army all the way

watching fanwars break out between armys and exo-ls like

friendly reminder that the actual sun was born (almost) 23 years ago today

and is still blinding people with his pure smile and heart and personality and wow. i cant ,, comprehend,, this.

stay alive. please. i need you, ok? i need you. you are so strong. you are my damn role models. every time i see you, i remember why i decided not to stop my own breath. you are the very reason im still here. youre the reason why so many people are still here.

when i see you, i see angels who tore themselves out of hell and back to earth. i see warriors who trudged their way through a vast army all alone, and made it back home alive.

i see people. brave, courageous people, that no matter what, stayed alive.

when i see you, i know i can do anything. i can make it through whatever comes my way.

so please, PLEASE. stay alive. we need you here to guide us back to safety.

i love each and every one of you, so damn much.

I don’t think… They know what the fuck they’re saying–

ain’t no body gettin’ healed bighit, we’re all just sad and broke af–

let us just burn in peace  o u o

Five fairytale endings

1. Dragons live a long time, and there have never been very many of them. When a dragon is dying, other dragons - maybe most of the dragons that there are, these days - will travel to their cave and set up a vigil, purring low tunes through the day and night to ease their passage from this world. They live in fear of untimely death. Therefore the news of the dragon’s slaying - by one of the little creatures, no less - was greeted with shock and dismay by his community. That year the snow stayed on the mountains for much longer than usual, because the great grey dragons of the North were lying at the snowline and weeping and turning their cold breath up the slopes.
2. The remnants of the dark lord’s army made their way home, bitter in defeat, picked off from all sides by raiding parties from the victorious side. There was talk from the armies of good of marching on their lands and cleansing them of evil. They knew the end of the journey would not be a warm homecoming, but the telling of the bad news to their families. Then packing in the night and flight East, out to the wilderness where, with luck, they might never be found.
3. The kingdom was convulsed with joy at the marriage of the prince and princess. And if it turned out, a few months later, that the web of narrative and enchantment was not enough - that they did not really like each other, that a few heady days of adventure and revolution had not been a good preparation to make a life together - well. With the demise of the evil queen their advisors had worked hard to restore morality to the land. What sort of a message would it send to separate?
4. ‘Fucking fucksakes,’ said the farmer, 'how does that fox even eat so many birds at once?’
5. After the death of the witch, the gingerbread cottage began to rot. Soon there was nothing left but a pile of soggy cakestuff in a clearing, heaving with maggots. It was perhaps one rainstorm from being completely gone when the other members of the witch’s coven came to look. 'Did you know?’ they asked each other. 'Did she really do that? Will they believe us when we say we didn’t know? Are they going to come for us, too?’

someone help, tae is moving up my bias list at the speed of light aND I CAN’T STOP IT

what annoys me is that starks have to beg small houses for army and daenerys gets them magically the same way she got all her armies before; by doing nothing.

starks have to pay for their “mistakes” and are beaten and bruised but dany gets everything, because she’s our flawless white haired khaleesi,,,,no queen, noo khalEESI,,,, NOT A POLTITCEN,,,,, not a ,,,,,