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False Advertising: Thranduil

For my money, Thranduil is the best option—not necessarily to kill Bolg, but to be in that helping-Thorn/parallel fight position. Because seriously, that conflict between Thorin and Thranduil needs a resolution.

Unfortunately, I suspect this never occurred to the PTB because they don’t see Thranduil as a person. More a device. And his purpose in AUJ and DOS was make Thorin look like the most put-upon underdog, who is just treated so unfairly.

But if they’d treated Thranduil like the significant supporting character that he is, developed that conflict between him and Thorin—and all it implied—then keeping Thranduil on Ravenhill (alone or with his army), provides optimal fulfillment/resolution to what came before.

Even without development, though, Thranduil going up to Ravenhill sooner just has more oomph than whatever they think they’re doing with Legolas.

That’s not yours

I got a request  for an imagine in which the reader is a new arrival in Kattegatt and the Ragnarssons take an interest in her. One night she asks one of the brothers if she can borrow a shirt to sleep in. The next day, the other brothers notice this and become jealous.

Sorry it took so long to finish.

Reader insert

You x one of the Ragnarssons

Warnings / tags: Flirting, drinking, drunken groping, partying with the Ragnarssons

”(y/n)!” You turn your head to see who is calling for you. Hvitserk comes sauntering towards you, a wide smile decorating his face.

”Hello, Hvitserk. You seem to be in a good mood today.”

”I certainly am now that I’m talking to you.” He replies. You feel yourself blush lightly at the comment.

”My brothers and I are having a small gathering tonight, to celebrate that our call to earls and kings has turned out to be so successful. You should come.” You hesitate for a second; in the few days that you’ve been in Kattegatt almost all of the Ragnarssons have shown an interest in you. Going to this celebration will likely just increase the tension between the brothers and according to rumours they already have a very strained relationship. On the other hand, he will be there. You realize that you’ve been quiet for quite some time and that Hvitserk is staring at you.

“I’ll come.” You answer, maybe a bit too eagerly.

“Good.” He turns on his heel and begins to walk away again. After a few steps he turns to face you and grins like a wolf.

“Prepare to get shit faced.” He takes off running before you can answer.


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But if you loved me
Why’d you leave me?

Gathering of the Great Army

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the boys gathered this great army, and there is really so much richness for fanfiction that they never get into on the show.

First of all let’s not forget that in this scene, the Great Army was Sigurd’s idea first, which Ivar immediately hijacks as it gets his brain working. Ubbe seemed content to halfass the whole thing with a small force against Aelle, then he gets swept up in Ivar’s plan; it was Sigurd’s idea but he doesn’t talk much once Ivar starts planning.

And what is the plan? “We call in favors. We do deals with kings and earls that we hate. We promise them whatever we need to promise them. And in the end, we assemble an army twice the size of the army our father took to Paris.”

….and they never show us what those deals and promises might have been. So much fanfic potential! [Possibly they’ll come back to this for a season 5 plot too.]

So what fascinates me right now is how all of this happened. They just cut to armies arriving. Realistically it took months of messages, possibly the brothers travelling to talk to people and convince them… I would say we missed a lot of scenes of the boys growing into leaders here.

Also, who do you think did all the talking, worked out these deals? The way I imagine it, Ubbe was kind of the figurehead/face as the oldest brother, but Ivar was all up in the strategies and decisions, though he’d be fighting an uphill battle as the youngest and a cripple. Maybe I’m biased but I see Ivar as the mind behind most of the Army, and I wonder how many people he already impressed by this point. His request to lead the Great Army seemed to come out of left field on the show, but maybe he already felt he had some support in that. All these people arriving to join the army did NOT deal with Bjorn to get there; they worked with the younger sons. I see Sigurd as being involved too, but hanging around the fringes of a lot of this, he’s not as pushy with his opinions as Ivar.

And if we’re talking leadership potential, I’m also thinking about who ran Kattegat for the near-decade that Ragnar was missing. Had to be Aslaug, and who is always sitting next to her at official functions? Little Ivar, always thinking, always watching. Even if Lagertha tried to state that Aslaug did a shitty job of running the kingdom, somebody had to be running it, and I bet Ivar was paying attention to all those audiences and peasant disputes and treaty negotiations…