talk about how bad I am at dancing or telling me to stop making old-man jokes and don’t get me started on the lines I get in songs.” He got closer and grabbed your waist and pressed you against him, you were literally stuck against his body as you two danced across the floor, it was kind of hot and it reminded you of the movie, “Dirty Dancing 2”, which was something you really shouldn’t think about right now.

“But you are important to the guys and to the fans, so please don’t worry too much about that and if you really can’t let it go, then you should say something about it.” You were sober enough to come up with such an answer and you actually felt proud for still thinking logical. After the song had ended you returned to the bar again whilst Jin was holding you tightly, this was sort of weird because he didn’t really know you, what if you were some crazy ass stalker? “Let’s drink some more.” He put another drink in your hand and this time you didn’t even look what it was and you just threw it back. This went on for some time and eventually, you found it hard to focus on Jin and what he was saying.

“Let’s go somewhere.” He was jumping excitedly, which made you giggle uncontrollably, this was becoming a disaster but still, you left with him.

you stopped in front of a big house and you had to stare at it because it was really impressive. “You live here?”

“Ye, let’s go.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside, I was still not sober and it seemed like it just got worse as he closed the door, there was a tense silence that you couldn’t place, the only thing you knew was that your heart was beating like crazy. You didn’t dare to walk further without Jin because this was his private place and you really had no business being there but then again you couldn’t leave.

You felt Jin staring at you and as he approached you, you just kept looking down. You didn’t move away when he stopped in front of you. He suddenly pulled the hairband out of your hair, which made it fall down and he immediately put his hands through it. He stopped when his hand touched your cheek. He lifted your face slightly and pressed his lips against yours. He didn’t waste time and deepened the kiss. Without thinking you kissed him back, you even put your arms around his neck, which made him lift you so that your legs were embracing his torso, you could feel everything. He started to walk but never once did he stop kissing you and as he entered his bedroom he dropped you gently on the bed and everything after that was like a dream.

you woke up with a tremendous headache, it felt like someone was hitting you repeatedly. You looked around and was totally confused when you saw the room, which bathed in sunlight. The minute you actually gained real consciousness, you were shocked because this bed was strange and you were sure someone was holding you. You quickly lifted the blanket and there was an arm, you followed that arm and when you saw the person who you were next to, you literally jumped out of the bed. The minute you were out of bed you looked down and the beating of your heart was now really out of control because you were completely naked. “What the hell?!” You muttered to yourself out of fear to wake him up. You started to gather your clothes and ran into the bathroom to get dressed, you had to get out before he woke up, there was no way he would remember you anyway.

You got out of the bathroom fully dressed when you felt his eyes on you. You looked up and met his eyes, who were full of confusion, it was clear that he couldn’t remember as well. “Who are you?” That question offended you deeply because even though you couldn’t exactly remember what had happened yesterday you knew who he was and here he was asking you who you were.

“I’m Y/N, we hung out yesterday.” you quickly told him and that’s when he looked under the blankets, realizing he was naked, made him go white and he looked up real fast, he met your eyes and you could feel the blush on your face. “What happened last night?”

“What do you think happened?”

“Did we?” he couldn’t even finish his sentence, that’s how shocked he was. you could only nod because there really weren’t any words for this, how stupid could you be, to drink like that and do something like that, whilst being drunk.

“Could you just go.” He was not really asking this, his eyes were furious and you quickly walked out but you didn’t leave because there was something you had to talk about because as you were dressing yourself, you actually searched for a condom but you couldn’t find one, he probably didn’t throw it in the toilet but as you were really drunk, it would probably be lying around somewhere but  you couldn’t find it, which meant that he didn’t use a condom and as you were not taking birth control, well it could be a problem.

He walked out of the room, fully dressed but stopped when he saw you sitting at the table. “Why are you still here?” He was really angry and it made your heart beat faster but not because you thought this was hot but it was actual fear for his reaction. “We need to talk Jin.”

“About what, you should just forget it, I certainly will.”

“I wish I could erase it but I really need to tell you this. I don’t take birth control, so I wanted to ask you if you used a condom last night.” The last part came out really soft because his face was really red right now and you actually were scared to talk. “Why do you think I can remember that I don’t even know your name.” you were so shocked by his behavior that you were speechless, which annoyed him even more. “Look if you are pregnant, just call me and I will take care of it.” He held out his hand and you quickly grabbed your phone from your bag and as he put his number in it, you could relax a bit, at least he would take care of it, if there was something to take care of.

“Here and now please leave.” He was really throwing you out, which hurt more than you would have thought. “You know, you are not the person I thought you were.” You slammed the door in front of his face and walked away with your head up high, there was no way you would allow yourself to feel pity because he was simply not worth it.

A few weeks later…

“Mom, I don’t feel so good, can I skip dinner this time?” you asked through the phone because every time you came near food, you almost threw up, this was going on for about a week now and it really sucked. “Of course, let me know when you feel better okay?” You agreed and hung up, you had an inkling what it could be but to be honest you didn’t want to find out, just in case.

You never spoke to Jin after that day but as your memory had fully returned from that night, you even felt worse because even though he was drunk, he was amazing. He never once thought about himself during that night and if you thought back to the way he touched you, it was even more bittersweet that he was so angry the next day. Your best friend had already commented that you should see a doctor because it only became worse but you didn’t want to go alone, which made her even angrier.

You were just getting dressed when she stormed in and threw a bag to your head. “Ya that hurts!” you picked up the bag and was flustered when you saw that she brought some tests. “Go pee on those sticks right now!” she pulled you with her and almost threw you inside the bathroom, you never had seen her this angry at you and it was quite unnerving. You did exactly what she asked and peed on several sticks but you didn’t want to look so you just let them lie on the top of the toilet and walked out. Your best friend wasn’t having it so she walked right in and after a few minutes, she came out, holding the sticks up for you to see and that’s when all the blood drained from your cheeks because on all the sticks were two stripes, which meant that the test was positive. This also meant that you had to make a certain phone call to the one person you never hoped to speak again but first you had to make an appointment with the doctor to see if everything was okay. You went alone because your friends didn’t have time and you hadn’t told your mother yet, she would definitely freak out and that was the last thing you needed right now because you knew that the minute you told Jin, your life was over as you’d known it.

The doctor told you everything you needed to know and it was indeed from that one drunken night, there was no mistake as you were at least 11 weeks pregnant by now. The doctor had given you a lot of options but there was only one and that was to keep this child, which meant just in case you had to keep it a secret for Jin at least until you were 15 weeks along, you didn’t feel good about this but this way you could be sure there was no way to get an abortion and it wasn’t because this baby was Jin’s but because it was also yours. You would never ever use Jin for his money or status just because this was his kid, that wouldn’t be fair and it was not as if you really needed money. You did tell your mother and you also told her who the father was but that she had to keep it a secret, she was not happy with you but respected your decision as long as you were going to tell him when the 15 weeks were over. you did shop for baby clothes and even picked out names, to be respectful towards Jin, you were going to give the baby a Korean name and an English name.

The weeks went by like crazy when you couldn’t prolong it any longer. You had to make the dreaded phone call. Your best friend was with you when you pressed on Jin’s phone number and whilst you were waiting for him to pick up, you actually were praying he wouldn’t pick up. “Hello?”


“Ye, who is this?”

“I’m Y/N I’m not sure if you remember me but” He interrupted you without hesitation. “What do you want?” He was still unfriendly and that made you hesitate to tell him so you kept quiet, you could hear him sigh deeply before continuing. “Just tell me already!” he raised his voice, which made you jump and your courage had completely left you. Your hands were actually shaking when suddenly my best friend took over the phone and boy was she angry.

“Ya asshole, she is pregnant with your baby!” She yelled into the phone and hung up right after she did that. Your mouth was hanging open in shock and you couldn’t comprehend this whole situation, when suddenly your phone rang again, you picked up your phone and hesitated when you saw his number appear on the screen. “Well pick up then.” your best friend was annoyed and she couldn’t hide it and in any other situation this would be funny as hell but now was not the time, the phone rang for the fourth time when you finally picked up. “Yes?”

“Y/N is it true? Are you really?” He didn’t finish his sentence, which wasn’t a good sign but he did sound nicer or maybe he was just in shock. “It’s true.” you didn’t say anything else but you could hear him curse a lot, you immediately felt bad about this and was about to apologize when he suddenly began to talk.

“I will arrange a flight to Seoul, make sure you are on it and I will get someone to pick you up at the airport, I will text you the details.” With that, he had hung up and that was the start of the thing you feared most. Not long after, you got the text with your flight details, he even arranged travel documents for at least three months. you told everyone who you were close to what they expected from you and as you had suspected they were not pleased but they also knew you couldn’t resist this. You packed one suitcase with the most important stuff and a backpack with your laptop, passport, and phone, plus your chargers and that was it. It was going to be a long flight, which probably would be uncomfortable, especially since you are pregnant, this was going to suck big time.

You said goodbye to everyone before disappearing through security and from there, there was no way back. The minute you landed in Seoul, you couldn’t wait to get out of this damn plane. You needed to walk because the plane had made you all stiff and not to mention nauseous, you had threw up a couple of times when a nice lady suddenly gave you some dry biscuits, which helped thankfully, you were in a serious need of some sleep but for some reason you knew this had to wait because Jin was waiting for you and that was not going to be a pleasant talk. You walked into the arrival lobby and there was the driver and to your surprise, it was one of the managers that always stayed by Jin’s side, maybe this was a good sign? As you came into his view he bowed slightly but you could tell he wasn’t happy at all and he even grabbed your arm and pulled you roughly with him. He didn’t offer to take your suitcase and he didn’t say a word. you had to open the car trunk by yourself and when you sat down he immediately drove off, without waiting for you to put on a seatbelt. When you were driving for at least thirty minutes he got a call and Jin’s voice came through the speakers.

“Did she arrive?”

“Ye, she did, I’m taking her to the office right now.”

“I’m already here with a lawyer, thank you for picking her up.” He hung up and your fear had risen when you heard him mention a lawyer, this was going to be hell. You should have never bumped into him because then this would have never happened and you wouldn’t have to fear for anything. You stopped in front of the BigHit Entertainment building and you couldn’t help but stare at it as if you were walking towards your death. “Hurry up, we don’t have all day.” That manager was really rude and even though you were scared, you were getting annoyed by his behavior, apparently, he had forgotten about your pregnancy and the fact that you just had a flight for twelve hours.

You were about the grab your suitcase when he suddenly pulled you away from the car and into the lobby. “You don’t have to grab your suitcase because I will bring you to your house after this.” Wait did he just say your house? Why would you’d have a house here, you surely would be going back home in a few days right? You had a bad feeling about this and you regretted telling him that you were pregnant. When you arrived at the right floor he pulled you along to the conference room and there was Jin sitting with his lawyer and even Rapmonster was present, he got up the minute you walked in and bowed, you were about to return the gesture when you heard a snort coming from Jin’s side. “Don’t bow for her Namjoon, she really isn’t worth it.” He was speaking fast but you understood every single word and it only annoyed you more.

“Why did I need to come here Jin?”

“Why do you think?”

“Miss please sit down.” The lawyer pointed at the chair and you quickly did what he asked. “We heard about the situation and we would like to do a paternity test as soon as possible.” You had expected this and you immediately agreed to this even though they had to wait until you were 20 weeks. “We also have drawn up an agreement, which should protect you and Jin.” He handed you the document and it was completely in Korean, which wasn’t a big problem but you really wanted a copy in English. You started to read it and were shocked about the conditions. Basically, I had to choose between your baby or your family, you couldn’t go home during your pregnancy and if you wanted to leave after the baby was born, he had to stay in Korea. This meant only one thing, you had to become a Korean citizen because there was no way you would leave your baby. You looked up to see if you could reason with Jin but he was staring out of the window, what had happened to him that he was like this?

You felt like crying but you could never let them see your tears and as you signed the agreement, you felt like there was a huge pressure on your heart because you basically said goodbye to your old life and well signed up for prison.

“Thank you for cooperating, you will live in the same building as the guys but you can never go out with them, you have to act like you don’t know them. We will take care of all the costs and will help you in finding a proper job. If you want to study we will make sure you can and we do need you to take an integration examination as fast as possible.” You sighed but nodded, there was no use to go against it right now and to be honest you felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep, no need in telling them you already had a job. “Can I go now?” This made Jin turn around and god he looked angry. “Is that all you have to say? shouldn’t you be thanking me for doing this for you?” he was really going there and as you already were on the verge of crying you just stared at your hands without saying a thing because if you opened your mouth right now, you would start crying.

“Look at you sitting there, did you lose your tongue?” You shook your head but still kept your lips shut, by now you were biting on the inside of your cheek to hold in the tears. Rapmonster must’ve guessed this because he pulled Jin out of the room and that’s when the managers quickly helped you up and asked you to come with them. You followed them quickly and a few minutes later you were standing in your new apartment, which was below the dorm of the guys. They left you phone numbers and explained how everything worked, they told you the passwords. You thanked them before they left and the minute the door closed you sunk through your knees and started to cry. This was not happening, this must be a dream.

The next few weeks you had to study for the integration examination and they found out that you already had a job and a steady income so they allowed you to continue, you never talked to the guys and if you bumped into them, you just put your head down and passed them without saying a word, you knew they were curious about you and sometimes there were little things in front of your door, like food or little presents but you never took them. You arranged that the food and presents were sent to an orphanage. You only ate ramen or fruit but nothing more, not because you were trying to harm yourself but just because you didn’t have an appetite and it was not like they were looking after you. Yes, you got an allowance every week but you didn’t really spent a lot of it and just put it aside for the baby. The only thing you bought was baby stuff, to get the baby room ready, which was supposed to be fun but now it was pure torture. you just bought the stuff that you really needed and nothing more.

When you were 20 weeks, you got a call to tell you when the doctor’s appointment would be. You didn’t reply and just showed up at the time they told you to. This was the first time you saw Jin after 5 weeks. He didn’t look that angry anymore but he still didn’t really look at you. You obediently did everything the doctor told you and after he took the sample he began to ask questions. “Y/N, are you sleeping well?” You were thinking about lying to the doctor but maybe it was time, to tell the truth.

“Ani, I haven’t been sleeping well.” he nodded and wrote something down. “When was the last time you had a proper meal and I’m not talking about ramen.” you kept quiet when he asked you that because you couldn’t tell.


“I think it was 6 weeks ago.” You mumbled this because Jin was sitting right next to you and you felt his eyes on you, probably judging you again. “I do eat fruit.” The doctor looked worried when he was writing things down. “Y/N, please step onto the scale.” You didn’t immediately get up, which annoyed Jin as he pulled you up and pushed you on the scale, this made you sigh deeply again because even though you hated him, you still felt a lingering feeling when he touched you but this time it was mixed with sorrow. The doctor took one look and told you to sit down again.

“You need to eat more, you are underweight which could be really dangerous for the baby.” You shrugged because you didn’t really care. “I’m fine, really.” Jin was still looking at you, which made you nervous but you couldn’t let him see this. “Miss, could you wait, outside?” You nodded and bowed before leaving the room, you weren’t going to wait though, as you weren’t supposed to be seen with Jin, so you just walked away deciding to get Starbucks, you suddenly craved for something sweet. It was not like he was going to look for you so you just quietly sat down and munched on the drink with a lot of whipping cream when your phone suddenly rang. You grabbed it and saw Jin’s number appear on the screen, you couldn’t help but sigh about this, you really didn’t want to talk to him right now but you also knew that if you didn’t pick up the phone you would be in a lot of trouble.


“Where are you?”


“I need to talk to you.”

“I don’t have anything to say, though.”

“Just tell me where you are.”

“I’m at the Starbucks.” with that you hang up and decided to enjoy these last few minutes before he would send a manager in to drag you out. He surprised you when he walked in himself and took a seat next to you. You did not look at him but focused on the drink, there was no way he would see you caving in.

“Is this wise, to sit next to me in a public place?” you couldn’t help but sound bitter and you knew that he heard it as well. He took a deep breath and you were patiently waiting for the scolding that surely was coming.

“Why didn’t you wait for me, I would’ve taken you home.”

“That’s not my home,” you mumbled and you know he heard you as he sighed deeply. “Look you really need to eat and get some sleep, what you are doing isn’t good for the baby and believe me or not, I really want the baby to be healthy so please take care of yourself, I know what you do with the food we bring you, I don’t want you to give it away any longer, I need you to eat, do you understand me!” You nodded without looking at him but he wasn’t satisfied with you just nodding. As he grabbed your chin and turned your head towards him, he really put force on it, which hurt.

“Let go of me.” you felt something that you had never felt before, you felt hate, pure hate when you looked at his handsome face. This had destroyed your entire life and now he was sitting there telling you what to do as if you were nobody. “Promise me you will eat and get some sleep.” he brought his face closer and you tried to move back, which was not working as he was holding you too tightly. “I promise.” this made him release your chin right away, but little did he know, you never were going to keep your promise as you had your fingers crossed when you promised.

“Oh and it’s going to be a boy.” with that he walked away, leaving you completely stunned, how could he say something like that, without no emotion at all and what if you didn’t want to know the gender of the baby?

“Miss are you okay?” You must look stupid because the guy in front of you was looking really worried. “Aish, damn bastard!” you mumbled as you stormed out, you knew there was no way in catching up, which was probably a good thing because who knows what you were going to do if Jin would appear in front of you again. You stopped at the convenience store and bought healthy things to cook and when you finally got home, there was food in front of your door, which you completely ignored again and you even kicked against it, making it spill everywhere. Normally you would clean it up but not today.

You changed and decided to cook some pasta, not because you were hungry but just to get Jin of your back but before you could even turn on the stove, someone came barging in. “Ya I told you to eat didn’t I?!” Jin was standing there looking really upset but this time you weren’t going to let him bully you around.

“I don’t want your pity food, I can take care of myself! I was about to make dinner so please leave!” you yelled back, which startled him. He wasn’t used to you talking back to him but he wasn’t going, instead, he walked to the bags that were still on your kitchen counter and started to go through them. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make dinner for you and I won’t leave until you finished all of it.”

“I don’t want you to cook for me!” you tried to pull him away from the kitchen counter but he was much stronger than you were. “Stop being so immature and let me cook for you.”

“I’m immature?! Are you kidding me! You have treated me like I have some deathly disease and you even called me a slut and now you are annoyed with me for acting this way! Don’t you get it Seokjin, I HATE you, you have literally destroyed my life and look at how you have been whining all the time and still you have the nerve to call me immature, just because I don’t want anything from you! You’re the one who acts immature so don’t come here and act like you care about me or this baby, just leave us the HELL ALONE!” He looked shocked to hear you yell at him like that but he deserved it and there was no way that you would take any of this back because it was way overdue.

“You know what, you are right about everything you just said but I can’t leave you alone of you when you don’t take care of yourself. I really don’t care what happens to you but I do care about my son, so please eat for his sake.”

“Whatever, just leave.” you pointed at the door, your fingers were trembling as he walked past you but he stopped and turned to you. Your heart fluttered a bit when he locked eyes with you and you were already scolding yourself for it. “We will be gone for at least two months, we are going on tour and well I just thought that you would want to know this.” You were shocked to hear him say that because you never thought about it. You did know that they would go on a world tour but you never thought about it after finding out you were pregnant. He was just going to leave you but maybe it was for the best, this way you could go out without bumping into him. “Good luck then.” You turned away and began on dinner and you finally let go of the breath you were holding the minute you heard the door slam shut.

These two months flew by and you got bigger every day but at least you were living your life, you had passed the integration exam and were working three times a week, which was refreshing as you were accepted along your colleagues, they even made sure you ate healthy things, even though you never went with them after work, they still took care of you with the warmth you had been missing, it even took your mind of a certain person who will not be named. You were 28 weeks pregnant but it really didn’t feel that way. The doctor kept saying you should eat more but you were already eating a bit more thanks to your colleagues.

One of your male co-workers insisted on bringing you home every time and you let him because he was really nice company and he never once judged you. You were only friends though and as you walked to your house, he suddenly grabbed your hand and at first, you wanted to pull away but he kept it tightly in his. “You know we should go out for dinner sometime,” he mentioned and you couldn’t help but smile but it felt a bit awkward because you just wanted him as a friend and by the way, why would he like you? you’re pregnant from another guy.


“We are friends right?” you nodded and that made him smile. “Well that’s the reason, I just want to eat something with my pretty friend.” he shrugged and even though there was this alarm bell going off you agreed to have dinner soon. you walked to your door when you suddenly stopped because there was someone waiting. “Who’s that?” your colleague asked. you knew immediately who it was and you quickly pulled your hand out of your colleague’s hand but it was already too late because the minute he heard your colleague he turned around, he couldn’t have seen that he was holding your hand but you felt guilty anyway. “Jin.” you greeted him with a nod. You had completely forgotten that he would come back today, you did recall the text his manager had send you but you were so busy and it wasn’t really important anyway.

“Y/N…” He paused and quickly assessed this situation. You must’ve looked better than you thought because he got a jealous expression on his face, this was something you hadn’t seen before, at least not aimed at you. “Who is he?”

“That’s Jin, he is the father of my baby.” you murmured embarrassed. He looked again and this is when he finally recognized him and his mouth fell open in shock. “Wait is Jin from bts, the father of your baby?” You nodded, when you saw the mistake you made, you just told someone your deepest secret and of course, Jin had heard this. He quickly moved towards us and he pulled you behind him. “Hi I’m Jin and please you can’t tell anyone about this.” he sounded desperate, which was a nice change from his arrogant self.

“I won’t tell anyone don’t worry.” he didn’t introduce himself to Jin as he was studying us, he was probably trying to figure out what our relationship was like but he didn’t have to know how much you hated each other and apparently Jin thought the same as he quickly put an arm around your shoulders and he even pulled you closer. Your heart fluttered again and it almost felt as if you actually had missed him. “Shall we go inside?” He asked and you nodded as you faked a smile.

“Thank you for bringing me home, see you next week?” you asked as he nodded and waved goodbye. The minute we were inside, Jin immediately let go of me. “Who was that guy?”

“He is my colleague, why?”

“I don’t like him, I mean who would even think about dating a woman who is pregnant from another guy.”

“Okay Jin, Welcome back and you can leave now.” You were too tired to deal with this right now and to think that for a second you were actually glad to see him standing in front of your door. “I’m not going, I need to know if everything is okay with the baby.”

“Everything is fine and if you really want to know more, just call the doctor.”

“You still look really tired, I think it’s for the best if you stay here for the remaining time of the pregnancy.”

“Wait you want to lock me up in here?”

“You shouldn’t see it that way, it’s for the baby’s health.” You nodded slowly, not that you agreed with him but maybe he would leave if he thought you would agree. “Okay.”

“Really?” he sounded surprised and you felt bad for just a few seconds for lying to him but that vanished real fast because who was he to tell you what to do. “Sure, if that is what you want.” you faked a smile and it was the first time you saw him smile sincerely and that made you feel even worse. “Thank you, I will go then.”

“Okay, good night.” you kept the smile plastered on your face till he was gone. You let yourself fall on the couch and thought about it. It wasn’t like you had to go to the office and his smile was something you wanted to see more often even though you hated him, at least you thought you hated him but if you listened to your heart, well then you definitely didn’t hate him. “Aish, damn Jin!” Why was he so handsome, it was a crime and why did you have to get pregnant by him, this whole situation sucked but the decision was made, you would just go once a week to the office, this way he wouldn’t notice it and you could keep some social contact.

What surprised you the most since Jin was back, was the amount of time he was spending at your place, he showed up at your place to just sit around or play games it was really weird, it also showed that he didn’t trust you one bit. He never talked to you so you still felt lonely despite him being in the same room as you. You felt emotional lately but had no one to cuddle with or to really talk to and as you didn’t go to work anymore, you didn’t really have anything to do, so you stayed in bed most of the time. The only reason why you knew Jin was there was because he brought you food and the fact that if you wanted to go to the toilet you had to walk through the living room but he never really talked to you or asked you how you were doing, he was just there to be there.

One day you woke up to people talking and if you heard it correctly it were Jin, Namjoon, and Jimin and it surprised you that they were actually scolding Jin for his behavior. You tiptoed to the door to hear more. “Ya Jin Hyung isn’t it time to start acting nice towards her, I mean she is carrying your baby.” This was definitely Namjoon “Hyung I checked on her every day since we returned and she doesn’t look good, she never smiles and when she finally steps out of her house she only walks towards the convenience store and returns straight away.”

When did Jimin check up on you? How come you don’t remember him watching you? “I know I should treat her better and I’m trying to be here all the time, I even make sure she eats but after behaving so badly, what can I possibly do to make up for that?”

“Maybe you should try saying sorry, it maybe doesn’t solve something but at least she would know that you are sorry.” This was interesting why would he want to treat you better, he made it perfectly clear that you were nothing to him, so what changed?

“Just tell her you actually missed her because that’s the truth. You know that you thought about her every single day even if you didn’t want to.”

“You know I thought about her because of the baby.”

“Yes please keep telling yourself that, We all saw you flip out when you saw her with that guy.”

“I know but there is no way she is ever going to forgive me, I really treated her horrible.” You were nodding at that because he did but in your heart, he was saying all the right things, you felt emotional and decided to step away from the door and listen to some music before you really started crying. “Damn hormones,” you muttered to yourself.

The next morning you had to go to work and you had to do this fast before Jin showed up again. Never did you get dressed so fast, which wasn’t an easy thing to do when you were pregnant for at least six months. You quickly walked out of the house and almost ran to the other side of the road but the moment you crossed the street you heard a horn going off but it was already too late and when you woke up, you were at the hospital. You opened your eyes and stared at the white ceiling, when you felt someone was holding your hand, you looked down and was confused to see Jin sleeping. What in the world had happened and why was Jin here. You moved your hand which immediately woke him up. “Y/n?” he whispered, he was exhausted, he looked like he hadn’t slept for days. “You’re awake,” he stated and he quickly got up and ran into the hallway and together with a doctor he returned.  “Ah I see you are awake, how do you feel?” He immediately started examining you by getting your pulse and that’s when you saw the bruises on your arm. You looked at your other arm, which was also full of bruises. “What happened?”

“You were in a car accident.” you just looked at the doctor as if he was speaking in a different language. “Sorry?”

“You were in an accident.” In the meantime, he was checking your vitals and that’s when it hit you. “What about the baby?” you really didn’t care about yourself and you quickly turned your head towards Jin. “The baby is fine, he is a tough cookie.” the doctor smiled reassuring but you didn’t answer his smile as you kept your eyes on Jin, who was sighing and shaking his head slightly. There was no way he was angry with you right? You didn’t mean to get hurt, you knew for sure that the traffic light was green, otherwise, you would have never crossed the street.

“Calm down, you will be fine and the baby is fine as well.” He was monitoring your heart rate which had increased while thinking and looking at Jin who was sighing. The doctor was quick as he noticed you looking at Jin and he immediately took action. “Kim Seokjin, why don’t you wait outside, while I’m examining her?” He looked up shocked but the doctor looked stern and after a slight bow, he walked out of the room.

“Don’t be too hard on him, he hasn’t been away from you since he brought you in.” My eyes darted back to the doctor because that just didn’t make sense. “What do you mean?”

“Seokjin is the one that brought you in and you must praise yourself lucky to have someone that loves you so deeply.” It was a good thing you weren’t drinking right now because you would have to spit it out or just choked on it. “What are you talking about, Jin doesn’t love me. He’s probably just worried about the baby.” The doctor shook his head whilst smiling “He was terrified and kept calling your name and when we had to take you into surgery, we actually had to hold him back because he didn’t want to leave your side.”

“I’m dreaming right?”

“You’re not, it’s the truth, that man loves you a lot.” You shook your head in disbelief, there was no way, how on earth did that happen? “Well I think you have to stay at least one more day, as you don’t really have serious injuries.” he wrote something on your chart and left after. You closed your eyes for a second but opened them when you heard someone sitting down. “Please don’t ever scare me like that again.” Jin grabbed your hand but as a reflect you pulled your hand away. He looked hurt but he quickly changed his expression and he even smiled at you, this was also something you didn’t witness a lot and it reminded you how handsome he really is when he smiles.

“Why are you here?”

“What are you talking about, where else would I be?”

“Well it’s not like you really care, so I guess you could just stay home.” He sighed but there was understanding on his face. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For the way, I have treated you, I know I was horrible to you and you really didn’t deserve that.” you were quietly watching him but even though you saw he meant it, it didn’t wash away everything he did and said to you. Too much had happened but at least he finally apologized.

“Thank you.” he looked surprised to hear you say that but he knew very well that you hadn’t forgiven him yet.

“I will work hard to get your forgiveness.” he got up and bowed over you and before you could pull back he quickly pressed his lips against your forehead, he lingered a few seconds before pulling back. “I will be back, I just need to make a few calls okay?” you nodded completely stunned at the bold move he just made, you couldn’t help but feel flustered about this. Maybe you should just forgive him but then again, wouldn’t you seem easy? Aish, whatever.” you mumbled. You were just getting out of bed when he returned again with food in his hand. “What are you doing?!” he sounded alarmed and before you knew it he had put you back in bed but you just wanted to use the toilet.

“Ya, I need to use the toilet.”

“You should talk formally to me, I’m older you know.” he was actually arguing with you but you had to laugh at this because this sounded so weird, him telling you to call him oppa. “I’m not calling you oppa, you’re maybe older than me but I’m still not calling you oppa.” You crossed your arms and he suddenly chuckled, which made you look up and he was actually enjoying your stubbornness, his face was the one you saw when he talked to fans or was with his members, there were no traces of him being annoyed or even angry, it was a complete change and you couldn’t help but stare. “Where were you going anyway?”

“Aish, I need to go to the toilet.” You suddenly remembered what you were doing before he walked in and that made him laugh in full. “I’m sorry, let’s get you to the toilet then.” he offered his hand which you ignored and got out of bed again. You quickly ran towards the toilet, whilst Jin was laughing loudly, you were already on the verge of forgiving him just because of his laughter.

“Y/n, I have to leave for a bit, but I will be back after okay.” he was already walking towards you and before you could protest he had pulled you into an embrace. He let go of you before you could push him away and walked away. You must be more tired than you thought because the minute you got back into bed you were out and didn’t wake up until you heard different voices. “I thought you said that she has woken up?”

“I think she was still tired, give her a break, she is pregnant after all.”

“We know but we just want to hug her.” this made you open your eyes immediately because this was the first time they were actually trying to interact with you. Although to be honest you knew they were the ones that send you the food and gifts, which you donated to the orphanage just out of spite. “Look she opened her eyes!” Jungkook was already next to you and he didn’t hesitate to hug you and after that, all the members hugged you even Yoongi did. You just returned their hugs, whilst being totally mesmerized by their handsomeness. “Stop hugging her guys, she’s getting all flustered.” Jin pointed out which made it only worse. They all laughed at you but it didn’t feel awkward, it felt warm.

They stayed until visiting hours were over and when they left they gave you a hug again and it suddenly made you emotional because in the last few months, you just had been so lonely and now with them acting like this to you as if you were part of their family, it just made you feel so happy.

Jin stayed behind after saying goodbye to his members and returned, he saw your expression and quickly sat down and took your hands. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just.” You didn’t come further because you burst out into an ugly crying session and Jin was so startled by this that he didn’t know for a second what he had to do and he actually looked at his manager, who was at the door and he probably told Jin what to do and next thing you know he stepped into the bed and hugged you against his chest. “I’m so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like I did. You deserve nothing more than to be loved and to be part of my family.” this made you cry even harder but you finally let yourself relax in his arms. “Just let it out, I promise I will treat you the way you deserve. I will not hurt you anymore.” he was gently rubbing your back and after awhile your tears finally stopped and you just enjoyed being in his arms. “Are you okay now?” you nodded against his chest and as he tried to move away from you, you quickly held him in his place and you felt the smile on his face as he pressed his head against your shoulder.

The next morning you could finally go home and Jin was right there to help you but he did explain that even though he was here now, he couldn’t go home with you, just in case there were fans, this was as expected but still it hurt a bit. You hadn’t forgiven him yet but your hate was slowly dissolving, as he was really trying. “So do you already have a name for the baby?” you noticed that he hesitated when he asked you this. “Ye, I did but if you don’t like it, we can always think about a different name.” you smiled at him which made him stare at you for a second. “I love your smile.” he suddenly blurted out, which made you feel shy because he never really complimented you. “Thank you.” you smiled again, which made him smile in return, he suddenly remembered what he had asked you and it was quite funny to see that now he got flustered. “Can you tell me the name?”

“I was thinking about Kim Tae Oh,” you mumbled, you were afraid he didn’t like the name as he kept quiet and his expression went blank, but the minute you wanted to tell him he could change it, if he didn’t like it his eyes started to fill with excitement and he hugged me tightly. “I love the name, thank you for giving him my last name.”

“Of course, he is your son, so he should get your last name.” you shrugged as he let go of you and he genuinely looked so happy, which left another crack on your hate feelings, they were dissolving fast, which made you feel a bit foolish because who could let go of hate feelings so fast but then again, this was the Jin who we all knew from Bts, this was the Jin that everyone loved, this wasn’t the angry Jin, you got to know. It was hard to keep feeling angry towards him and to be honest, it was exhausting because you had never hated a person like you did with Jin but again that was angry Jin. “Thank you,” he said quietly and you just nodded before walking past him. He said goodbye before you walked out of the hospital and told you he would see you at home.

The next few weeks were amazing, the guys insisted that you would eat with them, which you happily did. They watched movies and tv shows with you and you even shared your favorite books with Namjoon. Taehyung and Jungkook, made you learn them English, which was quite funny as they sometimes said the words wrong. Jin stayed as much as possible by your side, he only left if he had something on the schedule but other then that he made sure to spend time with you. He was the sweetest, he cooked for you and even went out to the convenience store when you craved for something. This sometimes happened in the middle of the night but he never once complained and when you tried to apologize he just waved it off but if he got you stuff after midnight, he always slept at your place because he just didn’t want to wake Yoongi up.

You let him sleep on the couch and even made him breakfast if you were up before him, which didn’t happen a lot because you slept late a lot, as you were beginning to feel exhausted by the smallest things and thanks to the fact that you were eating well, you also gained weight, which made the doctor really happy and he even complimented you on your glow and he said it was nice to see Jin and you getting along. Everybody noticed and even fans were growing suspicious, why Jin looked so happy all the time. He hated lying to his fans but for your safety, it was better this way.

you often watched movies together and were growing closer to each other. You got rid of those nasty hate feelings and you started to fall in love with the man who was trying his best to take care of you and the baby. He had already told everyone what his name was going to be and everyone loved the name, it got approved by the members and now they were even talking to my belly, it was really adorable.

You had been shopping for the last few things before the little Tae Oh was coming but when you entered the apartment, there were candles everywhere and not only candles but rose petals as well. It looked like Jin was going to propose to you, but that would be crazy. As you walked further you saw that he made up the table but there was no sign from him. “Jin oppa?” you called but there was nothing when your eye fell on a note. “Y/N, welcome this evening will be just for the two of you, we have taken care of everything, just go change and sit down at the table.” it was signed by the other members and it made you smile as you walked into the bedroom, there was a dress lying on the bed, which looked amazing but with your big belly you felt slightly insecure but they had put so much effort, that you couldn’t go against their wishes. After putting on the dress, which fitted perfectly, it didn’t point out your big belly and you immediately knew who had picked it out, you had to thank Namjoon later for this. You did your hair and makeup when you heard the door close, how weird were these butterflies in your stomach. You walked out and were met by Jin who was in one fine looking suit. He looked so handsome that you just had to stare. “You look beautiful.” was the first thing he said and from that moment on you knew he was the one for you because who else would tell you, you looked beautiful with a belly like this.

He stretched out his hand, which you took and at the table, he helped you sit down. “I’m sorry for this but my Dongsaengs were unstoppable.” he apologized but you just smiled it away. “It’s cute but I’m not sure about the lit candles.” he chuckled at that. “Don’t worry about that, I think they lit them just a few minutes before you came back home.”

“So what is the meaning of this?”

“I think they want us to spend time together now that it’s just the two of us.”

“That’s sweet of them.” you couldn’t help but smile at their cuteness but you also felt a bit nervous because even though you had spent time together with Jin, it was never this intimate and to be honest you didn’t know what was expected. “Let’s just eat and after we will see okay?” it was like he could read your thoughts and you quickly nodded and as he served the food, you couldn’t help but look at him, he was looking happy and handsome and kissable. You immediately stopped that thought because there was no way he would want to kiss you right? It was funny to see Jin enjoy his food because he kept praising it, as if he was doing his “eat Jin” show, he made you laugh so much that you had to get up to go to the toilet at least four times, which was really funny but he did stop because you couldn’t eat a thing. “Do you want to watch a movie?” you were cleaning the dishes together, well you watched and he cleaned but not because you didn’t want to help but because he didn’t let you. “Which movie?”

“I don’t know, maybe a comedy or romantic movie?” he suggested, which wasn’t helpful at all but you still tried to find a good movie and decided on a movie which he would probably love. “Do you want to see the Lego Batman movie?” He immediately turned around shocked to hear my suggestion. “Really? You want to watch that movie?” You nodded because why not? You loved superhero movies and this was Batman but then in LEGO animation which was funny as hell. “Let’s watch it!” he walked over to the couch and sat down next to you, he had brought drinks and together you watched the movie, you laughed together at the same parts and you were secretly thanking the guys for this, as the movie continued you were beginning to feel sleepy but you didn’t want to get too close so you moved away so that you were leaning against the side of the couch, well at least you tried to move away but he saw right through you and grabbed your arm and pulled you against him. “Where are you going?”

“I just felt a bit sleepy and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Just sleep here.” he pointed at his chest and without further hesitation, you turned your body and put your head down on his chest. You weren’t sure how long you had slept but the tv was playing some Korean movie and Jin was playing absently with your hair. You were thoroughly enjoying this, you could hear his heartbeat, which was nice and slow. “Are you awake?” he stopped playing with your hair when you nodded. “Good because I really need to leave.” he sounded apologetic but he didn’t really have to because you knew what kind of job he had and you did know his schedule.

“That’s okay.” you got up and walked with him to the door. “Thank you for tonight.” you suddenly felt shy when he suddenly lifted your face so that he could look you in the eyes. “Am I already forgiven?” You smiled when he asked this because the last few days he had been asking this every time we parted ways and it didn’t really matter if the other guys were here and I never really gave an answer but this time I felt I had to. “I already forgave you weeks ago.” without a warning he suddenly pressed his lips against yours and his hand went into your hair, which was now hanging down your back and with his other hand he gently caressed your cheek, this would have been amazing if your water didn’t break right at that moment. The minute you felt it happen, was when you pushed him off of you, which startled him. “Was I too rough, it’s just that I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time.” he was actually apologizing about kissing you and if you weren’t in so much pain you would have laughed about this.

“Ani, It’s my water, it broke.” he looked down and was shocked to see the water on the ground. “Oh my god!! He immediately ran back inside and ran out with your hospital bag, whilst calling his manager. “Hyung her water broke, she has to go to the hospital.” you heard him yell through the phone, You just watched him running around like crazy. “What’s going on?” Yoongi had heard Jin and was looking at you right now. “My water broke,” you said calmly. “That explains it, are you okay?” You wanted to say yes when you suddenly felt a horrible sting ripping through your stomach, yoongi had bad luck as you grabbed his hand and pinched it like crazy. He was startled by this but didn’t pull away, as he quickly helped you up. He called for the other guys and especially Jungkook as he was the strongest. Jungkook took you away from Yoongi and actually helped you towards the car. “Jin Hyung, stop running around like a crazy man and help us.” He stopped and turned around, he was panicking and to be honest it was really cute but not the right time.

“I have to call my parents.” he helped you in the car and walked towards the driver seat when Hoseok stopped him. “Hyung I will drive.” Jin didn’t object and quickly took a seat next to you. He held out his hand for you, which you grabbed. you tried to minimize the pinching as he was calling his parents to tell them the news, the only problem now was trying to avoid paparazzi but that was the last thing on your mind because the pain you were going through was like walking through hell and going back.

The drive towards the hospital could be described as funny because when the contractions got worse, you literally cursed at all of them when they tried to soothe you. The minute you arrived at the hospital, the managers were already waiting to take you from Jin’s hands but Jin wasn’t having it. “Ani, she is my girlfriend and that’s my baby, so I don’t care who sees us.” with that he helped you out of the car into a wheelchair. You got sent to a private room, this was to protect the privacy of Jin, which was fine by you, as long as the baby would be safe. The nurse came in and checked my vitals whilst the doctor checked if you were ready to go into labor.

“Y/N, you’re ready, do you have everyone in the room, that you want in the room?” you nodded whilst grinding your teeth on each other. “Just get him out, please!” you were desperate and were mentally cursing at Jin for doing this to you.

“I’m so sorry Jagiya.” for a moment you didn’t feel the pain because he just called you honey and you gave him a small smile as he also figured out what he just said but he didn’t take it back and just smiled at you. The labor time was way too long, poor Jin was suffering together with you because you were actually hurting him with your grip but then again he was the one that made you pregnant so why not suffer with you. “Just one more push. One, two, three.” and that’s when we heard the cry. Your baby was born and he sounded really healthy, which made you cry silently. “He is perfect,” Jin whispered, one of the nurses handed over your baby and it was the first time you were holding him and he looked absolutely perfect. You know that Jin’s mother was taking pictures but you were way too tired to pay attention to her. “Let’s get you two cleaned up.” the doctor was talking but you didn’t hear a word as you were so tired. You know they took the baby and that Jin gave you a kiss on your forehead but you didn’t wake up for a few hours.

The only reason why you woke up, was because you heard a little cry but that stopped when you opened your eyes and that’s when you spotted Jin, cradling the little guy, whispering things to him in the cutest little voice. “Oppa?” he turned towards you with the biggest smile ever on his face as he approached you. “You’re awake.” he sat down on the bed and put the little bundle in your arms. You finally had time to count all ten fingers and toes, you couldn’t help but smile at the full lower lip, you knew that he was going to look like Jin, you just hoped that he had your blue eyes because how interesting would that be?

We were enjoying our time with the little one, when there was a knock on the door, Jin told them to come in and there were the members, waiting shyly to come in. they didn’t move until you smiled at them. “Aigoo, he is so cute!” Taehyung was the one who reached us first and as he was studying the little guy the other members walked over. They all carried gifts and Jin accepted them.

“What’s his name?” Jungkook was the curious one for sure. “Can I tell them?” Jin asked you and you nodded fondly. “I want to introduce our son Kim Tae Oh.” he bowed and the guys softly clapped. “That’s a great name, congratulations.” Namjoon slapped him on his back and the others followed his example, you were becoming tired after a few minutes and when the guys saw this, they said goodbye and promised to stop by soon.

“Jin, I think I need to feed Tae Oh.” he understood what you were saying and he quickly left the room to return with a nurse, who told you exactly what to do, it hurt at first but after a few minutes, you got used to it and after the little one was fed, Jin immediately crawled on the bed with you. He sat half behind you and held you gently. “Thank you.”

“Thank you for what?”

“Thank you for forgiving me and giving me such a big gift.” he kissed the top of your head. “It’s alright now.”

“If everything is alright can you finally become mine?”

“What are you talking about?” he lowered his voice and moved so he was right next to your ear, which gave you goosebumps. “I’m already twenty-six and yes it’s a bit young but I don’t think I will ever find someone who is as amazing and beautiful as you, so will you please marry me?” You were stunned to hear him ask that and you had to think about it, which didn’t take long though because even if you couldn’t stand each other, you did get a beautiful baby boy together and the time you had spent together made up for all the heartache.


“Really?!” you nodded and leaned back, this way you were even closer, which he didn’t mind at all. “Really,” you said without any hesitation. “Have I told you that I love you?” you shook your head because he had never said this before. “I love you.” you smiled and fell asleep feeling completely safe and loved by none other than Kim Seokjin.

RIP ksoo’s long hair :“ tho i kinda curious how is he going to rock the north korean dialect and the tap dance and the army style short hair (again). ‘Swing Kids’ will be his 7th movie project and his 5th as a lead role, which is a big accomplishment for an idol-turned-actor. Congrats actor soo! So proud of you ⊙♥⊙

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LISTEN I LOVE YOUR JOKES SO: you’re obviously high or hungover so I’m going to rescue you and tell the teacher why your answer wasn’t as strange as it sounded, but you’ll owe me.

Sansa hated running late especially to Professor Baelish’s class. She hated it for multiple reasons. The first being that Baelish already made her uncomfortable and she didn’t want to give him any reason to give her more attention. The second reason, and honestly the most important reason, was the notes left on her desk.

She had to bit her cheek to keep from smiling too wide when she got to class. Not only did she arrive just on time she wasn’t disappointed to see a little card on her desk. Unfortunately, she was unable to look in the card because Baelish had begun his lecture. It didn’t really matter because she knew that the note would contain some cute drawing and a pun.

She saved them all and had a little collage in her apartment. Margaery had made fun of the board, but Sansa knew the little notes were a bright spot to her day. One of her favorites was a drawing of the periodic table with Cu and Te in a pink with the question “Are you made of copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe”. The pun was cheesy, but it never failed to put a smile on her face.

Her thoughts were broken when Jon Snow stumbled into class. She had known him growing up because of her siblings, but was shocked when they ended up in classes together at law school. She knew that he had served in the Army for a short period, but the service had done him well.

He was still the shy and occasionally brooding boy that she remembered, but now he had muscles that had not been present as they grew up. Sansa didn’t even know she was a fan of forearms until she found herself distracted during a lecture when he pushed his sleeves to his elbows and continued taking notes.

She knew he must’ve been out late because his hair lacked that effortlessly tousled look and genuinely looked like an actual case of bed head. His wire framed glasses did nothing to disguise his red rimmed eyes. She assumed he attended Robb’s bachelor party the night before, but it confused her why he wouldn’t skip class. Everyone had three free passes if it wasn’t an exam day and she couldn’t recall him using his free passes. Not that she was keeping track of Jon Snow’s attendance. She absolutely wasn’t.

Baelish looked annoyed at Jon’s late entrance. She knew that it was likely Jon would be called on when it came to discussions of the assigned reading and lecture. She almost winced fifteen minutes later when Jon was called on with so much disdain dripping from Petyr’s voice.

“So, Mr. Snow how would you handle a client who has admitted guilt to you?” Professor Baelish asked.

“I’d advise my client on plea bargains and work out the best plea deal for my client” Jon’s answer was surprisingly steady despite his obvious hangover, but all wrong for this class.

Sansa could feel the shocked looks their classmates were giving each other at Jon’s response. Any other professor Jon’s response would have been acceptable, but Petyr was notorious for encouraging students to bury their evidence and base arguments on introducing an entirely new suspect. She could feel the lecture Jon was about to receive and she couldn’t stand it. He’d just owe her big time for this intervention.

“He’s not wrong to advise his client on taking a plea bargain. Your methods wouldn’t work with a client like this and more than likely they would confess during cross examination. Better to avoid trial all together” Sansa argued.

“Ah, you’re correct Miss Stark and why you’re one of the star pupils of this class. Others should take note” The lecture seemed to continue like Sansa’s correction was a normal every day thing.

She tried to fight the blush that was rising when she noticed Jon’s stare. The only word to describe it was intense. When class was over she made sure to hurry out before Jon or Baelish could flag her down. She could tell Jon was disappointed when he realized he wouldn’t catch up to her.

Once she was close to her apartment she allowed herself to take a deep breath. She really thought that her crush on Jon Snow would’ve disappeared with all the other high school fantasies that seemed to die out with undergrad. She really didn’t want to deal with those feelings because nothing good could come from them.

She decided to distract herself with finally reading the note. She giggled when she saw two hastily drawn knights with the quote two knight, won’t be just any knight. Her heart raced when she saw the address to one of her favorite coffee places and 7:30 next to the address.

Maybe the best way to get over her dumb crush on Jon Snow was to meet the mysterious person leaving these sweet notes?

Sansa straightened her cardigan as she sat at a lone table in the coffee shop. It was 7:55 and it was slightly crowded due to some open mic night that was ending. She wasn’t how long was appropriate to wait before deciding she had been stood up.

She felt awkward when she saw Jon Snow heading towards her table with two cups in his hand. She gave him a small smile when he sat down across from her and handed her a mug. She took a small sip and sighed at the delicious nut meg taste.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I had this whole thing planned and completely forgot about the open mic night” Jon started, but stopped when he noticed her choking on her drink. After a few awkward pats against her back she was able to regain her ability to breathe.

“You’re the one leaving the notes?” Sansa wanted to make sure she had heard him correctly and that her brain wasn’t short circuiting and making up what it wanted to hear.

“Well, I remembered you liked puns and shit I should have just asked you out. Robb and Theon are really the worst at giving advice” Jon cursed under his breath “I really wanted to get tonight right especially after you helped me out in class today”.

“What did you want to do tonight?” Sansa was genuinely curious as to what he considered had gone wrong.

“I, uh, well I wanted to give you your favorite latte and say something like I like you a latte, and hope to God you may agree to go on an actual date with me.” Jon told her with a shy smile and red creeping up on his cheeks.

“Good news, I like you and your excessive use of puns and would be happy to go on an actual date with you” Sansa couldn’t help but smile at Jon before leaning across the table to give him a quick kiss.

Years later, when Jon was ready to propose he left the same card with two knights and instructions on where to meet him. Sansa said yes.

i’m not being obtuse, but you’re acute girl available here

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hi i need new clothes for school and parties/going out but i have no sense of fashion lol do you think you can put together some outfits please if you dont mind? :)

hey yeah sure, idk what you’re into or what your style is but i sorta put a lil bit of everything and most of this stuff is on sale

brick red ribbed v neck top with ripped boyfriend jeans
white off the shoulder top with blue cuffed shorts
olive textured sweater with frayed ankle jeans
distressed graphic rock ages tshirt with ripped black shorts
army green dress with a black button up cardigan

Going out/parties:
mauve off the shoulder choker neck top with a black suede lace up skirt
black lace up bodysuit with light blue skinny jeans
mocha velvet body suit with black ripped jeans
blue satin romper with black leather jacket
burgundy ribbed tank top with black high waisted shorts