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Early Christmas

A/N: This is short and just chalked full of sexual innuendo. I am shit. 

Warnings: sexual innuendo, language

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1,003

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I’m Straight

Pairing: jongkey

Genre: Fluff

Note: Hello… yes I am alive and well. So this is officially the longest one shot I’ve written with 2.5k+ words. This is inspired by lots of things but mostly a chapter from Tyler Oakley’s book called Binge. I don’t have a summary sorry ;;; but anyways I hope you guys enjoy! And apologies for this shit ending too.

“I might not be…uh…straight?” Jonghyun murmured. Kibum looked up from the jacket he was sewing, brows arched curiously. “Really?” the latter laughed.

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High-School! Calum AU

A/N; This a Calum piece i’ve been working on! Let me know why you think!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Summary; High-School Calum basically.

Word Count; 1.7k


School for you isn’t the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. You kind of just blend in, you’re not popular, but at the same time everyone knows who you are. Probably because you are on the cheer squad.

Cheerleading’s great, it is, but it comes with its bads as well as goods. Even though you love it, and it’s a great way to keep in shape, and not to mention the uniforms are so cute, it always annoys you because so many people place you with the stereotype of being a ‘bitch’ and a girl who only cares about parties and boys. But that’s not you, but because of the social hierarchy, you are painted that way.

Like every school there’s a 'food chain’ type thing, that you are delved into through how popular you are.

At the top you have the 'Good’ Popular kids. Consisting of students with average grades, some honour roll students, who are all filthy rich, but are generally pretty nice, it just depends who you are to them.

Alongside them are the “Wild” Popular kids. These are the kids who are constant with partying, drinking, doing some drugs and having sex. They crossover with the “Good” popular also. Some bullies reside here too.

Then you have the athletes, like you. There’s lots of cheerleaders and jocks but again some crossover with the 'goods and wilds’ - code name.

After that there’s the typical potheads, every school has them. Most of them have the worst academics, some are 'Rockers’ and again they crossover with the goods and wilds too.

Then you have the lower cliques and groups. These include separate but fairly equal in status groups such as; the drama club, band, choir groups, pep club and some debate teams.  Some of these groups feel higher in status than others. The drama club feel superior to band, for example. Honour and average students dwell here.

And then comes the bottom. The 'nerdy kids’ labelled wholly because of there perfect grades, honour roll students who are focused more on school rather than what party is at the end of the week. Which isn’t a bad thing.Intelligence in your school does not go a long way in evaluating your status. 

And because looks and popularity are valued higher than personality, you fell into a place where not only kids of lower status avoided you, frightened that you would be rude or mean to them, but kids of higher status judged you for how much you partied and how 'cool’ you were based on if you had sex or not.

Personally, you feel that you are out of place a bit. Even though guys throw themselves at you left right and centre when you’re out, you don’t fawn over them the way other girls do, wanting respect for yourself. ‘There’s more to life than boys.’ A motto lived by you and your mother.

You don’t mind the party scene, but there are some weekends you just want to yourself, to, I don’t know breathe?

“Hey Y/N!” Yasmin shouted as she approached your locker, dressed in a casual pair of  light washed jeans and a long white tee, contrasting to you dressed in a pair of dark denim jeans and a cute grey hoody from Jack Wills.

“Hey, whatsup, how did the math paper go?” Yasmin has been your best friend for as long as you can remember. Your moms were best friends and so you both met when you were younger and now your just as close as they are with each other. You do everything together, cheer, shop, eat, sleep, you’re basically attached at the hip.

“Ha! Y/N, tell me, how do you think it went?” She scoffed smirking. Unlike you, Yas didn’t give a second thought about grades, much more involved and interested in what was happening outside of class rather than what was going on inside of class. She was so much more laid back, outgoing and more confident than you were, and you wished you could be a lot more like her in a lot of ways.

You rolled your eyes habitually at her carelessness, shutting your locker, beginning to walk alongside her on your way to your car because thankfully this week is finally over.

“So are we going to this beach bonfire thing tonight, or what’s the deal Y/L/N? Because I’ve been asking all week.” There was no match this week, therefore no cheer meet, so you actually thought you would have time to yourself to just chill. “Actually I-” “No!” She spoke a little louder, her tone clearly frustrated. “We’re going I don’t care about your you time. This isn’t fair, come on were sophomores now, we’re actually getting invited to these things, Y/N please” she was begging, doing the 'please do this for me and not for you look.’

“Fine, you’re buying the vodka but. And don’t you dare leave me to go make out with that Michael guy this week, or I will literally tell your mom about that time…” “Don’t fucking say it Y/N. Deal.” You smirked, your sassy streak surfacing, whilst she glared at you from the other side of your car, that you had approached.

“Hey Y/N!” an third, unfamiliar voice caught your attention, you turned swiftly and nearly gave yourself whiplash. Oops. When you seen the person you just stood still, in complete and utter shock, as well as Yasmin. Even she was having problems trying to speak aloud and that’s Yasmin for gods sake.

“Uh- h-h-hey” you stuttered, mentally slapping yourself for making yourself  look like a complete weirdo in front of the gorgeous, tanned, curly haired, even tattooed boy standing in front of you. He wore an army green tee, with black shorts, a pair of nikes and had a black nike duffel bag slung over his right shoulder, obviously he had just come from gym class. Wow, even then did he still look good.

His name, Calum Hood. The Calum Hood, captain of the football team, the first junior in history to even make the team, one of the hottest and most popular guys in school is constructing a conversation with you, well trying to.

“Are you heading to the bonfire tonight?” He asked, with what looked to be a genuine smile on his face, however you stood with your eyes wide, thankfully your mouth sealed shut, and not hanging open but you were surely still in shock that he had even known your name.

“Yeah she is” Yasmin spoke up, giving him a smile, “Thats great! I’ll see you guys there” he spoke confidently giving you a wink before taking off and heading back towards his football buddies. Thank the Lord for Yasmin’s social skills because boy that could’ve gone so much worse.

Calum was never one to approach girls, they always approached him. That you knew because many of your fellow cheerleader friends weren’t able to shut up about him. And now you knew why.

You always thought he was good looking, but admired him from a far and kept it to yourself and always kept away, because let’s be real. He’s a year older and he’s every girls teenage dream, therefore he has countless options and yeah you went out with a few older guys, but they always messed it up before things could get remotely serious. So you stayed away from the type of guys like Calum having learned the hard way.

Meanwhile Yasmin and you got inside your car and both of you sat in silence staring out the screen for a few minutes.

“What the fuck?” You muttered, completely confused by what just happened. Did that really just happen? How does he know my name? Omg.

Yasmin giggled enthusiastically, “Oh my god Y/N, Calum actually knows who you are and not only that, he was totally gonna ask you out!! And he doesn’t date younger girls either! Nor does he even approach them. Impressive.” She leant over pinching your cheek, something she’s been doing since kids and you rolled your eyes.

You smiled hopefully, but then completely shook flinching her away as you remembered something.  “But isn’t he dating Nia?” Worried you were just about to overthink everything, a huge habit of yours until Yasmin chimed in this time letting out a chuckle “Jesus, Y/N, you never pay attention. They weren’t dating, they were fucking, it’s a big difference and he ended it with her a few weeks ago.”

“Ah, so that’s why she’s finally shut up about how 'good he is.” Cringing at the thought, but laughing too because it was an inside joke to mock her between you and Yas.

Nia was also on the cheer squad, and fell into the “wild” type popularity just like Calum. She’d always stop in the middle of practice to text him, or if the squad trained outside because the weather was good,which it was most days, she’d stop to go and talk to him, even when he was clearly focused on his own training.

Not to mention when practice was finished, in the locker room, she did not shut up about how skilled he was in bed. This also happened when you and Yasmin drove her home a few times if she didn’t have a ride. She was nice most of the time, just a little guy crazy.

“Oh my god, you’re totally in” she grinned hitting your shoulder. “Okay Yasmin he didn’t even ask me out, was checking we were going.” you replied brushing it off. “He would’ve asked if you said you weren’t going.”



“Wouldn’t have”

“Would have”

“Whatever, it’s not like anything would happen, and besides I have other options, who says I actually want Calum?” You look away from her glancing out the window.

And that’s true, you were relatively known, and you had been keeping snap streaks with a few guys, as well as texting them too. But usually you just kept it friendly which you were planning on doing until now.

“I love when your wild side comes out, and true your options are cute, but not as cute as him.” She retorted back raising her voice slightly at she spoke the last part.

“Okay, he’s cute, but we have to go get ready and my mom wants me to pick up a few things so.” You said blushing a little, turning on the car and driving away. You have to admit you are really attracted to Calum but you need to play it cool.

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First Day of School

Rated PG, no warnings. Artemis’s first day at St. Vitus Academy means changes for the team. 2356 words. Young Justice/Arrow crossover. Part of the Artemis & Felicity Verse: Not That Kind of Hero || Council Meeting || Responsible Parenting || First Day of School || Saturday Morning TV || Moving Blues || Carnival Dreams || The Peanut Gallery|| Youth Culture

“Well, c’mon, stand up straight.”

Artemis gave her the most impressive eye-roll to date. “This is stupid.”

“Indulge me.”

If anything, the girl slouched more. “It’s not even my first real day of school. I’m not five.”

“Yes,” Felicity said, still holding her phone up and zooming in a little. “But it’s your first day at St. Vitus, and we’re going to document these things properly.”

Artemis’s chin rose. “Why?”

“Because that’s the way these things work. To embarrass you. Because I want to. Pick one of the above. Now, c’mon, smile.”

Artemis made a face that was more of a grimace, all of her teeth showing.

“Close enough,” Felicity said, and she snapped the picture, taking two just to be safe. “Look at that. Instant memories.”

“Lame,” Artemis said, re-shouldering her backpack.

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Kiss Me (Like You Mean It)

Kiss Me ( Like You Mean It ) - Jeon Jungkook                                                           !! GET WELL SOON JEON JUNGKOOK !! 

    You rushed over the minute you got the phone call from Jimin. Is this boy serious? You chewed on your bottom lip nervously as you quickened your pace. It was getting dark and you didn’t exactly want him to feel lonely. The moment you arrived, you jabbed at the doorbell hurriedly, sniffling with worry. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous but …

“Hmm..?” A sleepy voice greets you and the door slowly creaks open. You spot the tuft of raven haired and have to restrain from flinging your arms around him. “Jungkook!” you exclaim, and his eyes immediately widened, “y/n ??”.

He pulls the door open wide. He’s standing there in an oversized black tee and army shorts. He also has a flower patterened blanket wrapped around him as he sneezes. You bite back a grin.

You walk in – knowing this place like the back of your hand – and immediately interlaced your fingers with his. “Are you okay?”. Jungkook smiles – more like smirks – and raises an eyebrow, “You worried?”. You have to try and not whack him over the head. God, of course I am - “Yah! You had me scared, okay?”. You look away, a blush spreading over your cheeks quickly. “Are you okay?” You repeat, dropping your hands to your side.

In an instant, he grabs your hands once again, grinning at you as he presses your palms to his cheeks. His skin is too feverish, too hot. But still, he smiles like there’s nothing bothering him at all. “I’m okay now that you’re here,”.

At that, your cheeks flare a bright red and you start to wonder who has the higher temperature here in this room.

  “Have you taken your medication?” You ask, settling down beside him after slotting in the CD mnto the DVD player. Jungkook had insisted watching Captain America : Civil War because apparently :

( “It’s Iron Man, y/n!” Jungkook says for about the fourth time as he trudges to the living room with a box of popcorn.

Iron man VS Captain America!” )

He sounded so much like a little boy that you just had to give in. But as you glanced at your boyfriend, sneezing and rubbing his red nose cutely you knew that you would’ve agreed anyways. “Yeah, Jin – hyung made sure I took it right before they all left,” Jungkook replies. He scoots closer  on the couch, until your shoulders were pressed together, and you could smell the scent of his mint shampoo.

Just as the movie starts playing, he extends one arm and puts it over your shoulder at the same time causing the blanket to cover the both of you. If you thought it was cold then, it was definitely warm now. You were glad he had dimmed the lights, because if not he would have definitely seen the blush creeping across your cheeks. He turns to face you, teasing smile tugging at his lips as he tilts his head in question, “Hmm… y/n, are you okay?”

You allow yourself to be pulled in closer, melting in his arms as he laughs. You put the popcorn aside, knowing that he shouldn’t be taking such things when he was sick, and exchanged it with a

bowl of chicken soup you had made before coming over. He says he can do it himself but you know he slightly enjoys it when you feed it to him.

You watched as Iron Man was currently talking to the other avengers who were – so call – ‘locked up’ due to helping Captain America get away and scrunched your nose in distaste.

“He’s such an asshole,” You mutter without thinking.

“What?” Jungkook says, blinking rapidly at the TV screen. “Iron Man… I mean, they’re his friends, Kookie, how could he just do that?”. You quickly clamped a hand over your mouth just as the words left your mouth, but you wearn’t gonna deny it. Iron Man was an asshole in this movie. “He’s not,” Jungkook protests, adamant. He pulls his arm away from you and folds his arms tightly across his chest. “Ah, Kook, I’m sorry but…” You trail off, watching as he puffs his cheeks out and sulks. “And if you were sorry, you wouldn’t say he’s an asshole, y/n,”.

“Yeah, but if he wasn’t an asshole then he wouldn’t do that to his friends. He thinks that whatever he does is right but it’s like not?? -”

Jungkook lets out a cough then, and you halt, reaching to pat his back comforingly. You try not to smile at the way he sniffles, clutching at the blanket tightly as he does so. He flinches a little at your touch, but he doesn’t move away either. “Jungkookie…” You plead, curling your fingers around his forearm. His eyes dart to look at you then back at the screen and he swallows. You sigh, knowing he would sulk about this for quite awhile.

It would’ve been worse if you insulted Gdragon, but you liked him just as much as Jungkook did anyways.

“Yah, I’m sorry…” You try again, and he makes a face. It’s an improvement though, as his earlier stiffened posture relaxes. “Hey, I’m sorry okay? I really am…” You say gently, softly this time and he finally turns to face you. Jungkook’s lips tug up into a smile and you don’t miss the way his eyes glint. Your heart hammers against your chest, nervousness running down your spine like a sudden electric shock, “Wh – what?” You stammer ungracefully. “I don’t think a simple sorry would be enough, would it?” His eyes draw to your lips and you yelp, pulling away. “Wha- then what?” You squawk, and internally you hit yourself in the head for giving in so quickly.

“Kiss me,” He states, leaning in till his nose nudged yours, “Please? I’m always the one kissing you first,” He half – whines and you feel your whole face go a bright red at that. If you died of a heart attack, you’re suing Jeon Jungkook. “But you’re sick,” You point out lamely. “Tsk,” He sighs, smile small on his lips, “I guess you’re right,”. He leans back, but you can tell that the both of you are no longer focused on the movie – even though Captain America was currently punching Iron Man like his life depended on it which it kind of did.

It takes you a while, but the words itch at your throat and you don’t hesitate to hold them back. “But…” You start slowly, and he turns to face you. You take in his features, his nose is red and blotchy from all the sneezing and rubbing, and his lips are a little paler than before. He’s still handsome, dammit. “But?” He asks questioningly, tilting his head just the slightest, a knowing grin working it’s way up his lips.

“I don’t really mind,” You finish, leaning in until your lips were pressed against his. He smiles against the kiss, and you pull away, breath stuttering.

“If I get sick, it’s your fault,” You accuse jokingly, and the both of you burst out in laughter. He nods, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear, “If you get sick y/n, I’ll take care of you.”.

our little performer//nate maloley

“marley let’s go get dressed so that we can visit daddy in the studio,” you say looking down at your four year old daughter.  nate left before either of you woke up this morning to work on his new song that he is doing with sammy called wassup (a/n: ik this is real old but they haven’t collabed in a while which makes me real sad).  she picks out a black beanie, grey, long sleeve tee shirt, a pair of jeans and some converse. 

lawd she probably dresses better than you.  you tell her to brush her hair while you get dressed and she happily obliges.  you quickly throw on a army green long sleeve tee shirt, some leggings, a long necklace and some boots. 

when you go back into marley’s room she is sitting on her bed with her beanie and shoes already on.  “did someone tie their shoes by themselves?” you say with a little smirk.
“yes mama,” marley says with a big smile before you pick her up, grab your purse and head to the studio.  

once you arrive at the studio, you are greeted by the secretary who tells you that nate and sammy are in studio 3.  marley runs to the studio before you can catch her and once she sees her dad, she tackles his leg.  he looks shocked but as soon as he looks down a smile grows on his face and he says, “hey princess,” before scooping her up and leaving many kisses on her neck, causing her to giggle.  once he puts her down she runs over to sammy while screeching, “hi uncle yammm.”  marley couldn’t say sam when she was younger and she has called him uncle yam ever since.  “hey babygirl,“ sam says, a smile growing on his face as well.  you put your purse down and walk over to hug nate.  he kisses the top of your head and says, “how ya doin ma?”
“she’s wearing me out but we had a good morning,” you say with a slight smirk.  
“sorry to mess with you guys but we have to get recording if we want to finish the song today,” sammy says while holding marley.  he hands her to you and him and nate head into the booth.  

nate and sam have been redoing the same part of the song for a while because they want to make it absolutely perfect for the fans. you start to space out but our completely brought back to reality when marley begins to rap, “out here in la, they hit me on my yelli. girl, we byend together like a peanut butta jelly.”  the boys are too focused to notice but you are cracking up and have her do it again so you can have a video to show the guys after.  then once the chorus came along marley began to sing, “so, wassup? wassup, babe? wassup? wassup, babe? wassup? wassup, babe? wassup? wassup, babe?” this time you are ready and get the whole thing on a video with her dad singing in the background.  you post it on twitter and get many replies from the fans telling you that ya’ll are family goals and that marley needs to collab with sammy and nate.  when the boys come out of the booth and you show them the videos and they can’t stop laughing.  as you are leaving the studio, nate says, “we have quite the little performer on our hands, don’t we?”
“yes we do,” you say with a smile, “she learned from the best.”  with that you each grab one of marley’s hands and head to the car.  

a/n: this was requested so long ago so i’m really sorry for the wait!  also sorry that this is really short and not so good….but i hope ya’ll enjoy it anyway!