army gets down

me before reading syren: angie doesn’t write sep having ptsd at all and i hate it!! come on, angie, what’s up????

me after reading syren: I Was Wrong And I’m Sorry Angela

Tumblr be like

EXCUSE ME? I’ll have you know I identify as a genderfluid polyvoid aromantic mocha frappucino foxkin megaqueer attack helicopter swiss army knife demiboy and I’m OPPRESSED that you MISGENDERED ME YOU CIS SCUM.

Friends & Pets

Requested: In 20s and Shawn introduces you to his friends / “How could you forget your son’s birthday?!”

 a/n: these are on totally opposite spectrums but I PROMISE they work well together, just trust me ;) Feedback is also greatly appreciated!!

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“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few!”  You spoke to your sister into the Bluetooth connected to your car, “Can’t wait to see the little guy.”

           “Telling me he wasn’t house trained would’ve been helpful,” You heard your sister mumble into the phone, “He peed everywhere, Y/n.”

           You rolled your eyes, “I’m sure that’s not––“


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people who r actually SURPRISED by jins mbti type r the same people who havent spared him a single look since rookie king so….. idk what to tell u….. dksksksks where were all u experts when his short film was flopping

sturmazing  asked:

stomps in. or maybe stamps in? both are good. anyway, cups hands around mouth like that old human meme: what do you shout to find dustin in a crowd? " ALL YER FRIEN'S'R LAME, MY DUDE. " // you totally don't have to answer this with dustin just imagine she's in a room with all ur muses trying to find him or smth equally stupid

Do you know who she is?

The species seems familiar, but I’ve never seen her in my life. She certainly seems to think she owns the place, though, stomping in like that.

Did you hear what she said? Called us lame! I say we knock her down a peg or two for it.


Get to know me meme: [ 1 / 5 ] favorite relationships

↳  Thilbo Bagginshield

Me.  I’ll vouch for him.  Now, I have travelled far with these dwarves through great danger, and if Thorin Oakenshield gives his word, then he will keep it.


I’m proud of you. Your connection with the spirits and natural leadership… you remind me of dad.

  • Wash: Hold on a second. If all of the Federal Army ships are getting shot down...
  • Tucker: ...And all of the New Republic ships are getting shot down...
  • Wash: Then who has the resources to be shooting them down?
  • Everyone: ???
  • Control: NO WAY IN
  • Control: NO WAY OUT