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He was shot down on August 25, 1940. Wiggins, his wingman, saw him bail into the Channel. It was a Sunday. Molly remembered because she came back from church with Mary and Rosie, and there was John with Mycroft. She remembered the look on John’s face; the apprehension, the guilt, like he had some part in it; how she tried to retreat before he even got a word out. Because she knew. Two days later anti-aircraft gunners at St Margaret’s Bay spotted the Spitfire wreckage. No body was found. That gave Molly hope. That, and the vow Sherlock had made to return.

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"Is that my shirt?"

*blows on fingers and cracks knuckles* This one BEGGED for some clintasha wonderfulness which fits my mood perfectly (see my early post about clintasha longing lol) 

“Is that my shirt?” Clint asked sleepily as he blinked blearily at the letters now emblazoned across Natasha’s shoulder blades. 

Natasha tossed him an amused look over her shoulder as she pulled the t-shirt down to cover the rest of her torso and then reached to pull her long hair out of the collar. A moment later a curtain of red waves had covered the faded block letters.

“You can recognize your own name? Impressive,” she teased. But then explained flippantly, “I can’t find mine.” 

She stood then and pulled a pair of plaid boxers up over her hips, rolling the band a few times to keep them in place. The sight had the last remnants of sleep fading away in a flash. 

“Are those my boxers?” he asked, smirking as he propped himself up on his elbow. “Let me guess…can’t find your underwear?” 

The look she set him now was nothing but sultry.

“Mine are right over there,” she nodded to a spot on the floor that Clint didn’t break eye contact to check. 

He stared at her. She stared right back. 

This was new territory for them. They’d only been together for a couple of weeks and until now they - Natasha especially - had been pretty conscious of keeping certain boundaries. She hadn’t so much as left a toothbrush in his quarters and he’d done his best not to violate her space either. Though he knew he’d been slipping. He couldn’t find his Yankees hat and he was pretty sure it was somewhere in her room. 

So sharing clothing? It hadn’t really come up. 

She was watching him more closely now, waiting for a reaction. Anybody else might not have noticed the vague note of tension in her posture as she waited - she was trained to hide such things after all - but he could see it. She was worried she’d crossed a line. 

But Clint had grown up with very few personal boundaries. And besides, there was absolutely nothing bad about seeing her wearing his clothes. 

“It’s a good look,” he commented, raking his eyes up and down her body, lingering for a moment on her exposed legs before raising his gaze back to meet hers. 

Her smile was a bit tentative, but growing in confidence by the second. 

“Yeah?” she asked with a coy arch to her brow. 

Clint smirked. 

“I mean, if we’re being honest, I prefer you in nothing but if clothes are unavoidable I can definitely get used to a view like this.” 

Natasha was the one smirking now as she slowly made her way back to the bed, climbing onto it and throwing a leg over his hips. She pushed him back onto the bed so she could straddle him properly. 

“Weren’t you going somewhere?” he teased, hands already sliding under the back of the t-shirt.

She leaned down and pressed a promising kiss to his jaw. 

“It can wait.”

me before reading syren: angie doesn’t write sep having ptsd at all and i hate it!! come on, angie, what’s up????

me after reading syren: I Was Wrong And I’m Sorry Angela

Tumblr be like

EXCUSE ME? I’ll have you know I identify as a genderfluid polyvoid aromantic mocha frappucino foxkin megaqueer attack helicopter swiss army knife demiboy and I’m OPPRESSED that you MISGENDERED ME YOU CIS SCUM.

Friends & Pets

Requested: In 20s and Shawn introduces you to his friends / “How could you forget your son’s birthday?!”

 a/n: these are on totally opposite spectrums but I PROMISE they work well together, just trust me ;) Feedback is also greatly appreciated!!

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“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few!”  You spoke to your sister into the Bluetooth connected to your car, “Can’t wait to see the little guy.”

           “Telling me he wasn’t house trained would’ve been helpful,” You heard your sister mumble into the phone, “He peed everywhere, Y/n.”

           You rolled your eyes, “I’m sure that’s not––“


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I’m proud of you. Your connection with the spirits and natural leadership… you remind me of dad.

Me @ ARMYS who can’t accept that not everyone has to praise your faves to heaven and back, much less like your group or agree with all your opinions, ARMYs who take people who disagree with them as automatic antis, thus justifying their intense hatred and harassment of said person who disagrees:


Get to know me meme: [ 1 / 5 ] favorite relationships

↳  Thilbo Bagginshield

Me.  I’ll vouch for him.  Now, I have travelled far with these dwarves through great danger, and if Thorin Oakenshield gives his word, then he will keep it.

Hello everyone, this is Taylor here asking for your help. If any of you haven’t noticed there is a lot going on in the kpop world today! On the bright side Min Yoongi dropped his mixtape and that’s so great, and on the not so bright side today we celebrate the birth of Kwon Ri Se, who tragically died in 2014. While this is a bitter sweet day, some fans are taking things to a nasty level. I’d like your help reporting @omojungkookiez on twitter because they have been posting some really nasty and disgusting things toward, not only fans morning and celebrating RiSe, but also other girl group lovers. All of the links are to this person’s tweets, if they do not work, let me know as I’ve saved them via screen shot. Please help me in reporting this horrible user!!