okay imagine an au where carmilla works at a coffee shop and laura goes in and orders the same thing and every time she does, instead of writing ‘laura’ on the cup, carmilla writes one of those dorky nicknames like ‘cupcake’ ‘sundance’ ‘creampuff’ etc. 

and it makes laura SUPER MAD and she’s always like it’s fucking laura i s2g im gonna punch u in ur attractive face

and carmilla smirks and keeps doing it obviously

but then one day carmilla’s not there and laura’s like oh and she doesn’t know why she’s sad bc it’s not like she likes carmilla or anything

but the new person is like ‘hey are you laura? carmilla told me to give you this’ and it’s just the same drink as ever, but this time it has ‘laura’ written on it

Part Two: Still Always Not Unwatching

So, I never expected this post to get so freaking huge (thank you everyone!). Anyway, that first post was actually meant to just be the introduction to the Bill Cipher antics that continually pop up in my classroom (alluded to here). 

Last week, I was reviewing point-of-view with my students in preparation for our upcoming testing. One of the things we cover is Third-Person Limited and Third-Person Omniscient. The conversation went like this:

Me: When I picture Third-Person Limited, I picture this leeeetle ghost that is attached to and can only haunt one person. This little ghost can only see into the minds of one character, and can’t follow around or haunt anyone else.

But when I picture Third-Person Omniscient, I picture this *gigantic* eyeball in the sky that can see everything all of the time, and knows what everyone is thinking and doing (I went with this explanation rather than saying “It’s like god” because, well, religion and school and what not).

Student: You mean like Bill Cipher?!?

Me:… Eeeexactly like Bill Cipher.

This leads to me drawing this on the board (as a reference, of course)

The kids laugh and everyone is happy. A little bit later, we do a group practice with white boards. They had to write multiple choice or yes/no questions answers on their boards, and then we’d all reveal as a class and go over it. First reveal rolls around, and this goes up:

I freak out and ask the student not to erase it because dude this is awesome. This, naturally, encourages more and more students.

By the end of the activity, there’s an Army of Student-Drawn Bills staring back at me every time I ask them to reveal their answers.



M16 & M16A1

The XM16E1 was first adopted in 1962 for special purpose use by Army special forces, airborne, and airmobile troops with the M14 remaining the standard issue rifle of the infantry.  But by 1965 the M16 was being issued to all Army and Marine Units stationed in Vietnam with the M14 being relegated to troops on home service or stationed in Europe and South Korea.

The problems the new rifle suffered during its early deployment in vietnam are well known and various changes including a forward assist (see images #1, #3 & #4) and better maintenance training were made by early 1967.  The M16A1 was adopted as Standard A in January 1967 and by 1970 it had been decided to issue the M16A1 to US troops stationed in Europe.  Since the Vietnam War the rifle has been refined numerous times and is expected to remain in service for another twenty years, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the M16 being issued generally to troops in Vietnam.  Above are some gratuitous M16 and M16A1 photographs.

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so i was trying to find out when the extended edition of Battle of the Five Armies was coming out, and I stumbled across an lotr wiki page




Heyyyy so remember I learned to play this a couple weeks ago? XD Finally got off my butt (and put my butt on the piano bench) and recorded the thing!  I think I meant to do this on the real piano at my mom’s with my new mic, but this’ll do for now XP

God I love this song <3

The Last Goodbye, from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
originally sung by Billy Boyd

Took a break from studying and watched some tvd with the family. Saw Michael Malarkey as Enzo the british vamp and immediately thought Kaidan Alenko. 

I have a new favorite character ( ◉◞౪◟◉)


Switchfoot, 2015

In the picture with Drew’s hand up, he told us that he was a military child himself and grew up on military bases. He then reminded every military parent that their children are proud of them, just like he was of his dad. He felt like he never got to say that to his dad and he couldn’t have said it better..
List of Articles\Interviews

Since I’m super happy to notice a recent growing interest in Yuria, I’d like to suggest anyone who’s curious about her to check out (and share if you want) the articles and interviews I’ve translated, because I believe they can be really precious in terms of getting to know a lot of new things regarding her.
(ps: I’ll try to update the post too, but in case I’ll ever forget, keep in mind that I always keep updating the list in the fixed page :)