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To the people wondering: nonbinary is basically an umbrella term for people that don't identify with the base genders (male and female), like I'm gender fluid (therefore nonbinary) but I can still sometimes identify with a gender, unlike agender people who NEVER feel like a gender.

this is all super correct and perfect but i just love how you called male and female the base genders

like non-binary is DLC gender. some horse armour genders that bethesda sells you for $1.79 a pop


A big thank you to all of my 3,000 followers! Here’s some more of my Third Year Degree work. This is my interpretation project of the character of Aravis from ‘The Horse and His Boy’ which is part of C.S Lewis’ ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series. I created this costume as if it was being used for a stage production of the story and utilised Knitting and Dyeing techniques in it’s construction.

a 18 years old is not accomplished unless he can hurl the javelin, fight in armour, ride a horse, box, endure heat and cold, use rhetoric, swim lustily through the eddies and billows of the Tiber, speak perfect greek, know his entire family tree and recite the twelve tables’ laws. 

happy birthday to my fellow shipper, high-level dressage geek, founder of the yoi eq au, medieval horse lover and the best art fam i could wish for!

@havenesc, here’s your beautiful OC Bamardyn! <: