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Treasures from 2,600-year-old grave of Celtic princess in Germany reveal their secrets

The grave of an aristocratic woman and child in the south of Germany has been dated to 583 BCE, making it 2,600 years old. The grave site, which was moved to a lab in Stuttgart in its entirety in order for the burial chamber to be studied, contains the remains of a woman adorned in gold, bronze, amber and jet jewellery, and about half a metre away from her, the remains of a girl thought to have been between two and three years old. The woman was buried with gold, bronze, jet and amber jewellery and armour for a horse’s head.

Close similarities between the gold broaches worn by the woman and the child suggest that there may have been a familial relationship between the woman and child, archaeologists have reported in a paper published in the journal Antiquity.

“The broaches are very similar in decoration and style,” study author Dirk Krausse of the State Office for Cultural Heritage, Baden-Wuerttemberg, told IBTimes UK. “By typology and ornamentation decoration, they are from the same period – probably from the same goldsmiths.” Read more.

Holy shit i just remembered the actual dream that bte is based on and holy fuck End and Roman were HEAVILY inspired by Marth and Jaigan

Severus Snape, one of us...

Do you like the idea of a medieval knight? The bright and shiny man in armour on a wonderful horse? A fighter for the light, for the good side? A wonderful role model. Funny, thinking about that ideal we tend to forget he is also a warrior. Somebody used and skilled to fight and kill others. But only the bad….? Maybe, but he is. 

Unfortunately Snape is not shiny and bright. He is ugly, with greasy hair, all the time in black clothes. And he is unkind. Sometimes unfair, (maybe) a bully. But……after his change to the good side he saved and protected others, risking his own neck again and again.

To understand Snape is to understand and be aware of the dark sides in all of us. Those who accuse him so easy to be a completely bad person lack the fantasy what can become of a person when the circumstances are just bad enough. 

I believe some of the hardcore Snapehaters condemn him only so hard because they deny the existence of  their own dark side. 

For….that which must not cannot be.


There is one more obscure fiber art that I could think of and that’s Japanese braiding, also known as kumihimo.  Honestly, I think there is a lot of potential for using this as trim with some of the other more popular fiber arts.  I think it could look pretty cool.

Kumihimo cord was first created by a form of finger-loop braiding. Later tools such as the marudai and the takadai were employed to make more complex braids in shorter time. The most prominent historical use of the cords was by samurai as both a functional and decorative way to lace their lamellar armour and their horses’ armor (barding). Kumihimo cords are now used as ties on haori jackets and obijimes, which are used for tying on an obi (kimono sash).

A modern kumihimo disk made of firm but flexible foam plastic with notches can also be used as a portable marudai. The disks have 32 notches that create the tension that is usually created by tama on a marudai. The disks are convenient but are not as versatile as the marudai. On a marudai, any thickness or amount of string can be used, but on a disk only 32 or fewer strand braids can be made from thin cord. Also, marudai can make many types of braids, such as flat, four sided, and hollow. There are also rectangular foam cards, especially suitable for making flat braids.

The foam kumihimo disk is lightweight, portable, and significantly more affordable than the traditional marudai. Braiders can create complex braids up to 24 bobbins and incorporate beads. There are many sizes and shapes of foam disks available. Look for a disk that is sturdy and doesn’t bend easily, otherwise the braider will experience uneven tension.


okay but imagine these antics but with exy

  • it looks even more ridiculous because they have to run not skate and running with a large backpack on your back looks hilarious let alone a person
  • and they have so much protective gear on it’s like a medieval joust with knights in armour except the horse is also a knight in armour
  • so dan and matt are one team that is a Given™
  • the other team (and i have given this A LOT of thought) is not neil and andrew because lbr that wouldn’t happen
  • it’s kevin and neil
  • kevin was 100% against it bc “this is practice time stop fucking around”
  • but then
  • the rest of the team promise that if kevin does this then they’ll cooperate afterwards with no (meaning minimum because lbr) complaining
  • kevin agrees but mostly because he’s smart enough to realise that if he says no they’ll get nothing done at all
  • neil is the obvious choice for his partner because:
    • nicky: is too enthusiastic
    • andrew: lmao just try
    • aaron: has taken advantage of the not-training to go talk to katelyn
    • allison: would 100% pretend kevin was a horse and say things such as “yeehaw” or the like (this point also rules out nicky)
    • renee: matt and dan think she would be too good at it and therefore ban her (they are correct)
  • so neil is left
  • neil and kevin’s *excellent striker compatibility* does not extend to piggyback jousting
  • dan and matt win embarrassingly quickly
  • when dan calls matt “noble steed” he’s not at all uncomfortable but everyone else is slightly
  • nobody ended up winning any money off the actual result because nobody was willing to bet on kevin and neil so there was no pot
  • allison renee and andrew all won money on kevin agreeing though
  • true to their word nobody complains during practice 
  • BUT
  • there are several forced stoppages because people (nicky) keep imitating neil’s face as he fell
  • andrew doesn’t find it funny (andrew definitely finds it funny)
  • renee got a pic of the action and it’s up on the wall by the end of the day
  • the pic also manages to reach the foxes official twitter account
  • nobody has any idea how it got there
  • (it was allison and she’d do it again)
  • it quickly becomes A Thing in the exy-world
  • people post videos of themselves jousting in exy gear
  • wymack throws up a charity link (because of course) so it ends up being kind of like the ice-bucket challenge

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(i intended this to be like two lines oops)

Shermans tanks of the Canadian, Governor General’s Horse Guards Armoured Regiment during the Liberation of Arnhem 15th April 1945.

“After the battle for Arnhem ended on September 25th 1944, the Germans forced the local population to leave the town. Nobody was allowed back in for the duration of the war and the Germans started to systematically loot the city and blowing up buildings and destroying property at random. Fires, sometimes caused by Allied shelling, burned for days because not even fire fighters were allowed back in town.

When the allies launched their final attack on Arnhem on April 13th and 14th 1945 it was a ghost town. Only German soldiers were encountered who put up a terrific fight, causing even more damage to a city already heavily damaged.”

sh*t my little brother says

❛   Cotch, fam.  ❜
❛   S’up, mah G?  ❜
*embarrassing music plays*    ❛   IT WAS ON THE PLAYLIST.  ❜
❛   I don’t even like Gangnam Style.  ❜
❛   Don’t you hate when you’re tryna talk to a girl and she starts terrorrng you about your KD ratio on COD?  ❜
❛   That meme is old.  ❜
❛   Piplup is mah G.  ❜
❛   Chill, ____. I’ll do it, you just chill.  ❜
❛   Do you like Neck Deep?  ❜
❛   I was playing Minecraft, I had full enchanted diamond armour and a horse and I fell into the lava and I lost everything. Everything.  ❜
❛   Ah, no no. Allow that fam.  ❜
❛   Is 1:30AM too late to order chow mein?  ❜
*sings the Club Penguin dojo music*
❛   You ever heard of Fall Out Boy?  ❜
❛   What the hell is Digimon?  ❜
❛   Take your age. Subtract two, then add two. That is your age.  ❜
❛   Reckon we should go for a cheeky Nandos.  ❜
*screeches the Attack On Titan theme song*
❛   That was some fire pizza.  ❜
❛   Check out these dank memes.  ❜
❛   Ah, I could go for a cheeky risotto right now.  ❜
❛   I ordered pizza online as Peter Parker I’m gonna answer the door in my Spiderman mask.  ❜
❛   School’s a waste of time I’m getting a job fam.  ❜
❛   Stay cool forever.  ❜