army fail

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TST is really an episode where supposedly amazing characters make disappointingly dumb af decisions

- Supposedly Loyal John gets into affair

- Supposedly Badass Super Agent Mary gets maimed by a 90-year old cat lady with a cone haircut, never mind that she has better reflexes, training and insight. never mind that she probably has had a gun pointed at her for 80% of her life and would’ve known better than to jump in front of a bullet if the goal is to save somebody

- Supposedly Genius Sherlock Holmes openly agitates villain with the gun. Well okay that’s not the first time. Sherlock gets a pass

- Supposedly trained army doctor John fails to even have a fighting chance at saving Mary. Isn’t ballistic wounds and trauma supposed to be HIS AREA?

- Supposedly weight-conscious, and most powerful man on England, Mycroft eats junk take out and nurses an empty fridge. Never mind that he could literally buy a vegetable farm or hire a fridge butler to mind his fridge. Seriously Mycroft, get it together

What the Houses Watch On YouTube
  • Gryffindor: Vine/Fail Army
  • Slytherin: True Horror Stories
  • Ravenclaw: Things You Didn't Know About _______
  • Hufflepuff: Top 10 DIY Things To Do At Home

i hope after todays wings tour first concert in brazil everyone realize how passionate we are. brazilian armys never fail to make the boys smile. i know how hard armys work and cheer for them all around the world, but i cant help but to be proud of MY PEOPLE making them smile the way they did. thanks brazilian armys, we are truly a beautiful family 🇧🇷❤️