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Requested: In 20s and Shawn introduces you to his friends / “How could you forget your son’s birthday?!”

 a/n: these are on totally opposite spectrums but I PROMISE they work well together, just trust me ;) Feedback is also greatly appreciated!!

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“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few!”  You spoke to your sister into the Bluetooth connected to your car, “Can’t wait to see the little guy.”

           “Telling me he wasn’t house trained would’ve been helpful,” You heard your sister mumble into the phone, “He peed everywhere, Y/n.”

           You rolled your eyes, “I’m sure that’s not––“


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me before reading syren: angie doesn’t write sep having ptsd at all and i hate it!! come on, angie, what’s up????

me after reading syren: I Was Wrong And I’m Sorry Angela

Tumblr be like

EXCUSE ME? I’ll have you know I identify as a genderfluid polyvoid aromantic mocha frappucino foxkin megaqueer attack helicopter swiss army knife demiboy and I’m OPPRESSED that you MISGENDERED ME YOU CIS SCUM.

If Edmure did use the Ford defence strategy you suggest and managed to bottle up the Lannisters, and thus stopping the riverlands from getting run through and wrecked, long enough for Robb to arrive with reinforcements and thus leaving the Lannisters stuck in the west, what is the Lannisters’ next moves? What does each of Tywin/Kevan/Jaime/Clegane, Tyrion/Clansmen, and Cersei/Joffrey do instead as their next move? Likewise, what does each of the other factions like Stannis, Renly, Varys, and Littlefinger do differently?

Well, I imagine Tywin, Kevan, Jaiime, and Tyrion would re-orientate their armies to get down the Gold Road to defend King’s Landing from both north and south.

As for the other factions, well, Renly might walk more gently with the Starks since they’d have more troops in the field/be less bogged down in their own lands. But otherwise I see stuff happening close to OTL - Stannis still needs Renly’s army, etc.


Get to know me meme: [ 1 / 5 ] favorite relationships

↳  Thilbo Bagginshield

Me.  I’ll vouch for him.  Now, I have travelled far with these dwarves through great danger, and if Thorin Oakenshield gives his word, then he will keep it.