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I choose violence
ramin djwadi

               “Are you saying this is a just war? And when did that sort of thing matter to you?”
                                  “As long as it provides an excuse, then it matters.”
                           “…..Though, I couldn’t care less whether it’s just or not.

appalachianarabist  asked:

Given your world-building of the different regions' armor, weaponry, and military doctrines, if you were leading a pan-Westerosi army, is there any particular way you'd deploy all the different troops in a pitched battle for maximum effectiveness. If you need more specificity to contextualize your decisions, say you're facing off the Golden Company at the site of the Battle of the Green Fork. I understand this may be a complicated ask, thank you if you get the chance to answer it.

Well, my ideal Westerosi army with key distinctions between each of the regions is not canon, so leading that army is different from leading the army that we’d have in the book.

In my army, I’d have a solid infantry pike square with Westerlander pikes and Valemen halberdiers forming the line in a hollow square, Riverlander and Stormlander archers in the center firing at the enemy, Reachmen heavy cavalry on the wings to act as shock troops, Dornish light cavalry and javelin skirmishers acting as scouts and ambushers before battle, to join the line when battle is joined, and to launch the pursuit when the enemy routs to stymie any rally attempts, and Northmen heavy infantry to deploy where my line needs shoring up or where I need extra pressure.

Ideally though, what I want is this unit to train together as the Golden Company do. It’s one thing to have my valuable combined arms army fight using their strengths so their whole is worth more than the sum of their parts, it’s another instead to train and fight so that they have experience with each other so that they know the battle plan and can mesh together in one singular, organized unit.

Now, if I were fighting the Golden Company on my home turf, I’d take advantage of my local knowledge to stretch their supplies as thin as possible. Riverlander outriders to bushwhack their foragers, Ironborn raiders to burn their camps at night ala the sons of Harwyn Hoare. I want them tired, hungry, and sore before they take the field against my army. After that, I’d seize the high ground, and try to pull them off any chokepoints so I can bring my truly staggering advantage in manpower over those fools, and slap Bittersteel’s ghost around and say that he’s not the only one who can design a solid military unit.

Thanks for the question, Arabist.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

theformallynamedblog  asked:

Could u do the zombie apocalypse au with 17 vocal unit??? Cause that would be great, like amazing Thx mom^^


  • at first he’s sorta like everyone else, just scrambling to find a hiding place and like stock up on rations but then he witnesses something that changes him,,, something tragic
  • and then it’s goodbye sleepyhead jeonghan hello zombie hunter jeonghan like i really just enjoy the idea of jeonghan unleashing a much wilder side of himself in an au like this in like complete chaos
  • wears like a tattered bandana around his head and has on like heavy military boots and a belt of bullets that hangs from his hips and like idk his hair is up in a ponytail but some strands fall into his face,,, 
  • he doesn’t really have a hideout,, he just roams through the city looking for food and like openly engages with zombies with his machine gun no big deal
  • you meet him because you’re also like a wondering survivor and you’re tough as nails too but somehow you get cornered by this hoard of zombies outside an old gas station and you’re like running low on ammo and you’re like oh no
  • but then???? jeonghan comes out of nowhere, like guns ablazing and you’re like ???? who is this person??? 
  • after all the zombies are defeated like you’re kind of just staring at him in awe because a) like he’s handsome but b) he just saved your life instead of like letting u die and take your rations also he’s the only person you’ve ever seen confidently mow down like dozens of zombies
  • even though jeonghan has no problem fighting zombies,, like he even gets a thrill out of it sort of like a vengeance,, he’s still actually super sweet as a person
  • he’s like are you ok?? do you need ammo?? 
  • you’re kinda like ??? how can you be so badass in a fight and then be an actual angel also??
  • you and jeonghan end up teaming up because like you also are just traveling alone and you’re also pissed off about zombies and ready 2 fight if necessary and jeonghan respects that 
  • you two are like cool zombie hunter heros saving other survivors from the undead but also living off of like scrapes you find 
  • once jeonghan got hurt and you like ripped a part of your shirt off to bandage his injured knee and he couldn’t like look at you for the rest of the day because fRICK ur so cute but also half your shirt is missing r i p
  • you two once saw this little girl get seperated from her mom while people were escaping from the zombies and you got so scared and protective of her like you literally run right over and scooped her up and like punCHED the zombie who was coming closer and jeonghan just…..heart eyes …. literal heart eyes
  • you two helped her find her mom and the little guys before you left was like!!! are you two married?? and you two were liKE OM G NO and the mom was like “you two are so cute, thank you for being human in this time of chaos” and you and jeonghan just …. just blushing even tho jeonghan still thanked her and like pulled you along with him
  • yall are just a cute zombie fighting heroic couple 


  • one hundred percent paranoid about everything thanks to the zombie virus like he’s so scared he like literally wears one of those exterminator suits because he just…. he can’t
  • built a hideout in the basement of his house and like literally has not come out since this whole thing started
  • probably already had a lifetime of food stocked up because he just seems like the type to do that
  • has never even actually seen a zombie, like he heard it on the news and just holed himself up like nope never again
  • you two meet because he surfaces to like get something from upstairs and like you were passing by his house and u thought it was abandoned so you went inside to find some food and like at the same time joshua was going up to get something and like you two just…..see each other like wait….
  • joshua grabs a vase and you grab the toaster and you’re both like DONT COME NEAR ME
  • but then like…’s awkward and you kinda laugh…..but then joshua’s serious like ‘why are you here??? are you infected??’ and you’re like ‘no oh my god i just want some food…..’
  • he hesitates but like he can see that you’re not bitten or anything so he’s like….ok come with me…..and you’re like ok….and you go to his basement and it’s like stockpiled with food and you’re like this is HEAVEN 
  • he lets you get some cans but then you’re like “hey, why are you wearing like plastic??” and he’s like JUST IN CASE and you’re like “how will the zombies get you down here??” and he’s like LISTEn and you’re like ok ok
  • you leave after that but like three days later you can’t stop feeling bad for that kid just locked down there and so you comeback and knock on the basement door and joshua opens it holding like a bamboo stick and you’re like omf it’s just me
  • he’s like oh!!!! a little embarrassed and flustered by your sudden appearance and he’s like do you need more food??? but you’re like no no there’s something else
  • he’s like ??? and you’re like “when’s the last time you saw the sunrise?” and he like shrugs like idk like months ago and you’re like come with me
  • as you’re pulling him up the stairs and onto the first floor of the house joshua’s getting tense like what….are you doing…
  • and you’re like “the zombies don’t even come around this area anymore, let’s go up on the roof to see the sunrise”
  • and at first he’s like NO but with some persuasion and probably because joshua also thinks you’re cute you two get up there onto the roof and joshua can’t believe it but like it’s good to breathe fresh air and you sit beside him and you’re like pinching the suit he’s wearing like srsly this needs to go and then like idk
  • you two watch the sunrise and somehow hold hands and after that joshua agrees to like come out more often although he always makes u promise there’s no zombies around or smthing


  • kills zombies with a chainsaw
  • nothing else, just a chainsaw 
  • is kind of reckless and keeps engaging in close combat battle and like everyone is always like woozi please chill you might get yourself bitten and he just laughs it off like this isn’t a big deal like jiHOON this is an APOCALYPSE
  • his hideouts in the local mall, he sleeps in the security tower where all the TVs are to keep on eye on everything 
  • he doesn’t share his rations with anyone. like it’s a rule he made. it’s live or die for him now and if anyone tries to steal from him he comes at them full strength, zombie or not 
  • keeps other weapons on hand just in case like a swiss army knife, a frying pan from the cooking dept of the mall, the office chair he sits in could also be a weapon……
  • anything’s a weapon for him
  • you meet when you stumble into the mall and woozi sees you on camera and he like assumes you’re there to get something of his so he goes off to fight you
  • but he finds you like sobbing in the abandoned smoothie hut of the mall and this like isn’t the first time he’s seen someone crying during this whole thing but he’s just shocked???? usually people go looking for food or something but you’re just……yeah……
  • he freezes and you only notice like twenty minutes later when you’re just sniffling and you’re like “WHO ARE YOU”
  • and woozi jumps because you scream and he’s like THIS IS MY HIDEOUT WHO ARE YOU and youre like IM JUST HERE FOR THE NIGHT OK SORRY DID U SEE ME CRY and he’s like UM 
  • you’re embarrassed because oh god this cute guy saw me sob my eyes out and you’re about to just melt because everything sucks and woozi feels bad for the first time because he can see you’re conflicted and he’s like “…..if you want to spend the night come upstairs with me…” and you’re like EXCUSE ME and he’s like nOT LIKE THAT I MEAN SO IF ZOMBIES WANDER IN HERE YOURE NOT IN TROUBLE
  • you like make a little spot for yourself on the floor away from woozi and woozi’s like mumbling to himself like why did he think this was a good idea to bring you up here what if you try to attack him in his sleep what if u take his food 
  • but you just squeak out a ‘thank you for…..being nice’ before you sleep and it changes his mind,,, like somehow he just trusts you and instead of even sleeping he spends half the night on watch over you because like ….. you’re the first person to never try to backstab him from the getgo and idk he’s just like……people like this still exist in this shitty time huh
  • in the morning woozi’s like…..if you have no where to go you can stay here
  • and you’re like really!!! and he’s like yEAH i GUES s WHATEVER just dont get yourself bitten
  • you promise you won’t and like the next day these zombies come in and youre like ok do u have weapons??? and woozi grins as he throws you the frying pan and you’re like WHATS THIS and he gets his chainsaw and he’s like lets go
  • you never thought you could knock a zombie out with a frying pan but woozi teaches you that that is VERY possible 


  • he’s so soft and sweet that even when the zombie virus breaks out he can’t even kill anyone,, even if they’re undead
  • you’re basically the one who saves him from dying lmao
  • originally you didn’t plan to stick with him, but DK is literally incapable of hurting anyone so you end up dragging him along with you when you escape the infected city 
  • you with your AK strapped to your back holding DK by the wrist who refuses to even hold a gun because!! they’re dangerous
  • you still hand him like a rake and you’re like “DK, if something comes for you just close your eyes and swing” “what if i hurt it?” “…..that’s the point.”
  • he’s really curious about trying to establish like non violent ways of communicating with zombies, but you know that that isn’t possible so you’re always like pulling him away and pushing him so he’s behind you so you can protect him honestly sometimes he reminds you of a little kid whose fearless of anything but like…..zombies need to be feared otherwise he could get hurt
  • dk doesn’t kill any zombies, instead he just carries your duffle bag of clothes and stuff around. he won’t carry ammo though because again - it’s dangerous
  • you move around a lot, but your hideouts are usually in like schools or hospitals, places that are big and that might have materials you need
  • even though zombies threaten your life every minute, being with dk is so much better than being alone
  • he takes like chalk and draws silly cartoons for you on an abandoned school board or like he’ll find a bunch of hospital gowns and like insist on making a blanket for you out of them like no matter where you settle down it’s just so positive being with him
  • you didn’t think he knew this, but he knows that you don’t just enjoy killing zombies too - that it’s hard for you to protect him and yourself and he actually like comforts you so well
  • pulls you into his lap even though you two havent had a decent shower in like two weeks and he’s just like “a lot is happening, but you’re really my guardian angel through it all”
  • you don’t know how he did it but once he got another group of survivors to give you like clean extra clothes and some water and you’re like ??? did you steal this ??? and he’s like ‘no they gave it to me because they said i was nice!!!’ and you’re like oh my god
  • you tried to teach him how to use a gun, but he’s literally like too scared to even hold the thing 
  • you once thought you had been bitten after a fight with a zombie and you were like listen dk if something happens to me please protect yourself like you need too and he just said that he’d rather die than be without you and you were like don’t say that!!! 
  • but like dk’s committed to you, like not only is he in love with you for protecting him but he’s also loyal to you until this is all over - like he told you this and ofc u got flustered and you were like dk!!! go like!!! find some rations stop being,,, so ,,, silly,,,  


  • made a hideout for himself on the roof of some tall building, has a sniper rifle ready, and a grenade launcher in his hands at all times. basically, he’s not playing games
  • does his best to avoid zombies, but if he sees one down below he kills it just for good measure 
  • when he needs food he takes his grenade launcher and goes down to the han river to catch some fish with his hands or something like being from jeju helps him a lot
  • since he’s high up and no one can hear him,, plus zombies don’t hear all that well anyway,,, he sings to make the time go by quicker
  • that’s how you find him like you’re searching through the building for food and you hear this angelic voice and you’re like wtf……
  • you go up and open the door to the roof and you just see this tent set up surrounded by cans and wrappers from food and like a sniper gun and then just some boy sitting on the floor, singing 
  • you startle him when you make a noise and you have to duck because he gets his grenade launcher ready and you’re like sorry!!!!! im not a zombie!!!!
  • he’s like ? what are you doing here?? and you’re like i heard your voice and got kinda enchanted im sorry 
  • seungkwan likes the compliment so he asks you to come over and like tell him what’s going on down in the streets since he hasn’t really left in some time
  • you fill him in and seungkwan’s kinda like “do you like have a group of other survivors?” and you’re like not really and seungkwan’s kinda like “if you want you can stay here it’s pretty safe and id feel bad letting you go out there by yourself”
  • and you wanna snort and be like thanks for the pity,,, but at the sametime his offer is great and like he’s so nice and cute and ok you didn’t just say cute
  • you and seungkwan live on the roof together and seungkwan teaches you how to shoot a sniper gun
  • when you two have to venture into the streets to stock up, seungkwan is especially protective of you and when a zombie tried to even get close he literally loses it and overkills the thing
  • you’ve never seen such a side of him,, but like you learn that the things he cherishes - seungkwan protects with his life
  • seungkwan has like funny nickname for different kids of zombies and they all make you giggle 
  • he’ll reenact stuff for you to keep you two entertained up on that roof 
  • somehow through all of this seungkwan still manages to find happiness in singing and now…. in you too
  • although he’s protective and very concerned, sometime he’ll pretend to not be interested in you like that at all but literally if you ever meet other survivors they’re always like “wow your boyfriend really takes care of you well, im glad love lasted even through this!!!”
  • and you’re like omf and seungkwan’s like lmao we uh GTG

(I used this picture)

Headcanon that Jack goes to Pride in his hockey jersey and gloves bc I couldn’t find a better picture to use shhh in pastel pan colours because a) he keeps getting called gay or bi by the media and he wants to remind people that pansexuality actually exists and b) Bitty says he looks good in pastels

So the Falconers sell a limited edition Zimmermann jersey in these colours with the proceeds going to LGBTQ charities and, listen, I’m pansexual and there’s one thing I know about being pan and it’s that we get so little representation that if this happened there would be a whole army of pan people who developed a sudden interest in ice hockey overnight

But that’s not the point

The point is that Jack phoned Lardo at three am like “I couldn’t sleep and I had this idea for Pride and now I think I’m about to ruin my bathtub with cyan dye”

And Lardo’s just like “welcome to art, bro”

Fact: Pansexuals formed the Pan Am airline. Its discontinuation was not, as many believe, due to economic problems, but was instead a result of said airplanes being hidden inside secret pansexual bases as future military machines should the Pan Army ever be called to war.


Lost Boy ~ Ruth B

A/N: I know the song choice is so stereotypical, but I literally just heard it on the radio and came up with an idea that kind of relates to this. Another thing is that Peter Pan might seem unusually cheery in this. That is explained, rest assured.

It was always sunny in Neverland. No rain nor snow appeared near the island. Perhaps that added to its charm. The magical beings there made it sunny. The Lost Boys would not be able to get anything done if it rained or snow.

Although you acquainted yourself with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, you were never given the title of Lost Girl. You knew who you were, yet Peter always acted weirdly about it. Tinkerbell welcomed you to her tree house until the Lost Boys made you your own.

Power did strange things to people. It ruined your mother, who ravished terrorizing villages and raiding people with her witchcraft. The community only knew you as the witch’s daughter and never dared to come near you. You were very lonely until a boy’s silhouette appeared in your window. His smile was genuine and his words were kind. “Do you believe in me?” the boy asked after hearing of your sad life alone.

“I only ask for your name,” you requested, “I have told you mine.”

“I’m Peter Pan.” His green eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

You took his hand. “Then I believe you.” Peter Pan sprinkled a shimmering green powder on your head and gestured for you to follow him out of your window. You hesitated until he said, “Believe in yourself. After today, you will never be lonely again. I promise.” The grip on your hand tightened protectively as you followed him away from your room.

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Africa’s future lay buried deep within its soil, that’s because Africa’s future it’s own Resources. African people, we must stand up and take back control of what we are entitled to and that is our Resources. If that means forming a super army of all the Africa Nations to take back and protect are resources then so be it. It our turn to make our nations rich and wealthy!

Post made by: @Oba_Tayo
“I do this for my culture to let them know that the struggle ain’t over!”

Seven Dwarf Kingdoms?

Okay, so this was another little… surprise, shall we say, in Desolation of Smaug. It’s mentioned a couple times that the Arkenstone apparently holds the power to unite the “seven dwarf kingdoms”, and later it’s mentioned that Erebor was the “seventh kingdom of the dwarves.” Which begs the question - what are these seven dwarvish kingdoms? The short answer, I’m afraid, is that we really don’t know, since “seven dwarf kingdoms” are never mentioned in any of the books. But let’s talk about it in more detail:

First of all, just a quick note on the Arkenstone: Desolation of Smaug gave the jewel way more political importance than it actually had. In the books, the Arkenstone (aside from being a giant jewel), really only held symbolic and cultural value. Thorin wanted it because it was a family and cultural heirloom - a symbol of the height of Erebor’s power and greatness. And (aside from being a giant jewel), the other dwarf clans really wouldn’t have cared about it. Possessing the Arkenstone wouldn’t have given Thorin any power over the other dwarves at all. So, just… yeah.

Now, back to the “seven kingdoms.” There has never been, at one time, seven known dwarvish kingdoms in Middle Earth. In fact, at the time of The Hobbit, the only known kingdoms are Erebor (or, to be more precise, the exiles from Erebor living in the Blue Mountains) and Dain Ironfoot’s dwarves living in the Iron Hills. We know that there are other dwarves, most likely in the far east, but we really don’t know any details about them. So, where is Peter Jackson getting this “seven kingdoms” idea?

Seven is a very important number among the dwarves. It comes up a lot in their history. Most importantly - especially for this post - is the Seven Dwarf Fathers. When the dwarves awoke, they were led by seven dwarves, each of which lead a single clan. Meaning that (just as the elves were divided into the three groups, Vanyar Noldor and Teleri) the dwarves were originally divided into seven clans - you can read more about them in this post. So, I’m reasonably sure that Peter Jackson was trying to reference these seven clans. The problem is that he’s very limited in which of Tolkien’s works he can reference (he only has rights to LotR and The Hobbit), and the seven clans are talked about in The Silmarillion (which he cannot reference.) So, to get around this, he used the word “kingdoms” instead of “clans.” At least, that’s my assumption.

It’s still a little clumsy. Because, by the time we get to the evens of The Hobbit, the seven clans aren’t so clear-cut anymore. Around the time of the War of Wrath, most of the Firebeards and Broadbeams (those clans living in the Blue Mountains) joined the Longbeards (the clan living in Moria). (The issue of these two Blue Mountain clans comes up a couple times. For example, we’re told that Sauron gave the dwarf rings to seven dwarf kings – but at the time, the Firebeards and Broadbeams probably don’t have kings, or if they do they’re living within the kingdom of the Longbeards, so they wouldn’t actually be ruling anything? It’s all very murky.) And we know next to nothing about the other four clans, other than the general theory that they probably live in the Orocarni Mountains to the far east.

What we do know about the seven clans in the Third Age, though, is that all seven clans were represented in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs (which ends with the Battle of Azanulbizar, 142 years before the events of The Hobbit.) All the clans joined together to fight the orcs in order to avenge the death of Thorin’s grandfather Thror (this, by the way, when Thorin’s family did not have possession of the Arkenstone.) But we don’t have too many details about the makeup of this pan-dwarvish army, so we don’t really know how the clan system worked here. Like I said, very murky.

But, even assuming that the “seven kingdoms” is a reference to the seven clans, Erebor was certainly not the seventh kingdom. By this definition, Erebor is representing the Longbeard clan, which is actually he oldest (and therefor first) of the seven clans, having been lead by Durin I. And, in case you’re wondering, it’s also not the seventh kingdom of the Longbeards. So I really don’t know what to do about that one.

To summarize a post that got way too long: The “seven dwarf kingdoms” are not part of the books, nor is the part they play in adding political significance to the Arkenstone. My theory, though, is that they’re just a roundabout reference to the historical/cultural concept of the seven dwarf clans, though the state of their existence in the late Third Age is something of an unknown.

SOURCES: The Hobbit, LOTR, LOTR Appendices, The Silmarillion