army cake

Jin stole TWO army bombs tonight at two separate times, I hope this means he was having a blast


Having some fun making the KISS - CREATURES OF THE NIGHT Devil’s Food Cake, as seen in the hit music video, “I Love It Loud”.

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Preston once you take over the world which family members will you make do what?

Oh, I’m definitely going to run the entire world one day. When I do, I have a few roles assigned for some people under the Preston World Order.

Mom will be my second in command. No one has the nerve to cross her path and I am pretty sure she’d take a bullet for me if anyone dared to threaten me.

Dad will be responsible for all financial order. He’s good at money management and stuff. He isn’t allowed to limit the amount I want to spend at any time. Ever. And no lectures about money not growing on trees. I WILL MAKE MONEY GROW ON TREES!

Phillip will be my chauffeur. For all the times he rolls his eyes and complains about having to drive me anywhere, I will make him drive me all the time. He will also be responsible for giving me piggyback rides when I am tired.

Beau will be in charge of intel and will find out if anyone is scheming against me. That’s a pretty easy job for him since he likes snooping around anyway. Plus, he pisses me off the least, so I won’t assign him with any grunt work.

Sydney is in charge of cleaning up all of my dogs’ poops. He thinks he’s such hot shit sometimes, so let him be in charge of it. I plan to have a whole army of dogs, which Chanel will command, so that’s a lot of work for him.

Quincy is in charge of getting my favorite sweets and candies. Sounds like a decent gig, right? WRONG! He isn’t allowed to eat a single sweet thing unless I say so. He just has to get me all the good stuff. I’d put a shock collar on him if he dares to eat a sweet without me knowing. That will teach him for hiding his candy stash from me!

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Did you read the new chapter?? Little luffy army bursting out of cake lmao his entrance shooked katakuri xD. What do u think about pudding is she actually repenting/guilty or just acting like a victem?

(i appreciate the enthusiasm, but in the future please don’t message me about info from the chapter until it’s actually been fully released!!  i hate seeing spoilers)

i do love how, like, 2 seconds into this katakuri’s already like “what the hell is going on, we’re fucked” lol that’s the effect luffy has on people

i’m not really….surprised by the whole pudding thing since it’s pretty typical of oda, and i do think her reaction was real- i don’t think it necessarily means she’s no longer a villain tho.(i hope not)  also: i love the flashback panel of her stabbing the kid tbh Get Em Pudding


Favorite Characters 118/∞: Elliot Reid (Scrubs)

You look great! Except, the buzz-cut has kind of tapped into this recurring dream I have where my dad makes me marry this army colonel named Johnny Cakes who, as it turns out, already has a wife in the Philippines. Anyways, she and I become friends, but then she smothers him with her thighs and then frames me for it.


Piece of Cake? (Elise x Takumi) 

Takumi sighed.

“All right, let’s get this over with.”

“That’s the spirit!” Elise cheered. “We’ll make the best cake this army has ever seen!”

The archer pulled out a sheet of paper. “All right, then… We’re making vegan chocolate cake.”

Elise raised her eyebrows. “Whoa is that, like, double the chocolate or something?”

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Hyukjae saw the birthday cake that ELF had sent him~ ^^

160404 CBB Fanacc :

Today my friend, a V-ELF came to Chocolat Bonbon and had a chance to talk with Hyukjae’s mom. Hyuk mom said that Hyukjae was still doing well, eating and sleeping well. 

My friend told her that she was from Vietnam. Hyuk mom said “Ah, I sent a picture of the cake from Vietnam ELF to Eunhyuk.” Then she run to the kitchen to brought her phone out and showed my friend the capture of her and Eunhyuk’s conversation include the picture of my birthday cake. (c)

* Hyukjae’s mom had shared ELF’s birthday cake on Twitter.

Hyuk mom said she was too touched so she cried

160404 CBB Fanacc :

Hyuk mom said she was too touched so she cried (because of Hyukjae’s birthday) Talked to Hyuk mom and she said Hyukjae is in the army today and he won’t be come (to celebrate his birthday with his mom) And she misses him too because she can only wait for Hyuk’s call. But they are able to KKT on some nights. And she shared her KKT messages with Hyuk with us.

Hyukjae will have a performance at Jinhe

I asked Hyuk mom why isn’t Hyukjae’s letter coming and she said because he’s busy preparing the performance at Jinhe and has no time to write. And she will convey the message to Hyukjae that we ELFs are missing his letters. She was so active in telling us to attend the event at Jinhae. The event date at Jinhae is from 4th of April to 10th of April.

Hyuk mom was really nice and kind. She greeted and talked to every single ELF that were at CBB.  (c)

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So my mom works at a bakery, and she decorates cakes. Most of the time, she gets generic orders, but once in a while, she'll get brony cakes. As in, Happy 30th birthday (name) with a picture of rainbow dash on it. But today, she was forced to decorate a Skydoesminecraft cake. With the text "Happy Birthday, Sky army memeber (name)! The cake came complete with squids, golden swords, and a picture of sky's skin. I feel so bad for my mother


taehyung with his birthday cake ^_^