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One of the munitions we had in Vietnam was filled with small sub-munitions about the size of a D-cell flashlight battery. Each munition had 256 of these small sub-munitions. When dropped from a helicopter, each one would cover an area the size of a football field with a thick cloud of [riot control] agent. The munition was so popular with the fighting troops on the ground that we couldn’t get enough of them to fill all requests. 

Being a bright young guy, I invented a munition made from RCA [riot control agent] grenades (grenades weren’t in great demand because you had to be within throwing distance from the enemy to use them, and soldiers don’t like to get THAT close to the enemy if not necessary!). I filled wooden boxes with grenades, each of which had the “pin” pulled and the handle held in place by it’s packing container. I rigged the box so it would fall apart just above the ground when dropped from the right altitude in a helicopter. The grenades would then spill out, fall out of their packing containers, and start burning. Each of these munitions, which I called a BFOG, pronounced “Beefhog” for “Box Full of Grenades,” would also cover a football-sized area. 

I received an Army Commendation Medal for inventing that munition, and we had a hard time making enough of them to keep up with demand.

Captain P.F. Brake, US Army Chemical Corps

Men of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps demonstrate flamethrowers during an Army War Show - 1942.
The show was put together by the War Department to show the Army’s newest weapons, boost recruitment and raise money for the Army Emergency Relief Fund. The show toured eighteen U.S. cities and were seen by sellout crowds.

Alright, so the American Horror Story: Freak Show finale just finished and loyal fans of the show are ALREADY predicting what the possible theme of the next season could be (let’s just say I’m not surprised). Although Ryan Murphy has left us a couple clues as to what AHS S5 might be about, it’s still very vague and kind of murky.

In several of his interviews, the show’s creator mentioned that there would be several clues scattered throughout the season. Many viewers picked up on a top hat being a subtle but recurring theme throughout, and this was only confirmed when the infamous ‘Edward Mordrake’ appeared in the show’s Halloween Special.

On an unofficial social media account that has recently been deleted, two pictures were posted. One of a corn field and another of an old farm house (Possibly similar to the one from Asylum, fingers crossed?) Which led some viewers to believe the next season one take place in a rural area, possibly Alabama or Texas. 

One of the strongest theories at the moment, being supported by the Top Hat theme in the series AND the unofficial pictures posted on social media, is that the next season will focus on Operation Top Hat, a field exercise conducted by the US Army Chemical Corps in 1953. The studies were known for their biological and chemical testing that involved human subjects as their target. 

Theories of aliens are also being tossed around quite a bit. So.. what’s in store for fans this fall when American Horror Story premiers it’s 5th season? We’ve got top hats, corn fields, and farm houses, but there’s also rumors that it’s going to take place in the ocean, or possibly not even on our planet. At this point, Ryan Murphy probably doesn’t even know. 

Clues Behind 'American Horror Story' Season 5

We’re just barely into the fourth season of “American Horror Story,” but fans are eagerly trying to figure out what will happen next season.

(Spoiler alert if you don’t want to know even the mildest speculation about Season 5.)

Ryan Murphy has said in multiple interviews that clues regarding the fifth season are scattered throughout the first few episodes of “Freak Show.” In his most recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy confirmed a major clue that has since set off a whole slew of theories. In Episode 4, “Edward Mordrake (Part 2),” a cop hands Emma Roberts’ Maggie a coffee cup with a top hat printed on it. “That is a big season five clue!” Murphy told EW of the top hat. “It’s an arcane clue, but it’s very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you’ll be like, ‘Oh! You dirty [bastard]’

Avid fans on Reddit have since discovered two other appearances of the same top hat this season. The first two are in Episode 2 when a close-up shows the hat on two coffee cups held by the assistant at the local toy store.

The second time the hat pops up is in the diner scene when Evan Peters’ Jimmy takes the “freaks” out to eat. The top hat can be seen on the front of the restaurant menus — it seems that all of the coffee cups are coming from what looks to be The Top Hat Diner. Let’s also not forget that Edward Mordrake wears a top hat.

Redditor ace_VXIII posted a fan theory on the series’ subreddit last week that seems to be the most convincing one yet. This one proposes that the top hat may signify Operation Top Hat, a “local field exercise” that occurred in Alabama in 1953, one year after the events of “Freak Show.” The operation involved the United States Army Chemical Corps testing biological and chemical weapons, mustard gas, and nerve gas for decontamination. However, the experiment was never submitted to the Secretary of the Army for approval and those involved in the tests were supposedly not informed of the circumstances. This sounds like creepy, secretive “AHS” material if you ask us.

The theory suggests that if the top hats do relate to the 1953 operation, Season 5 could deal with human experimentation in addition to government conspiracies and extraterrestrials, which has also been a popular fan theory. The nuclear testing suggestion has also been supported on Reddit when users noticed the mushroom clouds behind Jimmy earlier this season and connected them to Area 51 and Mercury, Nevada, where there was nuclear testing beginning in the ’50s. These theories then spurred a “Hills Have Eyes” theory about such experiments leading to mutants. Could all of these be connected in some way, and most specifically, could they relate to Pepper? Let’s not forget that Pepper was abducted by aliens in Season 2, and Murphy has said that all the seasons are connected.

Many of the fan theories related to Area 51 and aliens have used (supposed) clues from “Freak Show” to predict that Season 5 will take place in space — there’s Elsa Mars’ surname, the fact that she sang Bowie’s “Life On Mars,” and other various space-related imagery. But Murphy has outright denied those claims, saying the next season is “land-bound and takes place in the United States.” Before Murphy revealed the top hat clue, he previously said all the fan theories he’d read online were wrong.

We wonder what he thinks of the Operation Top Hat one.