160212 Hyukjae went to CBB
Hyukjae went to CBB, he arrived with his mom together, he said no photos, and he hid behind the cashier the whole time and only showed his eyes. When Hyuk heard there’s Chinese fans he greeted them in Chinese. Hyuk said long time no see in Chinese, Japanese and Korean to fans there and asked them how they were, keeping healhy? Hyuk also told fans they he had been staying well ♥ (c) (c)


these drawings are bleh but
This is Melantha 

She’s a very old, very powerful, very wicked witch. 
She lives in relative luxury and controls a few small villages. She takes what she wants because nobody can stop her and occasionally lends her people magical protection or aid if it benefits her too. She thinks this is incredibly reasonable. 

She’s managed to situate herself in such a position of power because she has a sizable horde of skeletons. They’re her soldiers and her servants. They keep up her home, wait on her, kill particularly ungrateful or rebellious peasants for her, etc. 

This was a really great setup, until she started noticing they had individual personalities. 
And how they seemed to like her even though they couldn’t really, with no souls. Even though they shouldn’t; she clearly isn’t a likable person. 
And then she started naming them. 
And talking to them, treating them as if they weren’t just puppets (she even let that tiny child one get away with sneaking into her library and reading her books). 

She’s unfortunately very fond of them by the time she’s decided she’s very tired; ready to let go of life. The thing is, though, they’ll die when she dies. 
Cast a spell, to give each of them a little piece of her soul. 
That’s where skeletons came from. 

Sadly, skeletons made an impressive infantry in the war of humans and monsters, so most of them died anyway.
Missing Tunisia soldier found dead after jihadist attack
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The body of a soldier missing after a deadly attack on two army posts by suspected jihadists in Tunisia’s restive western border region was found Friday, the government said, raising the toll to 15. “During a sweep carried out by the army in the military zone on Mount Chaambi, the soldier Walid Ben Abdallah was found dead of wounds that he sustained during the terrorist attack” on Wednesday, a source at the defence ministry told AFP.
Source: AFP