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Where/ how do you get arm socks? ((I want to go rp as Aradia later in life, but I don't want to get paint everywhere.

Ya gotta make em! :0 It can take a few hours and it’s a pain in the butt but it’s VERY much worth it. You can hand sew them but if you have a machine then use that cause it’ll save you SO much time.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make them and unless you manage to find the perfect pair of tights somewhere else (Target used to carry gray tights but not anymore) I’d recommend you get your tights from We Love Colors. They also carry gloves if you really don’t want to make them, but I bought a pair and honestly they’re really gross. They’re kinda shiny metallic and the seams are incredibly noticeable (there’s also a seam going around the base of the thumb) and the fingers don’t conform to the shape of your fingers. If you’re fine with that then by all means get them but I’m extremely picky and didn’t like them at all.

Make sure the get the microfiber ones, the normal ones look grody.

Here’s what the microfiber ones look like ^^^

That’s what the normal ones look like ^^^ The microfiber ones look so much better; the normal ones are more see-through and the holes are very obvious.

I use the light gray ones cause it matches my paint perfectly, but if you still have some Ben Nye ghoul gray or something equally as dark laying around then the gray ones will be better. It all depends on your paint

Side by side comparison OF We Love Color’s light gray and dark gray tights 

But yeah the tutorial has everything you need to know. I also waited until my tights were sewn to make the nails because I found that sizing the nails when the tights were on my hands meant having nails that were slightly bigger than what you’d need if you had no tights on. The tights make your fingers wider and having tiny nails on them looks weird so wait to fit your nails. Just shape and paint them how you want and glue em on and you’re ready to go c:

I don’t headcanon troll nails as pointy but they look better on armsocks if they’re pointy to me, so I went ahead and made them pointy. I added gradients (the yellow is nail polish) with the same acrylic paint I use for my horns cause I thought it looked nice. I spent a good while making the tights as snug as possible on my fingers and I also made them when my nails were short. When my nails get long the tights kinda sit on the tips of my fingers weird so keep in mind when making them how long your actual finger nails are.

If you decide to make armsocks then rock on yo (and good luck)

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I'm trying to get some Homestuck cosplay ready, but I'm not sure if it's better to just paint my arms (because the paint comes out on everything) or wear arm socks (which I don't know how to make). Which one would be better?

Hello there!

I always recommend armsocks. Some people make them by hand, and some make them on a machine (using a cardboard form to sew around). Here’s a list of the armsock tutorials we have compiled.

Armsocks will always be safer and more secure in a con setting. If doing a shoot, water-activated body paint will create a more realistic look than armsocks, though you still need to make sure you seal it well. (I’ve worn this on my arms in a con setting, and while I didn’t have issues, it is 100% not something I’d recommend.) If you wanted to paint your arms for a con setting, alcohol activated paint is really the only way to go, but it’s much more expensive and difficult to use than other forms of paint.

When wearing armsocks, be sure to either create a wrist escape or pack several pairs of plastic gloves so that you can eat and use the restroom without having to remove the armsocks entirely. Simply put on the gloves and then dispose when you are finished and use a fresh pair next time. 

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


Listen. The first time I heard about Homestuck, it was 2 weeks before my 17th birthday. I was pretty big into roleplaying on Livejournal and one of my friends decided to pick up Karkat, about a week after his introduction to the comic. We didn’t know anything about his arc, or what this would become. He yelled, messed with John, and that was all that mattered. She begged me to read Homestuck, and I delayed 6 months while whining about the length. (“It’s been going on for more than a year?? That’s soooo loooong!” Hah.) Finally, in January of 2011, she called me in tears because one of her favorite characters had died- it was the beginning of The Murder Arc and I agreed to read it. I was caught up one month later, playing [S] Seek The Highblood at 2:30 in the morning on a high school night, crying with headphones in as the honks echoed throughout the game. I still tell this story, to people who are just catching up, about how exhausted I looked after 3 hours sleep and how my teachers almost sent me home because I was up half the night.

Listen. The first time I told a friend about Homestuck, it was a convention, two weeks after I was caught up. I was planning a panel- an IC Q&A, like I did in Hetalia once, and I had everyone but Vriska. The girl I was telling I knew pretty well- we went to the same high school, though she had graduated a year before. I thought she would like it. I showed her Rose’s Enter flash and a pesterlog of Vriska and Terezi. She accepted. We’re roommates now. She’s my best friend; my Scourge Sister. We tell this story when people ask how we became so close. Funny thing, we’ll say. It started with this fuckin webcomic.

Listen. The first time I cosplayed from Homestuck, I didn’t know how to sew. I followed an online tutorial to put buttons on a pre-made skirt. I painted lines on shoes and had a friend made Jade’s atom out of puff paint. All my costumes before this were pre-bought. This was the first thing I made, and I was proud of it. Less than 2 months later, I made my first pair of armsocks. I wrote a tutorial. Now, 5 years later, I looked at a costume from Dragon Age, and went “yeah, I can make that” and it took less than a month. People ask how I know how to sew, and this is the story I tell, about pricking my finger on a stray needle as I tried to get a button on, and cutting a fake belt out of felt.

Listen. The first time I moved out of the house, to college, 10 states away, just after my 18th birthday, I got my roommate to read Homestuck so we’d have something to talk about. When Cascade dropped that fall, we huddled by my computer, after an hour of trying to load Newgrounds, watching the flash on a livestream from an MSPA Forums moderator. We clutched each other and cried as our kids went God Tier. We started working on costumes the following day. Our apartment was littered with printouts of fanart, and once to scare me she coated the room in Gamzee. The following April Fools, it was Nic Cage. We had faces drawn on our tissue boxes in corresponding colors to the Beta Kids. People will ask, what was your college experience? I will tell them these stories. I will tell them how the RA couldn’t get the picture of Jake English off the ceiling.

Listen. The first time I met people I knew were going to be close to me, I knew would stand by me, it was Homestuck. The first time I made an expansive group of friends that stayed close. The first time I planned events, panels, that evolved into bigger and better things, that became 4/13 meets, that became themed meets, that became Promstuck, that became a 700 person shoot in the back of a convention center. It has been five years and about a month since I read Homestuck. It has been nearly 6 years since I first heard about it. I am 2 and a half months shy of my 23rd birthday. I am wearing a home-made Terezi hoodie, as I clock out from my job to go pick up a prescription. There are two rubber ducks, customized by a friend to be Vriska and Terezi, sitting on my figurine shelf to my right. In my bed there are 9 scalemates- none I’ve made myself, but almost all gifts, some from friends and some from strangers. The wall above my bed is dedicated to pictures people have given me- a sweet doodle from a girl at a con who drew pictures for everyone, and gave me mine special for making her first convention and her first fandom an amazing experience. A cardboard Prospit hangs on the ceiling from the first Promstuck, a gift from the craft team to me for the event. A card is tacked to the wall behind my desk, from 3 events later, signed by the whole team. I still have the plastic crown that never fit my head hanging off my bedpost, most of it’s gems missing, from when I was voted Homestuck Prom Queen at the first Promstuck. If there was a fire, it’d be one of the things I would think to save.

Homestuck has always been a story about growing up. About realizing yourself. About the bonds you make and the friends you carry with you and the ones you don’t even know are waiting right around the corner. Homestuck came to me the summer before senior year of high school. I have now been out of college for almost a year. I am living with my Scourge Sister, lay on a red couch I picked out as a joke of our trope. The only photo of us in the apartment is the picture we took after our first Homestuck panel, in full grey. Everyone I know, including me, has other interests- has held other things close to their heart- but when I think of Homestuck, it’s going to be these stories. Stories of being stopped on the street and given a thumbs up for a hoodie with a Homestuck symbol on it, stories of listening to the Colours and Mayhem album on it’s release date as I went to pick up a friend for a 4/13 meetup, stories of singing karaoke in closed quarters with Homestuck lyrics pasted over in a cacophony of sound, stories of strangers approaching me at conventions with little gifts of appreciation, stories of internet roleplaying late into the night, stories of crying and laughing and some people you see once and some people you hope you see for the rest of your life. Stories of growing up. Snapshots of my life, influenced by a comic I read on the internet in high school.

I know Homestuck means a lot to a lot of people. But to me it will always be the thing that brought me into adulthood. That made a hard transition of life not so hard. That made me feel safe in knowing no matter where I went, someone would share my passions. That a Homestuck shirt was an invitation, a smear of grey a friendship, a late night text chat a promise. And in the end I think it’s perspective I appreciate the most, because I’m sad the comic’s ending, hard to think of what i’ll do without it. But it gave me the strength to go on.

And it’s always going to leave me wondering, “Okay, so, what’s next?”