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For You{4}[Jeff Atkins]

Request: Can i request a Jeff Atkins imagine where hes like a badboy but when Y/N is the new girl at Liberty and Clay takes her under his wing, Jeff feels the need to protect her and be good for her? And then at a party he sees Monty and Y/N flirting so he gets wasted and Y/N ends up taking him to her house and taking care of him and he drunkenly confesses his softy feelings for her?

Pairing:bad boy!Jeff Atkins x fem!reader

A/N:This kinda sucks but here it is anyway!-M

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“Jeff… "She said once more and sighed deeply. When she saw that he just wouldn’t stop,she started shaking her head and finally, his hands removed from her hair.

"Ah,don’t do this,you’ll get dizzy!”

She ignored his comment and continued walking, faster and faster every time he spoke.She felt really uncomfortable listening to him compliment her.She needed him to shut up so that she could think straight.

“Your hair is soft.I like your hair.”

“Jeff,stop it…” She said in a serious tone.He just rolled his eyes and smiled widely,like he had achieved his goal to irritate her.

Why was he like that?Bipolar disorder?No,just too much liquor.Right?

“We’re almost at my house.Where’s yours though? "She asked and suddenly, he overdramatically put his right hand on his forehead and fell on her.She used all her strength and somehow managed to lift him up.He put his arm around her shoulders and he seemed like he couldn’t walk properly.

"What?” She almost yelled but he put his index finger on her lips,hushing her.

“Oh no,i don’t feel very well…Can i stay at your place tonight?”

“Whoa wait…”She said and tried to push him away but he was too strong and didn’t seem to move an inch.She  sighed loudly and put her hands on his waist,holding him tightly.

She let him come with her without even asking for the location of his own home.He was such a fucking distraction.She was so busy thinking of what she would answer,if he asked her about what happened at the party that she didn’t even mind him basically walking her home.All the anger had strangely faded away and she even laughed a few times at his stupid,intoxicated,loud thoughts.

“Have you noticed that i eventually go along with whatever you want tonight?I’ve lowered my standards and that’s bad.”She confessed and snorted at he thought that he had such an effect on her.It was just so funny.

“So is that an okay or what?“He asked and after hesitating for a moment,she nodded.

“I guess you won’t tell me where you live so i can take you there.And i guess i can’t leave you alone either.“

“You guess right babygirl…”He whispered in her ear and smirked.Y/N felt shivers running down her spine.What was wrong with her?She was supposed to slap him for everything he told and did to her those past couple of days and then walk away.But that wasn’t one of her options and she couldn’t tell why.

After a couple minutes of dead silence,they finally arrived at Y/N’s.

“Can you stand?”She asked and giving her an adorab-stupid smile,he removed his arm from her and indeed stood on his own two feet like there wasn’t anything wrong with him physically.

“Yes, as you can see!”He said and she shook her head.He was playing with her.Of course,she knew that he was pretending but the worst part was that he was having the time of his life.He was enjoying it so much.

She took the keys out of the pocket of her dress and unlocked the door.Thank goodness her parents were gone for the weekend.

“Oh my!This place is so cool!”Jeff exclaimed as he walked in.He literally jumped on the couch then lay there,his hands resting on his forehead.

“Yeah,sure,right…”She seemed to be thinking of something else so she wasn’t paying much attention to him.More than to what was gonna happen from that point and on.

“Y/N i need to tell you something…”He almost shouted when he saw the girl getting upstairs.She stopped moving and turned to him,giving him a questionable look.

“I’m just gonna bring you a blan-”

“It can wait.”He retorted and she frowned.What was so important?Probably on of his stupid comments again,she thought and rolled her eyes.

He sounded serious and honest though.Like something serious had happened.Y/N slowly walked towards him and getting up,he made space for her to sit beside him.

“What is it this time?”She asked,not looking at him.She felt exausted all of a sudden.She didn’t wanna think anymore.It was tiring.

“You’re probably gonna laugh at me but honestly,at this point i don’t care…”He said and put his hands on her thigh.Okay,what was happening?One moment he was all acting strange,the other all serious.Weirdly, sober serious.

The place his hand touched started burning.Damn you Jeff Atkins.Damn you…

“Doubt it,only if it’s some kind of anecdote…”She turned her gaze at him and took a moment to acknowledge his beautiful features;Fuck,he was handsome.

“Hey,listen…”He almost whispered as he removed some hair from her face,putting them behind her ear.

Oh,o-okay…”She breathed.

“You know i like you right?You don’t think i punched Motty because i hate you?I know i said some hurtful things to you and i wish i could take them back.But every time i saw you in the hall with Jensen,i couldn’t help but feel jealous that he was hanging out with you instead of me.And earlier,i felt the need to protect you from that asshole because i know he isn’t the guy you all think he is.”

As he talked,she felt more and more confused.He felt jealous?He wanted to protect her?Where did all these feelings come from?Hell,did he just say he liked her?No,she must have misheard.

“I didn’t mean to say those things to you.I-i just expressed my interest in you in the worst fucking way possible.I don’t hate you Y/N.I like you,so much.I want to get to know you better.I am so attracted to you and believe me, i am hardly holding back so as to not kiss you right now…”

His face was inches away from hers,their foreheads were touching.Y/N could smell his intoxicating breath,a mix of alcohol and ment.Her breath hitched in her throat.That was so wrong.He was just drunk,he didn’t know what he was saying,right?

“Jeff,you need to rest..”Was all that she could say as she gently put her hands on his chest, pushing him back;he was way too close.He bit the inside of his cheek,then ran a hand through his hair.

“So that’s all you have to say after all this?That i need to rest?Y/N,don’t you see it?I am so in love with you,yet you don’t even say anything about it!”

Y/N angrily stood up and started pacing back and forth.

“What do you want me to say?That i like you back?Is that what you wanna hear?Even if i did i would never admit it because boys like you use girls for their own benefit!I am not willing to be one of those girls Jeff,okay?All i want is for this  misunderstanding to end at this very moment.I forgive you for what you did but please,don’t make this more complicated than it already is.Just,leave it.I’m sure that tomorrow,everything you did and what we said tonight will just be a blur to you.So let’s just end this here,please…“

She finished her small speech and with tears in her eyes, she didn’t even notice Jeff getting up and heading towards her.

“I don’t do these things Y/N,you have it all wrong-”

He tried to touch her hand but she took a step back,shaking her head.

“It doesn’t matter, Jeff.You are drunk and you can’t control the words coming out of your mouth.I’m sure you don’t even mean everything you’ve told me tonight.So just lay on the couch,i’ll bring you a pillow and a blanket and then you can sleep.And when you wake up in the morning,please go before i come down.Don’t want you shouting at me for ‘seducing’ you to come to my home.”

She wiped away some tears covering her face and biting her lip,she turned around and hesitantly climbing the stairs,she slowly disappeared from his sight.

He decided to let her go.He thought she needed time to maybe think.Besides,she’d come down anyway.While sitting down in silence,his head spinning, he managed to come to a single conclusion;he wasn’t gonna give up so easily.

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Imagine a universe where Jamie got to keep William as his own, pretty please!

Special thanks to Mod Gotham for coming up with the title for this new AU of mine. I have it all planned out but I’m not sure yet how many parts it will be. I hope you all enjoy it. - Mod Lenny

Mac Ruaidh - Part One

The cold of the raging storm outside had nothing on the cold that invaded his veins at the news from the Ellesmeres’ cook, though he was less certain whether it was caused by the news that Geneva was dead or that her husband was thoroughly convinced her child had been fathered by another man.

Though it was wrong to curse the dead, the impulse was strong. He had known when he accepted her twisted bargain that it wouldn’t be so simple. He should have tried harder to find a way out of it without giving in to her demands. As his anger and frustration rose the chill faded and heat rose through him.

Perhaps his wits had gotten slow from lack of use. In the cave he’d had little to do but think and second guess his every move; at Ardsmuir there had been the men to think on, their welfare to negotiate and in the governor he’d found a man willing to challenge and bargain shrewdly, not to mention the opportunities to play at chess or read a bit from one of the books on the shelf. But at Helwater he had slipped into a routine that didn’t require the same mental exertions; physical exhaustion carried him to his bed at night and the relative freedom of movement––being outdoors and working but not under the eyes and guns of guards––he had given over to enjoying the simpler aspects of his life, pushing aside the harsh terms of his servitude. In playing the part of a mere groom perhaps some of the simplicity he played at had seeped into his mind and impeded his faculties.

How else could he explain the apparent ease with which Geneva––hardly more than a lass––had gotten the upper hand on him enough to force his compliance?

Jamie closed his eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly, urging his mind towards quiet. Half a dozen ideas for what he could have done or said differently in the field that day were fighting with each other as though settling on which would have been most effective might change his current situation.

But what exactly was his situation? The lad was his by blood but Ellesmere’s by law and as far as appearances were concerned.

The rising heat of Jamie’s anger cooled suddenly as something within him sank. He had a son, another child he wouldn’t have a chance to see or raise or know. Well, perhaps Ellesmere would let the lad visit Helwater from time to time; the Dunsanys were still the babe’s family. Jamie might be able to see him from a distance, which was more than he’d had of either of his other two children. Lord that she might be safe, she and the child , he prayed silently, habitually, and then with a sigh added, And may Lady Geneva rest peacefully.

A maid came scurrying into the kitchen with wide eyes. “Your master wants you right away,” she urged Jamie and Jeffries. “And he wants you to come armed.”

Jeffries ran to fetch the pistols from the carriage but Jamie urged the maid to show him to Lord Dunsany immediately; if arms were indeed needed he shouldn’t have trouble improvising with something at hand or at least stalling until Jeffries could join them.

Ellesmere and Dunsany were both red-faced from screaming as he entered and looked about to come to blows.

“Your daughter was a whore and I’ll not have her bastard bearing my name,” Ellesmere hollered. “I’m getting rid of him one way or another.”

“My daughter was no WHORE!” Dunsany screamed, taking a swing at Ellesmere who easily dodged it. “And you’ll not shame my grandson with your lies!”

“He’s no son of mine, of that I’m sure,” Ellesmere taunted Dunsany, “so that ought to tell you all you need to know of your daughter and her character.”

Jamie felt the blood drain from his face but it had no effect on his legs. He inserted himself between the two men saying nothing.

“We had an arrangement when I agreed to marry that slut and I don’t care––”

Jamie gave Ellesmere a shove so that he fell back into a cushioned chair. Both he and Dunsany were startled into silence by the action.

“Have ye no heard that it’s rude to speak ill of the dead?” Jamie said with a quiet calm that made Ellesmere go pale. “There’s a child lost its mother and parents lost their child. Whatever betrayal ye may be feeling, have a care for their grief at least or ye dinna deserve to call yerself a gentleman.”

The color returned to Ellesmere’s face in a rush of red but he simply clenched his fists in his chair as Jamie continued to stare down at him from his physically imposing height.

“Tha–thank you, MacKenzie,” Dunsany muttered weakly behind him. “I’ve sent my wife to fetch the child. We’ll be leaving with him this afternoon and––”

“No,” Ellesmere said with cold fury. “You’ll not be leaving this house with that child and playing the gracious grieving parents offering to raise him for me because I’m too distraught or whatever bullshit reason you give the gossip-mongers. I never touched your daughter and I’ll not have her bastard son as my heir.”

“I’ll take him.” The words were out of Jamie’s mouth before he’d even thought them and once again both Ellesmere and Dunsany were shocked into silence.

Swallowing and turning to begin pacing, Jamie was aware of the men’s attention on him while he scrambled to piece his impulse together into a plan.

“I’ll take the bairn and raise him as mine––a lad got on a kitchen maid that left and sent him to me rather than raise him herself,” Jamie said quickly. “As far as Lady Geneva goes, her bairn died and can be buried with her.” He turned to Ellesmere. “It frees ye of having a living heir ye dinna want and garners ye a bit more sympathy than a scandal would––or would ye rather word of yer… inabilities spread along with yer insinuations about yer late wife?”

Ellesmere glared at Jamie who stood holding the older man’s eye without flinching. He was vaguely aware of the throbbing pulse in the man’s throat, a subtle fluttering movement that was slightly out of sync with a twitch in the corner of the man’s right eye. Ellesmere blinked and Jamie let the breath he’d been holding go then turned to Dunsany.

“I ken it’s no how ye want the lad to come to yer house,” Jamie said with gentle understanding, a tone of voice he’d used frequently on skittish horses. “But he’ll be near ye and ye’ll have a chance to see him even if he canna know the truth of who ye are.”

“You propose to raise an infant on your own while working as a stablehand…” Dunsany summarized with obvious skepticism.

“I’m sure my employer will prove sympathetic to my plight having so recently lost a beloved child of his own. None would question such an impulse under the circumstances,” Jamie reasoned. “But… he would be mine. I’d have the final say over him.”

Dunsany’s mouth was drawn tight and grim but there was exhaustion and resignation in it too.

“Why? Why would you do such a thing?” Dunsany asked.

Jamie inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. “My wife,” he said quietly, his voice barely managing not to break at the mention of Claire, at the thought of discussing her with these people, of bringing her memory into the light of day to be gawked at when he preferred keeping her to himself, cherished and protected. “My wife and I wanted… We lost our first at birth. It took time for her to get with child again… and then I lost them both together… I love my wife still and dinna mean ever to wed again… but it pains me to think I’ll no have a chance to be a father. A child without a father ought to have one and if I’m no to be father to my wife’s children, I should like to act as father to such a child.”

“If you want the bloody bastard you can have him,” Ellesmere said, unmoved by Jamie’s display of emotion. “I just want all of you out of my house and out of my life as soon as possible.”

But Jamie’s focus remained on Dunsany and the watery redness of his eyes. When Dunsany blinked his head moved in a subtle nod.

“William?” Lady Dunsany asked as she appeared at the door to the library with the blanket wrapped infant in her arms and Jeffries at her side, the pistols from the carriage clearly visible.

“Jeffries, those won’t be necessary,” Dunsany said, his voice thick but firm.

Dunsany crossed to his wife and whispered about the proposed arrangement. Lady Dunsany was shaking her head vehemently and clutching the tiny bundle to her tightly before Dunsany was even half-way through. Her eyes darted to Jamie, pleading, but then caught Ellesmere’s hard and unsympathetic expression. Dunsany moved to take the child from her arms but she shook him off and took the first few steps towards Jamie, her hold on the child never loosening.

“He’s called William,” she said firmly.

“Louisa,” Dunsany began to say but she interrupted him.

“It’s William; she gave him that name and I think it’s the least MacKenzie can do to call him by the name his mother gave him before she died.” The grief in her voice was strong but lent that strength to her resolve.

“Aye,” Jamie whispered looking to reassure the grieving grandmother. “William is a good strong name for the lad. My older brother was called William. May I hold him?”

With tears streaking down her cheeks, Lady Dunsany brushed the blanket aside so that she could look at the face of her sleeping grandson and trail a finger down his cheek before yielding him to Jamie’s large hands and strong, solid arms.

The child didn’t seem to weigh a thing and yet for the first time in more than a decade, Jamie felt as though his feet had a solid hold on the ground. The baby’s ears stuck out a little and his shut eyes appeared to slant a bit––nothing that blatantly suggested the child in his arms was his by blood to anyone in the room aside from him––but he couldn’t help swallowing against a lump the observation created in his throat. Claire had told him that Faith had those features when she’d held her; had they looked like this? The lad’s hair was darker than his own, promised to be a rich brown like his mother’s… like Claire’s.

The other people in the room faded from Jamie’s awareness as he gently rocked the sleeping bairn and made his way closer to the warmth of the fire; it was just him and his son. Had the child Claire carried with her through the stones been born with her hair, or his? Had that child looked like this child? Closing his eyes and focusing on the warmth of the small, fragile body in his arms, Jamie could almost convince himself that he was standing before the hearth in the laird’s room at Lallybroch with Claire resting in the bed behind him, that this son in his arms was somehow one of the many yearned for but unborn children he was supposed to have had with Claire in that life they were supposed to have lived together.

Fàilte mo mhac,” he said quietly then looked up and around until he spotted what he was looking for on Jeffries. He crossed and had the knife out of the paralyzed coachman’s belt.

“What are you doing?” Lady Dunsany screeched, similarly frozen as her eyes went wide seeing a blade so close to the baby.

But Jamie ignored her. William was sleeping securely and oblivious in the crook of Jamie’s right arm while he held the knife tight in that same hand and used his teeth to pull up the sleeve of his left arm so that nothing was in the way of that hand. The middle finger bent towards his palm and lightly pressed at the faint ‘C’ at the base of his thumb before he flexed the hand flat and guided the point of the knife a little further below the old scar. Blood of my blood and bone of my bone. His blood had mingled with Claire’s and was part of him, even now so many years later, she was and always would be a part of him. It was a shallower cut, only enough to raise a small line of blood, then he let the knife fall to the floor at his feet.

Is tusa Uilleam donn mac Sheumais ruaidh,” Jamie murmured as he smeared the blood across the boy’s forehead. The sensation caused the child to squirm and his eyes to peek open. “Aye… Mac Ruaidh mar tha mi Mac Dubh.”

Turning towards the shocked and wary faces of the Dunsanys and Ellesmere Jamie explained, “Now, he is of my blood.” My blood and Claire’s. With pride he claimed, “He is my son.”

[SFW] Reader has an over protective cat

Genji Shimada

A lifetime of spiritual training under Mondatta himself could not have prepared Genji for this war he’d been waging. The terms were amicable, no physical violence, no underhanded tactics. Each side fought for their greatest love, neither party relenting. The cyborg was determined to conquer and reign supreme. His sworn enemy responded with cool indifference, imagined wrath hidden under a fluffy exterior. Of course it was no surprise Genji was crouched behind your loveseat, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“Oh God… What are you up to now?” Genji was vigilant. Not a muscle moved without purpose. “Can’t we just watch the movie without you getting all weird about Mr. Whiskers?” He looked at you, considering the proposal briefly before slithering to the left side of the couch.

“Dearest, nothing about this is weird. Great men have fought greater battles in the name of love.” He peeked over the arm rest. The target was a black cat with emerald green eyes. It looked lazily at the cyborg mask spying from behind a throw pillow. Genji scowled. “Go ahead and start the movie. The end is nigh.” You rolled your eyes and plopped down on the right side cushion. Mr. Whiskers meowed approvingly and stretched his paws, claws extending in the most benign way conceivable. “The fiend reveals his weapons!”

“Yeah. Sure. So am I eating all this popcorn by myself?” Genji made a horrified gasp, “My love please! You know I love popcorn…” God he was adorable when he wanted to be. You watched him affectionately. He sat on the armrest and tried to slide onto the cushion beside you. The cat naturally oblidged and took up his space on your lap. Genji puffed up with pride, charging rapidly towards the fall. “Wonderful. Glad you could make it. Now take the cat while I grab something to drink.”

You put the cat directly in Genji’s lap and the reason for these antics was clear. The ninja cyborg had a fear of cats! He stiffened up, arms tight to his sides, craning his neck as far from your beloved pet as possible. He tried to ask you to hurry but all that came out was a strangled groan. Mr. Whiskers licked at the metallic chestplate absentmindedly. You laughed wickedly from the kitchen. Why not enjoy having control while it lasted? Genji would have his time later on tonight.

Jesse McCree

“Darlin’ you know I love you, but if that cat doesn’t stop hissin’ we’re gonna have a big problemo.” As if she heard the vulgar cowboy, Cruella snarled in defiance. An aptly named black and white American long hair was primed to attack. Jesse blew a cloud of smoke in her direction. “I ain’t done nothin’ to it! Why’s it hate me so darn much? And why won’t you lock it in the bedroom when I come over?” You frantically tried to soothe both beasts in the room. Words of comfort were cooed to the cat. She looked up at you as if to warn you of what was coming.

“I’m not locking my cat in the bedroom. She was here before you.” McCree chewed angrily on his cigar, obviously hurt by that remark. You placed yourself between the two and wrapped your arms around him. He did not return the favor. “C'mon baby! I’ll make it worth your while. I promise.” You kissed his cheek, neck, collarbone, and back up to those taut lips. He seemed to soften under your touch.

“I’m not tryin’ to make you choose. For all I know you’d pick the damn cat. I just want to spend time with you without worrying about my eyes getting clawed out. Is that too much for a man to ask?” Cruella certainly thought so. She was having none of this canoodling and began to pace back and forth around your feet. You tried to shoo her away to no avail. McCree cursed and pulled away from your embrace. “Listen, why don’t you get this figured out and call me later? I’m heading home.”

The cat sat smugly at your feet and watched him walk through the kitchen door. “Jesse please don’t go! I love you! We haven’t seen each other in a week. Stay with me?” He heaved a great sigh before pulling a chair out from the table and sitting. “Fine. But I will not be caught dead in the same room as that mangy animal.” You frowned, growing tired of all this drama. “If you’re going to pout like that then fine. I’ll put the cat in the bedroom. But you’d better fuck me in every other room of this house I swear to God. I won’t hear another word about it!” The cowboy looked over his shoulder with a smirk. “I’m not one to let a lady down. I just hope you know what you’re gettin’ yourself into.”

Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo was never one to complain. Not even when his time with you was being hampered by an emotionally distraught kitten. The little thing had just been adopted from the shelter and couldn’t stand being away from you. Tonight was date night and you’d cooked a delicious meal for your man. Conversation was difficult, however, with incessant mewling from under the table. The nameless kitten pawed at your leg. Hanzo watched with feigned disinterest as you picked up the furball and held it to your chest.

“I’m sorry hun. Maybe he’s hungry too. Let me just fill his bowl.” Hanzo tightened his grip on the fork and took a long swig of wine. Once the kitten was distracted by fresh food, you returned to your seat at the dinner table. “Is there something wrong?” The archer shook his head curtly. “No. Nothing at all. Thank you for this romantic evening.” You could always tell he was lying when he strung more than three words together. “Hanzo,” you inquired, “Are you being honest with me?” Rhetorical, of course. He stared hard into his place, considering how to respond.

“It is difficult for me to leave Overwatch and visit you. I do not appreciate being second best to a cat. If that is how you feel, I will–”

“You are the most important thing in the world to me. I love you more than words can express. I’m sorry the kitten is so needy but… Is it really bothering you so much?” He seemed to recoil in shame. “You will always be my first priority, Hanzo. I need you to know that.” It amazed you that a man so cool and confident in the heat of battle could be shaken by a cute little kitten. A small chuckle broke the tension that had formed. “Why don’t you help me pick a name for him? That way he’s your cat too!”

Hanzo seemed confused but eager. “Tora is a fitting title. He will grow to be your guardian. A mighty tiger for my princess.” And then the impossible happened. Tora, now full of food, pattered over to the stoic man and rubbed up against his leg. Hanzo reached down and cradled the baby in his arms. “Tora indeed.”

The Shy One (Bofur x Hobbit!Reader)

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Lenght: 3938 

Requested by @weirdnewbie Hope that you’ll like it and sorry for the long time it took me! 

Request: With Bofur. Reader could be a family friend of Bilbo and she kinda tagged along with them and she’s nice but shy and Bofur is always trying to bring her out of her shell and she starts liking him but doesn’t tell him but he figures it out and boom! Fluff. Thanks. 

Originally posted by artymissk

You smiled as you walked down the path that lead to your friend Bilbo’s house. You were softly humming to yourself, the fresh night breeze brushing against your skin and pushing your naturally rich blond curls away from your face. You could hear the cheers and the laugh of your fellow hobbits who were still drinking and talking down in Hobbiton. You also loved the atmosphere of The Green Dragon Inn, the place was always filled with happiness and warmth. Moreover, the quality of the ale and food was renowned throughout the entire Shire, making Hobbits proud of their food heritage. You particularly loved those cold winter night during which you would gather in the warm surroundings of the bar with your dearest friends to chatter about your day or the new book you had devoured.

That is actually what brought you out of the tavern and up the hill tonight. Your dear friend Bilbo was late and everyone knew that a Baggins was never late. The others told you to wait, saying that the nice hobbit must have got lost in his books and maps once again. However, your heart – and your Took blood – told you that something wasn’t right that evening. Your feet brought you to Bilbo’s door quickly but stopped abruptly when you heard the loud voices from inside the luxurious hobbit hole. Your curiosity increased as you caught the large shadows of Bilbo’s guests dancing across the thin curtains on the kitchen’s window. You bit your lips and looked down at the basket you were carrying with you, wondering if there would be enough cake for Bilbo and his guests. After all, you had cooked it for Bilbo himself, you didn’t know that he would have guests to feed as well. You sighed and pushed your worries away, knowing that only hobbits would care about these kind of things, before ringing the bell and waiting for Bilbo to answer the door.

You danced from one bare foot from another, not knowing what to do. You were a rather shy hobbit, you loved your books and loved adventures but the idea of interacting with strangers scared you beyond measure. Your heart raced as you heard your friend’s light footsteps nearing the door .You chuckled to yourself as you also heard his grumpy voice saying something about “dwarves and their manners”.

‘Dwarves?’ You thought as the door opened suddenly, making you jump slightly.

You looked up to be met with a rather angry Bilbo, he looked disheveled, tired and stressed out. Words that you could rarely use to describe Bilbo Baggins.

“(Y/N)!” Your friend exclaimed and sighed at the same time as if he was relieved to see a friendly face at his door.

“Bilbo! What happened to you?” You asked trying to contain your giggle. Bilbo rolled his eyes but let you in anyway.

“Dwarves, that’s what happened.” The hobbit answered, closing the door and looking back at you as if he had seen a dragon. You chuckled and raised your basket in the air with a proud smile on your face.

“Dwarves!” You exclaimed in awe. “Well I brought cake! Maybe there will be enough for all of them?” You quickly added in a cheerful voice. You innocent made Bilbo smile warmly, his anger fading.

“I highly doubt that. One of them swallowed a whole cheese in one bite!” Bilbo told you in some kind of high-pitched whisper, taking hold of your elbow to make you move out of the doorway. You looked at him with wide eyes and gasped.

“This is impossible!” You whispered back.

“I swear, (Y/N). I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” Bilbo answered completely distraught. You looked down at your basket, your face slowly falling as you comprehend that your cake wouldn’t be of any use.

“Well then, my cake will not be enough.” You said, making Bilbo smile gently at you with apologetic eyes. You sighed but an unknown voice made you jump and hide behind Bilbo suddenly.

“Someone talked about a cake?” The voice asked, excitement evident as they tried to have a look at you. Bilbo chuckled and nodded his head but before he could answer another voice joined in.

“Who is this, master Baggins?” The voice was rough and strict, as if the person attached to it was used to give orders and being obeyed.

“Well… hm this is my friend (Y/N). She’s…” Bilbo tried to explain but the rough voice cut him before he could have a chance to explain himself.

“What did you tell her?” The voice asked almost angrily, making Bilbo take a step back and bump into you.

“(Y/N) Took!” A gentle voice exclaimed, suddenly making everyone’s head turn in its direction, including yours.

“Gandalf!” You exclaimed, your fear and shyness long forgotten as you stepped away from Bilbo to reach the old wizard. Bilbo looked at you skeptically and shook his head.

“You remember him, just like that?” He asked you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Indeed! How could I forget about Gandalf the grey!” You chuckled and hugged the wizard as well as you could because the height difference. Gandalf chuckled and patted your back several times before his eyes landed on a tall dwarf behind you.

“You still haven’t answered my question, little one.” The dwarf said, his arms crossed over his broad chest. You slowly turned to look at him with apprehension. However, his voice didn’t sound as angry as it has been a few seconds before. Gandalf stepped next to you and laid a gentle hand on your shoulder.

“Thorin, this is (Y/N) Took. A friend and cousin of Bilbo.” The wizard said, squeezing your shoulder slightly to encourage you.

You looked around the hallway to be met with several dark but amused eyes and your cheeks flushed red. You quickly looked away and down at your feet to try and hide your shyness and embarrassment. However, Gandalf squeezed your shoulder again and you looked up at him. The old wizard gestured toward the tall dwarf with his eyes and you straighten up your back before bowing before the dwarf. Your shyness wasn’t an excuse for not introducing yourself. You took hold of your dress and tried to bow as elegantly as you could before the dwarf lord.

“(Y/N) Took, at your service master dwarf.” You said in a sweet voice, your cheeks still rosy. The dwarf bowed his head slightly at you, his long dark hair framing his face as he did.

“Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror. At yours, Miss Took.” The dwarf answered, you didn’t know what to do so you smiled and nodded your head before taking a step back in a lame attempt to stop being the center of the attention.

Yet the other dwarves started to introduce themselves one after another and this is how you met the company of Thorin Oakenshield. You remembered that night precisely, you remembered how Fili and Kili found it amusing to play with your shyness. You remembered how Bombur had eaten your cake in a second, you remembered how Bilbo fainted after the mention of Smaug, you remembered how you accepted to sign the contract to help the dwarf reclaim their homeland. You also remembered the beautiful song the dwarves had sung and last but not least, you remembered how you actually met your favorite dwarf.


You were drinking some tea with Bilbo, trying to make him feel better after he had fainted. A dwarf with a funny hat told him about the dragon and how it felt like to die by his fire, the dwarf meant it as a joke but you were slightly pissed off at him for making your friend faint. After a while, Bilbo went to his room and refused to sign the contract. Gandalf left you by the fire place and you got lost in your thoughts. How could Bilbo leave you on your own like that? Can’t he see that you had to help the dwarves? The Shire was your home and you knew that if you were robbed of it you would feel lost and depressed. As you stared into your warm cup of tea you did not hear the dwarf that had make Bilbo faint approach you.

“Are you alright miss?” A soft voice asked, making you jump and drop your cup of tea. However, it didn’t have the time to hit the ground as the dwarf quickly kneeled in front of you and caught the cup in his hands. Your hands went up to your mouth to cover your gasp but the dwarf chuckled and smirked at you knowingly.

“You’re a little shy creature, aren’t you?” He asked in a teasing way. Your cheeks flushed once again but you nodded your head slightly.

“The name’s Bofur. I’m sorry that your cousin fainted. I didn’t mean to make him feel bad.” Bofur said as he settled the cup on the small table before your armchair. You looked at him, your mouth sealed with shyness. You gulped and tried to answer him, even a few words would be fine but your mouth seemed to have its own will.

“Are you upset?” Bofur asked, his hat jumping on his head as he turned to look at you. You shook your head no and giggled.

“N… No master dwarf. I know you meant nothing by it.” You said just above a whisper and stuttering a little. Bofur smiled warmly at you and sat next to you.

“This is nice of you, thank you my lady.” Bofur said in a gentle voice but you heard the hint of teasing in his voice as he spoke. You looked at him from under your lashes and shook your head to dismiss his previous statement.

“I am no lady. Just (Y/N) is fine, master dwarf.” Bofur stared at you with a smirk, making you blush even more and clear your throat.

“Very well then. I’ll call you (Y/N) if you call me Bofur.” His statement took you by surprise but his kind smile warmed up you heart. You smiled and nodded your head in agreement.

“Alright then, Bofur.” You answered just above a whisper, looking down at your lap as you felt a wave of embarrassment wash over you.

The nice dwarf smiled at you as he studied your behavior. You looked like an angel in his eyes, he could already see how nice and sweet you were even if he knew you for only several hours. You were a foreign beauty in his opinion, he wasn’t use to see ladies without facial hair but weirdly he found you absolutely gorgeous just the way you were. Your curly locks framed your face perfectly, your skin seemed smooth and warm, and your rosy cheeks were absolutely adorable. Bofur cleared his throat and got up suddenly from his spot next to you.

“Well, miss (Y/N). It was a pleasure to talk to you… and to save your cousin’s cup.” He added teasingly, making you giggle and look up at him. “But it’s getting late and you should have some sleep if you’re going to accompany us on our journey.” The nice dwarf said. You nodded your head and got up, smoothing your skirt in place before smiling up at your new friend.

“You’re probably right, Bofur.” You told him, not sure of what to do next. Bofur saw your hesitation and softly took your hands in his before slowly bringing them to his lips to kiss your knuckles. Your cheeks flushed red once again and you avoided his eyes as he released your hands.

“Goodnight, miss Took.” Bofur said softly before bowing before you and stepping past you to reach an empty spot on the floor next to his brother to sleep.

You smiled to yourself and quickly walked out of the living-room to reach the spare room Bilbo had prepared for you earlier. You closed the oaken door behind you and leant against it for a while trying to understand how you were going to survive this quest if you had to control your heartbeats every time Bofur talked to you.

The next morning, after leaving Bilbo’s home and finding yourself on a pony with the same dwarf that made your heart flutter. The dwarves decided to bet on whether Bilbo would come or not. You knew that your cousin would come, seeing the house entirely empty after what happened last night would act like a trigger. You sighed out in relief as Bilbo finally showed up, not long after you had left Hobbiton.

“Were you afraid of travelling around Middle-Earth all alone with a bunch of dwarves, miss Took?” You heard a voice say from next to you. Apparently, your sigh had not go unnoticed by the youngest prince. Kili was smirking at you, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

You shook your head, trying to hide your flushed cheeks but Bofur’s arms – that were circling your waist to hold the reins as you didn’t know how to ride a pony – tightened around you to support you.

“I… I…” You tried to answer the young prince but Kili smirked even more at your confused state.

“Leave her alone, laddie. Can’t you see she’s a shy one?” Bofur suddenly said to defend you. Kili’s smile fainted and he looked at you with kind eyes.

“I know, I was just trying to start a conversation.” He said and Bofur laughed at the prince.

“Then you definitely don’t know how to start a conversation, lad.” Bofur laughed again, this time that was Kili’s turn to blush.

“Maybe…” The young prince answered, a pout over his face. You chuckled softly at his childish antics, making the prince smile at you. Happy that he managed to make you laugh.

Bofur smiled too but for another reason. Kili’s little teasing made you loosen up a little bit and you leant your back against Bofur’s chest, now feeling relaxed and comfortable around them both. Your hands were even gripping Bofur’s sleeves to keep your balance on the pony.

After a long day of ridding and sometimes talking with Bofur and Kili, you were happy when Thorin said that it was time to stop for the night. Bofur went down first then extended his hands in your direction to help you down. You were slightly embarrassed that you were such a small hobbit but you took his hands and went down easily.

“Well, soon you won’t need my help to get down of a pony, little missy.” Bofur said as he laid his warm hand on your shoulder. The friendly contact made you blush but you smiled at the funny dwarf and nodded your head. He smiled back at you and went to help Bombur with the stew.

You quickly made your way to your dear friend Bilbo and sat next to him, your cheeks still flushed.

“You’re alright?” Bilbo asked as he observed you.

“Yes, absolutely fine.” You answered lost in your thoughts as you watched Bofur and his funny hat from your spot. Bilbo followed your gaze and smiled as he saw who you were looking at.

“He is a nice fellow.” You heard your cousin’s voice say, making you frown and turn your head to look at him.

“Who?” You asked, hoping that he didn’t see your wandering eyes.

“Bofur.” Bilbo said with a small smirk on his lips. Your mouth open in surprise but you tried to cover it up by answering.

“He seems to be, yes.” You looked down at your hairy feet. “But I don’t know him very much.”

“We’ll have plenty of time to get to know each one of them during this journey.” Bilbo said as he observed the dwarves and Gandalf.

“Yes, indeed.” You whispered, your eyes once again wandering to the funny dwarf.

The next few days were rather exciting in your opinion. You were still riding on Bofur’s pony and even if you were still as shy, the dwarf had found a way to slightly break your shell and have short conversation with you. Your feelings for the dwarf started to grow and you knew that you were already in love with him.

You thought that it was impossible as you had given up on finding love a long time ago but here he was. Right behind you. Telling about the time when Bombur had eaten so much that he couldn’t get up and it took 5 dwarves and Dwalin to get him up and walking. You laughed as he tried to imitate Dwalin’s face as he tried to pull Bombur up by himself. The dwarves around you, Gandalf and Bilbo started to laugh as well and you leant once again against Bofur. Your head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped almost tightly around your waist. Everyone could see that something was up between you two but you couldn’t tell him that you had feelings for him. You were too shy and you were sure that Bofur was only seeing you as a really good friend.

Gandalf told you several times that Bofur might have feelings for you too but you had denied the wizard’s word, not wanting to risk a heartbreak. Bilbo talked to you every single day about how you should tell the nice dwarf but it was simply impossible for you.

You were shy, everybody knew it.

Including Bofur.

The dwarf saw the looks you were sending him when you thought he wasn’t looking. He saw how comfortable you felt around him. Indeed, you weren’t as comfortable as you were with Bilbo but it was already something for him. As he saw all these little signs and he couldn’t help but hope that your feelings for him were as deep as his for you. Dwarves could only love once and since the first time his eyes landed on you, Bofur knew that you were his one. Your small smile, your personality, your kindness, your shyness, and every single thing you did made his heart skip a beat. Bofur knew that he will soon have to tell you, his secret was slowly affecting his mood and his behavior.

Thorin called once again for everyone to stop and Bofur got off his pony before turning around to help you but you were already on your feet next to him. That made him raise an eyebrow at you but he smiled proudly as he saw the blush on your cheeks.

“I know how to do it now.” You said, a bit embarrassed.

“I saw that, lass.” Bofur answered, patting your shoulder before going to help his brother with his restless pony. You chuckled and went to help Bombur start a fire. Bilbo came to help and after a while you sat next to him and chatted about the Shire while stargazing. After dinner, you were ready to turn in for the night went Thorin’s deep voice called you name in the darkness of the night, starling you.

“Miss Took, you have the first watch tonight.” He said turning to Bofur and nodding him forward. “You too Bofur.”

Your heart skip a beat, it was the first time you would be alone with Bofur. Or at least with the others asleep and not listening to you. You nodded your head at Thorin and smiled slightly at Bofur. You slowly made your way to a huge rock at the border of the camp and sat on top of it, your eyes focused on the dark woods before you but you mind focused on the dwarf who was climbing the rock to sit next to you. You turned your head as you saw Bofur’s hat from your spot on the rock and smiled as his face showed up quickly after.

“How did you do it so fast?” Bofur asked with a chuckle as he finally sat next to you.

“Hobbits are good climbers.” You said proudly, making Bofur nod in agreement.

“Aye, they definitely are.” He said as his eyes focused on the woods. The silence settled between the two of you and you started to feel self-conscious. Your hair was all over the place, your cheeks and your nose were flushed red from the cold wind biting at your skin and your trousers were dirty. You sighed as you started to run the palms of your hands over your trousers catching Bofur’s attention.

“You’re alright, lass?” He asked concern written on his features. You nodded and shrugged your shoulders not wanting to tell him about your lame worries. “You know you can trust me, right! You can tell me anything.” Bofur said, his voice as nice and caring as usual.

You sighed and looked up at him, his kind eyes piercing through your shell a bit more every day.

“I… I feel ugly.” You suddenly said, just above a whisper. His eyes widen in shock and you quickly avoided his gaze.

“You feel ugly?” He repeated, confused and surprise. You nodded your head and looked at your hands, trying to make yourself as small as you could. Bofur observed you for a few second before shifting to sit closer to you. “Lass, please look at me.” He asked in a soft voice that made your cheeks flush.

“I… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said…” You started but two rough fingers on your chin made you close your mouth. Bofur softly pushed your chin up to make you look at him. His eyes held so much and so much love that it made you gasp.

“Don’t ever apologize to me, (Y/N). I understand and I accept who you are. Your shy nature is beautiful in my eyes. You are beautiful in my eyes. Please don’t feel ugly, you are so beautiful you have no idea how much it hurts to see you sad.” His words took you by surprise.

“Wait… you… you think I’m beautiful?” You asked in a whisper, not knowing what to do. Bofur smiled and chuckled at your shocked face.

“Indeed, I think you’re beautiful, amrâlimê.” Bofur said his hands coming up to cup your face into his warm hands. You looked at him, not able to hide your love anymore. The dwarf smiled at you and slowly touch his forehead to yours, closing his eyes.

“I love you, (Y/N). I know it seems impossible but I know that you are my one. I understand if you don’t feel the same but know that I will always protect you. I don’t have much to offer except my unconditional love and a promise to always love you.” Bofur said, whispering his love to you. Your eyes started to water but you smiled brightly at him.

“Bofur… I cannot ask for more. I only need your love to be happy with my life.” At your words Bofur pulled away slightly to look at you with joy and suddenly, he closed the space between you and kissed you with all his love and passion. Your eyes widen at first but you quickly melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck as his wrapped around your waist and pulled you into his lap to deepen the kiss.

As the stars shone above your small bubble of love, several dwarves at camp were still up and saw the two of you kiss. They said nothing, knowing how meaningful this moment was for you and for their friend. However, Gandalf smirked and turned around to ask the dwarf king.

“You did that on purpose.” The old wizard said, observing the content smile that appeared on Thorin’s lips. 

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ISSUES -Part Two

Read part one- HERE 

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 3,283 

Part Two

My breath sped up as everyone stood frozen in place waiting for what was gong to come next.

He seemed to be thinking deeply and it worried me. I could feel it pouring off of us.     

What was he going to do?

This couldn’t be good.

Rick should never of left.

I bloody told him.

If The Saviors were just going to turn up when ever they wanted he couldn’t keep going out and leaving.  Some of these people stupidly looked up to him and he owed them more than he could ever realise. I wish I could look up to him but  I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that had been happening recently and my trust was gone long before the dead started walking among us. 

Attacking that outpost had been the biggest mistake and Glen and Abraham paid the price for it. Sasha, Maggie and her unborn baby would have to live with that. Have those pictures run through their minds for the rest of their lives. That would never ever leave them.

Our family was fractured and I didn’t see anyway that was going to be fixed. How could it?

This man might of been semi responsible but Rick, the so called and self proclaimed leader was at the centre of it all.

Quickly I moved my eyes to look over our people and noticed Carl wasn’t here. What the fuck?  

Shaking my head slightly I hoped he had done what I told him not too do. As stupid as that sounds I hoped he was on his way to Hilltop.

With any luck Edith caught up with him and Judith was safe with the both of them.

“Okayyyyyy” he tapped the wire covered bat on concrete road beneath us “This is what’s going to happen” he began walking up and down looking every Alexandrian in the eye as he did  “My people are going to go in these homes and take what they want and you’re going to stay out here and behave like the good little boys and girls I know you can be”  he pulls the bat up to eye level in Arron’s face “You can sit, you can stand but you can’t move from out here until I damn well say so” he smiled wickedly and then started to move in your direction again.

I could feel my heart start to beat faster as he moved. Oh shit.

“Now” he pointed the barbwire covered bat right at you “ y/e”

“Oh fuck” I muttered under my breath. However apparently not quiet enough because the arse who was holding my arm chuckled. Oh fuck indeed.

“That’s Rick the pricks house. Right?” He tilted his head to our house that only a few moments ago you had been standing in front of with Edith and Judith. I couldn’t seem to form any words so I simply nodded my head swallowing the extra saliva that was now pooling in my mouth.

“Excellent” he threw his arms in the air “Time for some fun boys!” And just like that most of the saviors scattered forcing their way into our homes once again while the rest stayed with their guns pointed towards us.

Closing my eyes briefly I sighed as the one who had been holding my arm released it. Defiantly going to have a serious bruise from his fingers. Thanks fucker.

“Don’t look so sad little one” you jumped as you felt warm fingers pull your chin upwards.

Opening my eyes I once again came face to face with Negan. I didn’t hear or feel him move this close to me and that was alarming.

“Now I have got a special task for you darling” he stood up straight, releasing my chin as he did.

I started internally freaking out what did he mean by ’special’?

“I am thirsty” thirsty? “So you can follow me into Rick the Pricks house over here and make me some god damn lemonade!” Lemonade? He started walking away from you “Todayyyy!” He called over his shoulder as I starred at his back kind of in shock.

He wants me to make him lemonade? I didn’t know if we even had any in the kitchen. Shit.

This was it. Dad was going to come home and I was going to dead, splattered all over the damn place because we didn’t have any fucking lemonade.

I took a step forward to follow but then froze.  I could see Rosita shaking her head at me telling me not to follow him.

“DO NOT MAKE ME ASK AGAIN Y/E!” Looking at the house I found him standing at the front door pointing that damn bat at me. | didn’t like the thing, I assume thats why he has it. Scare tactic.

Quickly, not allowing myself to look at anyone else I made my way towards him, walking straight through the open door, him following silently behind.

The sound of the door clicking shut made me nervous.

It was just the two of us.

Negan and me.

Me and Negan.

The man who killed for fun.

If Dad was here he would be freaking out right about now.

I couldn’t help but nervously smile at that as I reached the kitchen. He would probably be more concerned that he wasn’t the one alone with Negan. Looking for a weakness he could use against him.

Not knowing if he was following behind me or not I move quickly. He wanted lemonade and that is what I was going to do. With any luck once he had his drink, if we even had any that is. God please let there be enough to make him at least one glass.  

Hopefully he will leave.

I could hear a lot of shouting and banging occurring outside as his men took even more of the stuff from our homes.

This wasn’t going to end well. Fuck sake Dad.

Opening a cupboard I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I’d been holding and pulled out a tub of lemonade. Thank god it doesn’t feel empty.

Olivia must of brought it over when she was looking after Judith yesterday.

Smiling I quickly made his damn drink. Aware the entire time that he was watching me from across the room.

The sound of a thud echoed throughout the room made me jump, my eyes quickly looked towards him. For the first time since being alone.

He was starring right back at me with those hazel eyes and that lop-sided smile.

“You’re very quiet” he noted as I went back to making his drink “Unusual in fact women normally don’t shut the fuck up unless you threaten to knock knock” he chuckled eyeing his weapon of choice.

Finding my voice I replied in a semi sarcastic voice “Yeah, well good for them”

His laugh caught you off guard and you spilt some of the lemonade on your hand and the floor as it poured into a glass.

“I like you” What? “No bullshit…. Itssssss” he waved a hand in the air “Refreshing

I must be hallucinating. Right?

“See your leader, Rick the Prick he..”

“My Dad” I blurted out not thinking. Oh shitting hell I should not of said that. Dad is going to kill me, if Negan doesn’t first.

“Excuse me?” He stood up straight “Ohhhhh so that explains the stink eye He’s your Daddy?”

Staying silent I just placed the glass on the table that separated us and moved backwards so my back was against the work top crossing my arms over my chest.

“So Daddy Rick has been hiding you from me then?” I didn’t answer. To be honest I didn’t dare speak as the man before me picked up the glass and brought it to his lips “Thats very interesting” he added with wide eyes before taking a sip.

“Damn thats good!” I Smiled, relieved.

“You sure are something” he snickered “So Daddy isn’t going to be home anytime soon? Shame I was hoping to see him”


“I miss him” he laughed at some kind of joke he must be thinking off. I sure as hell didn’t see why that was funny.

“So y/e” he said before taking another mouthful of lemonade “Lets talk” he pointed towards the front room before walking over to and sitting down almost gracefully onto one of the sofas, leaving his bat on the table in the kitchen.

“Come on” he patted the space next to him “I don’t bite” at that I raised my brows and walked closer “Well unless you ask ever so nicely anyway” he winked and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Really laugh.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed like this.

You know one of those full on belly laughs that makes you slightly light headed?

“Well that was fucking a beautiful sight and sound sweetheart” Negan speaking stopped me almost instantly and I suddenly remembered where I was and who I was with.


I had let my guard down for a few seconds there and that was dangerous to do in this world now. Dangerous to do with this man.

Ignoring his earlier move for me to sit down next to him I sat in a chair opposite instead.

“Okay” he said placing the now half empty glass down with a clink on the coffee table that we never used “Lets get straight to the point”

I could feel myself breathing harder as I nervously watched the man before me who didn’t fault as he held my gaze.

He both was and wasn’t what I thought he would be like at all.

The way they spoke about him he sounded more like a wild cave man from the prehistoric time than the one who was calmly sat in front of me now.

I knew he was dangerous, I wasn’t stupid, you couldn’t miss that but there was something more about him and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly.

“Now you look like a smart girl y/e”

Did he just compliment me?

There was a odd tension building in the air as I continued to look at the man before me.

What was he going to say?

What was he going to do?

Why was I even here?

With him?

When he had hand-lessley dragged me into the house he hadn’t known I was Rick’s daughter. What was he doing?

“Now I know we fucking surprised you guys but thats the name of the game of this world” I could feel my teeth digging into my bottom lip as he spoke in a deep and commanding voice.

Why did he have to be so, so…..charismatic?

I mean I should feel nothing but hatred towards him… right?

“But I’ll let it slide that you didn’t have your great almighty fucking leader Rick the Prick here and I’ll even let it slide that you didn’t have my shit this one time. We came early, I respect that”

The blood pumping around my body began to get warmer as he leant forwards in his seat.

“But what I won’t deal with being damn disrespected”

“I’m no..not” I stuttered.

“Now now” he laughed and stood up towering over me like a damn tree or something that had been growing for hundreds of years “You have been more than hospitable doll but that Daddy of yours” clicking his tongue “He needs to be more respectful. Im not stupid I know he’s up to something

Nodding my head I didn’t know what to say.

“What else Is he hiding from me?” He asked eyeing me “Apart from your glorious self of course”

“I wouldn’t know” I answered honestly. Because that was the truth. I may be Rick Grimes daughter but I was never involved in his little meetings. The only thing I knew he was hiding was Judith and of course Maggie and I was not going to be the one to tell him about either one of them. I would rather face his bat than be the one to tell him. Judith was too innocent to have to face this and Maggie… well she just had been through enough.

“Don’t lie to me y/e” he raised his voice making me jump.

“I’m not lying to you, honestly all I do is stay here and look after Ju.. everyone elsefuck.



I had almost let her name slip between my lips. He seemed to disarm me being around him. I had to be more careful.

“You don’t leave?” He looked me up and down.

Shaking my head “No, not really Rick doesn’t want me out on runs or anything and we’ve been here for a while”

“So the last time you stepped foot outside of these walls was before you got here? To Alexandria?”

“Pretty much” I nodded my head.

There was of course the times you had snuck out, protected Judith and that time you had been to the quarry with that insanely massive heard of walkers.

Apart from that I hadn’t left here since Arron brought us.

I both hated it and was grateful at the same time. I wasn’t stupid though. I knew the reason why was because my Dad didn’t think I could cope, didn’t want me outside of his control, of his watchful gaze or whoever he had around to watch me. He didn’t want my help unless it was to look after the baby that wasn’t even his.  

“Well fuck me sidewaysssss” he started walking around the room. Running a leather clad finger over every surface as he went.

I bit my lip as I watched him move. He was one of the most graceful men I had seen in a very long time and I could feel it, him, awakening something inside of me that I had buried down so, so long ago.

Wait, what?

Stop it.

We hate him.


“Damn thats no fun huh?” He laughed almost evilly but there was something else there too. Almost glee?

“Well I’ll tell you what y/e” he stalked towards me causing me to sit as far back as I could in the chair. “If you ever and I do mean fucking ever want to get outside of these walls and have a little adventure I would be more than fucking happy. Jesus it would make my fucking week to have you at the Sanctuary” Sanctuary? Where was that?

“What?” I asked as he placed a hand on either side of the chairs arms, caging me in.

“Our own little paradise doll” he licked his bottom lip “All you have to do is say yes and you can come” widening his eyes he added “And if you say so in more ways than one” he added with a wink that almost made me openly drool.

My eyes widened and dilated as I processed what he said. Did he just? No?

Shaking my head I simply said “Thanks for the offer but no” Idiot.

“No?” He sighed before standing back up “Offers there anytime y/e. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime, get some air in those magnificent lungs” Did he just checkout my boobs?

“Thank you” Why did I just say thank you? The man just said he wanted to make me cum. Only if you said so My subconscious reminded me.

“And if you were to become one of my wives.. then damn sweetheart you just might make my fucking year” his eyes were twinkling and the room was now thick with sexual tension causing the two of us to both breath a little heavier.

“Wives?” As in plural? Fucking hell.

“Perk of the new world” he stroad away towards his bat, picking it up in his gloved hand “Me and Lucille here will leave you all alone sexy y/e before……just don’t forget the offer alright?”  He added the last part as he shook his head. As if if he was trying to remove what he was about to say from his brain.

His bat had a name?  

Was he a former asylum patient or something before the apocalypse?  

Wait a second did he just call me sexy?

Shakily I mumbled out a sort of ‘ok’ as I followed him as he moved.

Something inside me wanted him to stay.

Maybe I was the one in need of a phycologist. Jesus.

Loosing my damned mind.

Just around him. Fuck.

He whistled loudly “We are out of here!!!!!” Turning to you he added “Thanks for the lemonade” with a wink and waved goodbye before they all began to retreat towards the gate “We’ll be back in TWO DAYS” he shouted reminding everyone he was coming back for the stuff he was ‘owed’.

In less than a minute they were gone and Gabriel was pulling the gate shut behind them, leaving us almost stunned. It was like they had never even been here.

No one moved for a moment. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like several minutes.

For some stupid reason I had a smile on my face.

That man was nothing like what they had said about him.

Yes he had killed two of our family but we were responsible for over forty of his being killed in that outpost. Maybe he wasn’t so bad?

“What happened?” Rosita came over to you when everyone felt safe to move once again.

Shaking my head I had to gather my thoughts making sure to loose the smile.

“Doesn’t matter” you told her but not taking your eyes off of the closed gates. There was no way I was going to tell them Negan knew I was Rick’s daughter and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them about his offer.

To take me to the Sanctuary.

And the whole wives thing?

That was kind of fucked up.

“Y/e” she repeated sounding angry and went to grab my arm.

“I already fucking told you it doesn’t matter” I bit out angrily.

She looked a little shocked at my outburst.

I barley bothered saying anything these days. No one ever listened unless it was about fighting or gathering stuff so what was the point?

Looking at everyone as they looked back at me with confused and shocked expressions I realised I had to say something. He could not find out Negan met me. If he knew what would he do?

“Rick can’t find out about that” I told them pointing towards the house.

“And why the hell not”

“If you want to be the one to tell him that Negan spoke to me when I was meant to be out of here before he ever had the chance then fucking go for it but I think we all know that is not a great idea. You know what he is like he’ll do something stupid. Look what happened last time he did that we lost Glen and Abraham!”

It was his fault we were in this position in the first place.

Spencer was nodding in agreement. He was one of the only other ones who openly didn’t agree with going into that outpost. He said we should make a deal and looking at what had happened today he was right.

No one got hurt.

No one lost their life.

Hell he even thanked you for making him a lemonade.

You didn’t leave it for any further discussion before turning around and walking back into the house.

“Where are you going?” Arron spoke up.

“To have some lemonade” I shouted not bothering to look back as I slammed the front door shut.


I have to say a massive thank you I have been blown away by the response to part one! I never expected it and especially seeing as this is the first walking dead piece I have written too!

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Such a Brave and Beautiful Woman- A Loki Imagine

Description: Loki meets the infamous animal rescuer 
Word count: 641

From the age of about 7 you’ve made it your personal job to look after all the animals in Asgard that you can. You returned them the their owners, rescued the from danger and even nursed them back to health.

Your parents didn’t mind it too much when you were growing up, they’d always say “As long as you do your work and love us as much as these animals, your caring ways will be fine.”

When you moved out into your own little house taking care of them was a bit easier because all the space was just for you and your animals; and although you loved them sometimes they could get into sticky situations

It was a blistering hot day as you walked though your garden picking your vegetables and putting them into your little basket. Even though it was so hot you still enjoyed the outside, well you were until you heard a load meow.

You also always seemed to have a 6th sense when it came to animals being in danger, you’d know it from miles away. So you followed the sound and saw that it was stuck on top of the highest tree in Asgard, ‘of course’ you thought to yourself. Even though it was a great feat you knew no one else would do it, so you took off your shoes and pinned up your hair and skirt as you started climbing.

It took you almost half an hour but you finally got to the top of this huge tree.

“There! I’ve got you, you little dickens.” You say as you grabbed the cat and began to climb back down.

You were half way when all of a sudden the branch broke and you started falling; holding onto the cat tight you expected to become a permanent part of the earth, but before you could hit the ground you found yourself stopping in mid-air. As you looked down to the ground you saw that Prince Loki had caught you with his infamous magic.

He slowly let your feet touch the ground as the shock began to fade.

“Thank you for rescuing me, your highness.” You say to him as you curtsey low with your head down.
“It’s quite alright, and you can rise.” He tells you.

“Did you climb the tree to rescue this cat?” He said almost amazed.
“Yes, sire.” You say back to him blushing a bit.

“You’re Y/N aren’t you?” He asks you intrigued.
“Yes, how did you know that?” You asked him.
“Well everyone knows the story of the great animal rescuer.”
“They do?” You asked amazed.
“Yes, I mean I heard stories about your commitments to the creatures of Asgard but I never knew how far they went.” He said staring at you.

“Well someone has to look out for them.” You say as you scratch behind the ear of the little animal in your arms.
“Indeed they do. Would you like to feast with me tonight; we’ve all heard stories of you and I believe this would be a great one to tell.” He asks you excitedly.

You couldn’t believe it, Prince Loki was asking you to a royal feast? All because you rescued a cat?

“I’d love to but… are you sure I’m welcome at the castle?” You asked him timidly.
“Lady Y/N, the warriors and royalty of Asgard may protect us from a larger sense but you protect us in ways we never could. You are quite humble and don’t realise how much you actually do. You don’t just rescue animals from the largest tree of Asgard but you also save children and help well, everyone in the community you can. It would be a disgrace not to ask such a brave and gorgeous woman to a feast.” He tells you kissing your hand.

smile // attack on titan

“…when was the last time you smiled?”

Oh. Shit.

Had he really said that out loud? In that case, he ought to start digging his own grave right there and then. The moment the string of words slipped past his parted lips, Eren had felt all the blood drain from his features in one go.

The next thing he knew, he had Lance Corporal Levi putting his cup of coffee down in favor of glaring at him disapprovingly from across the dining table, eyebrows slightly drawn together more than usual, and generally emitting an air of animosity that contended the younger soldier to start making sense within the next fifteen seconds, lest he’d be forced to leave the room with a missing limb or two. Levi wasn’t known to be a fan of surprises, and tonight, Eren had successfully thrown him off-guard with the dumbest conversation starter he could possibly think of.

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Classic- Mark (Day 8/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To read the other drabbles in my drabble challenge, click here

Prompt: Classic
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: Royal!AU

You placed a gloved hand on your chin as you looked out at the pairs dancing below you. The soft music was swaying back and forth, making you smile and hum along to the beat.

“Y/N, is that you?” a voice called out. You jumped slightly at the shrill squeal of your best friend and then turned around to face her.

“Hello, So Won, my dear,” you said, taking her hands in your own.

“You look amazing tonight! Really, stunning! Is this the dress that you’ll be wearing to the wedding?” she exclaimed, taking a step back and admiring the light blue color of your dress. You patted down the lace and laughed lightly.

“Of course not, it would be bad luck to have anyone see that dress before tomorrow,” you said, waving her off as she simply rolled her eyes.

“Fine, don’t tell me! But you have to let me help you get ready tomorrow, okay?” she said, grabbing onto your arm excitedly. “I’m so excited for you! Royal weddings are always my favorite! And you and the prince are perfect for each other! It’s a classic romance!” she squealed again, wiping away non-existent tears. You shook your head and smiled at your friend’s antics.

You headed down the stairs with her following close behind as you bid hello to the party guests. Many were people from other kingdoms that you did not know, but others were acquaintances and friends.

“Y/N, you look stunning!” one of your aunts called out as your uncle nodded in agreement, toasting to you. You simply smiled at them and felt the blood rush to your face in embarrassment.

“So, tell us all about tomorrow! What time exactly will the ceremony happen?” your cousin asked, excitedly. You paused for a moment to think and realized that even you yourself didn’t know.

“Well, the procession will be rather long so – ” You were quickly cut off by more questions than you could answer at once.

“What will you be dancing to?” “Oh, I think we’re going to – ” “Yes tell us! Who will be the first to enter the hall?” “Most likely – ” “How long have you known the prince? Is it alright for you to marry him?” “What’s going to be on the dinner menu?” “Weren’t you born outside the kingdom?”

“There you are, love.” You all turned your heads to the new comer that just entered the conversation, and a smile spread across your face as you excused yourself. You walked over to Mark and took his hand in your own, whispering a thank you to him. He chuckled lightly and led you onto the dance floor in a smooth, fluid motion.

“They’re all crazy,” you whispered as he bowed and took your arm in his own.

“Indeed,” he agreed. “That’s why I asked you to marry me,” he added, lifting you up lightly to the music before setting you back down. “I needed someone sane,” he whispered, breathily into your ear.

His melodic voice shot pleasure down your spine as you felt your legs grow weak. You focused on your breathing as you smiled at him and continued to dance.

“I thought you loved me for my character,” you teased, playfully as you took a step towards him and then a step back. He held up his hand and you pressed yours against it as you walked around in a small circle.

“I love every part of you, not one more than the other,” he remarked, placing his hand back on your waist and stepping in time to the rhythm.

“Well you know why I agreed, don’t you?” you asked, shooting him a smirk. Mark raised an eyebrow and continued to twirl you into him before pulling you into his arms. “Because you wouldn’t stop asking,” you whispered back. He let out a small chuckle and pushed you back upright, continuing the dance.

“What can I say,” Mark said, holding onto your waist once more. He let his hands wander down ever so slightly and you let out a small squeal, praying that nobody saw. “I’m persistent,” he whispered, winking at you.

You felt your cheeks begin to turn red and you were about to retaliate when the music slowed down, signaling the end of the song. Mark let go of you and the two of you bowed to each other while those around you clapped. As he straightened out and smiled innocently at you, you narrowed your eyes and suppressed a laugh.

“I’m watching you,” you said, playfully. Mark held up his hands in innocence and gave you a small pout.

“I don’t know what you mean,” he said, shrugging his shoulders and shifting his gaze, all the while a small smirk playing at his lips. You were aware of other people moving in to ask you and your fiancé more questions, so you quickly stood on your tip toes to whisper into his ear.

“You’re not supposed to get handsy until after we get home,” you cooed sensually. You saw Mark get slightly flustered as he bit his lip lightly. Knowing the effect you had made only made you more excited as well, and you gave him a small wink before turning back to appease the party guests.

Word Count: 878

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The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventeen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Some swearing in this chapter and according to my research, Valaskialf is the name of the Aesir palace. 

“That was, without question, the most horrific thing I have ever experienced.” Wilson groaned as he righted himself after the Bifrost.

“That is a tad dramatic.” Loki sighed boredly as he assisted in steadying Alexia. “Not bad.” He commended her.

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@azuregold confession, the sketch for this has actually been sitting in my drafts for months :’)) also the only reason I have him from both sides is cause I always forget details like his earrings (and scar) so I end up with one version without and think it’s a shame to not use it “orz

Melting Snow

A/N: Jacob is back to warm you a little! wrote it with thought of my best girl @ohlookahiddenblade  <3 to make her feel better! sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the gif) X

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff

You were standing on the roof of one of the London buildings observing the city. All of the city was covered with thick layer of snow, which gave the most fun to the children, who were playing snow fights and creating snowmen. Their laughs were heard everywhere, which made you smile and brought back nice memories from your own childhood.

A quite hard stroke in your back pulled you back from your thoughts. You turned back and looked into direction from where it could came, when the next one you felt on your face. You swayed and took a step back to keep your balance and clamped your eyes, feeling cold and wet snow. You brushed it away and heard loud, throaty laugh coming from behind nearby chimney, who you would recognize everywhere. You came closer and saw no one else, but infamous Jacob Frye. Young man, who irritated you to the limits with his stupid jokes and immature behaviour and for who your heart beat faster since the day you met him. However, you had no courage to tell him about your feelings towards him, being affraid of rejection. Nevertheless, his sister Evie noticed straight away the way you looked at her brother and encouraged you to confess him your feelings, but you were never able to do it. You’d rather be his friend than loose him.

‘’I hope, you are having a good time, Jacob?’’ You asked sarcastically crossing your arms.

‘’Indeed, love.’’ Jacob gasped still laughing and putting one of his hands on the chimney to keep him steady.

Cheeky grin appeared on your lips and with fast move you gathered snow from the roof shaping a small ball. You threw it straight into Jacob’s face and his annoying laugh immediately died away. He wobbled and with a thoud fell on the roof. That time you started to laugh and younger twin’s face became red from embarrassment and irritation.

‘’Awww Jacob, why don’t you laugh anymore? Earlier, it was all so funny to you.’’ You mocked him and Jacob gazed at you with a glint in his eye, which didn’t bring anything good. You felt shivers running down your spine.

‘’And it still will be when I get my revenge on you, love.’’ On his handsome face appeared cheeky smile and he started standing up.

‘’Maybe if you catch me, snail!’’ You called over your shoulder running and laughing loudly.

‘’Snail? You are so in trouble, love.’’ You heard him laughing behind you and light thuds of his boots.

You laughed sarcastically again and started jumping from roof to roof trying to loose Jacob, but it wasn’t easy. That bastard was fast and nimble, and his hurt pride and ego were giving him even more strenght and speed.

You noticed that there were only couple of buildings left ahead of you, so you decided to jump off on the street and try to mingle into the crowd. You found a narrow passage between buildings and by catching pendant bricks you found yourself on one of the London streets. Then, you ran into the crowd of people, put on your hood and carefuly looked over your shoulder. You saw Jacob’s top hat and you fastened the pace. You went into the side alley and ran along it.

‘’Gotcha!’’ You heard Jacob’s husky voice on the other side of the alley.

You turned aroud quickly and grinned. ‘’Not yet!’’ Then you sped up and found yourself in the park.

Your lungs stung from the lack of breath and you felt how your legs started to slow down. You couldn’t give Jacob that satisfaction and you tried force your muscles to work a little longer. You heard Jacob steps just behind and then his large, strong hands caught you by waist and both of you pitched to the ground.

Jacob’s top hat fell from his head when his heavy, firm body pinned you to the cold snow. There were heard loud, honest laughs coming from your throats. Jacob turned you on your back, leaning most of his weight on his arm and when you looked into each other eyes, your laughs died away. You felt nice warmth radiating from his body, heating your own. His rough palm softly brushed away unruly starnds of your hair from your face, then with his fingertips stroked along your cold, rosy cheek. You smiled lightly and embarrassed to the feeling, but you placed your palm on his broad chest without breaking the stare and moved it up, tenderly dabbing his neck and finally putting it on his cold cheek.

Jacob started moving his face closer to yours. His warm, mint breath was heating and pleasently tingling your face. In his hazel eyes you saw something like ask for permission. You lifted your head and rubbed your nose against his, making Jacob chuckle. Your heart was beating like crazy, but it gave you courage to close the gap between you two in a tender and uncertain kiss. You were affraid, that Jacob didn’t return back your feelings and was acting only on the spur of the moment, but you felt how he gave back the kisses without hesitation and with entanglement. You put your hands on the back of his neck and drew him in to your body. Younger Frye put his hand on your neck and delicately started stroking it with his thumb, making you giggle a little into the kiss. You wanted to feel his lips against your own for so long. You wnated to know their taste, if they were soft and warm. To your surprise, his lips were even better than in your imagination.

Jacob parted your lips with his tongue and deepened the kiss. Moans of pleasure ripped from your throats and your palms tangled into his dark hair, moving him closer, that there was no free space between you. Jacob’s hand slid down to your waist, squeezing it firmly, making you shudder. You didn’t feel cold, only heat radiating from his body, which could melt whole snow around you. Your tongues were dancing together like they were doing it since forever and you couldn’t  tear off from each other even if the lack of air were no more bearable. Your kisses became more sloppy and finally you broke away, breathing heavily. Jacob put his forehead against your own. His eyes were closed and on his lips was a soft smile.

‘’Now I gotcha and I will never let you go.’’ He whispered and looked into your eyes, stroking your cheek softly.

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when they get to lestallum, the first thing they do is sleep. 

they stumble up to the room rented to them, and noct immediately curls up on the bed closest to the door, barely remembering to kick his boots off. prompto and gladio fall onto the other bed and immediately begin snoring. ignis just manages to toss his glasses onto the bedside table and remove his gloves as he slumps down beside noct, and he’s out like a light in the next breath. 

real beds, with real, honest to gods mattresses and blankets that actually cover them from chin to toe, are heaven on eos. 

they sleep for two days, iris tells them, voice filled with amusement, when they finally emerge from their exhaustion comas. she’s excited and relieved to see her brother at last, and as they fill their growling stomachs with food prepared by jared, they all catch up on what’s been happening in insomnia since the news of the king’s death and the empire’s invasion. 

noct is relieved to hear luna made it out safe, a weight lifting from his shoulders and chest knowing she’s still alive. 

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Light smut at the start. 
Request: Can you do a short where the reader and Bucky are making out and as things get going her hair gets caught in his metal arm and they have to go around the tower looking for Tony to help them while only half dressed? (Successfully getting many comments from other avengers) 😂 Thank you love you and your work!  
A/N: So this was supposed to be short , oops. Hope you like it @trashybuchananbarnes! I had so much fun writing this and laughed out loud when I first read it! 
Word count : 1220  

He had to wear that damn red Henley. From the moment he walked into your room you felt the tension rise. Your heart raced, your breath came out a little faster and you felt instantly warmer. “Hey, doll” Bucky dumped his stuff on the floor, pecking you on the lips. When his lips met yours, you gripped his shirt and pulled him to you. He moaned approvingly into the kiss when you deepened it. His arms settled around your waist and he leant you softly onto the bed.

Pulling away briefly from the kiss, you whispered desperately against his lips “I need you, Bucky”.

“Yes ma’am” Bucky said with a smirk, which turned you on an insurmountable amount.

Your kisses became ones of passion and need, your lips moving in perfect tandem. Bucky’s lips travelled down the long slope of your neck and you were sure he could feel your pulse jump under your jaw. “Take this off, or I’m going to rip it off” Bucky ordered tugging at your flimsy black t-shirt.

“Yes, sir” Bucky moaned out loud when you repeated his earlier sentiments back to him.

You lifted your shirt above your head to reveal a lacy black bra which happened to be Bucky’s favourite. He bit his bottom lip his eyes lighting up, he quickly pulled his Henley off to be thrown somewhere in the room. Resuming your positions on the bed Bucky hovered above you, his kisses becoming even more lustful and fervent. Your back arched with pleasure as he trailed his feather kisses across your collarbones and the soft slopes of your breasts. Bucky peaking his head back up, looked you in the eyes lovingly. Gently he pulled your hair free of the ponytail, Bucky had a perchance for hair pulling as did you. As soon as your locks were freed, he ran his metal fingers through them from root to tip. He pulled away and you instantly felt pain.

“Ouch, Bucky” you exclaimed.

“Oh no…” Bucky mumbled and tried to pull his hand away again only for something to halt him.

Looking at Bucky’s arm your mouth gaped open at the situation. You hair was caught. Your hair was caught just under Bucky’s wrist on his left arm. Oh no indeed.

“Okay, okay let’s not panic” your voice reaching a higher pitch. Bucky still hovered above you afraid to move.

“We need to find Tony” Bucky said, trying to not laugh at the situation no matter how much he wanted to. “Or…” Bucky started but before he could finish his sentence you cut him off.

“Don’t even think about suggesting cutting my hair James Buchanan Barnes” you practically growled.

Bucky put up his right hand in a defensive manner and suggested you both sit up.  All you had to do was find Tony in his lab and he would help free you. Looking at your t-shirt lying next to you, you realised there was no way to put it on and of course it had to be laundry day leaving no suitable clothing lying around. You groaned out loud at the thought. You and Bucky were never going to hear the end of this.

“Okay, we just have to make it to the elevator without waking anyone up” you whispered to Bucky both your heads poking out the door which was cracked open. The elevator laid like a shiny beacon at the end of the hall. Except every other avenger was sleeping on either side of that hall, Tony you could handle but everyone else? Oh no, you had to be quiet.

“You know I used to be an assassin doll, pretty sure I can creep down a hall” Bucky whispered back, using his hand to brush some stray hair out of his eyes.
“Well you forget, we live with assassins and super soldiers” you mumbled back, just wanting to get this over with. “Now, come on” your arm was wrapped his waist, while his lay precariously around your shoulder and you pulled him forward.

Halfway. You were halfway down the hallway which in this moment seemed to stretch on for miles. Then you heard it, a door opened in front of you. Steve.

Running his hand through his bed hair, Steve walked towards you. “Just needed some wa-” Steve stopped short right in front of you. He assessed the situation and quirked an eyebrow.

“What are you guys doing?” Steve asked, white shirt stretching as he crossed his arms. Damn his supersoldier senses, he knew something was wrong. I mean your state of undress was also probably an indication.

“Nothing Steve, go back to sleep” Bucky tried.

“No way, tell me what’s happening” Steve retorted to his best friend.

Bucky looked at you silently asking you what to do and you nodded, thinking of no plausible lie. So Bucky told him.

“-and now we’re going to see Tony” Bucky censored the gory details of the story for the benefit of his best friend but he got the gist. Steve’s loud laugh filled the hallway. He was the only avenger who knew about the relationship Bucky and you had, so he wasn’t surprised.

“That’s quite the story, Barnes” Natasha’s sultry voice sounded behind you and you sighed. Walking in front of you she knocked on Sam’s door a twinkle in her eye. “Wilson, you owe me 20 bucks” she said through the door. The door slowly cracked open to reveal a very sleepy Falcon. He glanced to his right and saw you and Bucky in your predicament, his mind filling in the blanks.

“You two couldn’t keep it in your pants for another month?” Sam said as you tried to cover yourself for dignity. Groaning he handed over $20 to Nat who sauntered back to her room happy with her newly found cash. Sam shook his head at your and Bucky, a small smile playing on his lips. Slowly he closed his door leaving you with Steve.

“I’m just gonna get that water” Steve said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Good idea” you said not able to look Steve in the eye at this very moment.
The elevator dinged open on Tony’s floor. Tony swung around on his stool, looking away from the suit he was fixing.

“Nat texted me already” Tony said scrolling on the phone in his hand. He was trying and failing to hide the smirk on his face. “Mind if I take a picture for the memories you know” you knew he was joking but you couldn’t help the growl that came out of your throat. Within five minutes you were freed. The doors opened on your floor and you walked hand in hand back to your room.

“Well that’s not how I pictured things going” you and Bucky were side by side of the bed.

“Me either, doll” Bucky looked at you and he pressed a kiss to your lips softly. Quickly the kiss turned heated and you were back in the moment that was interrupted.

“Wait” you said suddenly pushing Bucky off you gently. Grabbing a hair tie from the bedside table you put your hair up in a messy bun.

“Okay, as you were soldier” you said cheekily dragging Bucky on top of you once again.

“Yes ma'am” Bucky joked, running his right hand over your hair.

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Heart Attack
  • Sherlock: *in his chair* I need your help. I don't know who else to turn to *drumming his fingers on the chair* I think I'm having a heart attack.
  • Rosamund: ...
  • Baby Watson: You look alright to me, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Well, yes, I'm fine now because I'm not...there.
  • Rosamund: *smirks* Bart's?
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes* Why would it be Bart's? That place should make my heart feel good.
  • Rosamund: *prompting* But...?
  • Sherlock: *swallows* Well, I have noticed a slight increase in my heartbeat frequency. And my stomach flips...dry mouth...
  • Rosamund: *sighs* Why do you think that is?
  • Sherlock: *panics* Am I allergic to the morgue?
  • Rosamund: ...
  • Rosamund: No... *running her hands over her face* Does the 'heart attack' happen when you see the swish of brown hair, the flash of a bright smile and the white of a lab coat? Do the 'stomach flips' happen when you smell strawberries in her hair when she's leaning close? Does the 'dry mouth' happen when she brings you a coffee or body parts?
  • Sherlock: Yes *realises* Ohhhh. I'm not dying, I'm just in love with Molly Hooper.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Yup.
  • Sherlock: I have to ask her out, don't I?
  • Rosamund: Yup.
  • Sherlock: *opens his mouth*
  • Rosamund: *deadpans* I'm not doing it for you.
Imagine Rafael being in love with you while you are in a relationship with Sonny

Imagine Rafael being in love with you while you are in a relationship with Sonny 

“Hey!” You scolded, hitting him playfully on the arm, “Why aren’t you smiling! We just won.”

“It has less of an impact when you always win.” He smirked, picking his briefcase of the desk as everyone else starting filing out the courtroom, “ Also you’ll find that you don’t have much to smile about after thinking about all paperwork you have to do tonight.”

“Uhh, don’t remind me,” You complained, turning as you both began walking out the courtroom yourselves, “ My desk is now just endless sheets of paper.”

“And we all know why.” He pointed out, as you left the courtroom and stepped out into the courthouse.

“How was I supposed to know that the Sarge was going to go on vacation?” You defended, “I’m going to be at the station all night and because it’s Friday, so I’ll be there all alone.”

“Nobody for you to annoy then,” He teased, “Though, as I know how you are without human interaction. Why don’t you come and do your paperwork at my office?”

“Well, I was secretly going to avoid it until the weekend and go out with Sonny,” You confessed, “But I don’t think Sonny will mind if I skip drinking with him and his law school buddies for work, in fact, I’m pretty sure he would encourage it, mostly because I was going to get him do it for me.”

“I’ll see you later then?” He smirked.

“Another all nighter at the DA’s office,” You countered with your own smirk, “How could I resist?”

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“The blossoms of love bloom in spring” - exr Romance novel cover <33  hahaha