arms in the back

From Pia’s new animation magazine アニメぴあ Shin-Q (シン・キュー) vol.1
Release Date: September 8th, 2017


N o b l e  through the oath she kept;  N o b l e  through the reason he broke his own. 
                                       An  o a t h k e e p e r  to match a  k i n g s l a y e r .


“A soulmate AU where whatever you write on your body appears on your soulmate's”

based on this fic! Im a sucker for soulmate au’s and this one had me crying it’s so sweet 


anonymous asked:

request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!!