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Provided circumstances provided for siblings (with the same surname) to be in the same unit at a given time, how would they be differentiated?

The same as any two soldiers with the same surname I suppose. If they’re different genders, one might address them as “male Sullivan” and “female Sullivan.” If they have different jobs, one might address them as “14T Sullivan” and “14J Sullivan.” If they have different ranks, one might address them as “PFC Sullivan” and “Specialist Sullivan.” Heck, if one’s tall and the other’s short, “tall Sullivan and short Sullivan.” Soldiers who know them especially well might use their first name, but this is less common except among officers.

It would probably depend on who’s calling them too. It’s highly unusual for siblings to even be in the same brigade together, let alone the same company, so odds are the soldier will know by who’s asking who’s needed. Worst case scenario they can use the last four digits of their SSN and they might spend the whole time in their unit being called “4128″ and “5972.”

It’s worth mentioning that siblings can request that the army separate them into different units if they don’t want to serve together, but they can’t do the opposite. 


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This Ends Tonight

“This ends tonight.”

Prompt: She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter.

Relationship: Batfam x Reader

Warnings: this is just really bad. Kinda angsty.

A/N: I decided to use some she pronouns (Are they pronouns idek but let’s just say they are), also I thought this would be cool but it’s actually so terrible???


Knocking on Bruce’s door, soaking wet with your mascara running down your face wasn’t what you had in mind for your Friday night. Your hair was in a wet mop around your face and little bits of glitter clung to you. Not to your surprise, Alfred opened the door and gasped as he saw you. He gave you a pitiful look and quickly ushered you inside. Bruce comes down the stairs, curious as to who was at the door this late at night.

“Bruce,” you whispered meeting him halfway up the stairs before falling into his arms. You started to cry gripping onto your adoptive father tightly. He just gently holds you until you’ve calmed down slightly. When you are calm the two of you walk up to your old room and he lets you change into dry clothes before coming in too talk.

“What happened Y/N?” He asked with a gentleness he never gave your brothers. He was examining every, bruise and scrape that was on your body.

“I- I don’t know, one second, I was going to meet up with the boys, Steph, and Cass, and then they came out of nowhere oh my god.” You whispered and started crying again hugging your father as if he would disappear at any moment.

“Who?” He asks urgently.

“My parent’s, they did this because I left,” You whisper shaking at the thought.You left your parents when you learned about them killing your now best friend. For a while you lived on the streets until one night Bruce saw you defending a small child and her mother from some of Joker’s thugs, you were practically skin and bones at the time.  Bruce just held you closer and calms you down once again as your body trembles and shakes with every sob that escapes you. You hear your siblings enter the manor and run up the stairs. Bruce calmly locks the door so they can’t get in and continues to hold you like a small child. You hear the boys go quiet as they sit outside the door. Well everyone except Jason. He hated your parents almost as much as you did, with good reason too. “You need to stop this, please.”

Bruce nods and unlocks the door letting your army of siblings into your room. Dick automatically sits next to you while Jason follows Bruce down to the cave. You can hear him yelling at Bruce to kill the people who gave you life and took his. “If you don’t I will!” You hear Jason yell before Cass shuts the door again blocking off any sound from coming into the room.

The next time you see Jason and Bruce he’s telling your other siblings to suit up. You follow Bruce into the cave before stopping when he gets into the batmobile. You’re brother’s and sisters have already left by the time he turns towards you. 

“This ends tonight,”

The year is 2030. Ace Attorney 12 has just come out, in which Apollo amasses an army of estranged siblings that defeats ISIS with sheer brute force. Klavier has become a cryptid-like figure that fans compete over seeing glimpses of in large groups of people or blurry photographs. The world has become a borderline dystopia

Ever since Charlie had learned about Jurassic World in 2011, he had meant to go but first he had to save up for it then once he had the money, things kept popping up- from his younger siblings getting married and the children that came from it to Norberta laying her first clutch and a sudden resurgence of the Hatchling Plague.

It was four years later then he’d expected, but Charlie was finally going to Isla Nublar. And it was hot.

Charlie had never been to Costa Rica before, but he had been to Egypt multiple times to visit his brother so he wasn’t miserable from the heat like some of the other people on the boat. Granted, the heat was still uncomfortable since he never really got used to high temperatures like Bill had given that the reserve was located high in the mountains. He didn’t cast a cooling charm to help ease his discomfort since, unlike any other wizard, that kind of habit had been kicked out of him.

Never cast a spell more then you absolutely have to, they’d told him repeatedly throughout his first year in Romania, It’s the stupidest thing to do, wasting your magic to make yourself comfortable - and if comfort is what you’re after you best choose a different career - only to find yourself too tired to do what you need to when an emergency pops up. And there’s always an emergency of some kind when dragons are involved.

“-had eight species.”

Charlie tilted his head at the voice that dragged him back to the present, leaning forwards to see a boy that couldn’t be older then a third year talking to another who was obviously his older brother. The older one couldn’t have been more then a fifth year - maybe a sixth year whose birthday just missed the September 1st cut off. He frowned when he didn’t see any adults who seemed to be traveling with them.

“Now they have fourteen herbivores and six carnivores,” the younger went on even though the older seemed not to be listening. No the older was more focused - he glanced down - on girls then his brother. “That’s like fifty tons of food a week.”

“Doesn’t the Cretaceous Cruise boast over a hundred different species,” Charlie commented, offering what the twins had dubbed his ‘older brother’ smile when both jerked to look at him.

The older eyed him suspiciously, one had gripping his brother’s shoulder that reminded Charlie of a mother dragon sheltering her hatchlings beneath her wing. The younger hesitated, glanced at the older, but did eventually speak, “That’s different - there’s twenty different dinosaur species but the, uh, Cretaceous Cruise shows off not just dinosaurs but regular wildlife though it does have several like the Microceratus and the Suchomimus.”

“Have you been before?” he said as the pair of people separating them decided to move elsewhere, which he appreciated but also found somewhat concerning how easily someone with ill intentions could approach the brothers. “You seem to know quite a bit about the park.”

The younger sent a quick glance at his brother but said, “No, but our aunt works there and she sent stuff over to help us plan out our trip.”

That was a relief to hear, that the boys had family waiting for them at the park and that they wouldn’t be unsupervised.

“What about you?” the question came out more as a demand, with how suspicious the teen was.

Charlie shook his head, “I’ve been meaning to go since it opened, never had a chance until now.” Then, like an offering, added, “You could say I’m scouting things out, I’ve got an army of siblings and their children who demanded I tell them all about it when I get back - to see if it’s worth visiting.”

Granted, that had been mostly Harry and Hermione’s idea - as they’ve actually heard about dinosaurs - but it gained a lot of interest when he had mentioned that dinosaurs were considered muggle dragons. Because, for children, dragons were the coolest thing ever - even if it was a muggle one who didn’t breath fire or fly.

“Look, there’s the island.” he said, pushing away thoughts about his family for the moment.

“We’re here,” the younger breathed, awed already. A glance at the brother showed that the teen’s mouth pulled up in a half-smile, looking remarkably fond of the younger - at least until he caught Charlie looking, at which point he scoffed and looked away.

Charlie let out an amused huff, teens.

He was far less amused later when he overheard the younger ask, “Where’s Aunt Claire?”

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What do you think a sibling of Bella would be like? Would they similar? Or more like Renee? And as a vamp? A sibling could really flesh out and define traits of Bella that she was stated to have, but never really displayed

Here’s the thing with siblings (or at least my sibling and army of cousins): they call you out on your nonsense. Because they live with you and know you well, any self-aggrandizing thing you believe just isn’t going to fly with them. 

Which is to say that Bella’s sibling–regardless of personality– would necessarily play the part of the voice of reason/the Greek chorus in the Twilight series. The second Bella insisted that she was mature and middle-aged since birth, the Other Swan would be like… “How many hours did you spend Googling vampires? And, follow-up question, how many hours did you spend with Edward before declaring your eternal love?” Likewise, a sibling would put Bella’s dynamic with Renée into perspective. Either Bella + Sibling were both horrifically neglected and raised each other as best they could, or Bella’s assertion re: her mother’s scatterbrained ways is just her making a mountain out of that one time the car ran out of gas. 

Personally, I like to imagine Bella with a younger sister who’s more at ease socially. She’d be friendly and warm and magnetic, although I wouldn’t attribute those skills to Renée’s genes/influence alone. Charlie is the chief of police in a small town; of course he’s good at reading people. Bella’s sister would have that kind of intuition in spades. 

Consequently, Bella would be really good at taking care of her little sister physically. She’d make sure that Swan Jr.’s homework was done and that she wore the right coat to school and that she wasn’t hiding all her vegetables under the napkin and then tossing them in the trash. (For the record, I’m pretty convinced that Renée could feed her kids; she just wouldn’t notice the advanced sneakiness of someone determined not to eat green stuff.) Meanwhile, the Cygnet would take care of Bella emotionally. She’d cheer her sister up when she was sad, spend time with her in the quiet way introverts appreciate, and find her literary in-jokes entertaining. In short, their relationship would work. 

As I imagine her, Bella’s sister would never become a vampire. Humanity would suit her– she always felt like she belonged around people, after all– and her eventual death would be the price Bella paid for immortality. Most people expect to out-live their parents, but burying your younger sibling, possibly with no expectation of ever being reunited with her, is devastating. 

Ernst Jünger (Standing), home on leave with his siblings.

Jünger’s brother Fritz (seated left) was seriously wounded at Ypres in July 1917 fighting near to the 73rd.  His life was saved when he was carried to a first aid post by Jünger’s men.

Notice Ernst wearing the House Order of Hohenzollern award.

151112: Sora’s first letter to Hyukjae

My brother~~~~
I already received your letter ㅋㅋ
You’re missing noona right but you are holding up well right?? I am also working hard and bearing it well  ㅋㅋ
I have had steak for my birthday, grilled fried sweet steak at new food hall in the “ New Village”. Yesterday, Jongseok hyung brought me an article saying you were talking bad about me. Be careful when we meet i will not forgive you!!!  ㅋㅋ
Also Jongseok has introduced an eye laser treatment center to me but told me to treat me under your name ㅋㅋ when we get together i’ll tell you more ㅋㅋ
When we went camping last time, because you couldn’t sleep alone, you were crying and came to find me, wanting to sleep together. Now you can sleep by yourself now right?? You finally grown up Hyokjjae  ㅋㅋ
Now i’m lying on the bed and writing a letter for you by the phone. It feels like I’m using Kakaotalk with you ㅋㅋ I have just stop for awhile to watch basketball in Jamsil with the game between SK and Cat Orion ㅋㅋ
Among the  subject that i learn, there is on called “Analysis performance”,
I have to watch those performance from musical, play, sport then write a report  ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ
Although i’m at this age, this is the first time I have been watching this  ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ anyway it was really enjoyable. At the moment there was injured athletes so they have to bring him out ㅠㅠ You better not to get injured, you must be careful~  do you understand ah??
We’ll meet next week at your ceremony ㅋㅋ
Until then stay healthy~ When you get allocated to a new place in the future, i’ll write to you by then there’ll be a lot of things to write about right ㅋㅋ
Is this  an opportunity to get closer?? ㅋㅋ
Anyway i need to start to focus on this basketball game again~~

151113:  Hyukmom’s 9th letter

My baby~
Today you are training well as usual right~ now is time to go to bed~
Good night and have a a sweet dream baby~
i did write a very long letter but unfortunately it was gone so I have to write again  ㅠㅠ
Today is the last day that i’m able to write an electronic letter like this so I feel really weird~~
According to what you have done so far, I have a strong belief that you will be able to do well the rest of your training.
I counted day by day till the day I can meet you, I also read the letter from your sister~~
You did something wrong, didn’t you? ㅋㅋ =About shell  ㅋㅋ(Sora’s nickname Sora also means shell in Korean)
You have to solve it smoothly~^^
The place you will be permanently assigned  is the same as where the “ Six Organ” was sent (The highest organization in pioneered management system)
Take care of your health, let’s meet on 19th^^
Siwonnie‘s enlistment date is closer.
Donghae also did send letter to the members
But he said that there was nothing for Eunhyukkie~~
No news is a good news right?
Let’s consider it as a secret understanding between me and you~^^
Love you~
Bye Bye © ©

(previous letters)

in honour of thb fanworks week, here’s a chunk of mostly unrelated headcanons:

  • Scripps is the oldest of the lads (he’s only about two weeks older than Dakin, a fact he lords over him at any given opportunity), his birthday’s in the first week of September, but he usually doesn’t make a big deal out of it.
  • Scripps and Dakin grew up together basically from birth –they lived on the same street growing up, and their mums bonded over the fact that they had children at almost the exact same time (they were even at prenatal classes together). there’s some excellent baby photos of Scripps and Dakin being petulant toddlers together in awful late-60s clothing (Posner and Irwin think they’re cute; Scripps and Dakin would very much like it if their mothers stopped providing their partners with ammunition)
  • Posner and Akthar met on the first day of primary school –they both got sent to the headmistress because they didn’t want to sing hymns (or rather, Akthar wouldn’t sing the hymns, Posner was relatively happy to, but Akthar looked like he was going to cry and he didn’t want him to be on his own without his mummy or daddy, and so he refused to sing too.)
  • Lockwood’s family are originally from Lancashire, but they moved to Sheffield when he was about 5 –Timms ended up sat next to him in their first class together and had great fun making him say all the funny words he has for things.
  • between them they’ve had every terrible first job you can think of –paper boy, waiter, pot washer, babysitter, you name it and one of them has probably suffered through it for the sake of a few quid a week.
  • all of them took relatively vastly different A-Levels to each other –there were a couple of similarities (they all did History and all but Timms and Rudge did English Lit), but only Posner and Scripps took English Language, Rudge did PE, Dakin took Politics, Crowther did Maths, Akthar did Geography, Timms did Media, and Lockwood took Art (and was surprisingly good at it).
  • most of them don’t drive (Scripps doesn’t see the point, Posner doesn’t trust himself, Lockwood can’t be arsed, Dakin usually just gets a taxi everywhere, Rudge doesn’t really mind a commute) but those that do are terrifying. Akthar drives his family’s minivan and has the most colossal road rage that even Rudge is scared of him, Timms attempts to drive his Reliant Robin but manages to tip it on the reg, and Crowther is relatively sensible, considering, but his car has the worst knack of breaking down in the middle of absolutely nowhere and leaving them to push it to the nearest village.
  • their sixth form leavers do ended with Lockwood passed out half-dressed in one of the cascades in Peace Gardens, Posner and Scripps curled up asleep on the school field, Rudge waking up in Doncaster station and not knowing how he got there, and Dakin fully clothed in Akthar’s bathtub. no, they don’t know how it happened either.
  • Dakin can’t swim. the others learnt this the hard way when he drunkenly fell into the River Don and Rudge had to wade in and drag him out.
  • Scripps, Dakin, Posner, Rudge, and Timms are all only children; Akthar has a small army of younger siblings, Lockwood has an older brother, and Crowther has a baby sister.
  • sports-wise, Rudge, Crowther, and Lockwood are the only ones that’re any use at it. Lockwood plays cricket (he was in it for the kit at first), Crowther plays football and Rudge can kind of do most sports pretty well when he tries. Scripps is a complete hazard to himself and is more likely to kick/hit himself than he is any ball or projectile, Posner can swim and that’s about it, and Dakin pretends he’s good at tennis and badminton (he is not. he’s atrocious). Akthar used to be good at rounders but he stopped playing for years and now he’s useless. Timms, while being shite at most every other sport, is the Trinity College Cambridge ping pong champion 1984 – 1987.
  • Akthar and Posner can both cook well, but Akthar’s just a bit better at it. Scripps can just about make do as long as he has a tin opener, a microwave, and a toaster, and so can Dakin if he really needs to. Timms is useless (as such he’s memorised the phone numbers of the best takeaways in the area), and Lockwood isn’t much better –he burnt beans in a microwave once. Rudge mostly subsists on salad and things that don’t require much or any cooking, and Crowther straddles the line between ‘vaguely competent if you squint’ and ‘actual fire hazard’.

“I was having a conversation with my brother about feminism  when the topic came up over whether he thought women should be able to serve in the army. This was before women could fight in the front lines. His point of view was that men do all of these things for women, and the fact that women want to be in the army shows disrespect and doesn’t acknowledge all those things that men do for women. And I thought, ‘That’s not the point.’ I think it’s interesting that two people that were raised in the same environment by the same people could have such different viewpoints.”


I’m proud of you. Your connection with the spirits and natural leadership… you remind me of dad.

When you think it really couldn't get worse...

Because there was already a story of dead people and starving and self-cannibalism…. …but then you add an evil Kingdom… …with an evil army… …with cloned siblings… …with a whole cloned army… …with human experimentation… … violence… … blackmail… …abuse… …and just outside that, evil yonkou… …with evil another evil army… Ah. Oda-sensei!

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Having a small army of much older siblings came with the interesting side effect that Tup spent very little time during his early childhood with his feet on the floor. He learned the word “Up!” very quickly, and there’s just something so irresistibly cute about Tup wanting Up that there was always at least SOMEONE willing to carry him hither and yon. However, as he got older the tables began to turn, and the older siblings took incredible delight in proving that no matter how big and squirmy he got, they were still more than capable of keeping him aloft indefinitely.

And so to this day, every family gathering features Tup sprinting across the yard pursued by most if not all of his siblings, who are clamoring to be the first to get him off his feet and declare the game open with a triumphant shout of “TUP UP!!” (which is met with a chorus of the same). From that point, Tup is transferred from one sibling to another until someone messes up and drops him, prompting a Loser Penalty of some sort. If Tup is feeling belligerent, the game ends relatively quickly because one can only take so much kicking. If he’s feeling lazy and sporting, it could go on for hours.

What’s truly sad about Sammi’s character is all the potential being squandered in favour of having her fill Frank’s shoes in the Gallagher household. There are moments, so far and few between that they’re difficult to remember amidst all the more annoying scenes she’s been in, where Sammi is actually almost likable.

Although it was rushed (what else is new) I feel like the reason Ian felt so betrayed by Sammi is because she actually paid attention to him without judgement or looking at him like he’s a ticking time bomb. She noticed when he hurt his hand and insisted she help him look after it. He made a comment in passing about his time in the army, something his siblings probably would have just overlooked, but Sammi actually listened. And sure, it probably wasn’t out of the goodness of her heart by the time he was done because she used that information against him in the end, but it didn’t have to be that way.

And when Ian and Mickey walk into the house and Sammi stops them and talks about what a great person Ian is and about how it’s going to be hard for him, the look on Ian’s face is so vulnerable and surprised because nobody has ever said that to him. Ian is so often overlooked in this family that he doesn’t know how to react when he’s not just slipping under the radar. What Sammi said to him was honestly so important and something he needed to hear, but the importance of that is completely overshadowed by her turning him in. The writers seem torn between wanting her to be Frank and wanting her to be Fiona, so they keep going back and forth between the two, but the Sammi we saw last season listening to Debbie and painting her nails? That’s who she really is, if the writers would just let her. Unfortunately, there’s no going back from what she did and now we’re stuck with her filling in as an antagonistic character.


Kamen Rider J (仮面ライダーJ Kamen Raidā Jei?), translated as Masked Rider J, is a 1994 Japanese tokusatsu movie produced by Toei Company, loosely based on their Kamen Rider Series.

The film stars Yūta Mochizuki, best known as the Red Zyuranger Geki, as Kouji Segawa, an environmentalist reporter on a trip in the woods with his little sister. The three eldest children of the monstrous Fog Mother search out a perfect specimen to use as food for their sibling army, and Segawa’s sister is chosen as their candidate and kidnapped. Kouji is seemingly killed in the fray, but is brought back to life and changed into the incredibly powerful Kamen Rider J by the Spirits of Earth. J battled against the forces of the Fog Mother not only to save his sister’s life, but to save the entire world!

Kamen Rider J is special amongst all Riders as being the only Rider who can grown to gigantic heights using his own power. This is, naturally. not special amongst other tokusatsu heroes I won’t name here, but J wasn’t the runaway success that Toei was expecting it to be because of this infringing on the bread and butter of their other franchises. It’s still a great movie, and even has a talking gigantic grasshopper in it! That’s a plus!

As part of the 40th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series, J was shown on Toei’s pay-per-view channel during September 2011 and enjoyed a much improved audience this time around, which brings a tear to my gigantic plastic bug eyes.

The Traitor Prince

Xander couldn’t believe it and from the look his opponent was wearing neither could Prince Ryoma. His little brother Leo was facing him down from the traitor sibling’s army. Along with his other sibling Camilla. And two of the Hoshidan royals. Backing his horse up and motioning for Laslow and Perri to follow, Xander set his jaw and narrowed his eyes at his siblings. 

“Leo. Camilla. I see you failed in your missions.” He said coldly. This was painful. Almost more than Corrin’s betrayal had been.