army manicure

anonymous asked:

Seriously I am sure that Sherlock goes regular to a manicure and talk about how jealous his cute boyfriend is and why he always deny to be gay and all the other gossip in his life.

Manicure lady : So your boyfriend is a doctor?

Sherlock : *Not even trying to hide his smile* Not just doctor. An army doctor.

Manicure lady : So you two are engaged?

Sherlock : Mhm. Not yet. He still says he is not gay.

Manicure lady : So he is not gay?

Sherlock : *with an eye roll* No he is not. He is bisexual.

Manicure lady : So he is not your boyfriend yet?

Sherlock : No he is my boyfriend. But he just doesn’t know it yet.

Manicure lady : …… 

Sherlock : Let’s talk about the London fashion week..

Manicure lady : Yeah sure.