army surplus store

Aries - “Don’t forget, brush your teeth before you go to bed. And if you’re driving. don’t forget your car.”

Taurus - Phil’s clothes being stolen, some people take him to an army surplus store, and he wears camo for the next part of the tour.

Gemini - Joe trying to form a supergroup with Duran Duran

Cancer - Robert Plant going undercover and wheeling the boys to the stage in laundry baskets

Leo - ‘The Sav Show’

Virgo - Viv’s first public performance with Leppard at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert

Libra - Joe getting the name of an MTV award wrong CONSTANTLY

Scorpio - Steve and Phil kiss

Sagittarius - Sav and Joe’s rooting for opposing soccer teams

Capricorn - Rick Allen’s epic comeback

Aquarius - Steve as ‘Chef Leppard’

Pisces - The tour manager videos from 1988

Wasteland Weekend 2016 Report

I had such a great time at Wasteland Weekend and could not have even hoped to have a better experience. I got to meet so many amazing people, many of whom I’ve greatly admired for creating so much awesome content in this fandom. This is my recollection of my experiences at Wasteland Weekend, so that others who were not able to make it can live vicariously through me and see the adventures they may be in for when they are finally able to join us, and so that myself and those who were there can preserve as many of these memories as possible. Lots of text and photos below the cut!

Photo by @fuckyeahisawthat

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Happy belated birthday, Dean! Canon-compliant birthday fic heavily based off of this incredible piece. 

“Guys, we’ve been over this: I really don’t need—”

“Come on, Dean, just shut up and let us be normal for once.”

Dean Winchester has never liked his celebrating his birthday. When he was a child, it was because he never really had one—while other kids would have parties and cake, Dean would be lucky for a smile from his old man and a flashlight from an army surplus store. There was a slice of pie, once, with a candle in it because he’d been so excited to be turning seven he’d told the waitress, but that had been the extent of Dean’s Great Childhood Birthdays.

Looking back, Dean understands: his dad had been revenge-obsessed. Still, that doesn’t make the memories any less crappy.

John never really gave Dean the Impala—it just sort of happened that Dean kept her while his father found something else once they started hunting separately. When Dean became a real life hunt-alone-kind-of-adult, his birthdays were shitty because Sam was at Stanford and Dad was… wherever Dad was, and neither called. Sam texted him once, but Dean had still been pissed at him for leaving, and once he’d drunk dialled his little brother to rip him a new one, Sam never got in contact again. But, whatever: Dean spent his birthdays with booze and strippers.

Eventually though, he forgot January 24th was special. Hell, when you have no one to celebrate with, it makes you feel more lonely than anything else; and when he and Sam finally reconnected, it had been one shitstorm after another. So Dean really doesn’t understand why, after thirty-three years of non-birthdays, Sam has decided they have to celebrate.

But apparently, they do.

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The Forgotten Russians: The tale of the US made Mosin-Nagant

The Mosin-Nagant. To the gun world the Mosin is a symbol of a cheap, reliable rifle. Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the gun world has been flooded by Mosin-Nagant rifles of every make, Chinese, Russian, Finnish and many more. They were cheap, reliable and serve as the neutral rifle of the military surplus world. Yet within the sea of cut down rifles and ad-hoc hunting guns, there are many odd and rare rifles.

The 1907 Dragoon Carbine, the M38, the vz. 54 sniper, these rifles litter the market, but there’s one variant of the Mosin that is almost a relic and forgotten, the American Mosin.

Yes, really.

So this story starts in Czarist-era Russia. The Russian military by the turn of the century was at a bad position. The arsenal included Gatling guns, single shot black powder Berdan rifles and S&W Model 3 revolvers. Noticing the changing technology, there was a swift move to modernize. This included a copy of the Maxim gun, a modified version of the Nagant brother’s revolver patent and the Mosin.

Now while they began production in 1891, the production was very slow and the army was armed with a mix of Mosins as well as converted Berdan rifles when World War 1 began. And with the super high amount of Russian casualties within the first two years, it led to Russia having a crisis with their arms. 

This led to a crazed frenzy of Russian attempts to find arms. The Russians acquired French Gras and Kropatschek rifles, Japanese Arisakas, modified US made Winchester 1895′s as well as commissioning two US manufacturers to make Mosin-Nagants. Those two being Remington and Westinghouse. 

Now this wasn’t just a small order, it was for 3 million Mosin-Nagants. Not exactly mindblowing now but back then that was a lot. This led to both Remington and Westinghouse going out of their way to make whole new factories to begin production. And while there was some hiccups with the very stingy Russian proofs, they made around 500,000 until there was a problem. 

The Czarist government was overthrown.

Now they weren’t going to throw a ton of rifles at a regime they didn’t know much about, nor were they going to finish the order as no one was to pay it, and this threw both companies into bankruptcy. At least until the US Government intervened.

Yes, American intervention with companies is not a new thing. To save both companies, the governments bought all the Mosins for $30 a rifle. From there was a short 3-4 year stint with the US Army trying to use the Mosin. These included using them for drill purposes, sending them to the troops in Archangel and giving up by 1920 as the disarmament process began.

Now while some were sold straight from the US government, quite a lot of these Mosins ended up in the hands of one man.

Francis Bannerman.

Francis Bannerman was a Scottish immigrant who can be called the founder of the modern Army-Navy surplus store. Originally buying things such as ship rigging, following the Civil War he bought up surplus rifles from both the USA and CSA and from there began amassing an arms empire on par with Sears And Roebuck.

By 1920, Bannerman had died, but his company had become the more militant version of Sears And Roebuck, selling uniforms, boats, Gatling guns, and was arming entire South American armies. And when Bannerman saw the Mosin and bought a large amount of them for $3 dollars a rifle. Nothing changes.

Besides selling Mosins as they were, Bannerman also made what are called “Bannerman Conversions”. These were Mosin’s modified to use .30-06 ammo over the at the time really uncommon 7.62x54R. This also included a shortened carbine or sporter model as well as straight normal military models. These are uncommon and are one of the rarer models of Mosin.

But that’s the basic information of the American Mosin. While they are rarer than the Russian and Finnish models, they are also a lot higher quality than the others and serve as a relic of the chaotic mess of World War 1.

anonymous asked:

So I was wondering if a shirt, jogger pants, and running shoes would make a good outfit of choice for a female character that's experienced in hand to hand combat and may find herself in a fight while wearing said get up. Do you think this is suitable for her? I was also thinking of using a long sleeve instead but I want to hear what you have to say.

It’s a great zero point. Those choices aren’t going to impede her movement or hinder her, however they also won’t protect her and risks not being very survivable (clothing not the person) in the long run. She can actually wear anything, so long as it doesn’t hinder her ability to move. A nice-ish, but slightly loose fitting t-shirt (especially around the shoulder joint) or tank top that she doesn’t mind getting messed up or stained, slightly looser jeans made from thicker fabric kept up by a belt, and thicker/stiffer cross-trainers as opposed to shoes specifically designed for running because they provide better ankle support. With a loose fitting jeans jacket or leather jacket that (again) isn’t tight across the shoulder blades or the joints. A sports bra over a regular bra too.

What she wants is clothing that’s durable. It holds up well to stains, to tears, to being scraped across walls. Possibly second hand clothing she purchased through a store which didn’t cost much (except for the shoes), but she feels good/comfortable in and isn’t too attached to in case it needs to be replaced.

I, personally, have a strong preference for unisex and men’s shirts but that’s because they tend to be much looser and I never feel bad about destroying them. Women’s shirts, with the way their designed, often tend to be too tight across the back and around the arms to be comfortable for the amount of swinging involved. You also risk destroying them by stretching them out. It’s much easier to practice in clothing you don’t care about.

Clothing with heavier fabric. Men’s jeans tend to be denser, thicker, stiffer, and heavier when it comes to the fabric than women’s jeans. Pants from Army surplus stores. Combat boots, yes, but also industrial grade work boots which take a lot of abuse and have soles which grip provide better foot/shin protection. Provides a better chance of not slipping on a myriad of surfaces or in blood. Biker boots can also be a good choice, depending. If you’re going to do a lot of fighting then some measure of shin protection is actually important. Depending on how much of a fight she’s expecting (like a guaranteed one) then wearing soccer shin guards under loose men’s jeans is a fairly cheap fix/form of armor. It may be more than is necessary, but it doesn’t hurt to think about it.

Most street wear will actually be fine so long as it involves long pants with a range of motion/closed toed shoes with decent grip/and wearing a properly supportive bra. She doesn’t need to dress like she’s going to work out or looking for a fight.

Detectives and Feds wear cheap suits. Why? They have to wear something professional to work, but it has to be something they can afford and be replaced easily.

When searching for clothes the questions really are: would I want to be running around and sweating in this? Would I want to play sports in this? Would I care if it got destroyed and couldn’t wear it anymore?

That’s the test. It’s very simple. You’ll also find that about 98% of women’s clothing in fiction don’t meet it.


lancer13316  asked:

I would like to do a winter soldier (bucky barnes) cosplay but i am kinda heavy and on a budget do you know how i can make one without spending alot but it still look good?

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

Yes, and you can make an awesome winder soldier on  budget. 

Hit up the prop replica forum and Instructables for some good winter soldier arm tutorials. Try the ones that utilize craft foam as their primary material. Like this one LINK , it even has a link to  file with a modifiable pattern. Here is a good way to make the a custom pattern for yourself. LINK

Try hitting up an army surplus store for the holsters and belts.

Here is a fantastic tutorial on how to modify a preexisting jacket into Bucky’s LINK

Hope some of that helps.

The Tenth Event, Sister Big Stuff

NEW TO CRYPTOCRACY? Don’t start here! Go back and check out chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9!!!

Ariadne had shown Baltimore and Beam to the wardrobe, which was actually a large closet about the size of an spacecraft hangar. Beam had quietly asked Baltimore whether she thought Ariadne’s crew had somehow managed to steal an entire thrift store, but Ariadne overheard and insisted that they never stole from thrift stores. Poor people needed those clothes. For clothes, they only raided high-end department stores and army surplus stores, so that they were only taking money out of the pockets of people who had more than they needed.

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Meat Cute, 6/?

Or there is both cuteness and angst. Thanks once again to zilleniose for prompting me, and marypsue for beta'ing.

Previous parts here. 


“Hey Henry!”

Henry winced slightly. Mabel’s voice through the phone not only blasted out an eardrum but had made several of the patrons by him look around for a second for the source of the noise.

Henry surreptitiously turned down the volume on the receiver.

Imminent sonic explosions quelled, Henry said, “what’s up Mabes?”

“You doin’ anything after work?”

“Don’t think so.” Well, technically he was planning on an evening of catching up on some trade magazines and maybe reorganizing Uncle Tyler’s bookshelf but he’d definitely rather spend the time with Mabel.

“Me and Candy are going to blow stuff up. Wanna come?”

“Did you say blow stuff up?”

“Yeah it’s going to be great!!”

Henry imagined his girlfriend with explosives. It was probably a terrible idea but he found himself saying, “Sure honey, I’d love to.”

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we’re going to a family reunion in the Absolute Middle if Nowhere and tomorrow we’ll be staying in a rustic cabin in the mountains of squirrelfuck nowhere along with a bunch of relatives ive never met, but for tonight we’re at a motel that’s actually an old ass house and so far

-theres tons of old black and white photos of prESUMABLY the family that used to live here. my cousin pointed atone and went, “these are the ghosts that will haunt us tonight”

-we have a view of a graveyard

-theres a creepy blocked-off staircase that leads into the ceiling

-we kept hearing a weird squeaking noise and it turned out to be an old woman dragging a wagon back and forth in front of the cemetery

-the desk drawers in our room are filled with Christmas ornaments

-next to the graveyard is an army surplus store with….. tanks

-so many abandoned buildings

-the only diner in town has a cage in the back filled with three feet tall carved wooden bears

-oh and I found a creepy doll

-also my great aunt is town historian so we know where all the murders were

This is the Way, Step Inside

Hannibal Big Bang Collaboration!  
Summary:  Will asks Hannibal to tell him all about one of his earlier murders. Hannibal regales Will with the story of how a young punk was astonishingly rude to him. Hannibal, being Hannibal, will go to any lengths to locate – and murder – this rude boy, even if it means dressing like a punk, going to a club to get his man. Artwork for this HBB collaboration by @x-gubins. Please be sure to stop by and say hello to them!  And visit AO3 for a playlist of music from this work.  

Dinner had been a particularly lively affair as was often the case with Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. The two settled into their study for some after dinner whiskey. While Hannibal still preferred wine to whiskey, this was one of the indulgences he afforded Will. Will hardly complained.

Lounging on the couch, Will asked Hannibal, “Tell me about one of your earlier…designs.”

“You make it sound as if I am some sort of fashion designer.”

“Well, you do fashion the most wonderful tableaus. Blood is your medium.”

“Goodness, I am rubbing off on you. Soon, Mongoose, you’ll be regaling me with glorious puns.”

“If by glorious, you mean cheesy as hell and over-the-top, then yes, I may soon be.”

Hannibal smiled and gently stroked Will’s cheek. Anaïs jumped onto the couch and curled up onto Hannibal’s lap, licking her chops before yawning once and closing her eyes.

Will pouted, “He’s mine. Don’t forget that, missy.”

“Will, that is uncalled for. I love you both equally.”


“Now, now, mylimasis. So. You’d like to hear about one of my earlier murders…”

“Yes. I bet it was sexy as hell,” Will said.

“Sexy? The act itself? No. But perhaps I was?”

Will perked up upon hearing Hannibal refer to himself as sexy, “I’m listening.”

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