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BTS Reaction to You Not Being in the Mood to Cuddle

Request: nemogirl02 ⇒ Can you do a “BTS reacting to you not being in the mood to cuddle” like you’ve just had a really bad day and you’re not really in the mood to be touched type thing?

Note: Exams have been eating at my soul, all I can do is repost things lol..but one more week of school and I’m free for like 4 months; meaning more gaming (& *whispers* possibly writing) for me! *credit to gif owners*

Jin All you wanted to do was sleep comfortably while being wrapped in a bundle of fluffy blankets alone but the one beside you kept throwing his arm over your torso. No matter how many times you threw it off, the arm kept coming back until you finally had enough. You growled obnoxiously loud, throwing the arm away harshly and Jin immediately gulped. “Keep this up and you’re gonna have to sleep on the couch.”

He began to pout, turning in his spot to face away from you. “All I wanted to do was show you some affection..”

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Suga ➳ He realized how quiet you were being once you got home, and kept pestering you to watch a movie with him until you finally gave in. You were becoming annoyed when not even thirty minutes into the movie, Yoongi started to bother you; trying to pull you into his chest to cuddle no matter how many times you told him no. You roughly pushed him aside, surprising him while he stared towards your annoyed state impassively. “All I wanted was to get away from humans from work but I just had to run into the most annoying one of all.” You hissed, walking towards your bedroom and slamming the door.

Yoongi sighed, yawning and looking back to the TV. “Your loss.”

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J-Hope ➳ You didn’t know what it was and why you blew off on him when you knew all he wanted was to cuddle. You felt a rush of regret run through your veins and as you saw him laying down innocently on the bed with his laptop on his lap you wished you hadn’t been so rude to him. You sulked while walking over to him on the bed, plopping yourself onto it and slowly creeping closer to him before throwing an arm over his chest.

He narrowed his eyes at you, wondering what the sudden change of attitude was. “Oh,” he started, closing his laptop, “so now you want to cuddle?”

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RapMonster ➳ He was having a horrible day and all he could think about was getting into bed and having you in his arms. Little did he know was that you were also having a horrible day and just wanted to be alone. So when he tried to be loving to you and you snapped at him while glaring at the man—he began to get worried at never seeing you behave in that sort of way. He gulped while blinking erratically, giving you a nervous smile to try and calm you. “So,” he said, stepping back just in case you decided to give him an unexpected explosion once again, “are you sure you don’t want to cuddle?”

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Jimin You two went out with some friends to the amusement park, and you felt absolutely exhausted from being forced to ride terrifying rollercoasters that drained all the energy from you. It didn’t help that it was almost midnight, and Jimin forced you and his friends to get into a long line to get on the scariest ride of all. He kept his arm around you to let everyone know you were his, and as he teased you while pushing you around; you growled and threw his arm off you. “Leave me alone.” You spat, being nervous enough as you stared at the high drop of the ride. Jungkook began to laugh at seeing Jimin flustered, slowly inching away from you as you tried to calm your nerves.

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V ➳ You saw the way his shoulders slumped and the was he was slowly dragging himself towards you. You knew you cared about him deeply but at that time you were just tired of Taehyung always wanting affection from you and glueing himself onto you like some kind of child the moment he saw you. “No!” You yelled in defense, going into a karate stance and he groaned, stomping away in defeat to the room. He was locked in there for the rest of the night and when you finally decided to call it a night from the long day, you walked into the room just to find the man sprawled out sexily while he smirked.

“Now are you ready for some Tae cuddles?”

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JungkookHe had never felt so offended in his life. He never gave anyone or offered anyone his cuddles, so when he got home from an exhausted day of work and hugged you whereas you tried to push him away as if he was some type of germ—his hold tightened and he didn’t want to let you go. Eventually you licked his cheek and he pushed you away in disgust, making you snarl under you breath. “Forcing me to do something when I don’t want to is called abuse, get away from me.”

Jungkook clenched his fists and he was fuming. He looked at your small form and wondered who gave you the audacity to deny him. “Do you really want to play this game, love?”

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Fun Fact:

All of the OC’s I’ve made have always had a regeneration system as their power. Even if its the only power they have.

Partlialy because its a super cool power that gives the character an S+ in survivability. But mostly because I’m a sadist cunt who enjoys having his own characters having their arms ripped off or gutted, just to see them regenerate.

Soul mates ( part 3 )

It was reflex when she pulled the unfamiliar arm off her shoulder only to let go a second later recognizing the yelp.

“That’s some strength you got there doll” he whistled shaking out his arm.

“You’re lucky I realized it was you Date, do you need something?” (mc) asked him amused.

“I can’t walk a friend to class without wanting something?” he asked cheekily.

“No” she replied simply.

“That hurts doll…” he pouted.

“But is it a lie?” she asked voice amused.

“Not entirely…. It’s about mMsa, he seems to get along well with you and-” he was cut off.

“Masamune and I are just friends, besides he likes another girl” she told him seriously as they sat down for class.

“Who?” he asked eyes wide.

“None of you or Katakura’s business. When he is ready to make a move he’ll make it. You two need to worry about your own love life….or lack there of.“ (mc) told him firmly.

"Ouch doll, that’s below the belt” he murmured softly as the professor started talking.

He didn’t like it, seeing her walking with Date shigezane chatting. He was unabashedly flirting with her and she was letting him. The guy was a player he knew she had more sense than that. He watched as they disappeared into class before yukimura dragged him to his own.

“What’s gotten into you saizo?” he asked as they sat.

“Nothing dear” he told him simply and looked out the window as the lecture began. After class she met up with them thankfully alone.

“Hey (mc), you’re good at math right?” yukimura asked as they sat at a bench during a break between classes.

“Sure, what you got?” she asked sitting next to him as he pulled out his books. Saizo’s eyes narrowed. Not even a blush and they were practically almost touching. He wasn’t sure he liked how used to her he was becoming and he wasn’t quite sure why….

“Oh wow it looks so simple when you do it! I think I got it now thanks (mc)” yukimura stated smiling back at her.

"Anytime” she replied simply blinking when she heard saizo mutter about something but when she looked at him his expression was normal with no trace of irritation to be found.

“I better head for my next class” she told them looking at her watch.

“Want me to walk you?” yukimura offered oblivious to saizo’s mood.

“You’ll be late for your class if you do that dear, leave the little lady to me” Saizo told him suddenly by her side.

“Alright then, catch you later” yukimura answered smiling.

“What is your problem? ” (mc) asked him as soon as they were out of earshot.

“Why would there be a problem?” he countered dodging the question.

“You’re acting like you did when hotaru refused to let go of me when I saved him from those bullies when we were kids” she replied frowning.

“Look at that, your class little lady, I’ll see you later.” he informed her before walking off. She swore sometimes she just wanted to strangle him, he was the most annoying guy she knew.

She took it back, there was no way in hell Saizo was more annoying than the guy she ended up sitting by. If he called her a succubus one more time she was bashing his girly face into his desk….repeatedly…preferably against the corner. “You sat next to me ass, next time get to class earlier for a different seat” she growled at him as class ended.

She was so exhausted by the time she got home it wasn’t funny. Why were most of her problems men, she wasn’t even dating one and they caused her nothing but headaches. She needed more girl friends like…well maybe not exactly like Yuki. Glancing up she looked at the calendar two more days till the festival. She couldn’t decide if she was nervous or excited more,Saizo had never seen her all dressed up. Knowing him tho he probably wouldn’t say a thing. Maybe she shouldn’t do it after all…

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turn on: characters that get their arm blown off and have to live with it for the rest of their life, eventually overcoming their disfigurement to become a better person than they were before

turn off: characters that replace their blown off arm with a mechanical arm that is functionally identical to their meat arm so they don’t actually have to change in aesthetic or character because it’s like nothing happened

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💎 ~From Kireina Teine

Bellamy was busy filling a glass from the keg when he felt the familiar elbow in the rib from his overly curious co-worker. “Oh, don’t y’get tired of that?” He hissed with a roll of his eyes and passed the large, frothy mug down the bar toward his guest while he scanned the crowd for the woman that she was currently describing in hushed murmurs while practically hanging off his arm. 

Again with this rating scale of hers. He didn’t understand while she wanted to know his opinion so badly. However, the Auri woman who had found her way into the lounge was far more favorable than the ten others she’d asked him about. It hadn’t taken him but a moment to notice her, with that strawberry blonde hair.

So much for not participating in the game.

“… Seven.” He didn’t sound entirely certain about it. For him, someone might be very outwardly beautiful, but didn’t necessarily appeal to him. Besides, it was what was beneath it all that really drew him in. This girl was attractive, though, and he admittedly had a bit of a weakness for dainty, female Auri. “She has…” He cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to keep his voice at a whisper to avoid embarrassment. “… very unique hair.”

Ardyn is clearly out of touch with the young people

Who the fuck uses the word ‘sycophancy’ these days??? U bet Ravus’ dead ass that he knew Ardyn was fake right away

“I may not know Noctis that well but he is a simpleton and doesn’t speak words with more than three syllables.”

judging based on how strong mikael & yousef’s reactions are compared to the rest of the squad’s, and how mutasim talks about even like he’s reciting what he knows about him from what he’s heard before, i feel pretty strongly that even/yousef/mikael was a trio before the rest of the boy squad was formed. that whatever the “thing that happened with even and mikael” must have had an impact on what ultimately caused them all to fall out, hence why yousef looks especially upset towards the end


                                   You sound exactly like him.  Why is this a problem?


#2 Morning Routine

more iwadai headcanons! :>

- iwaizumi is the bigger cuddler and kisser 

- daichi is not a morning person

- iwaizumi spoils him

- iwaizumi likes to work out but another reason he keeps it up is because he doesn’t want daichi to feel insecure about gaining weight ;v;

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Maybe a lil Davekat since I've never seen them in your style?? :00 (you can more than likely tell who I am, I don't even know why I have anon on tbh)

the more i draw dave, the smaller he gets and the fluffier his hair gets