Request: Shawn comes back from a celebrity party really wasted and Y/n worries and they get into an argument but the make-up and y/n is all like “You smell like a wet dog” / You’re seriously like a man-child / “You cannot banish me! This is my bed too!”

a/n: hiiii!! this is just a little short one but i hope y’all enjoy it!! i’ll be watching the grammy’s tonight so if you’re tuning in as well we should chat about it! i have a really busy few weeks coming up so i’ll try and get more writings up as soon as i can! but school is my top priority! i hope y’all are having a nice end/start to your week!!💜💜💜

           It was after three in the morning when you heard the door unlock to your apartment.  Shawn wasn’t very careful going about his actions either.  You heard him fling his shoes off as they loudly came in contact with the floor, you heard him stomp down the hall until he paused his movements for a moment.

           There was a part of you that wanted to be mad at him. He promised he wouldn’t some home late, yet here he was trailing in after three in the morning.  But then again, you knew he was out having a good time with his friends.

            He walked into the room, trying to be quiet, which backfired on him when he opened the door too fast and fell face first on the floor. 

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French Mle. 1831 Infantry Sword, dated 1832

For @qsy-complains-a-lot

This early example of the ever so influential French infantry and artillery gladius is dated 1832 at the ricasso. Manufacturer’s and inspector’s stamps are present on both sides of the blade, including the (B) mark of J.A.Bisch, the inspector at Klingenthal.

The British Army copied the hilt of this sword for the Pattern 1856 Land Transport Corps Sword for other ranks.

Dancing with Jimin

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Dancing with jimin

Parts; One

Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Romance & Fluff

Word count: 4,327

Synopsis: Going to a new school was nerve wrecking especially when you suddenly got paired up to dance with Jimin.

It was your first day at college, never in a million year did you think you would end up in Seoul but after your mother married her longtime boyfriend who happened to be Korean you all decided that you should move here. you could’ve stayed with your dad but that would’ve never worked as he really didn’t like you anyway and it was amazing to learn a new culture the only barrier you had was the language, which you immediately started learning but it wasn’t easy even though your stepdad helped you a lot.

You were nineteen so you still had to go to school as you were majoring in dance and literature and you also practiced the piano but this meant that you had to enter a school in Korea, which wasn’t that hard but as you sucked at Korean you were already dreading the first day. The school uniform looked terrible as it was yellow but what could you do?

After getting your schedule you did feel a bit more at easy when you saw that you had danced for the entire morning but that faded when you saw who was in your class. No other than Jimin from bts was sitting with a few friends and of course, they all looked up when you entered the class, the thing you hated the most was people whispering behind your back and especially when you didn’t understand them. You quickly walked to the teacher who smiled warmly at you and got the attention of the class, which was nerve wrecking because you had to introduce yourself, now did you learn a lot of Korean and you could talk in Korean but it was slow.

“Everyone, we have a new student, she transferred from England to our school. Please introduce yourself.” You took a deep breath and turned towards the class, they all looked at you expecting you to fail but there was no way you would ever let that happen. You looked at the wall and started the introduction.

“Hello everyone, I’m y/n, my Korean is not that good yet but I’m learning so please take care of me.” You bowed and quickly took the assigned seat which was next to a window, this was a homeroom, which meant that you only worked here for regular classes which you didn’t have a lot at least not today. “Excuse me?” you turned in your seat only to lock eyes with Jimin’s and he was looking friendly enough, not it was just going to be torture to hide from him that you were a huge fan. “Ye?”

“What are you majoring in?” It took a few second to understand what he was saying but once you did you just had to smile, which made his eyes grow a bit bigger. “I’m majoring in dance and literature.” You know you had used some English through your Korean but he didn’t seem to mind.

“You’re a dancer?” You nodded hoping that he would be impressed by this but he changed his expression into a cocky one, which surprised the hell out of me because who would’ve thought that he could be cocky like that. “Are you good?”

“I’m pretty good, I won a few competitions.”

“You did, well now I’m curious, let’s see it then,” he called everyone and within a second they had me surrounded. “Why?”

“Well you’re saying you are good, we would like to see it or were you lying?” his Korean was so fast and I knew he was using satori, just to mess with me and if you had been nervous, this would definitely make you panic but you couldn’t let them see that. They didn’t have to know that you had anxiety problems. “I can’t do it right now.” you refused him and your classmates suddenly drew in their breath, as if Jimin would do something to me, which was ridiculous as he was the cutest guy out bts, he couldn;t be a bully right?

“Okay, let’s go.” he grabbed your arm and pulled you out of your seat. “Ya, let go of me Jimin.” he stopped when he heard me using his name informally, you knew he was older but you still wasn’t completely used to the formal tones they used amongst each other. “It’s Park Jimin or sunbaenim for you, okay?” you nodded and felt worse with every passing second. “I’m sorry Sunbaenim.” He started walking with his hand firmly on my arm and the minute we entered the dance studio he let go of your arm but you didn’t feel comfortable yet as the rest of the class had followed you. “Prove that you can dance.” This was super cheesy as he put on one of his songs. It was “butterfly” now you were extremely happy that you covered this one with your crew back in London, which meant you wouldn’t fall on your face.

You started to dance and everyone got quiet even Jimin looked surprised and you couldn’t contain the small smile. This would teach him a lesson, to not mess with you. He’s maybe the master at Korean and everything else but I never lose to anyone when it comes down to dancing because just like him I was a freestyler and I could almost dance every other dance genre there was.

He stopped the song and that’s when we heard someone clearing his throat and we immediately turned around to see our teacher standing in the doorway, looking at Jimin and you. You had a bad feeling about this especially when he suddenly started to smile. “Jimin, you needed a partner for your end performance right?” you felt Jimin stiffen up next to you because he knew where this was leading to. “I was but I can find someone on my own teacher.”

“Ani, you don’t have to look any further because she is right next to you. I’m sorry what’s your name?”

“My name is Y/N.” you bowed quickly and he gently took your hand to shake. “You’re the transfer student right?” You nodded and he patted your shoulder “Well Jimin will explain to you what he is planning, Fighting!!” he left the room and the others followed him out, leaving Jimin and you in the dance studio and you could tell he was angry, his whole face was tense as he looked at you. He was probably cursing at you right now and you started to walk towards the door when his hand touched your shoulder. “Where do you think you’re going we have to practice.”

“Sunbae he was probably kidding, I mean why would he do that to you.”

“He wants to see if I can adapt, so you don’t have a choice.” You stared at him because he was really rambling by now and you only picked up a few words, what you did know was that you were stuck with him and that wouldn’t be bad if he was nice that it and from what you saw he really isn’t that nice, which sucked big time as he was your bias out of all the Bts guys. His behavior really broke your heart but he didn’t have to know this. “So you want to start right now?” he nodded “First you need to change your clothes, do you have work-out clothes with you?”

“Ye, I will be back.” you ran out of the dance studio and quickly changed but that’s when you saw the mistake because your work-out shirt was a Bts shirt and you didn’t take a different one with you. This was going to suck big time because you never wanted him to find out that you are a fan but there was nothing you could do now. You walked back with your bag and the minute you walked in Jimin looked up and he just stared at the letters on my shirt, when a smile appeared. Now he finally looked like the Jimin we all know and love but as soon as he saw you looking the smile disappeared. “Next time please wear a different shirt.” You nodded vigorously and sat down to stretch, We did this in silence and it was like you didn’t want to talk to him but you felt extremely shy and unsure.

Jimin started the music and started to dance in Modern dance on his own and you just sat there watching him, boy was he good. He stopped and turned to you and ordered you to get up, which you quickly did, he grabbed your shoulders and put you in the right position. “You observed my dance right?” he was talking a bit slower, which you appreciated and you nodded. “Please show it to me.” He really wanted me to do the exact same thing but there was nothing you could do about it and if you wanted to get his respect you had to do it. He turned on the music and you quickly got in the right position and started to dance, you messed up a few times and every time you did, he made you do it again and at some point he started to dance with you, which was amazing and your respect returned but you still couldn’t help but think why he was so rude at first but you knew that this was going to bring you two together.

A few hours later, you were lying on the floor. You had been dancing non-stop and were too tired to do anything else and Jimin, well he was on the phone and if you had to guess it was with one of the members, he was definitely talking about you but you didn’t have the energy to pay attention to it right now and you were already dreading all the practice hours that you had to put into this. Jimin wasn’t going to be here every day because of his schedule, which meant I had to practice alone and the dance he started to teach me was definitely a couple dance and it had some intense parts, which as a fan you could only dream about, doing something like that with your idol and here you were living that dream, now it would be nice if Jimin didn’t yell at me every time I made a mistake but so far no luck yet.

“Ya Y/n, I have to go and I won’t be back until next week but I do expect you to practice every day and we will start the parts we need to do as a couple next week.” you nodded as you got up. “Arasso, good luck.” you tried to be nice but he was already at the door .”Don’t forget to bring a different shirt next week. With that, he left the room and you really didn’t see him for a week. You did own up to your promise and practiced every single day, you could dance it in your dreams, it was hard though as you also had other classes. You needed to write an essay about your favorite book and it had to be done in Hangul, which was really difficult and not to mention your Korean course, you were running all over the place and didn’t even had time to explore Seoul but you did make some friends, they were learning you Korean and kept cheering for you, which helped a lot, they also told you that Jimin was a bit stressed out because of his tight schedule and that he was really nice usually. You didn’t fight it because you saw their schedule and knew he was busy.

Monday started with you doing some stretching when Jimin rushed in, he looked really tired which could only mean one thing, he was probably going to yell at you for every little mistake. “Good morning,” he mumbled and it shocked me when there were two other guys following him in and the shock got even bigger when you saw it was J-Hope and Taehyung, you quickly got up and bowed to them which made them chuckle. “You must be y/n?” Taehyung immediately asked and you just nodded.

“Just pretend we’re not here, Jimin just wanted our opinion about the dance,” J-Hope explained, which did make sense the only thing that was weird is that he brought in Taehyung instead of Jungkook but who were you to complain about something like that? “Oh, okay.”

“Did you practice?” Jimin was not making small talk for today and as you told him you did he made you do the routine a couple of times and only stopped when J-Hope told him to stop making me dance the same thing over and over again because it was perfect. Jimin started to explain what he wanted and as we started to practice, You started to feel annoyed by the fact that he was messing it up on purpose at least that is what it felt like. “Ya sunbaenim, stop messing around, I’m already sore as it is, so just do it right, will you!” this was after the tenth time and it was like he was a bit taken aback because he stopped messing up and finally started to do the  steps as the were supposed to do. You were already dreading the lifts in this piece but as he finally let you rest, you weren’t planning on saying anything.

“The dance looks pretty good Jimin-shi, I really think she is an asset to your routine.” You had to smile when J-Hope told Jimin this and even Taehyung nodded along. “She knows how to move her body, you can tell she has been dancing for a long time.”

“Don’t you think she will slow me down?”

“Ani, I don’t think she will, you just have to trust her and stop being rude to her, I mean she is a transfer student, who is probably nervous enough as she is a fan and then her idol starts being rude to her, so give her a bit of a break, I’m sure she doesn’t want to make you fail your end performance.” with that he gave Jimin a hug, Taehyung followed his example and after a small bow towards you and they left the room.

“You did well, do you want to start on the lifts?” your muscles were aching badly but you didn’t want to give him a reason to be angry with you so you went along with it and hours later you finally could take a shower, as you had never sweated this much in your entire life. The rest of the week you did nothing but practice with Jimin and he started to be the Jimin you knew from Bts and you finally felt at ease. “Do you want to get something to eat?” you weren’t sure if you heard him correct. “You want to eat?” you ask carefully and he nodded holding out his hand so he could pull you up. “Ye, let’s get some Bibimbap.” he pulled you along and couldn’t help but giggle at his changing behavior. You didn’t even get the chance to change your clothes and you were really hoping that you weren’t smelling. We sat down and he ordered us food and something to drink and started staring.

“I’m sorry.” he suddenly said which made you look up and again you locked eyes, this had been happening lately but to your defense it was probably the dance as it was a really intense dance routine, even if he didn’t like me, there was no choice but to grow closer as you were touching each other a lot.

“About what?”

“About how I treated you in the beginning. I just was frustrated with my schedule and I reciprocated it to you, sorry for making you feel even more nervous.”

“Ah that’s okay, at least you’re nice to me now.” you shrugged which made him chuckle. “You are cute when you act like you don’t care but to be honest I saw your medicine, you have an anxiety disorder don’t you?”

“Ya, it’s rude to go through my stuff.”

“I know but I was looking for something to drink, I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine, it’s not like it’s a big secret but yes I do have an Anxiety Disorder, it just happens when I’m facing a certain situation but nowadays I can control it, so don’t worry about it.” you smiled at him but he didn’t see it as he was in his own little world, which happened more often these days. He was getting more nervous for his final stage, which was approaching fast and his schedule with Bts was also intensified, which made him stressed out. The only thing you could do to be helpful was practice and practice so that he didn;t had to feel frustrated about that.

“Your Korean is improved by the way.”

“Thank you, I have been practicing a lot.” you were making small talk and without noticing time flew by. The only reason why you looked at your phone was because someone called you. “Ya it’s already 5 pm, we should head back.” You both jumped up in shock. “Pick up your phone, I will pay.” It was my mom to tell me they wouldn’t be home tonight, which was a good thing because you could use some peace and quiet.

“Maybe we should continue tomorrow and just take a rest tonight,” you suggested and you were surprised to see that he agreed with you. “Let’s do that.” you wanted to say goodbye when he grabbed your hand and pulled you with him. “I will bring you home.” This was the first time since we started dancing together that he offered to bring you home, well Jin would bring you home, it was funny to see them together because they were a family and even though you were doubting the sincerity of Bts, thanks to Jimin, you got rid of it when you met all of them, You even met Suga, who was really nice. “Y/N, am I bringing you home as well today?” Jin asked when we approached the car and you quickly nodded and got in when Jimin opened the door for you.

When you arrived at your house all the lights were off and you sighed. “Aren’t your parents home?”

“Aniyo, they are staying with my aunt.”

“Really?” You nodded and Jimin said something to Jin, who got a huge grin on his face and nodded. “Do you want to watch a movie?” Jimin asked and well why not, right? You could use some down time and what better way to do that than by watching a movie.

“Sure.” You got out of the car after saying goodbye to Jin and Jimin followed you in. “You’ve got a nice house,” he mentioned as you walked into the living room. “Thanks, which movie do you want to see?”

“Taehyung mentioned “About time” shall we watch that one?” You nodded happily because it was one of your favorite movies and it had Korean subtitles. “Sure, do you want popcorn?” he nodded and sat down on the ground instead of the couch. :”You can sit on the couch if you want.”

“Ani, I like to sit on the floor, can I put some pillows and maybe a blanket on the ground?”

“Sure.” You returned with the popcorn and Cola when he patted on the ground next to him, you sat down and started the movie, during the movie you could feel his eyes on you and you also noticed him getting closer to you, which you absolutely didn’t mind. As you had seen the movie before, you dozed off and as Jimin was the closest you woke up on his chest which was moving slowly up and down. You looked up to see him fast asleep. You slowly grabbed your phone and was shocked to see it was already six in the morning, how did this happen?”

“Jimin oppa, you have to wake up.”

“Hmm, why?”

“We have to go to school in an hour.” that made him open his eyes and he immediately smiled when he saw my worried face. “You look cute.” he caressed your cheek, which startled you.

“Just hurry up, please!” you ran out of the room and quickly took a shower and put on your uniform, you quickly walked back but stopped when you saw that Jimin was changing his shirt, you just had to look. “Do you like what you see?” you immediately felt your ears burn out of embarrassment, which made him chuckle. “I called Jin and he is on his way.” you nodded and quickly ate some breakfast together with Jimin when he returned from washing up.

The next few days we were extremely busy and finally finished our routine, we even showed our teacher who was really enthusiastic. Jimin could finally relax a bit and this also meant that you could finish your essays, which was a nice thing because you were afraid you wouldn’t make the deadline, but in the end you did. You didn’t see Jimin until the day before his end performance, he had been busy with his comeback, which was awesome but you were shocked when he walked in with blond hair.

“Jimin Oppa, your hair.” You pointed it out and he smiled fondly at you, which made your heart flutter, this had been happening recently when you talked or you saw him on tv and it was hard to ignore the fact that you liked him a little too much.

“Do you like it?” you nodded and walked over to touch it, which he allowed. “It’s so soft, I really should pay your hairstylist a visit because I could use something like that.” you joked and he chuckled. “Please don’t because your hair is already perfect.”

“Smooth but let’s do our final practice okay?” the next few hours you were dancing and it was amazing because every time you were in each other’s arms, you could feel your heart flutter, your blood was racing through your veins and please let’s not mention your heartbeat. When you were done practicing he grabbed your face between his hands and made you look at him. “Are you okay?”

“What?” you totally missed the question as he held you and forced you to look at his eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Ye, don’t worry. I will see you tomorrow okay?” he nodded and grabbed his phone. You walked out of the room when you heard Jimin say your name. You opened the door just a little bit and listened. “What should I do, do you think I should just confess to her?” he was quiet as he listened to the person he was talking to and you were sure he was talking about you and the fact that he wanted to confess to you made his hard to swallow. “Okay I will do that, thanks, Yoongi.” he hung up and you made a beeline for it just in case.

The next day came way too soon and you felt anxious every time you thought about all those people who were going to watch you dance with Jimin. You had designated outfits, which looked really nice and dramatic, the minute you walked backstage, the makeup artist of Bts flocked around me and made me sit down as they did my hair and makeup, it was like you were in heaven when a shadow fell over you. “Y/N, please don’t make Jimin fail.” you opened your eyes to see the guys in front of me all looking worried but you just smiled at them because there was no way you would ever let that happen, You knew how important this was for Jimin.

“Don’t worry guys, I won’t make him fail.” you smiled reassuring and they gave you a quick hug when they were finally reassured. Jimin followed soon after, he was already done and well he looked like a damn prince.

“You look pretty,” he told you when he saw me and you thanked him when he suddenly looked at your hands who were shaking badly. He walked over and grabbed them between his hands. “Don’t be nervous okay? Just focus on me and everything will be fine.” You nodded but you couldn’t stop the shaking, that is until he pressed a kiss on them. “Let’s do this together and afterward you have to come with us to get something to eat.” you nodded and waved him off so, just so that you could calm down for a second.

We had a curtain call and before we went up he grabbed my hand and made sure you were in the right position before the curtains lifted. The music started and you started the dance and after the first steps, everything went as we had practiced and as we reached our last lift, he had to slide me down but before he put me down, he held me at eye height and leaned forward, without any warning he pressed his lips against mine and your could hear the audience shout in enthusiasm, he quickly put me down and together we finished the routine and it was a sight to see a standing ovation, as you took your final bow, Jimin grabbed your hand and pulled you onto the balcony where he put you against a wall, making sure you couldn’t get away he put his hands against the wall.

He again pressed his lips against yours and this time you responded and kissed him back feverishly, his hands moved away from the wall and one went into your hair and the other rested on your hip. His touch made you weak that was for sure and when he broke away he brought his head real close so that nobody could hear him.

“Y/N, I like you, please be mine?”

  • BTS: *Does literally anything*
  • Me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
Coincidental meetings - Suga Story

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Coincidental meetings - Suga Story

Parts: One

Pairing: Yoongi x Y/N

Genre: fluff

Word count: 5.247

Synopsis: Meeting like this must be faith or was it just a coincident?

Waiting in line for Starbucks at an airport really sucks, especially when it’s still really early. You were listening to Mama from bts, because that song really wakes you up in a good way, let’s admit that Hoseok rapping or singing it just made you feel happy. “How can I help you?”

“Can I have a large Caramel Macchiato?” you even sounded sleepy. “What’s your name?” You told her your name and started to move to the side, whilst looking at your phone when you suddenly bumped into someone. You were already mumbling an apology when the person cursed in Korean at you. You quickly looked up because you recognized the voice and as your eyes traveled up, you knew without a doubt who you just bumped into and you felt the heat in your cheeks because you also knew what kind of for shirt you were wearing.

He probably didn’t think you could understand him as you didn’t look Korean but you were part Korean as your father was Korean, you just looked like your mother who was European, the only thing you had from your dad were his eyes and full lips but other than that I looked European. “Ya can’t you look out,” he said this in English and you were quite surprised by this. “I’m really sorry.” His eyes fell on your shirt, which annoyed him even more and that’s when I remembered the rules of following them at the airport and that’s when your head became even redder. He didn’t even hesitate to call his manager but your name was being called as your drink was ready, so you quickly grabbed the drink and wanted to leave but his manager grabbed your arm and made you stop.

“Where are you going?”

“I um, I’m going to my gate number, why?”

“Can I see your phone for a second?” You stared at him completely dumbfounded because how in the world could you have made pictures as you literally just saw Suga? “Sorry but no, I haven’t done anything.” You pulled your arm out of his grip and started to walk off when their bodyguard blocked your way and now you were beginning to feel pissed of, you weren’t a morning person and you didn’t had your coffee yet so this was really too much.

“Ya, please move!” you were even sounding annoyed, which they noticed as they shared glances as they approached you. “This is ridiculous.” You unlocked your phone and handed it over and there were pictures of Suga and the others on it but none of them were private pictures and as they realized that they were wrong they acted all anxious. “Can I have my phone back?” you stretched out your hand and waited whilst tapping your feet on the ground, they quickly handed you back your phone, whilst apologizing but you just waved it off and walked away not caring. You were praying that they wouldn’t be in the same plane but of course, you had no luck in this department.

“That the girl I was talking about.” You heard him talking about you, so you adjusted the volume so you wouldn’t hear them and even closed your eyes. You really needed to relax before getting on this plane, as you were afraid of flying since you were little, this was going to be hell and with the commotion from earlier, you were really on edge. You were finally feeling a bit better when you felt a tap on your leg, which made you open your eyes immediately and you were staring straight into Suga’s eyes, which startled you, to say the least. He didn’t hesitate to pull out your earbuds, which shocked you even more because this felt a bit intimate. “I’m sorry to disturb you but I wanted to apologize for earlier.” You just looked at him as if he was some weirdo and he immediately looked at Rapmonster for help but I was just a bit shocked to see him up close and as Rapmonster started to apologize you stopped him.

“It’s okay.” You told them in Korean, which shocked them but you thought it was funny because they had definitely been talking about you. “Wait you can speak Korean?” you nodded with a small smile and if he could get redder he would. “I can, I’m half Korean.” You got up and bowed slightly before walking off.

“Wait, did you hear everything we said?” you shook your head. “Ani, I turned up the volume of my music, as you were obviously talking about me and well I didn’t want to hear it.” Rapmonster was still holding your arm and it became a bit awkward and you wanted to pull your arm away when Suga suddenly joined you again. “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have done that.” You shrugged “I’m serious, it’s just that we have sasaengs who follow us around at the airport and we are a bit sick of it actually.” That was understandable, the only problem you had with this was that it had been rude to assume that I was one of those sasaengs, only because I wore a bts shirt.

“So you thought I was one based on my shirt?” he nodded and he genuinely looked sorry for the way he behaved towards you and you couldn’t help but let it go because well it is Suga, who wouldn’t forgive him.

“It’s okay, I understand.” you smiled at him and walked off again, as you still had to go to the toilet. “Wait a minute.” you turned around now a bit annoyed because you really needed to go to the toilet and this was not helping. “What?”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/N, can I please go now?” he nodded and you almost ran to the toilet. You quickly fixed your hair before getting back, luckily it was time to board the plane, which meant you wouldn’t see them, as you were sitting in economy, it was not the most comfortable way to travel but who cares? You were going to work anyway, as you were a photographer and a web designer. You got out your glasses and as you were working you never thought about those handsome bts guys, that is what you told yourself because after three hours you still hadn’t done any work but you just worked on photoshopping pictures of the guys into headers, it was quite funny because after three hours you already had ten headers ready. “Excuse me?” one of the stewards was standing next to my seat with something in her hand.


“I had to bring this to you, I mean your name is Y/n, right?” you nodded and she quickly handed it over, it was a bottle of perfume and it was an expensive one, to say the least. “Did those guys gave this to you?” She nodded “They told me it was really important to give to you.” This made you feel bad because it probably meant they didn’t like the way I smelled, which was ridiculous as you had a shower this morning and even put on your own Calvin Klein perfume. You actually felt offended by this and it made you angry, to say the least.

“Please give it back to them, I don’t need this perfume.” you handed it back, which you sort of regretted the minute she walked away with the bottle because it really was an expensive brand. The rest of the flight you were busy as you finally could concentrate again as the steward didn’t return anymore, except when it was time for something to eat, you even dozed off which was weird because you could never sleep on a plane but today you couldn’t stay awake and you only woke up because we were going to land. You were looking forward to seeing your dad again, it was a shame that my parents were divorced but it was also a good excuse to travel to Seoul and as you were going to live with him, it was becoming better and better because he was one of the owners of Jyp entertainment. He probably didn’t have a lot of time but at least he was going to pick me up.

You didn’t see the guys when you walked into the airport, which was for the best. You collected your suitcase and quickly walked to the arrival hall and there he stood your dad, holding up a sign as if you didn’t recognize him. You ran towards him and threw yourself in his embrace. “Appa, I missed you.” he kissed the top of your head before letting you go, the woman next to him was smiling politely, this must be his new wife and my stepmother. You quickly bowed to her whilst saying hello.

“Did you have a pleasant flight?”

“Ye, I even slept for awhile.”

“Really?! You must’ve been tired then.” You nodded and walked beside them to the car, which was a black BMW. “Appa, can we have some meat today?”

“Ah I’m sorry but I have meetings but I will make time for you soon.” you nodded feeling a bit disappointed but then again he was a CEO. “Arraso, I have to prepare for work anyway.”

“Where are you working?”

“Vlive and Viki, I’m making subs and I’m also set for a photo shoot tomorrow.”

“A Photo Shoot, where?” You told him and he smiled “So you’re the photographer, I didn’t know we had hired you. “Ah that’s because I don’t use my Korean name.” he nodded but didn’t say a thing about it, when we arrived home he dropped me and my stepmother and drove off. “I will show you your room.” This house was big and as you walked through you were looking at every detail and as she opened your door, you were shocked when you saw that you had the best view ever, You were looking out over Seoul, this would be beautiful at night.

“You have your own bathroom and you can go everywhere. Your dad told me to give you this.” she handed me a platinum card and you just stared at it. “Really?” she nodded and left you alone, this was going to amazing but still you had to be careful with that card. As it was still daytime you immediately went out to explore with your camera around your neck.

After a few hours you really needed to have a drink and as you were looking in your bag, you found a perfume bottle at the bottom. You looked at it closely and was stunned when you recognized the bottle, it was the bottle from the airplane, they actually had put it in my bag, how intrusive but it was kind of sweet as well, you were still looking at your phone when you bumped into someone again. “Second time, you didn’t pay attention.” you looked up and was embarrassed to see you again bumped into Suga.

“Ah I’m sorry.” you held up your phone as an excuse, which made him smile this time instead of annoyed. “It’s fine, you’re not following me by any chance?”

“Ani, really I didn’t, I was just walking around and somehow ended up here.”

“Okay, let’s get something to drink then.” he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the counter. “Do you want a Caramel Macchiato?” he remembered your drink, how weird but you nodded anyway and he quickly put his order in and they told us to sit down, which we did, this was really something from a dream, how was it possible that we met again in a big city like this? You weren’t really superstitious but it was just weird. “Are you on a holiday?”

“Sorry what?” you had been staring at him and hadn’t heard a thing as you were completely smitten with the guy in front of you. He really looked good today, he was wearing a white cap and glasses, which you didn;t see often but when you did see it, it made you melt because it looked so damn good.

“Are you on a holiday?”

“Ani, I just moved in with my dad.”

“Really, so your father is Korean?” you nodded and was wondering if he had listened when you told Rapmonster about it. “Ye my dad is Korean and my mother European, I only have the shape eyes and full lips from my dad, that’s why I don’t really look Asian.” You quickly explained when his eyes suddenly fell on the camera around your neck.

“Can I see your pictures?” he pointed at your camera and you quickly handed it over and the next five minutes he was admiring the pictures and due to the noises he made, he really liked them.

“Are you a photographer?”

“Ye, I am, so do you really write, produce and compose your own songs?” not wanting to talk about yourself the whole time, this seemed like a safe topic. “Ye, I do, didn’t you hear my mixtape?”

“I did and loved it.” you smiled and sipped your coffee when he received a call, which probably meant they needed him. “I’ve got to go, it was nice seeing you again.” he bowed slightly but before he walked out of the cafe he quickly turned around and walked back. “Not to be rude but how old are you?”

“I’m twenty-three.” he smiled at that and left with a wave and when he walked out you realized that we didn’t exchange any details like a phone number. That bummed you out but maybe it was for the best because there was no way he would call me anyway.

The next morning you had to hurry as you had the photoshoot of Got7 on the agenda and you were already called for another photoshoot but this time it was another company, this were the perks of being a freelancer, you weren’t restricted to certain companies. You drove to the place and wasn’t surprised to see that there were people already and the minute you walked into the building they stopped. “Hello, I’m Y/N and I will be taking the pictures.” you bowed and got the same respect back and you were even called sunbaenim by the younger ones, it was a weird experience but one that you had to get used to fast.

Not much later the guys walked onto the set and as you introduced yourself, they immediately knew who I was. They started to treat you formally and there was nothing more that I hated and it was just stupid as I was my own person. After a few minutes of them acting all stiff around you, you stopped the photoshoot. “Guys this won’t work, I need you to be yourself, just forget that I’m the daughter of your company’s CEO. I’m my own person and I can’t do a photoshoot if you’re all nervous like this.

“Ya, how can you ask this of us, what if we do something wrong and you report it?”

“Why would I do that, what do I gain by betraying you? So please don’t be ridiculous and just do your job.” after that it went a lot better and after a full day of shooting you were glad that it was over. You loved Got7 but it was just awkward and it was definitely not a group you wanted to shoot again, not as long as my dad was their CEO.

The following week you had your next photo shoot, which was also for an album jacket but you didn’t know for which group this was, the only thing you knew was that you were sent to the beach. The minute you got out of the car you were shocked to feel the cold and the guys who were in makeup. There was no way that this could be happening right? “Ah Y/N you’re here?” you nodded at the manager who took you to meet the rest of staff, who were smiling and you had to admit that this felt more like a family. “So what’s the concept of today?” the manager quickly explained what they wanted and you felt pity with the guys because they were actually wearing shorts in this cold weather.

“Y/N?” you turned and locked eyes with Suga, who was smiling and it took your breath away because even though you liked them a lot without makeup, this definitely was something different and it made my heart beat faster for some reason. “Yoongi,” you said back which made him chuckle.

“We keep meeting each other.”

“It seems that way doesn’t it.” you smiled back at him and felt your heart flutter a bit. He grabbed your hand and patted it. “Please shoot the pictures fast.” you couldn’t help but snort at this because you knew why he wanted me to hurry up and who could blame him. “I will try my best.” he still had your hand in his and that’s when you noticed the little shocks that went through your body and they felt warm and definitely not unpleasant, he must’ve felt it to because his glance became a bit more intense and he quickly let go of your hand, which gave the other members the chance to say hi and I promised them to be quick so they could get warm again. The next few hours flew by and we finally were done with the first set of pictures, they were all very hands on which was always good because if they didn’t like the pictures you had to do them again but luckily for me they didn’t found bad ones.

The next day we were shooting a different version but this time it was inside, which was a lot better than yesterday. The guys seemed more energetic than yesterday, probably because it wasn’t really cold in here. “So we meet again.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at his cuteness. “It seems so, are you perhaps stalking me.” you decided to go along with this, two can play this game. He chuckled again but this time his members heard it as well and they were surprised, to say the least as they immediately started to mumble amongst themselves, as if you couldn’t hear them.

“Alright let’s do this.” and the next few hours we were shooting and the last few minutes they were allowed to act crazy with the confetti and it got me really good pictures, which would make the job really easy when you had to work on them, they did ask you to whitewash the pictures but you immediately told them no because it was ridiculous to whitewash people, they looked good as they were now. You left before the guys did because you had to be on time for dinner so you quickly said goodbye and got at the restaurant just in time, which was a miracle as you had to change into a nice dress but you were on time but stopped the minute you saw the two little kids sitting at the table. You had lived with your dad for two weeks but this was the first time you had seen these kids.

Your dad saw the bewildered look on your face and quickly got up. “Y/N, these are your dongsaengs,” he told me their names but you just couldn’t hear it, as you were counting back the years your parents were divorced and it didn’t add up with their age. “How old are they?” he told me their age and that’s when you discovered the truth behind the divorce, he had been cheating on your mom. “I have to go, I just forgot I had to do some more work, I’m sorry.” you turned around and ran out of the restaurant, not paying attention to where you were going but ended up at the Han river which looked amazing in the dark, with all the lights, you were lost in thoughts whilst looking at the view when someone put a coat around your shoulders.

“How does this keep happening?” he asked teasingly and you smiled at this because now it really seemed ridiculous. You didn’t really look at him this time and he immediately noticed your mood. “Did something happen?”

“Ye but I don’t want to bother you.”

“Ah don’t be like that, just tell me.”

“My dad cheated on my mom and now he has two new children.” you summed it up real quick because it was already costing you a lot of effort to not cry. “Really? I’m so sorry.” he put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into his side, this startled you because you never thought he was one for skinship but here he was comforting you.

“Why are you doing this?” he instantly knew what I was talking about but instead of letting me go he turned me around so that I was facing him and if you hadn’t fallen for him yet, then you would right this moment because he was looking at you as if you were the only one on the planet. “I just like you.” he didn’t hesitate at all and if you thought he was joking, his next move dissolved all of that, as he pulled you against his body and hugged you tightly. “It’s okay to cry.” it took some time but when you were finally over the shock of him confessing, you hugged him back but you never cried about your cheating dad because how could you when there was someone like Yoongi holding you. He eventually let you go, which gave you the opportunity to catch your breath “Why do you like me? you don’t even know me.” you had to know his reason because yes we had spoken a few times after you finally exchanged numbers and yes the times we coincidentally met, was also weird but it was too short to really like someone.

“I don’t know, I just can’t get you out of my head after that first time we met and now we keep meeting each other coincidentally, it just has to mean something don’t you think.” Yoongi wasn’t someone who would just say something so you did believe him when he told you he liked you but it just seemed unreal, it was more like a dream because you liked him as well but it was never going to work, he must see that right? “I have to go.” you got up and handed him his coat. “Thank you for tonight, I really needed someone to talk to.” you bowed and ran away. He yelled your name but you didn’t look back once.

When you returned back home your dad was waiting for you and when you walked in, he got on his knees to apologize, this broke your heart and suddenly you felt guilty for making him do this. “Appa please get up, it’s okay.” You helped him get up and hugged him. “I just wished you told me before, I would have loved to meet them when they were born instead of meeting him when they’re almost ten.” he nodded and apologized again but it just made you feel sad as you didn’t want him to be upset. “I’m going to bed okay?”

“You really don’t want to talk about this?” You shook your head and smiled at him but he knew that you were hurt because if you couldn’t do something then is was hiding your feelings, you were an open book for people that were close to you. You just had to endure, whilst looking for your own place and that shouldn’t be that difficult as you had enough money for a luxurious apartment, as long as the view was good it really didn’t matter. This is how you spend most of your days looking for a house and working on the photo’s you took, you did this with your own team, which was nice for a change. You had a shorter deadline for BTS’s pictures, which was fine as the pictures looked amazing and eventually you could send them to their company for evaluation, not long after they paid you a royal amount and there was more good news as you had finally found an apartment, the funny thing was that it was an apartment building which held a lot of famous people, you had already bumped into Park Bo Gum, Ji Soo, and others, so that was a fun thing.

You hadn’t spoken to Yoongi after that night but then again bts was busy with their comeback, so they’re probably shacked up in their dance studio. Your dad was sad that you would be leaving but he understood and you actually had met the twins and they were lovely and polite, they even called me Unni, which was weird at first but now you’re used to it.

“You know, I really felt hurt when you ran away like that.” I turned with a box in my hands and stared at an exhausting looking Yoongi, he really looked like he could fall asleep every second. “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” you smiled at him which soften his face a bit but you could tell he was frustrated. “I have never chased after a girl but for some reason, I’m still drawn to you even though it has been weeks.” you felt the blush on your cheeks and you knew he had seen it as well. “I’m sorry but I just had something going on and I really couldn’t think straight and it just doesn’t make sense that you like me.”

“Why doesn’t it make sense? I mean you are a beautiful woman and you’re talented as well, who wouldn;t like that?”

“Don’t you want someone who is more like you?”

“Why aren’t you like me? You are calm and smart,  you’re very talented and beautiful and on top of that you are a warm person who cares about others, so please tell me what’s not to like?” This was why Yoongi has always been your favorite because he told you how he saw it, without editing stuff.  “You’ve got a point.” you put down the box because it was heavy. “Look I really need to brings these boxes to my apartment but if you have time later today?” he shook his head “I don’t really have time, we have to practice for our tour but I will text you a time and place.” He was dismissing me and you just had to accept it that we maybe wouldn’t see each other for awhile.

“Arraso, please be careful don’t overdo things,” you yelled after him and he just stuck up his thumb. He kept his promise as he texted every night but because you were always asleep when he texted it was never a long conversation, he just wanted to know what I was doing and he told you not to ask the same thing in return because he was going through practice hell, which made you laugh of course. The day of their comeback was coming up and you were actually looking forward to it and the day they finally performed you got the text message, telling you to meet him at the hand river at 11 pm.

You never really stuck too much time into dressing but this time you did. You kept it casual with skinny jeans and a light blue sweater and your puma’s. Your makeup was also light, you only put on a bit of lipstick and mascara and brushed your hair before stepping out in your black coat because damn it was cold. When you arrived you already saw him sitting on the stairs waiting for you, he had brought something with him and it made you curious enough to fasten your pace. “Have you been waiting long?” he looked up and I was surprised to see him wearing glasses again.

“Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m okay.”

“Are you sure, I mean if you need to get some rest then you should do that.”

“Ani, you know we are leaving tomorrow right?” you nodded because how could you forget it. “I know, that’s why I was asking.” you looked at the tiny bag that was next to him and he followed your gaze and smiled mischievously. He patted on the ground next to him and you quickly took a seat not caring about the fact that you were almost on his lap. “This is for you.” he gave me the bag and you quickly took a look inside and you were surprised when you saw that it was a plane ticket and a contract.

“What’s this?”

“That’s a plane ticket.” you nodded annoyed because you already knew that but when you wanted to say something, he took the ticket away from you together with the contract. “We want you to come with us as our official photographer but.”

“Of course there is always a catch, well tell me, what is it?” you were again standing and were tapping your feet impatiently, this made him smile and as he got up the smirk returned. “You have to call me Oppa from now on.” you raised your eyebrow because why would I do that?


“Because you like me just as much as I like you, you’re just afraid.”

“Ya yoongi.”

“Did you forget that I’m older than you?” You shook your head embarrassed but looked up when he chuckled. “Look I don’t want to force you but we both know that it’s useless to resist this as it was faith for us to meet.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at this cheesiness, he had spent too much time with Jin that was for sure.

“Are you really sure?”

“I have never been so sure of anything in my life.” You studied his face and when you didn’t see any hesitation, you decided to mess with him just to tease him a bit more. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, have a safe flight.” you quickly took off, just to see what he would do, when he suddenly grabbed your arm and turned you around and before you could protest our laugh he had pressed his lips against yours and you were mentally kicking yourself for running away that one time because if you had known that he could kiss like this than you wouldn’t have felt so insecure. He started carefully but when you didn’t pull away he deepened the kiss and as he pulled you closer you couldn’t help but moan against his lips, which made him smile. He felt warm and it was like coming home after a long journey, the sparks were everywhere and your knees became weak but Yoongi was holding you so you weren’t afraid to fall. He never let go of you not even when you broke apart and you knew from that day he would do everything he could to protect me and when I looked into my hand I discovered the ticket and contract, he had put the bag in my hand whilst kissing me, which was pretty smooth. We were still standing really closer to each other and he was exploring your face and as he reached your swollen lips his smile returned as he locked eyes with you.

“So today is our first day, right?”


‘진격의 방탄’ (Attack on Bangtan) @ ARMY.ZIP+ Day 1 (SHORT)
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“the last episode of the season is a two-parter, following stories of each of the rubies floating through space, the self reflection of doc as a leader, the terror of army at her friends being hurt somewhere she can’t protect them, the determination of navy to rescue her friends (as shes the closest to earth’s orbit), eyeball’s altercation with the human-rebel, and leggy lamenting her failures as a new soldier and a gem itself.”

I really liked @tiredruby’s idea so I wrote a little short sorry for spelling errors I’m on mobile!!

She can’t help but keep thinking she couldn’t get worse.
They were there! They were so close and then she bad been slammed into with her own ship and they were gone. She was so close! She was so close- maybe a bit far away but she they had been in sight! Leader. They were supposed to depend on her and look where she got them! Leader? Yeah, like she deserved that title. She ran her hand over her face, her eyes stinging irritatingly with the hints of tears starting to bud. They were her platoon- they were her friends and she lost them! She got them into this mess and she had no way to get them out now! She looked around her but there was nothing noteworthy anymore. Without missions, without them, her time had come to a screeching halt- how long had she been out here anyway? She casted a glance to where she had been, but she was long past it now. Where they even still out there? She had no right to call herself leader anymore. Earth was too big a mission for her. It was too big for them but she took it wholeheartedly instead. They were sent because they were competent, because all other missions under her guidance had been cleared with little issue! But this wasn’t like other missions. This involved something a lot more important and serious she was too cocky to look at. She let them be tricked twice! Leader? It left a foul feeling sit with her. Leader of what?

She hadn’t felt this hopeful in awhile, truth be told.
She and Navy were close now, if only by happenstance. She felt lucky knowing one of her friends was just a few feet away, knowing one of her friends wasn’t hurt somewhere alone in space.
It took them awhile to close the gap between them, it was hard to move closer. They had to be mindful of the rocks that were hurtling towards them as to not to hurt themselves while they where here, and that really wasn’t her level of expertise.
And then they were almost there! She almost had Navy’s hands in her own, and solider she was she was on the brink of crying in relief. However before they could made it, she saw Navy’s head start to turn to the side, and before she could even start to ask what was wrong she felt her body shoved out of the way, propelling her further into space only to see the ship they had taken to earth pass by without a second thought.
She screamed. She screamed and yelled and punched and kicked but it didn’t help. It didn’t do anything- she couldn’t do anything! She brought her hands up to tug at her hair as she gritted her teeth and an overwhelming sense of dread made itself comfortable around her. She looked back up just hoping, but she couldn’t even see the forms of Navy or Doc in the distance- wherever she was now it wasn’t with them! Doc, Navy, Eyeball, Leggy! They were all out there and she wasn’t with them! She couldn’t help them! She smacked a hand to her face digging her palm into it. What good was she if she couldn’t even help them!

She wasn’t sure at first, but it was earth. She was getting closer and closer to the planet at an alarming rate. Her hopes had been dashed when she had been separated from Army, but now seeing the planet so close reignited a flame in her. This was were the rebels made their stand- where they were now. They had her platoon’s ship- her only way to save her friends. She wasn’t sure how she’d do it, how they’d react if they came across her, but as she started to feel herself plummet at the planet, getting even closer even quicker, she knew she’d do anything to get that ship back.

Leggy had never been alone. Not like this.
Was there protocol for being stuck in space? Eyeball said there was protocol for almost anything. Space was prettier when she wasn’t stuck in it like this. Alone like this. She started to tremble as she brought her knees up to her chest, big ugly tears starting to fall. Was it because she was new? A proper solider would know what to do, wouldn’t they? She hiccuped as she thought of her disappointed platoon. They wouldn’t be here if she was smarter. It was her fault they were stuck out there. If she was a big smart soldier she could have fought them better! If she wasn’t new she’d know better! She could have been better and she could still have her platoon with her! Sobs cut through her own thoughts and she held herself tighter, the tears falling and leaving a gross feeling on her face. They expected her to know better! They expected so much from her and she let them down! They thought she could handle this but she couldn’t!
She curled in on herself for awhile. At some point the tears stopped but they left her feeling worse. Sometimes she cried and sometimes she floated there, resenting herself more and more for failing them. She had been crying again when a familiar light settled on her, and she begun to move toward it.

Just something random lol enjoy(?)

“Jungkook-ah!” I whined as I stared at my phone as the FaceTime call was connecting. “Why is it still connecting? Ugh, this is so irritating!”
I bit my lower lip as I watched the screen, waiting for my boyfriend Jungkook’s face to appear on the screen. I had to leave to my next class soon and I wanted to see him, I was feeling homesick.
I left Korea to study back home in the states, I was in my 3rd year at the University of Azusa. I just needed one more year and I can go back home to Seoul and be with my boys.
My phone beeped and I noticed the call dropped.
“Don’t do this to me please.” I begged to my phone as I clicked the ‘call back’ button.
A couple seconds later and I see the words 'connecting’ once again.
“Please please please…” I whispered as I silently prayed.
“Y/N!” Jungkook’s smiling face finally showed.
“KOOKIE!” I screamed, catching the attentions of other school mates walking by. “Oh baby I’ve missed you so much!”
Jungkook chuckled, “I’ve missed you too, how are you? How’s school going?”
“Good good, everything’s good,” I wiped away the unshed tears. “I’m ready to go home. I miss you and the guys so much.”
“We miss you too,” he said as he adjusted to lean on his side on the couch. “Jimin and V miss their best friend.”
I smiled at that, “I miss them too, and Namjoon oppa, Yoongi oppa, Hoseok oppa and Jin oppa.”
“Y/N!!!!” I heard the rest of the boys scream my name in the background.
I laughed as I saw V jump on top of Jungkook, “Tae oppa, please be careful.”
“Aw, are you worried I’ll get hurt?” V asked.
I shook my head, “No, I just don’t want you to hurt Jungkookie.”
V’s smirk turned into a scowl as he removed himself.
“Y/N!” I looked up and saw my friend. “it’s time! Let’s go or we’ll be late!”
I frowned, “Coming!” I turned back to the phone and stared at all 7 boys smiling back at me.
I smiled sadly, “I have to go. Class is starting soon.”
They all frowned for a couple seconds before offering a small smile.
“We’ll be together soon, y/n, don’t worry.” Namjoon said.
“Do well!” Jin exclaimed.
“Work hard!” Jimin and V shouted.
“Kill anyone who bothers you.” Suga said, smirking.
I laughed at that last one, “Okay Yoongi oppa. Well, I better go. I love you guys.”
“Love you!” They all said in unison.
I ended the call and sighed.
Only one more year, I thought to myself, one more.

One Faithful Night with Jin

One Faithful Night with Jin

Parts: One

Pairing: Seokjin x Y/N

Genre: Drama, romance

Word count: 11.953

Synopsis: Meeting Jin from bts seemed the best thing that had ever happened but who would have thought you ended up hating him.

“Wait for a second mom, I can’t hear you,” you yelled into the phone. You were at a club when you got a call from your mother. “Where are you?”

“I’m at a club, I forgot to call you when we landed, I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay, I’m happy you are okay.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“I won’t love, have fun in Korea but please be careful.”

“Of course, I will call you when I go home, Love you.” you just hung up because, to be honest, you couldn’t hear the half of what she was saying. “Ya Y/N, get back in here!” Your friend Yoona texted, which was ridiculous as she was a few feet away.

“Arasso!” You texted back but the minute you wanted to walk back into the club you bumped into someone, which made you stumble back and even fall down. “Ya look where you going!” you yelled this but became speechless when you saw who you bumped into. It was Jin from bts who was looking at you annoyed, he was even more handsome in real life it really wasn’t fair. The world stopped for a second and then embarrassment washed over, you just yelled at a member of your favorite Kpop group, how disrespectful.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.” You were brushing off his shirt when he grabbed your hands to stop you. You felt the spark but before you could register it, he had already let go of you. “It’s okay but you shouldn’t walk and text.” you nodded in agreement and as he walked past you, you could smell the faint perfume that he was wearing, which was intoxicating, you couldn’t help but stare at him when he suddenly stopped and glanced back, which made you even redder because now you were caught staring.

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