army stuff i guess

Some things, and how I've spent my weekend.

So it looks like my Dad can’t go into airborne and I feel bad for him. He has a back problem and they say if he goes airborne, it could make is back really really messed up.

The whole ‘needs of the army’ thing, to me, sounds sort of…degrading. 

I guess I’m really not complaining, dont want to move to fort.bragg, I’ve sort of grown to like Fort Sill, i mean it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be, i still miss texas though eurgh.  

Anyway, on to my day stuff. We spent it picking out houses to possibly buy. Found a few good ones, but then found some fucking amazing ones that were way out of our price range.

Oh, I completely forgot about yesterday and my weird-assness. So, yesterday i cosplayed as Dave and went all over the place in Lawton. No one noticed me and i received a lot of weird looks. Really wished I could have met those sweet people from halloween  who actually knew who i was..oh welp.

… some Continental Army officers attempted to revive the Southwark theater to continue producing the series of plays they had begun in Valley Forge.  On October 12 [1778] Congress passed a resolution declaring, “True religion and good morals are the only foundation of publick liberty and happiness” and urged the states to “prevent stage playing and such kinds of diversions as are productive of vice, idleness, dissipation and a general depravity of principles and manners.”
The officers ignored the resolution, and on October 17 Congress passed an even tougher resolution, which decreed: “Any person holding an office under the United States who shall attend a theatrical performance shall be dismissed from the service.”
—  Washington’s Secret War