Bangtan approaches you in an alleyway trying to sell you drugs
  • Jin: "I don't have any Pepsi but I have coke" *holds up cocaine and laughs till he cries*
  • Namjoon: convinces you but after realises he left it at home
  • Jhope: speaks like he's on a television ad about his supply and offers it at "irresistible prices"
  • Jungkook: throws a bag of drugs straight into your bag 10miles away
  • V: already smoking half of his stash but asks you to join him in a dumpster
  • Jimin: pretends the cocaine is sherbet and he works for WizzFizz™
  • Suga: accidentally offers a cop LSD

M56 Scorpion was developed to provide American paratroopers mobile, self-propelled anti-tank weapons. M56 “Scorpion” was transported by air tracked self-propelled anti-tank system installed with a 90-millimeter cannon. The machine has been specially designed to give U.S. Marines a viable artillery component to their rather light armament.

GAS-15 Gary Stading (CA, KIA 25 April 68) on the beach at Chu Lai… Note the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), as well as the ‘California’ and single stripe on the cap. 

Note from Doc Norman: I was present when this photo was shot. It was taken by the Battalion mail clerk. Can’t remember his name, but he was an oriental guy, heavy into photography… It was colorized by somebody cause the clerk only shot B & W. He [the mail clerk] wanted to be a news photographer when he got back to the world and all they do is B & W. … Doc

Stading was in Company A, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade.