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Dear Co-Army....

Hello ARMY, how are you? Let’s get some shit straight right here & now. 

First off, For that person/people who started/spread that mistranslation of baekhyun’s comment about depression please remove yourself from the ARMY fandom as us (REAL ARMY) DO NOT FUCKING NEED YOU FAKE TWITS STAINING OUR BOYS NAME/CAMPAIGN. If you are gonna call yourself a Army or any kpop fandom name you need to learn how to respect other groups + their fandoms NO MATTER HOW much you guys have opposing views/opinions.

Second, to the person/anti who started this bullshit drama please PRETTY PLEASE grow the fuck up & get out of calling/claiming you are a army if you’re not gonna live up to our boys name/campaign & just to start petty drama between fandoms, its because of people like you that go around PRETENDING to be a army making people hate us/form a negative view of us is doing anyone no good WHAT-SO=EVER! IF YOU TRULY FUCKING CARED ABOUT BTS & THEIR REPUTATION YOU WOULD NOT BRING DOWN OTHER GROUPS/FANDOMS TO BOOST OUR BOYS UP. Shit…..i wouldn’t be suprised  nor sorry if one/all of the boys got ahold of this drama & came out to say they are disappointed in ARMY for causing this drama going down. It’s a new year so that means it’s a year that these PETTY ASS FANDOM WARS stop once & for all. 

Third, To Exo/Baekhyun/Exo-ls I will formally apologize on behalf of my fandom for the hurt/upset that any ‘’ARMY’’ have caused to your fandom & to baekhyun & that girl who told baekhyun about her depression. I wish this to never happen again & i’m sorry our fandoms have to clash heads again. 

Sincerely, A ARMY who wishes to make peace among our two fandoms <3 <3 <3 

So i just finished Radiant Dawn for the first time ever (yes, I am horribly late on this), and I can honestly say that I liked it the best of the FE games I have played so far (PoR, Awakening and Fates). The main characters were all actually likeable, the storyline was coherent and the world felt actually developed. Did have some issues with the plot at times, but not enogh to make me dislike it in any way. Gameplay flowed a little slow at times, but it was fun and just the right amount of challenging. I’ll definitely replay it sometime down the line (after Echoes and the rest of the series).

Here are my top five favourite characters (mostly unchanged from PoR):

1. Reyson (the best and angriest heron)

2. Sanaki (kickass, sassy empress who is stronger and more accomplished at 13 than I’ll ever be)

3. Tibarn (king of the freaking sky, badass flying tank bird)

4. Elincia (best Queen, amazing character arc)

5. Ranulf (smartest cat-man, only thing holding the laguz army together in part 3)

Heo Young Saeng Interview with BNT: “As usual even for now, SS501 Heo YoungSaeng”

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Long story short, SS501 has contributed to DSP Media’s accomplishment in its current glory. Because they maintained the rivalry against DongBangShinGi from the early days of H.O.T. vs Scheskies where SM Entertainment and DSP Media had divided market share on.

If you read ‘SS501’ as “Double S Oh Gong Il” then you are the new generation, if you read as “S S Oh Gong Il’”, then you are old generation. A group that makes an unfamiliar name familiar, SS501 members Heo YoungSaneg met with bnt News. It has been 10 years since his debut but he is still able to show off his baby face and puts the passing time to shame.

In the interview after the photoshoot, he slowly chooses and select each and every word he spoke, putting in his deepest heartfelt feeling. Prior to comeback as SS501, Heo YoungSaeng said he is preparing for a mini album with KyuJong and HyungJun. “We work hard to come back in an image that the general public misses us for”, an answer he seems to have considered and answered many times.

Q. Thoughts on this pictorial shooting

It was very fun since it was my very first solo pictorial. I usually like things that are natural, having such atmosphere overall during the shooting seems make the shooting even more comfortable.

Q. Policeman ‘Seoul Metropolitan Police’s Special Promotions Unit’ Episodes

I became close with KiWoong while working out, and he suggested that we enlist to Police together. That’s why I volunteered for it, but ultimately I went in (enlisted) alone. DongWook hyung was the most senior around, then followed by JaeHoon hyung and HyoJong. DongWook hyung and JaeHoon hyung’s ranks are very high up from mine. They were very scary seniors. HyoJong is same age as me but we get along like friends. I was in the same room as DongWook hyung. I heard about ChangMin and Siwon being enlisted (to Police). ChangMin and I had undergone training together when I was a trainee at SM, and SiWon was my high school mate. It really depends on how you view it. It’s good when you think it’s good, difficult if you think it’s difficult.

Q. ‘SS501’ Debut

I dreamt of becoming an idol while watching Seo Taiji & Boys, H.O.T., Scheskies, Shinhwa, god sunbaenim-deul. Actually my dream was to debut during high school days, taking the van to go to the Suneung (University Entrance Exam) venue with fans cheering for me, and taking the exam. (laughs) I was first signed to BM which is a SM subsidiary company. Thereafter I came to Seoul from Jeollabuk-do province and started training at SM. I was there from 1st year of high school for about a year. Then I went through puberty so was going through times where I wanted to quit for the next 1.5 years. My dream collapsed, and felt that I was too old at that time. Then I decided to become a singer who sings well because I had been practicing a lot on my singing. Then I was casted off the streets at the end of 19 years old. But because at that time I knew of the (idol making) system and did not believe in such system, thus did not go for it. But I became close with that person (who casted him off the street) and I got recommended by him for an audition at DSP where they are looking for members of a group to rival against DongBangShinGi. I went for the audition without any expectations, since they already have lots of choices for the members of the group. The vocal teacher highly recommended me since my voice range is higher than the other members. Actually I was a trainee at DSP for 3 months before debuting.

Q. How about slump?

Actually I didn’t have any slump. While doing activities as a group and compared to solo activities, the stage became smaller and number of fans is lesser, I heard that was considered a slump, however I think of it as trying to get recognition.

Q. Solo activities

I had for 3 years prior to my enlistment, but was regretful that I didn’t have more solo activities. I like HyunA’s style of rapping. I didn’t know anyone in common, so I had to ask someone who is close with B2M representative and Cube representative. We didn’t get to do the recording together.

Q. KBS2 Drama ‘Sent From Heaven’

I had a lot of scenes with YoonHye. I am shy with people I just met, so it was very awkward initially, but since we have a lot of scenes together, we became close.

Q. Musical ‘One Day’ Role of ‘Han MinHo

The role is a lonely screenplay writer. The musical will be played in Japan. I heard that Korean Musicals are sort after to be exported to Japan. It is very tiring when practicing for musical. You have to memorise the song and scripts, but after the rough process, it’s fun. People who are acting together are SS501 HyungJun, Super Junior KangIn, Supernova SungMo, etc.

Q. What is Heo YoungSaeng’s unique charm?

I think my charm is looking young. I am still being asked to check ID. Then they became very sorry after checking. My charm is baby face. I guess because I didn’t fix anything so that’s why. (laughs)

Q. A part of your body you are confident of

Shoulder. Because it’s wide. (laughs)

Q. Weight loss, control diet? Exercise?

I am particular about fattening food. Not long before I got discharged from army, I began managing (my weight) with the mindset that I must return back to the society. I didn’t eat much breakfast, for lunch and dinner, I only eat what is offered in the army but avoiding soup and carbonated drinks, etc as they are fattening food. This went on for about 5 months. I gained a lot of weight at one time, so I started weight lifting after losing some weight. I worked very hard at that time and strained my waist and cruciate ligament. I am doing rehabilitation now.

Q. Your dating style is

I think it differs with each person. I would be very affectionate to some people, and to some I will become an insensitive guy.

Q. Hobby

Soccer, I frequently play soccer.

Q. Loves to drink? Drinking capacity is?

My drinking capacity differs with the type of alcohol. Taking soju as a standard, I can drink about 2~3 bottles when drinking with other people, and about 1 bottle when drinking alone. I prefer wine. If you mix Perrier carbonated water and liquor, I think you won’t get drunk.

Q. Celebrity you are close with

If you look at the related search words, there is Heo YoungRan and Heo YoungJi. I heard because our names are similar so people will think that we are relatives. We also joked about it in the army. I told them YoungJi was my relative and they believed. (laughs) Actually I haven’t met her before. I am close with JiBin. It started when I was doing SS501 activities, and have watched over him in his growing up. He is currently in the army, I also went (with him) when he was enlisted. Actually I am supposed to meet him after the interview today. He is a little like a grown-up kid, so I don’t feel our age gap. I am also close with Seo JiSeok hyung.

Q. Which variety show you wish to appear in

I want to appear in ‘SNL’ or ‘Running Man’ which I usually enjoy watching. I also would want to appear in ‘King of Masked Singer’ but I am afraid that I will be eliminated in the 1st round. I am very grateful that Mr Lee JungBong picked me as the best vocal among idol singers. I was featured in Lee JungBong’s song before.

Q. Another new field you would like to go into

I want to act. I want to try be it drama or movies.

Q. Role model is

Adam Levine. Recently I fell in love with Maroon 5’s rock genre. I like uncommon music. I wanted to go for their concert when they were here but I couldn’t get the tickets.

Q. Future directions, dreams

I want to continue working in the entertainment circle that I am able to work in. I want to be a singer that continues to (provide) music, I also want to be a multi-entertainer having diverse range of activities. I will also release a solo album.

Q. Thing you want most this year, year end

I am planning to release an album with HyungJun and KyuJong in January~February. We should be coming up with a dance song. It’s a huge stress as it has been a long time since we release anything. We fret a lot on the title song, if it should be something we like or something that the public yearns for. I don’t think we will be using the group name ‘SS501’. We will use it when all 5 of us reunite, so we are considering other names. It will be released in the style of a mini album, with 5~6 songs. We have decided that we will want to release official album as ‘SS501’. If all 5 of us are like-minded, we will definitely reunite again.

Q. Lastly, any words for your fans (트리플S)

Sorry to our fans because we should have come back as 5 but couldn’t do so. Two of them are in the army, and 3 of us were on the same page and thus decided to release an album. With this groundwork as a start, we will definitely reunite all 5 again. I hope that you will wait a little more to see all 5 of us together. We have not disbanded so I hope you will give us lots of support. It is winter, please pay attention to your health and hope you give lots of attention and support to someone called Heo YoungSaeng.

AgustaWestland Apache

The Apache is currently operated by two regiments of the Army Air Corps (3 Regt AAC and 4 Regt AAC) as part of 16 (Air Assault) Brigade.
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Relationship status: Dating Kim Taehyung in my heart…but single :P

Favorite Color: Blue but yellow is a close contender. 

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick all the way. I have a collection. I also have lipstick, but I’m never without my Burt’s Bees!

Last Song listened to: Outro: Her

Last Movie: The new Jumanji in theaters and it was sooo good!

Top three shows: I don’t watch TV. Don’t have cable and it doesn’t really interest me. *Shrugs*

Top 3 ships: I don’t ship any of the boys but if I had to choose I would say I do particularly love the relationship between the maknaes, so TaeKook, VMin, and JiKook. 

I’m tagging @xmyp @johobi <3

Restate My Assumptions

These are the core assumptions which I approach Warhammer. There are other approaches, of course, but these are mine, and will be informing everything else I write here, especially the jokes.

You could call it a manifesto. I would never dare say such a thing.

1) Warhammer is Fundamentally Extremely Silly.

In short, The ur-Warhammer unit is this guy.

The Goblin fanatic, a shroomed-up guy with a ball and chain, careening across the the battlefield, nose foaming, lost in the joy of it all.

I bristle at the phrase GrimDark, both in terms of its origins and how it’s used in conversation. As an abbreviation of Warhammer 40k’s famous tagline, it’s normally used to dismiss dark-for-the-sake-of-dark fiction. That it emerged from Warhammer shows how many people simply miss the joke.

Warhammer is fucking hilarious.

It is a maximialist universe that borrows liberally and blends from everywhere. It’s everything, often in the same model. It’s most obvious with the more chaotic models like aforementioned Goblin Fanatic and everything that emerges from Skavenblight, but even in the most straight faced (which, somewhat ironically, is Chaos) it’s still extremely silly.

Look at him!

This isn’t about approaching the universe with Irony. It’s kind of beyond irony. This is amazing. Warhammer, of any variety, is basically Bill and Ted gaping at their album covers and getting very excited about it.

2) It’s not really much of a game.

It is broken. I started playing Warhammer in 1987, and have dabbled in and out ever since. It has never been not been broken and unbalanced, for dozens of reasons, both in game and in the real world. In a real way, as I talk about in the third point in this little ramble, the out-of-world stuff is the key one.

Irrelevant. This isn’t just about the game. If you cared about a game that much, you’d just play Chess. Or Go.

You care about the colour.

This is about the fun of it all.

I would argue the only form of competitive Warhammer is competing to see who can make each other laugh the hardest.

Warhammer – like the universe it describes – is a maximalist exercise, containing multiple threads simultaneously. It is theatre, shared craft project, meditative exercise, sewing circle, bonding exercise, lesson in morals, reticence and generosity. Plus a game!

If you use the word “Fluff” I will incinerate you. If you reduce Warhammer to “the game” you are missing literally 90% of everything that makes it worthwhile.

Warhammer, played with an open heart, is a generator of stories and anecdote. In the few games since the current revival, every game has reduced Sheret and myself to tears of laughter and blinking amazement. I want to write stories about these guys – the Plague Priest rampaging single-handed down a flank, a seemingly indestructible Skeleton with a standard, a series of comic events involving Skaven magicians mainly magic-ing each other’s heads off, a frankly Keystone cops-esque sequence of tactical manoeuvring and so on and so forth.

A mistake in play in a game of Warhammer isn’t a thing to gnash your teeth over. It’s a feedline for a punchline, perhaps actually involving punching.

3) There are two limitations on what army you collect - those limitations inside the game and those limitations outside of it. The latter is by far the most important.

I grew up in the midlands in the 80s, in what would basically be described as a C2 household.

Upper working class, basically. We weren’t particularly poor, but we certainly couldn’t afford to buy the lead miniatures to make a full army. In practice, our entire Warhammer experience was coloured by trying to work out how on earth we could get the miniatures to play the game.

When building an army, there’s three limitations. One is the in-game costs of elements, which balance the game. Two is the out of game elements, based around the cost of a miniatures. The third is the craft elements – fundamentally, how long it takes to assemble and paint the miniatures. In a real way, for all armies (and horde ones especially) the biggest problem you face are the last two.

We found solutions.

I was around when Games Workshop did their first plastic miniatures. These were 60 plastics for 10 quid. Each box featured 10 of each race – Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven, Goblins, Orcs and Dwarfs. Now, it’s a great deal, but not exactly much use to a single person.

So we gathered together our friends, decided which armies we wanted to explore, and teamed up. We bought six boxes, and divided the figures. So for my ten quid, I got sixty Dwarfs. With little conversions and excitable paintjobs, that was a fine chunk of army.

Point being, trying to work out how to make your money stretch further is part of the game.

Second point being, it’s good to have friends.


Playing with friends is the optimum way to play Warhammer, for all of the above. You’re a support group. You share your woes. You share your projects. You hang out and paint together. You can get deals that you simply can’t alone.

(For example, there’s US places that offer free shipping to the UK if you cross a certain ordering boundary. That’s much easier if you’ve formed a little group of players)

At least part of this blog’s existence is providing a resource that makes you excited about little men, and makes it clear that you can actually play it in a fun way without breaking your bank.

So you can turn to your friends and say “You know – this could be a bit of a giggle.”

It is. It is.

5) The Information Age Has Improved Everything.

Figures were always expensive. They were always too expensive for me. As said, gaming this is always part of the game. Simultaneously, the price of figures now is higher than ever. Surely it should be near impossible to play?

Yes and no. If you just do everything officially, you’re in trouble. But there’s so many other options that have opened up, from other miniature manufacturers, to Ebay to everything. Finding these actually makes the metagame economics more interesting than ever. If you don’t find it interesting, I’ll do some of the heavy lifting for you. I’m putting together starter guides for armies that may capture your fancy, and how to start to play with the a minimum of funds. More of that over here, of course.

There’s also so much more craft advice around. When I played in the 80s, we were deeply alone. We had no idea how to paint miniatures, as my Imperial Guard who looked like they were going into battle looking like tiny children who’ve stolen grown-up’s make-up will testify. Now, there’s many techniques and tools to use which makes actually having a painted army an actual possibility. Behind me sit a couple of hundred painted Skaven. More amazingly, they don’t look terrible.  I can’t paint well in any way. I deliberately use techniques which are fast as the joy of units on a table is very key. They still look better than anything I ever did when I was deep in the hobby. I’ll write about some of my own short-cuts here too. Generally speaking, I keep to the “Paint units like units, paint characters like character” credo, which works for me.

In short: we live in a world where we can Google any problem and pretty much guaranteed to find a solution. 

This is a fantastic time.


Is now.


M3 half-track armored personnel carrier fell into the hands of “customizers” and other lovers of tuning vehicles. The armored vehicle is fully transferred to the wheel speed and instead of the row “six” has installed two engine 454 ci V8.