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To the people wondering: nonbinary is basically an umbrella term for people that don't identify with the base genders (male and female), like I'm gender fluid (therefore nonbinary) but I can still sometimes identify with a gender, unlike agender people who NEVER feel like a gender.

this is all super correct and perfect but i just love how you called male and female the base genders

like non-binary is DLC gender. some horse armour genders that bethesda sells you for $1.79 a pop

happy birthday to my fellow shipper, high-level dressage geek, founder of the yoi eq au, medieval horse lover and the best art fam i could wish for!

@havenesc, here’s your beautiful OC Bamardyn! <:

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i'm laughing at how gendry's idea of flirting is calling arya a 'nice oak tree' and jaime's is to give her armour and swords and horses like no wonder i suck at flirting/recognizing that someone's flirting it's because of characters like these xDDDD

hahahahahahahaha same anon same these are my two otps and this is their version of flirting i am truly sunk

On Alisha Diphda

I love Alisha. I really do. In fact, she might actually be my favourite female character in Tales of Zestiria (it’s so hard to pick favourites in Zestiria, since everyone’s so amazing and lovable). She’s kind, responsible, and fully capable of standing up for her morals and doing what she believes is right. Her strength and resolve are truly inspiring, and despite everything she goes through, she somehow manages to keep pushing forward for what she believes is important to her and the people she cares about. I actually see a lot of myself in Alisha–her idealism and slight naivety are things I can relate to, and her strength and persistence remind me to keep my head up and never give up on the things I value and believe in.

(rant tucked under cut)

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