army princess

What Xena says: “Gabrielle, you’re my source.”

What Xena means: “I just spent hours in the freezing cold snow, yodeling… and then I attacked an Amazon village and broke the arm of a very beloved friend of mine in a blind rage just trying to get to you. I then abandoned my horse and dragged you to a cliff and attempted to through you off of it. Because when you aren’t around, I lose my center and can’t function.”

Imagine, when Loki goes to conquer Midgard with backing from Thanos and The Other, part of the deal is that he must marry a Chitauri princess. The trouble is that he and the princess loath one another on sight. It’s not just on his side either, because Loki is far from the Chitauri ideal. The princess offers to get him off the hook with Thanos if he’ll give up his idea of world domination, but Loki wants to rule Midgard so bad so much he’ll do pretty much anything. So instead she vows to sabotage her own army’s attack.

Lonely Jin
  • Jin: *At the beach* I wish I could come here with my girlfriend, but I don't have one. *laugh*
151220~ [TRANS/Seokjin]         Q: Among the members, who listens to your words the best? A: No one does. They’re all bad boys.



Rap Monster’s perfume are pocket sized Jin’s farts. He likes them because they smell like roses and stars and also because they came out from Jin’s butt.