army girlfriend

…a relationship is two people. Not two people and everyone who has an opinion.


God Bless this woman. It can’t be said any better then that.

If you believe in true love, and I know you do because you cry during Disney princess movies, you know we’ll end up together. Of all the billions of people on this planet, we were lucky enough to run into each other. I’ve never felt a love more real than ours. You’re the woman of my dreams.
—  My actual Adonis of a boyfriend making me cry yet again in the most recent letter I received.
Things that start to happen when you're in a military relationship

You watch a lot of movies/tv shows pertaining to the military.

You become weirdly attached to things like old movie tickets, sweatshirts, letters, etc.

You would rather stay home and text your SO on a Friday night than go out to the bar.

You wonder if you’re actually in a relationship with your phone.

You become very patriotic.

You enjoy not having to shave your legs.

Your heart aches every time you see someone in camis.

You feel a close bond with milsos you meet online because they know what you’re going through.

You know it’s rough, but you also know that every bitter goodbye leads to an even sweeter reunion.

Things every milso learns quickly

-Mood swings are really hard to avoid

-Sometimes your soldier is a different person every month & you need to learn to understand that 

-Sometimes he’s clingy and other times he’ll go a week with almost complete silence

-You can’t “fix” him. You love him for the person he is. 

-He may not want to tell you about his day because he doesn’t want to hurt you with what’s really going on out in the world.

But he loves you more and more each day. He’s protecting the people he loves and that destroys him at the same time. He may not be able to say how he feels in words, but his heart is still true when he comes home. 


“Take Me Home” - Us The Duo (Official Music Video)

I will never stop being amazed by how thoughtful, kind, caring, sweet and romantic my boyfriend is. He has never failed to send me flowers at least once a month with a cute little message because he knows how much I love flowers. Nothing he does will ever go unnoticed or unappreciated, I won’t allow it. I don’t know so much about falling in love, but I’m so excited to go through that journey with him. He has definitely made me a better me, and I will forever be grateful when I come home to flowers. 💘💝🌷

I love it when he tells me “you look cute today”. No matter how many times he says it, it means just as much as the time before. Whether I’m just wearing comfy lounge clothes on a Saturday or I’m dressed up a little for a date, the small compliment just means so much. It can literally make my day. I’ll replay how he said it and looked at me when he did, over and over in my head for the rest of the day. It’s such a simple little thing for him to say, and I know he doesn’t realize it or think much about it when he says it, but I love to know that he finds me cute and I don’t care if anyone else agrees.