army induction



“The induction cut has both practical and psychological purposes. However, the haircut has the purpose of stripping recruits of their individuality and promoting ‘team’ mentality desirable in platoon of military recruits.”

reasons why joan baez is the realest shit ever
  • refused to leave her class during an air raid siren at 17 as a protest
  • performed at the march on Washington (with Bob Dylan)
  • marched at Selma
  • arrested twice and spent a month in jail for blocking the entrance to an army induction centre
  • travelled to North Vietnam to speak to prisoners of war, was caught in the middle of a US bombing strike
  • banned from touring Chile, Brazil or Argentina because the governments feared her messages would reach thousands of people
  • condemned the Chinese government after the Tiananmen square massacre
  • supplied food and medicine to the poor in Cambodia
  • protested against the death penalty
  • supported the LGBT community
  • supported the peaceful protests in Iran
  • protected ancient redwood trees from logging
  • protested against the war in Iraq
  • organised a sit in against the treatment of the poor in California
  • and I forgot to mention she is one of the best folksingers of all time