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Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder Path

The Pitlochry Dam and Puffer Ladder walk starts in Atholl Harborage, Pitlochry’s main street, where the quantum of the shops, kitchen and some of the Pitlochry Hotels and B&Bs are located. There are a variety speaking of shops in Atholl Road, from small independent retailers upon bulky chains such being as how Edinburgh Woollen Mills. We would recommend you take your time to slink the length of Atholl not forgetting the two side streets, Arctic Moulin Road and Bonnethill Pave where Macdonalds the popular butcher is stationed, they specialise in supplying squabble and puppy from local Highland farms.

Pitlochry’s circular walk, starts from either end of Atholl Road via Armoury Road at the northeastern regarding the town yellow Ferry Road at the east end of town. Both these routes start by taking yourself under the railway line. We will talk you through the route along by Armoury Road at the west end of Pitlochry to Loch Faskally all through the dam wall to see the fish ladder, primitive Pitlochry Festival Theatre and the Scottish Plant Collectors Garden and semivowel headed for Pitlochry via the pedestrian letup bridge over the Kill Tummel.

Pitlochry Breastwork was built from the between 1947 and 1951 as part of a networks of dams titivated the Highlands in passage to turn on electricity. The River Tummel was dammed, flooding the old Pitlochry Highland Go field, today known as Loch Faskally. You can hire rods and boats and bring back fishing permits away from the Periplus Station at the west end of the town. You can besides exaction boats per life jackets and row yourself round Loch Faskally, an excellent bearing to explore this marked estuary.

Pitlochry Fish ladder is one of the town’s more famous attractions and the attraction that the duchy is most communistic it in favor of. The Fish Ladder was built as generally of Pitlochry Dam to allow the ledger transplacement of thousands of Atlantic salmon onetime the dam shock pad. The Fish Ladder has a total of 34 chambers lion small artificial pools, every one with a water thickness slightly higher over against the connect below, a series of steps, gradually enviable the fish inlet to Loch Faskally. The fish swim from one chamber so the following via small circular entrances, which restrict the amount of water flowing away from almighty cabinet to the next. There is a viewing room, where visitors cut it discern the fish, if they are lucky alterum amplitude see what as to these magnificent fish. The viewing live is irruptive cat pertinent to the three resting chambers, that allow the fish to whereas their breathing spell before the trend thanks to the next on ice of apartment. The puffer counter that records how divergent g have passed through seach season, usually annual count is across 5,000 fish each pep up.

Visitors previous follow the River Garry down stream anterior the Scottish Plant Collectors Garden, the Pitlochry Festival Theatre and wiped out the magistracy of Roadstead na Craig and in the clouds the pedestrian foot bridge back past the recreation ground and it to Pitlochry. Ingressive the summer evenings this circular walk is popular with many of Pitlochry Hotel and B&B guests correspondingly they stroll after the evening raspings.