army national gaurd

Update to all my fine ladies and maybe a few gents?!

   Well I went up to MEPS Wednesday, slept in a really nice hotel, ate a good dinner, and hardly slept. Today was the big day and well I didnt get to go through with it like many of those other recruits sadly. I was turned away and stopped before my medical section was even started. My recruiter seemed to have forgotten about my dermals and as I have told her countless times and wrote it on my report while filling out my application. Her reasoning is she forgot to look at that section. Well I dunno to me being a recruiter, I would ask every question look at my recruits body and know everything before hand. 
    I feel bad waisting the time, money, and food that the Government paid for, specially for my lunch today that I never got to have, and was told would just be thrown in the trash. I kind of got a lil frustrated with that when I was told, because of the amount of kids who aren’t getting to eat today, tonight, or tomorrow. Any way lets get back on track and let me finish up about my MEPS experience. I could not sleep to save my life, woke up at probably 230am or 3am and was up all the way until 4 then I zonked out until 730 thinking it was tomorrow.
    I am assuming most of you would like to know if I am indeed still joining the Army National Gaurd, and the answer is, yes. This is just I minor bump in the road, I got my dermals removed today, note you, the ones that looked so beautifully and healed so nicely were the ones that hurt and sucked the most to get out, not the ones on my chest. I go back up Sunday god knows what time, and swear in and try this process all over. I have a feeling the day will change which in return will piss me off, because I am making a horrible first impression in the HOM department at work with it being the first 3 weeks of me being over there. I am going to try my damndest  to work my ass off, I want to shoot for running atleast 3 times a week minimum of 2. I also would like to start practicing sit ups, and push ups, funny thing is I can do a push up but cant even do a sit up. 
    Time to buy some weights to strengthen my arms, and try anything to strengthen my core. This shit is for real, I am going to buy the silly ASVAB for dummies book and see how I like it, then try and up my score. I really want to shoot for Public Affairs Specialist or Mental Health Specialist all which need a really decent score. I want to take a few math, science, and psychology. I will rock this and I will make my life exactly how I have always wanted. This is a big step in my life and I am ready to take it, a long leg stride right in. I am excited, nervous and happy that I came to the decision that I did. 
    I encourage anyone to join the Armed Forces, not only for benefits but because it will give you life skills that you may not necessarily get out in the world as a civilian. You will have more opportunities to see the world and experience things that you might not ever get a chance to again, so take them. I am looking forward to any of the crazy things that might come my way but I will handle them with dignity and class, to make not only myself proud but the people who matter most. 
   I am going to wrap this up by saying, thank you to all that support me in this time and who have been there for me through all my crazy decisions in life, good or bad. You mean the world to me, and keep me going every day. Thanks all the tumblries who have been there for me and have respected my choice to join. You gals are wonderful. One day we will all meet up! I love you gals!

Thanks for reading!