Missing Tunisia soldier found dead after jihadist attack
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The body of a soldier missing after a deadly attack on two army posts by suspected jihadists in Tunisia’s restive western border region was found Friday, the government said, raising the toll to 15. “During a sweep carried out by the army in the military zone on Mount Chaambi, the soldier Walid Ben Abdallah was found dead of wounds that he sustained during the terrorist attack” on Wednesday, a source at the defence ministry told AFP.
Source: AFP

Renee Young and Ambrose Army confession

Renee posts a pic hiking that someone else took of her and somehow that’s disrespectful and bragging about dating Dean since later on that day a fan met them and she was wearing the same outfit. I swear some of his fangirls get more and more pathetic by the day.

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But nonjer, how do I cut my rp threads? -an actual question I have on my rp blog seriously how the hell do I do it

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((you see with xkit, you can get that extension. it’s simple to find, you just install it via ‘get extensions’ in XKit.))

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The soldiers that our soldiers are fighting have families, kids and partners. It’s funny if you think about it. The soldiers that we consider to be good are the same ones that other people consider to be bad. And the soldiers that we consider to be bad are thinking that they are good.
—  I’m not sure if this made sense but it’s just a thought


Cana hadn’t been paying attention to where she was walking. She lifted the bottle of booze to her lips and closed her eyes as she took a long swig, missing the bright flash of white light. A second later she was falling about three feet into a snow bank, booze spilling out into the snow. She choked on her drink and let out an anguished cry as she witnessed the alcohol spill.