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this is my family

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I found it

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all on my own.

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It’s little

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and b r o k e n

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but still good

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Yeah… still good. 

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Kpop fan: politely says that they don’t stan bts anymore because of the fandom. 

army: Why do you hate bts???x 1000 

army: That is such a stupid and immature reason to not like a group. 

army: You obviously hate them because they got popular, and your faves will never 

army: You’re clearly just jealous. Bts IS the best. Stop being bitter 

army: You’re such a hater. Go get a life or something 

army: we’re not even that bad of a fandom. There are other fandoms waaaaaay worse than us. Exo l’s- 

Army: Every popular fandom has horrible fans, so stop attacking us all the time! 


We rehearsed all the time. I mean, I couldn’t appreciate the compliment about the chemistry more because, like, I fell in love with Timmy in the process of making the movie. He’s fuсking terrific and he’s also an incredible actor, so I had all of that. It was just this great experience where I think we all, in the process of making this movie, got that experience of that one summer where we were there and everything was perfect.” — Armie Hammer on working with Timothée Chalamet on “Call Me By Your Name”

Sunglasses Army™

Shiro in Sunglasses || @shir-yo

Coran in Sunglasses || @cool-ran

Keith in Sunglasses || @keith-coolgane

Haggar in Sunglasses || @swhaggar

Lance in Sunglasses || @lancsses

Princess Allura in Sunglasses || @allu-rad

Pidge in Sunglasses || @pidge-gunderswag

Hunk in Sunglasses || @hunkulese @hunkaliciousunglasses

Zarkon in Sunglasses || @zarkophagus

THE LIONS in Sunglasses || @vld-fabulions

Thace in Sunglasses || @poker-thace

Shay in Sunglasses || @voltron-shaydes

King Alfor in Sunglasses || @alforad

Nyma in Sunglasses || @nyma-in-shadies

Kaltenecker in Sunglasses || @kalteswagger

Rolo in Sunglasses || @they-see-me-rolo

Altean Mice in Sunglasses || @four-fine-mice

Prince Lotor in Sunglasses || @prince-yo-yo-lotor

Slav in Sunglasses || @suave-slav

Sendak in Sunglasses || @sendaks-shades

Voltron in Sunglasses || @glasstron

Matt Holt in Sunglasses || @mattubular

Haxus in Sunglasses || @hackus

Galra in Sunglasses || @gal-radical

Varkon in Sunglasses || @varkool @vrepit-swag

Kolivan in Sunglasses || @koolivan

Ulaz in Sunglasses || @cool-az @ulradz

Voltron Booties in Sunglasses || @volbooty-shades

Commander M. Iverson in Sunglasses || @iversun-rays

Rover in Sunglasses || @raver-sunglasses

Commander Samuel Holt in Sunglasses || @garrisonpeas

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the man of uncle bombed in the box office it has a total estimated budget of $120M and total gross is only at $100M and that means warner bros will most likely not do a sequel which sucks because the movie was great i mean not award-winning great but greatly enjoyable with great characters that break stereotypes and cliches especially in the spy movie genre and among other things, there is a bpd character, the female characters are strong badasses in their own right, and the two top male spies from russia and us have a serious debate about fashion designers like nothing. it is not the thing that will be an iconic fave or cult classic because it was not meant to be one. it is a simple enjoyable ride, the kind that you want to ride over and over again and tell everyone about because it's THAT fun. it's very satisfying but also very unsatisfying because it will leave you wanting to see 5 more movies with those characters, in that guy ritchie cinematic style but you will cry because it is severely underrated and ignored and because of that you won't get the extra five movies you so deeply need.