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Ivar’s Heathen Army Welcome Kit

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And then a lot of the fun around here comes from the glorious fanfiction; I think out of my body of work my starter fic is probably Summer is Coming, I’m sure others will reblog and add theirs to the swag bag too ;)

Lost - 12.23 Coda

He grabbed a pair of pants, a few shirts, and threw them into the green army duffel bag on his bed. Dean is unable to think, or even take a deep breath at this point. All he knows is that he’s going to fix this. Sam is downstairs, keeping a watchful eye on Jack. Jack, what a fucking name for the fucking anti-christ, Dean thinks bitterly. If it weren’t for him, Cas wouldn’t–

Dean stops himself. He can’t think it, he can’t dwell on it. He doesn’t need to because he will fix it. His chest tightens and he feels an emptiness that he should have been used to; god how many times had he lost the ones he loved. It hurts just the same; no, worse. How many times did he need to watch Cas die?

A pile of cassettes in the corner grabbed his eye and Dean could feel a sob catch in his throat. He ignored it, swallowing his feelings, much like he was swallowing the urge to drown himself in liquor, as he was also know to do. He wrapped a hand around the straps of his duffel bag and swung it over his shoulder with a huff. It was loaded with every weapon he could find. Dean’s not sure what’s out there, but he planned to be ready for it.

He took the stairs two at a time, his lips set in a hard line as he ignored the destruction in their bunker. He didn’t have it in him to care anymore. Sam was talking quietly with Jack, a soft expression on his face.

Dean hated Jack. Well, he wanted to hate him. Truthfully, the guy didn’t know anything. He didn’t have anyone, but well…he had a memory of a promise; of a guy in an ugly trench coat with deep blue sad eyes, who’d promised to take care of him. Dean wasn’t sure that was enough but that was all they had to go on.

It had taken hours for Sam to pry Dean from Cas’ side, where he’d knelt and felt the world crumble around him. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t move. It was as if time was moving slowly and he could only watch from the sidelines. Sometime when the sun came up, Sam had finally been able to bring Dean inside. With a deep breathe Sam had told him, “Jack can bring Cas back”.

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Welcome To The End Of The World

Originally posted by brothersinsync

Summary: The reader wakes up one day after an accident and finds herself in a nightmare scenario…

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader (eventual)

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language, zombie apocalypse, mentions of blood & death

A/N: If you’ve seen the show you might have noticed I used the start of TWD as a basis for exposing reader into this world…

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Familiar Taste of Poison

Summary: it had been five years, Cain never expected to see you again alive or dead but here you stood. will he be able to resist his urges of will it all be too much for the father of murder?

Pairing: Cain X Reader

Warnings: Angst! Dub/Con! Smut! Fluff!

Exclaimer: Dubious consent! Do not read if triggering! Based on “Familiar taste of poison” by Halestorm! Requested by @mikki-hear

Now you had gotten yourself into a fair few situations that would render most people dead, and this time was no exception. You decided to take on a nest of vampires, it seemed like easy work. It was small and you caught them off guard…or so you thought. The main nest was less than two towns over, once they had heard that their minor nest had been destroyed they made it their mission to track you down and kill you how you killed them…death by fire.

You had, had two close brushes with them now, each time leaving you more injured and more vulnerable. It was time to ask for help again. So here you were standing in front of Sam and Dean Winchester, accompanied by their pet angel Castiel.

“The only thing I can think of is to send you away (y/n).” You nodded; you didn’t smile even though in your mind nothing sounded better than a break from the hunter’s life, even if it was just for a weekend.

“So, we’ll send you to Cain, he’ll be able to take care of you while we deal with your problem.” You were quickly pulled violently from your own thoughts at the mention of the name Cain. Your eyes grew wide as your stared at the Winchester men in disbelief.

“Actually it doesn’t matter; I’ll deal with it myself.” The last thing you wanted to do was spend an extended weekend with the former knight to hell. Dean and Sam looked at each other before looking to you.

“(Y/n) you came to us for help, we offer you somewhere safe to wait it out & you say ‘it doesn’t matter’?” You fidgeted on the spot. The boys didn’t know your past with the former knight of hell, & you hoped to god that you would never have to face your past or that man ever again.

“Fine…but I don’t want him anywhere near me.” Sam and dean looked at each other and shrugged, not even thinking for a second that the reason you were against staying with the former knight of hell was because the two of you had already met, and left on rather terse terms.

Cain was sat in his living room, his fingers gripping the arms of his chair harshly at the mention of your name. After all these years he had thought you had left the country or even worse died. He didn’t believe that you would stay, and yet you were so close he could already smell that deep dusty rose scented perfume you used to wear around him.

He growled, his nails ripping through the arms of the chair causing the filling to fall out onto the hardwood floor. He stood up violently, Dean and Sam Winchester had told him to be there in an hour, barely half an hour had past and he was already too eager to he what had become of the woman who had been able to escape him.

Before a human blink of an eye, he was stood in the men of letter bunker, his long grey hair pulled back into a bun, as he wore a plain white cotton shirt & dark blue jeans. Sam and Dean stood up at the former knight of Hell’s arrival, as soon as they recognised it was Cain, both of them visibly relaxed.

“(Y/N) is in the library I’ll go and get her.” Cain watched the tallest of the Winchester brothers, Sam walk away towards the woman he so eagerly awaited. As soon as Sam removed himself from the room, Cain’s attention was suddenly brought back to the eldest Winchester.

“I don’t know what (Y/N)’s got against you, but pretty much she wants you to stay away from her, I think it might be the whole Knight of hell thing, so…yeah, don’t get on her bad side.” Cain pursed his lips in a tight line trying to hide the bared teeth he wished to show. He knew the reason why she didn’t want him near her. Cain gave a stiff nod as he began to hear approaching footsteps and hushed voices.

“Sam can’t I just stay here?” your worried voice automatically caught Cain attention as you rounded the corner into the war room. You took in a sharp breath as you saw him. The former knight of hell, from what you could see the only thing that had changed about him was his hair; instead of being cut short it was long. Suddenly images of your fingers running through his long grey hair filled your head, you bit your lip from suddenly moaning, as your mind filled with images of the life you once held with the demon before you.

“(Y/N), Cain’s agreed to protect you while we dispose of the vamps, he has also agreed to stay away from you.” Both you and Cain looked at Dean with wide eyes as he said this. Cain had agreed to protect you, but staying away from you, that was an impossible task. He could already feel himself leaning towards you, there was an animalistic magnetism between the two of you that neither of your could deny, no matter how hard you tried.

You looked from Dean to Cain to see his jaw set on edge as he pulled his piercing steel like gaze away from the eldest Winchester, Cain had obviously not agreed to stay away from you, and with that, your heart hammered in your chest in fear and anticipation. Cain slowly turned his head and looked across the room at you, and you froze. This was the first time in over five years you had looked into this man’s eyes, you could see that something had changed, there was a darkness there that had been absent for years previously. It made your heart suddenly stutter, you had hoped there would be a shred of the man you had left behind in those eyes, but you saw nothing of him.

“Thank you, Dean and Sam, just call me and I’ll be back out there.” Both of the boys nodded with a small smile on their lips. Cain watched as Sam kept a hand on the small of your back as he held you over to him. Cain tried to take the gesture lightly but felt the red hot burn of jealousy in his gut. Cain gave a taut nodded to Sam Winchester and then to Dean Winchester before placing a hand on your shoulder.

You froze, debating whether you should pull away and run. Could you survive a weekend alone with him? And what would you be after it? Before you could even give the boys a panicked look, the world shifted around you. You lurched forward, landing on the cold hardwood floor on your hand and knees. You hadn’t had much experience in teleportation making your stomach knotted violently, as you desperately tried to breathe.

“Thanks…for …the warning.” You panted out as your (Y/H/C) hair created a curtain around your face. You heard the floor boards creek around you till Cain’s brown oxford covered feet where the only thing you could see before you. You slowly moved back to sit on your feet to stare up at the imposing figure before you.

“Like Dean Winchester said…I…unwillingly at best, agreed to leave you alone. If you need me I will be in the garden or log shed. There is food and drink in the fridge if you find yourself hungry.” Cain tried to sound as passive as possible as he looked down at you. He had seen you in that very position so many times, for many other reasons, and most of that reason included you lacking clothing. He desperately tried to shake those memories from his mind as he looked away from you.

Before you could utter a thank you, or even a noise of acknowledgement he turned on his heel and straight out of the door into the lush green garden surrounding the cabin. You let out a long breath as you slowly stood up on shaky legs. Cain had surprised you in being so passive, after the way you left thing you were surprised how calm he was.

Five years ago…

“I can’t live thinking what if, Cain!” you stood there as Cain threw a china teapot across the room, it landed against the wall behind you sprinkling the hardwood floor with a fine powder at the force of the impact. You stood there unflinching as he stalked towards me, his hands running through his hair gripping it by the root as he stared at you.

“We were meant to be (Y/N), we found each other and now you want to throw that all away, on what!? Just in case that I’m not the one for you?! Just in case that this animalistic and natural draw to each other means nothing at all?!” his tall muscle bound figure loomed over you, his eyes glazed over in rage as he looked down at you.

All these years you had never seen him like this, He had understood your reluctance, to be with him to being with, he was a knight of hell, the first demon and you were a hunter, and yet he waited for you. Soon you realised that you could not deny the draw you had to the father of murder. But you couldn’t help the feeling that you belonged to a man, a normal mortal man.

“What if that is all this is Cain!? What if it’s just lust!? I have never heard you say I love you back, and I deserve that! Or at least hear it once!” Cain took a step back, he could remember every time you had said, that you loved him, he could remember when you screamed it in the throes of ecstasy, or when you quietly murmured it before falling asleep from exhaustion.

“leave.” That all you heard him say, as he continued to take steps away from you. You looked at him with wide eyes, you expected him to finally say it to say those three all-important words, but no instead he was turning his back on you, on the relationship he was so viciously fighting for.

“Fine.” You wanted your voice to sound stronger, but instead, it came out defeated and lacklustre. You grabbed your army duffle bag, as Cain kept his hunched back to you. You felt a sob choke you but you kept it down, you would rather suffocate that let him see you broken.

You pushed out of the wood cabin door letting it slam against the cabin wall, as your leather boots crunched against the gravel path leading towards the edge of Cain’s property where you bike had sat beneath a cover for the past few months. You breathed in and out through your nose making sure that Cain wouldn’t hear your painful sobbing as you threw away the bike cover and straddled the worn leather seat.

You started the engine with no problem, as you stood there staring at the house that had become your home for the past few years, only to see it as some empty and broken piece of yourself and the knight of hell you thought loved you.

Present day…

The axe hammered down of each log of wood effortlessly slicing it in two. He needed something to take his frustration, his rage out on. As he heard your quiet footsteps move throughout the cabin, he heard the door to your old room slowly open, as you walked inside. He watched from outside through your bedroom window as you walked around the room.

You wanted to say nothing had changed but the bed sheets were crumpled and ruffled in fits of rough sleep. You gingerly sat down on the edge of your old bed; the bed sheet smelled like him, they smelled like damp earth and morning dew. He didn’t smell like sulphur, he smelled like the world before man slowly began to destroy it.

You looked at your bedside table and saw a picture of the two of you, a Polaroid you took one day. It had a warm red tint to it as you took if from the porch as you and Cain watched the sun set. Your lips were pressed against his cheek and his chiselled lips held a pleasant smile you had missed all these years. When the picture was taken, you would have said there was nothing but love in his eyes, but now you knew that wasn’t true. It was an illusion, a way to make you stay. You sighed and placed the photo frame down.

You slowly lied back on the bed, your (Y/H/C) hair fanning out around you. The smell of Cain and your conditioner filled your senses. You let out a small moan, you couldn’t help it that smell brought back so many memories for you. You couldn’t help arching against the bed as you closed your eyes.

Cain forced his eyes closed and sighed out heavily. He could hear you, he could hear the quiet moans you made as you rutted against your old bed sheets he had occupied for years, he couldn’t bring himself to wash them, but as the years went by the smell of you faded and was replaced purely by him.

Cain slammed the axe into the ground before running his hands through his hair. Cain growled as he heard you pant and arch against the bed covered. Before he could even think of his actions he was inside the room looming over you, he watched silently as you lay there you flannel shirt dragged up your body.

Cain couldn’t help his own actions as he heard your heavy panting beneath him. He lunged forward pinned your arching body to the body, pressing yourself tightly against him. Your eyes shot open in shock as you looked up to see Cain, all storm grey eyes and barred teeth as his large rough hand wrapped around your wrists.

“Get off me, Cain.” You spoke through clenched teeth as you felt his muscular broad-shouldered body press into yours. You tried to sound convincing, you needed to stay strong; you couldn’t end up back here for the rest of your life. You couldn’t lie here with him at peace with the idea that a Knight of hell was the man you were made for.

Cain just looked down at you. His eyes searched yours to see nothing but resistance. He knew you still felt something for him, even though he was the one who let you go so easily. He moved his face closer to yours only making your push your own head deeper into the bed till your neck was straining. You turned your face away; your breathing was laboured as you began to panic.

It had been so long since he had been this close to you. He smelled like the earth, old and tainted, there was something refreshing and dark. Your body practically hummed in pleasure at being this close to him, you pressed your legs together hoping to hide your betraying arousal from the knight of hell as he pinned you. You choked on your breaths sobbing almost as your closed your eyes.

Cain watched as you became torn between what your mind wanted and your body needed. He could smell your thick heady arousal, as your body almost begged him to take you even though his watched your panic stricken feature scream stop. He could have been a gentleman and back away, but that last time he didn’t that he lost you for five whole years, and he wasn’t about to let that happen again.

You let out a broken sob as you felt Cain’s lips skim across the barred side of your neck. His teeth grazing the taut skin that lay there. You screwed your eye closed hoping to bloke out the torturous feeling of his tongue travelling across the marks he had just made on your skin. Cain happily sighed against your soft skin as he lapped at it. Your skin tasted of sweat and something uniquely you, Cain skimmed his teeth over the taut tendon pressed against the skin of your neck making you arch and sob again, Cain felt your tug at his restraining hands, only making him move both of your small wrists into one large hand.

“Cain.” You gasped his name in a feeble attempt for him to listen to you as his now free hand slowly slide down the side of your neck making your shiver, and it travelled across your chest. His fingers kneaded the soft flesh of your breast that ay beneath your bra. You gasped and sobbed and Cain continued to feel you. You gasped as if you were begging for oxygen, your nails scraped across Cain’s worn fingers as he held you helpless.

Cain Slowly moved his hand to the centre of your chest, his fingers pulled at your flannel scattering buttons across the room you gasped as the cold air hit your body only for that coldness to be replaced my Cain’s hot breath as he grasped the centre of your T-shirt bra and brutal pulled ripping the fabric from your body.

“Cain wait.” You begged the demon before you as his warm rough hand ghosted across your breasts causing the nipples to peak in arousal. Cain’s hand flexed around your wrists, his mind fantasised about your running your hands through his hair pulling at it as he slowly pleasured you, but he knew you would push him away any chance you got.

“Cain.” Your voice became more demanding as he pressed his cheek against your chest and sighed heavily. This wasn’t just because he wanted you, you could feel it. You felt his painful heart beat against your stomach and his hard erection pressed against your thigh. Cain didn’t look up at you, he just slowly moved his cheek off your chest and with a strong stroke of his tongue made you whimper like all those years ago.

His tongue and teeth worked in tandem to tease, and soothe your nipples as he mercilessly played your body like a fiddle, pulling high pitched whines and exasperated gasps from your mouth. You pulled against his restraining hands, you wanted to touch him to show him you wanted it but he was adamant. His supernatural strength kept you pinned to the bed as he moved a knee between your legs pushing the apart. His fingers found the copper button holding together the jeans and quickly pulled it through the button loop allowing enough slack for him to pull the fabric down your legs.

“Cain please, let me touch you.” Cain heard you beg to touch him, you finally looked up at you and saw the thin tear tracks from eth corner of your eyes, the swollen lips, the wide pupil threatening to consume your whole gaze, he watched as you licked your bottom lip before dragging your teeth across. You knew how to play him like a finely tuned instrument. He knew this could all be a well-manufactured plan to make him let you go.

“I can’t (Y/N).” Cain’s voice was strained and broken as his grip increased on your wrists. You stomach tightened as you looked down at the knight of hell as his fingers hooked the edge of your lace panties and quickly tugged them down your legs. He couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to feel you, after all, these years, he had only just realised how much he needed you.

Cain couldn’t bring himself to look up at you keeping his broken features hidden behind a curtain of grey hair as his hand tore at his own clothing leaving them in tattered rags on the floor before lining himself up with you. How he wished to have you willingly, how he wished that he could have you any other way but this. He took in a deep breath and spoke just as he thrust, sheathing himself in you completely.

“I love you (Y/N).” You screamed as he stretched you. You arched as your body shook, Cain was the only man could make you feel like this, make you feel so complete, no matter how many times you tried there was no other man like Cain. Cain’s spine arched upwards he leant over your body, his head resting in the crook of your neck as he slowly withdrew himself from you, to sharply thrust back into you. You moaned and sobbed as he hit that wonderful spot deep within your body no other man could reach. You buried your face in Cain long grey hair as he violently thrust into you as if this was the last time he would ever feel you like this.

Cain grunted and moaned against the skin of your neck, his teeth biting and tongue soothing as your teeth raked across his shoulder. Cain arched into you at the beautiful pain making him loose his grip on your wrists. Cain felt your move your hands and before he could restrain you again, he felt your wrap your arms around his neck, as you pushed your hands into his long grey hair, tugging it as your nails dug into his scalp.

Cain’s now free hand cupped your cheek as he finally looked at you with his steel grey eyes. His thrusts became less rushed and violent, the slowed but were no less powerful as he hit your G-spot with determined accuracy. He gasped and moaned and his other hand travelled across your body making you shiver with its gentle touches.

You arched up pressing yourself against the father of murder; Cain’s lips worshipped your skin, as he felt you grow tighter around him. He knew you were close he could hear the ecstasy-driven prayers flow from your lips, the begging for release, the pleas and the blasphemy, like a pray just for him. Cain slowly brought his lips to yours. His lip only just brushing yours, he needed you to kiss him; he needed to know what you needed him just as much as he needed you.

Your grasp tightened on Cian long grey hair as you pulled his lips down yours. He moaned against your lips as his tongue teased your bottom lip begging entrance with you gladly granted him. You moaned at the taste of him, it was clean and all too natural. You angled your lips against him deepening the kiss as Cain thrusts became erratic. You painfully pressed your lips to his, you both chased your orgasms, hoping to finish together rather than further apart.

Cain pressed his forehead against your and looked down into your ecstasy glazed (Y/E/C) eyes as he continued to violently thrust into you. Cain ghosted his chapped lips over yours before speaking those words he neglected for so long.

“I love you (Y/N).” you could see all the sincerity in the world as you looked up into his eyes, Cain wasn’t a man to mince words, or waste them, meaning that he knew what he was saying and why he was saying it. You pulled his face down into the crook of your neck and raised your hips from the bed allowing Cain to fuck you more deeply pushing you to the very edge, to where you were holding on my a single finger nail.

“I love you too Cain.” Your voice was a whimper, as you tightened painfully around him pulling you both over the edge into ecstasy. Cain continued to thrust into you as you slowly pulled your nails from his scalp and your teeth from his shoulder. You felt a few unshed tears fall from the corners of your eyes as you lay there beneath the former Knight of hell. His hands smoothed over your curves and hair trying to comfort you in some way, as you both lay there, your fingers drew patterns lazily across his back and shoulders and Cain sighed heavily against your neck.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N).” Cain couldn’t help feeling guilty for his initial actions, he knew you needed him as well, but he couldn’t help thinking there was definitely more of an organic way for you to show your feeling for him again besides pinning you to your own bed till you unwillingly admitted them. But he also felt guilt for all those years ago, for not saying those words, for not saying them so many times.

“I know Cain.” Cain slowly lifted his head from the curve of your neck and looked down at you. He leant down and placed a gentle kiss on your swollen lips. Cain slowly moved rolling onto his back and pulling you along with him to allow you to rest on his broad chest.

You both gave a heavy sigh as the only thing that hung between you was a comfortable silence. You felt like this could easily turn into an extended vacation, as you pressed your lips to Cain’s chest causing him to hum appreciatively before pulling you tighter against him allowing him to wrap both of his long across around you as he shifted onto his side. He smiled against his warm chest as you closed your eyes.

“I love you Cain.”

“I love you, too (Y/N).”

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Aunt Carrie

Aunt Carrie was always her favorite aunt.

Well, she was her only aunt, but still, Maggie loved her.

She loved her farm and all the animals that she got to play with. She loved rolling in the mud with the piglets when she was six years old and coming inside to Aunt Carrie fussing over her mucky clothes and running a bubble bath for her. She loved petting the soft lambs after they were sheared and helping Aunt Carrie’s border collie, Bud, heard them all into their pen. She loved picking eggs in the chicken coop and patting the hen’s feathery heads and getting her fingers lightly pecked in affection. She liked how one particular brown hen, Hattie, treated her like a big chick, nuzzling her and sitting on her lap while Maggie giggled. She loved the single horse her aunt had, Cinnamon (whom Maggie had named herself), and how his mouth would tickle her palm when she fed him carrots. She loved how he listened to everything she said and how his trot would become slow and gentle when he felt her start to drift on his back, her cheek resting in his mane. She loved how Aunt Carrie would carry her into the house after a long summer day, slip Maggie’s boots from her feet, and lay her down in the guest bedroom, where she would drift off to sleep.

She loved how Aunt Carrie made five kinds of breakfast food every morning and fresh-squeezed orange juice. She loved how Aunt Carrie let her feed all the animals in the morning and made iced tea to enjoy with sandwiches in the afternoon, as they sat on the porch and looked out at the big blue sky over Nebraska. She loved how Aunt Carrie told her stories about her father as a little boy and made Maggie laugh so hard that her sides hurt. She loved how Aunt Carrie called her Maggie, instead of Margaret like her parents did.

She hated leaving Aunt Carrie’s farm at the end of every summer, because it’s the only time they really ever saw each other that wasn’t a holiday or a birthday, and those were too far in between. She hated watching the farm disappear in the rearview mirror as her father’s country music filtered through the old pickup truck.

She tried to call Aunt Carrie at least once a week, on Sundays. Sometimes she would miss a week, because her father or mother was taking up the line and sometimes Aunt Carrie wouldn’t answer, because she was probably tending to her animals. As Maggie got older, she started spending her Sundays with friends and, specifically, in Eliza Wilkie’s basement, smoking cigarettes and watching horror flicks. Eliza’s parents were cool about smoking in the house (hell, they did it, too) and the two girls would sit close together on the couch and blow smoke at each other and giggle at the hilarity onscreen. Maggie felt her feelings develop quickly and without her permission, but she felt more for this girl than she’d ever felt for any of the boys who’d wanted to hold her hand or sent her notes in class, asking her to be their girlfriend.

It was scary, but she took the risk.

When it landed her with a slap across the face, courtesy of her father, Maggie decided that the risk wasn’t worth it. When her father threw his old army duffel at her and told her to “pack your shit and get the hell out of my house, you pervert”, she decided that she would never take another risk again. When Aunt Carrie was already waiting for her out on the street, she decided to keep her mouth shut and her eyes to the ground. When, halfway to the farm, Aunt Carrie reached over and wrapped her fingers around Maggie’s hand, she finally let the tears fall.

Aunt Carrie was silent as she cried—as silent as Maggie’s mother had been—but she squeezed her hand every so often and played a station that she didn’t particularly have a taste for, but she knew had the kind of music that Maggie liked. And, when they got home, she took her hand back, turned off the car, and stepped out, walking around and opening Maggie’s door for her.

Maggie fell into her arms and sobbed, burying her face into Aunt Carrie’s shoulder and just allowing herself to fall apart a little bit. Aunt Carrie just held her for a long moment, before pulling back and looking her straight in the eye.

“Don’t you ever let nobody tell you how to live your life, Maggie Sawyer,” she said. “Ain’t nobody know how to live your life better than you do. You hear me?” Maggie nodded, tears in her eyes and a quiver in her chin. “Good. Now come on inside. I made us some comfort food.” She reached past Maggie and grabbed that old army bag, hefting it over her shoulder. Then she took Maggie’s hand again and held it all the way to the door.

It wasn’t smooth-sailing after that, though.

Living full-time with Aunt Carrie was nice, because she was somebody who cared deeply about Maggie and accepted her for who she was, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t miss her parents. She’d found herself staring at the old phone in the kitchen, wondering if she could pick it up and call home; if they would even answer. If they would even want to talk to her.

She knew that Aunt Carrie called sometimes. Knew that Aunt Carrie would talk to her mother and give her updates on Maggie, but that her mother never wanted to talk to her, even when Carrie offered to put her on the phone. She knew that her father refused to talk to Aunt Carrie because she’d taken in his ‘blasphemous’ daughter and taught her that being ‘that way’ was okay. Maggie knew that she’d probably never get to speak to her parents again; that their love had dried up as soon as they learned who she really was.

She tried not to cry herself to sleep thinking about that, but she did. Most nights, she did. And most mornings, Aunt Carrie already had a stack of blueberry pancakes waiting for her on the kitchen table, with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Aunt Carrie never had children of her own, but she packed Maggie’s lunch with such care that you’d think she’d done it all her life. And while the teenage girl in Maggie groaned at any sort of affection from her guardian, the girl abandoned by her homophobic parents reveled at every little bit of love she got from her aunt. Especially when girls like Eliza Wilkie suddenly acted like she was diseased when she was still showing up at school (just to finish out the year before she started closer to her new home) and spreading rumors about Maggie forcing herself on them.

Maggie ignored them and focused on the notes that Aunt Carrie slipped into her pocket, which she usually found by second or third period. Maggie would smile at the tiny, lumpy hearts that Aunt Carrie would draw and the poorly done sketch of Bud and she’d breathe a little deeper and fight the tears in her eyes, because suddenly everything was alright.

Random BTS Dreams

So I, like probably most other ARMY’s and fangirls in general, would totally like to dream about my fandoms etc…. 

But see the thing with me is, I never, ever get to have nice normal dreams like going to a concert or meeting them at an event etc…

No, I get dreams like these…

(note I have mostly forgotten the details cuz that’s how dreams work with me, sadly…these dreams all happen on different dates, but are intertwined with other random dream scenes that have nothing to do with bts so just gonna skip those)

First dream scenario: BTS and the bag of chicken.

BTS is sitting around my kitchen table. Well, some of the members anyway but I can’t see to recall which. Maybe Rap Mon, Jungkook, Jimin and V I believe. I was in front of the fridge, with the freezer door open.

(The fridge is in front of the dining table so those sitting facing that direction can see into it if someone opens it.)

I am looking into the freezer that’s filled with frozen meats etc. In front of me, there is a bag of frozen, raw chicken pieces. I am having a telepathic conversation with this bag of chicken. Don’t remember the convo, but it was really deep and meaningful.

The members are looking at me and asking each other something to the effect of ‘Hey why is she whispering to that bag of chicken…what is she doing, is she okay?’

(Yes, at some point it switched from telepathy to me whispering, cuz dream logic)

You guys may be thinking hey, she’s crazy to be talking to a bag of frozen chicken pieces, but you don’t understand….The bag of chicken was JHope!

Yes, you read that correctly. JHope, Jung Hoseok, our hope….was a frozen bag of chicken in my freezer, and we were having a delightful conversation. 

And it wasn’t that in the dream I was crazy and having a make believe convo either. He was literally the chicken and it was just the other members who didn’t realise it. But then again why would they have? It was chicken…

End Scene

Second dream scenario: Suga goes to school.

So, basically, I was Yoongi’s teacher. He was supposed to be a kid but at the same time, he wasn’t… So he did well in school or something and I was praising him. 

But here’s the thing, kid Yoongi, (who wasn’t actually a kid because again, dream logic), was sitting on my lap. And he proceeded to tell me he loved me (as in, “teacher I love you”, in the way children sometimes like their teachers a lot but innocently) 

So I, being the teacher, told him “There are so many ARMY’s out there who would love to hear you say that.” As if I’m not one of them T_T

Now note, all this time he is still a ‘kid’… and all of this is completelyyy innocent…his “I love you” was meant in a childlike way and I was also treating him just as if he were a young student. But he was a grown Suga…sitting on my lap with his arms around my neck…

Curse you dream logic, curse youuuu!

End scene.

Third dream scenario: Beach?

A lot of the details escape me in this one too but we have a random beach setting. BTS was at the beach, I was sort of in the background as in my consciousness is observing this scene but I am not in it.

The members, after spending some time there decided to go back to their room. All except Jungkook who was upset for some reason and decided to stay for a bit longer. So there he is walking along the shoreline with the waves washing up to his feet. He decides hey I’m going to wade in the water a bit.

So he goes into the water and is just there enjoying his alone time. Skimming his hands along the water, something catches his eye, a green flash. By this time he had gone further in and was almost in the waist-high water. The green unsettled him. Something was tugging at his mind at the sight of it but he couldn’t place it, along with the creeping sense of unease.

The water seems odd all of a sudden. Then it clicks. The seaweed on this beach, along the shoreline, is red. What he saw floating by him was a green piece of seaweed. In dream logic, green seaweed only comes from the really deep part of the ocean and isn’t supposed to be so close to the shore. He doesn’t know why but he knows he has to get out of there so he starts to run.

So as he starts running this wall of water starts rising up behind him. It’s basically like a tsunami. So this water is behind him and he sees it and is now panicking and running as fast as he can to get to the room.

(Now because of dream logic, Jungkook is also Taehyung and it keeps switching between them. I don’t know from how early on that started happening but I recall it most vividly when he was running for his life. That could probably be when it started but I can’t remember.)

So superhuman Vkook is somehow able to get to a second floor window. The wall of water is very close to crushing him and he is struggling to get his body through the window to their room. The members are trying to help pull him in as the water looms behind him. His body is halfway through the window and he’s floating because it’s the second floor and there’s nothing that could legitimately help someone to get there in that situation except magic or dream logic. 

Finally, he strugges through and they close the window and hurriedly pressed a button to bring down these huge glass panel things that apparently seals the room. Just in time for the huge wall of water to hit the hotel. At this point in the dream there is a cushioning sort of silence. The wave has hit and the room is sealed from water and noise because the hotel apparently has enough experience with those things that they installed a sealing system. (Bet they didn’t mention giant killer waves in the brochure!

Unfortunately, on the wall that divides their room from the room next to it (they had a corner room so only one wall was a divider), the sealing was new and hadn’t been properly installed or something. So some water started leaking from the top and onto the television set that was mounted on the wall. 

One member is like, “Ah the teachers are watching television.” Because apparently, the teachers were the staff who were with them and staying in the next room, where their tv was mounted on the same divider wall as well. So while talking about hearing the tv from the other room, even with the water leaking all over, they realised that the water hit an electrical outlet and started sparking. 

So now everyone is panicking again and wondering what to do. The tv was plugged into the socket and was sparking. So BTS had the fantastic idea to go pull the plug out. With their bare hands… So some of the members started reaching for the sparking plug…

Then here is where I appear, and as if I had been in the room all along, nobody batted an eye. Thanks to dream logic it was actually that I had been in the room all along so there was no cause for concern. 

Anyway just in the nick of time I managed to stop Vkook and some other brave member from being electrocuted.

Then I woke up. 

End scene.

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