army ldr

Sometimes I miss you more than I love you. And if I close my eyes and think hard enough, you’re right there next to me. Smiling that goofy smile that I love so freakin much. And then i can hear your voice promising me we’re going to be okay. And I believe it, even with tears in my eyes, I believe you.

I really do think of you at 2pm when I’m busy running errands. I think of you as soon as I wake up. Because I’m already wishing for you. I think of you at 8pm when I’m off at a dinner or a movie with my family. I think of you at 1am when all I can think of is how you smell. Thinking about how I love your laugh, and how I wish with everything I am that we were in the same bed kissing goodnight.
“I wish you were here. But you’re not you’re there, and there doesn’t know how lucky it is.”

You and I have had a lot of “see you laters” over the past year, but this one was by far the hardest. I’m so glad I got to spend this last week with you despite all of our bad luck, getting our phones stolen, me becoming deathly ill again and other stuff that probably shouldn’t be mentioned 😂 but we always make the best of every situation. Thank you for everything you do to show you care. I’ll never be able to put into words how much I love you and how proud of you I am. Be safe overseas my love. See you in 9 months ❤️

We entered each others lives, not when we had it all together, but when we were gathering the pieces. We looked at each other at our worst and said “Right now this is all i have to give” and that was okay. We encouraged one another to unapologetically be who we are to the core of our being. And we loved boldly and fearlessly despite the hurts of our pasts.
—  Maryann Hart