armsocks and tights

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When working with bodypaint, how do you match colors between face (ben nye, snazz, etc.) and body (PAX, armsocks)? Do you start with one or another and match the other to it? What works for you? Thanks!

Here are the list of things you use to change your skin, from hardest color to change to easiest:

Since these are usually made from a pair of tights, you’re stuck either finding the perfect shade of tights (CAN BE TOUGH) or dyeing them, which we have not attempted to do before (thin delicate fabrics + high poly stretch content = questionable in theory)

Waterbase Makeup (Mehron, Kryolan, Snazz)
You can totally mix these (see Yaexrae’s tutorial) but it requires buying and planning ahead.  When we mix up a new batch of mehron gray it can take from 1-2 weeks for it to fully set.  Liquifying the gray also brings out slight blue tones, and I’ve experienced this with other waterbase paints (tones shifting) so you have to be able to mix in tiny amounts of other correcting waterbase.

Creambase Makeup
Much much faster and more true to color than waterbase.  See the original homestuck tutorial by Hanyaan.  This can be done in a few minutes and from working with several colors of Ben Nye, they stay true to their original colors all throughout mixing.  

Because PAX = Pros-Aide (which is colorless) + Liquitex Paint, it is literally the easiest to customize the color of.  The best way I’ve found is to mix the acrylic first and swatch a tiny patch on your hand, then mix in the appropriate amount of ProsAide for the consistency you want.

In terms of getting everything to match, figure out what you’re using, then start at the topmost part of the list and work your way down.  Always purchase/make/figure out the MOST DIFFICULT TO CHANGE thing first, and then adapt the other parts to that.  This is a good rule of thumb for matching pieces cosplay in general.

For example, for Ruby, she has a very distinct skin color that is somewhere between ‘common’ fashion colors of fuchsia and watermelon.  I knew I needed to do armsocks (since I had to buy tights anyway) and since I wanted this to be a quick change outfit, wanted to do Ben Nye face paint.  So I started with the tights.  FINDING THESE WAS AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE, and I ended up buying and returning 7-8 pairs before finding a pair that was correct.  So as always give yourself time.  Once I had my tights/armsocks, I could use those to find face paint.  In Ruby’s case I was lucky enough to find one that was a great match as-is, but if I couldn’t, I would have bought two or three pots and mixed the creme to match the tights fabric.