army bags

So I was serious about doing concept art for Shadow and Bone, I have started a digital process and thought to start with Alina. Here we have the First Army Uniform (sans bag and rifle for now), her Winter Fête dress, and lastly a really not-what-I-had-in-mind Kefta (missing the cuffs). 

I thought I would post it now seeing as my new semester is starting and that I will not be able to do much else than homework.

I will try to do more concepts of the above concepts, and other characters. I’m gettin’ there…eventually. 


19-year-old Caroline Reed Robertson developed a bizarre obsession with 15-year-old dancer Rachel Barber. Manipulate Caroline stalked Rachel from afar before befriending her and gaining her trust and also that of her parents, who eventually hired Caroline as a babysitter to Rachel and her siblings. Self-loathing, Caroline would draw pictures of herself in her journal and inscribe them with hateful words about herself and her own appearance. However, these journal entries soon began focusing on Rachel and the jealousy she felt. Soon, Carolin began plotting how she would kill Rachel and move away and assume her identity.

Caroline concocted a plan to lure Rachel to her own apartment under the pretence of earning $500 to take part in a psychological survey on 1 March, 1999. Rachel agreed - she believed she could trust Caroline. One inside the apartment, Rachel was drugged with laced pizza and strangled to death with a telephone cord: “Drug Rachel (toxic over mouth), put body into army bags and disfigure and dump somewhere way out. No car…” said the journal entry written by Caroline. The body of Rachel lay in the apartment for two days while her family franticly searched for her. Caroline then took the body to her father’s farm and buried her beside her cat which she had buried years earlier. She then applied for a large bank loan to begin her new life; little did she know the police were in the process of linking her to the disappearance of Rachel via phone records.

Caroline was eventually arrested and readily confessed. When her house was searched, an application for a birth certificate in the name of “Rachel Elizabeth Barber” was discovered. Caroline had obsessed over Rachel because she was “pure” and everything that Caroline had wished to be and this obsession proved to be fatal. Caroline later revealed that at one point, the veil lifted and she reconsidered killing Rachel - she thought for a mere moment that she had gone too far before going ahead with the murder anyway. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison with a minimum term of 14 ½ years. Caroline was paroled in 2015. Rachel’s parents opposed her parole but expressed their wishes that Caroline, who has shown no remorse, be left alone to be able to re-enter society and hopefully give something back. 


Jaejoong smiles shyly during the launching of Moldir store in Busan
Vid cr: congjyj

160723 Heechul Fanmeeting in Beijing

Heechul: We’re Super Junior if we succeed. We’re Super Junior even if we fail. We’re Super Junior even if we fight. Even if we hate it, we’re still Super Junior. Even after marriage, we’re still Super Junior. We’re Super Junior if we have a lot of fans. We’re still Super Junior even if fans leave. We’ve already come to this stage where we’re stuck in the mud,you’ve stopped spouting nonsense right? What you’ve seen is getting better and better, let’s walk to the end together and you won’t be seeing a 2nd group like us. We were together at our most difficult time, we were also together at the time when we received our highest award. Fighting day and night for 10 over years and once we hug and encourage each other, we revive immediately. We’ve been acknowledged as King of Hallyu. No matter how difficult the road is, as long as we’re together, we will have everything.

english tran by eunhaes_

Marshmallow Dreams

Imagine a pocket-sized you with your arms squished around a soft, sugary marshmallow as you waddle over to the other ones you lined up on the coffee table. This was the fifth one you carried over, but they were going just as quick as Jimin could throw them.

The rules to the game you and Jimin (mostly Jimin) were playing was simple. If the marshmallow made it into Namjoon’s loud, snoring pie hole (or more like marshmallow hole) it was ten points. If it hit his chin, cheeks, or nose it was five points, and if it hit his eyes or forehead it was only one point. So far Jimin had twenty seven points and a few close calls of Namjoon waking up from his nap.

The last one bounced off of Namjoon’s forehead and landed in his hair with the other five Jimin overshot. Jimin eyed the very last marshmallow before he pinches it in between his adorable short fingers. With his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth and eyes squinted in concentration, you stand on your tippy toes to get a better view of the target before Jimin flicks his wrist forward and lets it go. You both watch the fluffy sweet treat fly through air and straight into Namjoon’s mouth. A wide smile is on Jimin’s face as he turns to you for a high five with his pointer finger, but you both stop where you are with big eyes. You both look over to see Namjoon coming out of his nap and you two don’t have time to stay so Jimin picks you up from the table making a run for his room. But before he can shut the door you can hear Namjoon coughing and confused on why there were so many damn marshmallows around him.

So my favorite P story is that when he was sixteen years old or so, we still occasionally caught him playing with army men and other action figures in the bathtub complete with silly voices and crashing them into the bubble bath and he eventually stopped being embarrassed about it and was like, “This is who I am, whatever. Y’all are weird, too.”

My brother is now a 33 year old US Army war veteran and I bet he would still do it if given the opportunity.

ETA: I just texted S. P’s 33rd birthday is 3/31. We should send him a bag of army men and a bath bomb and tell him to take a day to be himself.