A candid portrait session at home in 1956 with the young upstart actor Clint Eastwood

At this point, Eastwood had only had a few bit parts in minor films. He was signed to a contract with Universal Studios in 1954 after having been discovered when a movie production was filming at Fort Ord, a U.S. Army post in California. He worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor on the base.

Photographer Earl Leaf swung by Eastwood’s home on the afternoon of June 5 for a set of candid (and mostly shirtless) photographs that the studio could use to get his name in to some fan magazines.

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Give me Slytherins in Dumbledore’s Army.

Give me Slytherins vouching for and adopting muggleborn first years during the reign of the Carrows. Walking the corridors a day or two after the start of term, spotting a cornered and terrified looking Ravenclaw first year and wading in like, “Ah, there you are! I tried to catch you at the feast, but you left for that tower of yours. How’s your Mum? She asked me to keep an eye out for you. Come on, don’t know about you, but lunch feels like forever ago. Shall we go raid the kitchens? You can tell me how the family’s doing, it’s been ages since I’ve seen my cousins.” “Who are- umm - do I know you?” “Just keep walking kiddo.”

Give me Slytherins running interference. Sitting in the thick of it in the Common Room, listening in on the discussions and idle plotting the older students under the guise of studying. Giving the odd absent minded smile in the appropriate place and laughing when expected, but making careful notes in their Herbology crib notes. Later relaying the intended and potential threats to the rest of the DA.

Give me Slytherins raiding the dungeon store rooms. With the Carrows’ idea of discipline bleeding Madame Pomfrey’s resources dry, alternative sources of items like raw murtlap, salamander blood and doxy eggs need to be found. Not all Slytherins take potions past OWLs, but there are a number who don’t who leave the dungeons with full book bags and later leave the Room of Requirement or the Hospital Wing with them considerably lighter. Later, the empty bags will be lined with takings from the Green House 8, where Longbottom and Sprout are growing in secret what they can’t steal from anywhere else.

Give me Slytherins insisting on hand to hand fighting being included in the DA’s training schedule. Because it doesn’t matter how good you are in a duel, if they get your wand away from you, you are going to have to find another way to defend yourself. They throw in a few hand held weapons as well because, well, come on, have you seen the corridors around here? There are suits of armour, like, every four feet! There are swords and morning stars everywhere people. Plus, it will scare the shit out of them. And a few halfbloods introduce the concept of homemade weapons and explosives and then the battle plans just get downright dirty.        

Give me Slytherins hitting other students with spells in the corridors. Imagine, you’ve just stumbled out of Defence Agai- wait, no, can’t really call it that anymore – Dark Arts. You’re shaking, trembling from head to foot. They had you demonstrating the Imperious this afternoon. On Luke, you’d always had a bit of a thing for Luke. And you couldn’t do it. You’re not sure what they hit you with but you can barely keep your feet under you. It doesn’t take much for the Slytherin girl to shove you into the wall. You hit the floor as she walks away, her head thrown back in a cackle. You vision blurs with tears from pain, humiliation and just being sick of being so damn scared all the time. Some lion you are. You don’t see the Slytherin boy coming the other way until it’s too late and his wand is already raised on you. You cry out as the first of the tears start to fall and brace yourself. There’s no pain though, despite the continued malicious laughter in the air. You feel warm instead, like someone’s just wrapped you in a much needed hug. You feel warm and safe and, as impossible as it seems, you feel happy and oh so hopeful. You drag yourself to your feet as the cheering charm settles like a warmed cloak and you lock eyes with the Slytherin boy just as he rounds the corridor corner. He winks at you and places a finger over gently smiling lips.

Give me Slytherin girls laying into boys during DA combat sessions. Gryffindor boys unwilling to raise their wands on a younger, smaller girl. “Oh come on! Seriously?! Dude, do you honestly think that Bellatrix Lestrange is going to smile and curtsy and thank you for being a gentleman?!” *curse flies* “Do you really think that Dolohov is going to extend the same courtesies to me?!” *another curse flies* “Because I telling you now Galahad, he ain’t! Now fight back you damn pussy cat!” “She’s right Davies, now fight back!” “Thanks Longbottom!”

Give me Slytherins convening with other members of staff. Requesting to be put into detention. They can be there for support for the younger students, the non-purebloods when the Carrows get into their stride. The moon touched girl from Ravenclaw, all blonde hair and pale eyes, she came up with this spell. Allows the effect of a curse to be split multiple ways, takes the edge of the Cruciatus is cast at the right moment. But they need more people in there, if anyone else passes out like the first time Lovegood did it will raise suspicion.

Give me Slytherins raiding the laundry baskets for spare ties. Yes, ok, so it’s not going to fool anyone with half a brain for very long, but the number of the Carrows underlings who just clock what colour is dangling around your neck and keep walking is laughable. The other staff members have cottoned on to it, seeing ties being swapped out at the classroom door and say nothing.

Give me Slytherins contributing their own photos and stories to the Memorial Wall in the Room of Requirement as the War drags on. Friends and family, alumni who refused to join Voldemort’s forces and paid the price for their defiance.

Give me Slytherin quidditch players who suggest aerial support squad to patrol the Forbidden Forrest in secret when the Carrow detentions warrant a little field trip. Waiting in the air in case anyone is in need of a quick retrieval. Give me beaters from different houses practicing with the bludgers, improving their aim and trying to see it they can weaponise them, or charm them to attack certain targets. Give me chasers practising flight with a second rider and keepers doing weights training in case they ever need to snatch someone out of danger. Give me seekers testing their reflexes and developing communication short hand for when they will be scouts on the battle field.      

And give me Slytherins in the face of bigotry. Because that shit is a two way street. How many time has it been said, “Why don’t they just chuck all the Slytherins out?!” over the years. “Who’d even want to be a Slytherin?” Truth is, the sorting hat gets a rhyming couplet to give an overview of each house and that is it. Not all Ravenclaws are free thinkers, not all Gryffindors are fearless, not all Hufflepuffs are good people. Give me Zachariah Smith after a bad clash, looking around at the red, blue and yellow lined room and those students bleeding and bruised and staring in on the few wisps of green set solidly among the others. Give me harsh words, unfounded accusations and a comment of ‘snakes in the lions’ den’. Give me Neville and Ginny yelling back, shouting him down, but he’s built up a head of steam and some of the younger members start to look torn and begin to edge way from the Slytherins in their midst. Give me a small slight Slytherin girl, finishing up bandaging a spained wrist of a small Gryffindor boy and rise to her feet prettily dusting off her hands. Give me her crossing the room quickly and quietly to within striking distance and then lamping Smith in the jaw. “Any means to achieve our ends you say? And what happens when our goals are your goals? When our home and friends and lives are the same one threatened as yours? The houses are there to give a sense of family in a new environment and to give us the distraction of inter-house quidditch matches. It was not designed to segregate us, we get enough that out there! We are one side here, and unless certain heads are removed from certain arseholes, it is going to be the side that comes of worse! Now, if anyone else requires essence of murtlap, I’m over by the second window.”

Give me Slytherins in the DA.


There’s to be a great feast tonight. Songs will be sung, tales will be told; and Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend.