Making a 7 year old’s wish come true

Hi! So my cousin’s daughter is turning 8 in November, and she’s pretty excited but her dad won’t be here; he’s in the army and currently posted in Canada, now it’s hard on her normally, but he’s gonna miss her birthday again this year and that’s gotten her pretty down… So we’re trying to make it really special for her! She loves EAH so I’m making a custom EAH doll of her as a mermaid! 

Now I wouldn’t normally ask something like this, but I really want to make it as special for her as possible so I was wondering if any artists would be willing to draw her? Like maybe do art of her OC insert or her (as herself or the OC) and Raven? Raven is her favourite character because of how much Raven loves her dad and because Raven stands for fairness 

I know it’s a big ask but it’s in (late) November so we have a while! Please consider it! And thank you for reading! 


Tonight the goths are dancing to The Smiths.


Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer

Man From U.N.C.L.E.  photo call in Rio 

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i saw this while eating lunch at school and i have never laughed so fucking hard in my life