I bet that the converse Suga worn aren’t even his. He secretly took it from the other members. They will never know it was him until they see him wear it. It’s kind of like Suga stealing Jungkook’s underwear.

“Converse converse I really hate con- oops I’m wearing them, never mind… Converse converse I really love converse”

friendly reminder that frodo didn’t come to stay with bilbo until 48 years after the battle of the five armies.

bilbo was alone for 48 years.

bilbo spent forty-eight years after returning from erebor alone, labeled “mad” and “odd”. 48 years to think about his adventure. 48 years to mull over every single detail. 48 years to come to terms with the fact that he lost two friends and the dwarf he loved only to take in his nephew who (“ironically”) has features that are similar to a certain thorin oakenshield.

also he never married.

[i made this post 3hours ago it class but apparently in didnt upload, F#$% tumblr app]
Guys, lets do a project! a couple of years ago we did something like this [for the suju though, it was a spread love project]
write the quote ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ anywhere, on your hand, on your face, on a sticky note……paste it on your car…..or leave it around the town. take a picture and post it on twitter, #BTS2ndWin and tweet it to them. make it trend to show fan love and support from international ARMY.
its a way to bond and get together~it would be nice if we could do it, its not a difficult thing to do, but its precious^^
yaaay! haru out!!
I don’t care how many times I will say this but I will always support and protect Kim Taehyung.

   Seriously, this kid is basically an angel sent from Heaven. He’s like…The sweetiest guy I’ve ever seen. He can’t even hurt a fly. I don’t understand how fanboying is mocking. BTS are all huge fanboys of BIGBANG and both ARMYs and VIPs can aproove to that. Seriously, netizens have nothing better to do with their free time? They could go out and wonder themselves why sky in blue and grass is green (excuse my dumb joke) but no..Instead they’re posting rude comments about every single thing k-idols are doing, whether it’s a good or bad thing. They always have something negative to say…

   What I want to say now, ARMYs fighting! Don’t feel bad because of their rude comments towards Taehyung. We all know he’s a sweetheart who would NEVER hurt anyone. Let’s keep supporting BTS for all their hardwork! They all are working hard to win <3

   BTS & ARMYs fighting! :D


“Your Job in Germany” The Mission after VE Day

As the war in Europe came to a close, American troops were faced with a new mission, the occupation of Germany.  Your Job in Germany was an orientation film produced for those United States Army personnel who would occupy Germany after the war was over. Written by none other than Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, it would become one of Geisel’s most significant assignments, and a shift from his more light-hearted work on the Private Snafu cartoon series. The project was assigned to Geisel in early 1944, over a year before the German surrender (also known as VE Day, May 8, 1945).

In Your Job in Germany, Theodor Geisel (himself a German-American) created a film that advised soldiers to remain suspicious of the German people. The film portrays warfare as part of the national culture of Germany and is a fascinating document of how the U.S. military planned to handle the occupation.

The message of Your Job in Germany is anything but subtle. According to the film, Army personnel should be on guard at all times because all Germans are a “potential source of trouble”. Youth in particular are singled out as the nation’s next big threat. The job in Germany is to prevent “Chapter 4”, or the next war. As the narrator intones, “The German people are not our friends.”

In fact, in one of the harshest passages of Geisel’s script, viewers are advised that even Germans who appear to regret their nation’s actions during World War II should not be taken seriously:

“They cannot come back into the civilized fold just by sticking out their hand and saying ‘sorry’. Sorry? Not sorry they caused the war; they’re only sorry they lost it. That is the hand that heiled Hitler; that is the hand that dropped the bombs on defenseless Rotterdam, Brussels, Belgrade. Don’t clasp that hand. It’s not the kind of a hand you can clasp in friendship.”

Your Job in Germany uses every tool in the filmmaking kit to pound this lesson home. In order to establish warfare as an overall pattern and culture of the German people, a jarring contrast is made between Germany at peace and Germany at war. The build-up to war features quick cuts, tense music, and an insistent narrator, while Germany at peace is represented with a wistful tone, images of the countryside, folk dancing, dirndls and lederhosen. Viewers are advised not to be lulled into a false sense of security.

The non-fraternization policy introduced by Your Job in Germany was not without detractors. Geisel said himself that that was the one part of the film he did not support. The sheer impracticality of the idea led officials to ease restrictions and then completely eliminate the regulations within months of the end of the war.

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