arms arms arms arms arms arms arms arms


look at them being all clingy (ꈍᴗꈍ)

Grow your own Keef!

Happy birthday to the spiciest boi alive lmao


“Introducin’ everyone in town is a rather dauntin’ task, newcomer, how about we start small, shall we? Meet little Hilda Berg, she’s a-… something.”

(He didn’t want to say she looks like she’s being crucified.) 

Hanging out with Taylor in my city, the place I was born and raised, in la la land, the home of scandal, glamour, and debauchery, meant the universe to me. I know LA isn’t her favorite place but my God-what a perfect night/morning. I have never felt a happiness of this extent and it’s all thanks to Taylor. I am eternally thankful.