armpit of florida

More Than Just a Ring

Welcome, new readers, to a brand new Zankie fanfic collaboration, between myself (aka Fanfic_or_bust on Ao3) and loving-teenage-fandoms ( @JenPrescott16 on twitter)​   !!! We’re both really excited to finally work together on a fic, and we hope you guys love our story!

“Zach and Frankie have been dancing around the whole ‘marriage’ thing for quite some time now, and Frankie is finally ready to take the next step. He wants to plan the most perfect engagement there ever was, all while trying to keep it a secret from Zach. First step? Get Zach to Florida.”

Jen came up with the story and wrote a detailed outline, and I wrote it in story-format and filled in any blanks there were. We’re both really proud of the result!

Please let us know in the notes if you liked it and want more!

              Frankie felt Zach squeeze his hand as they pulled up to the familiar white building, currently lit up from the outside as the late summer sky began to darken. The red awnings read ‘La Brochette’, and he smiled at the warmth and familiarity. This was he and Zach’s special place. They tried to come here once every month if time, work, and life allowed. It had been the location of some of the most important nights of their year and a half together. It was sitting at one of those elegant white tables, the room lit by candles and chandeliers, that they had discussed moving in together, that they had decided to run the Amazing Race together, that Frankie had broken the news about his 2 month stint in L.A. as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

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