army inspired

Pass the Salt (Suga Ain’t Here)

Imagine a pocket-sized you resting in the small child seat in a shopping cart as Yoongi and Jimin push it around in the aisles of the grocery store. You’re on Yoongi’s backpack so that you would feel comfy. As Jimin places multiple things in the cart, Yoongi stares at the list in between his fingers. The former grabs a container of pepero and hands it to you, knowing full well you love to snack on it during the day. You hug the container with your entire body and don’t let go of it, almost seeming like you’re cuddling a pillow.

You glance up at Yoongi, about to ask him a question, but you notice him staring intensely at the man beside him. His lip curls up almost the slightest, and you about gush because of the way he’s staring at Jimin. Yoongi blinks and turns forward, pushing the cart again because you guys need to travel to the next aisle. As he pushes the metallic cart, Jimin glances at the older from behind, a look of longing taking over his entire expression. A hand runs in between his locks and his eyes scan the contents of the aisle on his left between resting on the man in front of him again. You hide your face behind the box of pepero, only letting your eyes peek out to observe the two carefully. They way they observe each other when the other isn’t looking makes you almost go insane. Jimin lets his mouth fall open, a question escaping his lips.

“Hey, hyung. Are eggs on the list of things to buy?”

The cart stops rolling abruptly, and you almost fall off of the backpack and smack into the metal of wall of the cart. Yoongi stares ahead blankly. The air between you guys is so dense, you swear you stopped breathing at the complete silence. Jimin fidgets as he stands there waiting for a response. You assume he’s feeling about the same as you are. Once the next words come out of Yoongi’s mouth, you’re thrown right into the land of salt.

“I don’t know, Jimin. Why don’t you ask Namjoon?”


Queen of the Greenwood

Middle Earth got me good this time!

Here’s Thranduil’s wife/Legolas’ mother again!
I like to think that perhaps Legolas got his talent/love/desire to learn archery from his mother - headcanon all the way! ;)

Bear Wrecker

Imagine a pocket-sized you nibbling on a cookie piece as Namjoon carries you in his hands towards his studio, suddenly having felt inspired to write lyrics. You volunteered to tag along, always pleased to help the leader spit out some sick rhymes. As you two enter the studio, Namjoon places you on the space between his keyboard and mouse, you now leaning on your palm and observing the area. At first, everything seems normal; you see little dolls and other miscellaneous items. Ryan, of course, occupy his shelves and you about avert your eyes, but then something unfamiliar catches your eye.

Is that…Brown? From Line? The left section of his shelves are occupied by merchandise of the familiar brown bear and you make a double take just to be sure you’re seeing things correctly. Once you’re for sure of Brown’s presence, a hand covers your mouth and you stare wide-eyed at the leader who diligently types at his computer. Shoving the last bit of the cookie into your mouth, you push yourself onto your feet and point a finger at him accusingly.

“You’re cheating on Ryan!” You accuse.

Shocked at the sudden shout and accusation, Namjoon faces you with a look resembling someone who just got caught stealing food. He questions you about your words and grows silent once you angrily point at the Brown merchandise that consumes quite a bit of the shelving. Namjoon slowly pivots his head and takes notice of the rows of bears. He shrugs a bit and goes back to his typing. In a fit of rage, you begin to smack his fingers on the mouse repeatedly, creating a windmill effect with your arms as you do so, calling him out on his supposed “infidelity.”

“You cheater! I’m going to tell Ryan!!!” You screech at him before jumping off his desk and landing on a distant sofa, running off to inform Ryan of his lover’s secret side-bear.