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Peter Quill (Star Lord) x Reader - A Royal Engagement (Rated M)

You’re a member of the Royal Family on your Planet. While your parents, the King and Queen are away on their travels, Peter Quill breaks into the Palace to steal the families treasured Jewels.

Little did he know the Princess was at home, never mind that he would fall so head over heels for you.

Warning - Breaking in, vulnerable reader, nakedness, kissing

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#6 - Wand of Bones

Wonderous Item, Very Rare (Spellcaster Attunement Required)

This wand was crafted by moon druids in honer of the great beasts of nature. The core is made of a dryad sapling grown from the fertile remains of a large beast. The bones grow around the sprout and meld into it.

This wand has 6 charges and recharge 1d4+1 every dawn.

When cast on a creature that the caster can see within 60 feet, the caster may cause them to grow horns, fangs, nails or a shell for up to 1 hour, or until the caster choose to end it. An unwilling creature must make a Wisdom save agains the DC 10 + the caster’s wisdom modifier. The effect can be cast on on multiple creatures at once, but a creature may only have one effect on it at once. A creature can still grow parts even if they are wearing armour such as gloves or helmets. The horns and claws will grow around our out of the armour as if it were part of the body, yet will leave no holes. If the wand reaches 0 charges, it crumbles to dust.

The effects of the spell is as follows:


The horns can take the shape of a ram, deer, bull, etc.

The creature can perform a charge attack as an action. The creature must move their full movement speed in the direction of their choosing. If they come into contact with another creature or object, they stop. A creature hit by this attack must make a DEX save of DC 10 plus 1 for every 10 feet they traveled rounded down, including any move action they already took that was in the same direction as their charge (move 30 feet west then charge attack 30 west will result in 60 full feet). On a pass, the attacker runs past its target. On a fail, the creature takes 1d6 piercing or bludgeoning damage (depending on the type of horn) for every 10 feet they traveled in one direction rounded down. The target is pushed back 10 feet.

If the attacker hits a solid obstacle, they take 1d6 bludgeoning damage for every 10 feet they traveled one direction rounded down.


The fangs take the shape if sharp carnivores teeth across the entire mouth.

The creature can perform a bite attack for 1d6 piercing damage + STR. They also have advantage on escaping from grapple if they can bite their opponent.


The claws grow out like razor sharp talons or claws from the target’s fingertips.

The creature can perform a claw attacks as an action or bonus action if unarmed. This allows for two attacks in one turn. The claws do 1d6 + STR or DEX damage each. The creature also has advantage on checks that involve climbing or hanging on a ledge.


The shell encompasses the core of the body like that of an armadillo or turtle.

The creature gains +2 to their AC and are resistant to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage. if knocked prone, the creature must use their entire movement to stand up.

Headcanons about the Mark after closing the Breach and before Trespasser

Basically some angst headcanons:

  • Closing the Breach for the final time is what causes for the Anchor to start spreading.
  • Coming in direct touch with the Orb does something to the Mark. In Haven the Inquisitor never touches the orb and the Mark is lashing out just by being near it. After holding, using and crashing the Orb, the Mark is bleeding magic for several days/weeks.
  • The Inquisitor spends the majority of their time all around Thedas, sealing rifts. With every new rift they close, they can feel the Fade pull stronger at the Mark.
  • Non mage Inquisitors suddenly have increasing amounts of raw Fade power pouring from their hand. It’s frightening and uncomfortable, like having that third arm they barely know how to use turn and slap them in the face.
  • Mage Inquisitors begin feeling alterations to their magic. It never felt quite the same ever since they got the Anchor but now it’s affecting them more and more, causing for spells to overcharge and explode or act plain weirdly for reasons they can’t explain.
  • All Inquisitors start hearing more and more of demons calling and buzzing at the back of their heads. The calling gets worse as they seal more rifts and demons are attracted to the Fade opening that is the Mark. Mage Inquisitors try to block it, grow afraid of reaching through their connection to the Fade too much. Non mage Inquisitors think they’re going crazy in the beginning.
  • The less rifts there are in Thedas, the more the Anchor spreads as the Fade pulls on it with more force.
  • The Inquisitor grows accustomed to wearing long sleeves or shoulder gloves on their left arm to hide the extend of the corruption from the general public. Almost a year after closing the Breach, they switch to armour cause the Mark has grown strong enough to glow under any fabric.
  • The metal of each armour glove slowly erodes under the Mark’s light. It’s to keep the public from knowing in the beginning but later, when the damage is too much, they start hiding it from the inner circle as well.
  • Continuous, ever present pain. Every rift seal hurts more than the previous and after the first year, the Inquisitor can barely stop themselves from crying out in anguish while on the job. Their fingers begin to lose their sense of touch and become uncapable of detailed work.
  • The Inquisitor can tell this is going to kill them in the end. The thought of cutting the arm off is always in the back of their head but how can they suggest it to their advisors? Requests about rifts are still arriving every day- and so they hide the damage and press on.
  • The chronic pain affects their feelings. They slowly grow bitter and easy to snap though they try to keep themselves in check.
  • The last known rift is sealed a few weeks before Trespasser. It’s a big one and the Inquisitor can feel their arm tingle all day long as they fight their way to it.
  • When the Mark gets connected to it, the bond is abnormal. The Anchor charges up and the Inquisitor shouts for everyone to stand back but they are too late. The rift gets sealed and the Mark explodes.
  • No casualties but many injured, the Inquisitor amongst them, the fingers of their left hand shattered. Thankfully, no other rifts are spotted after that one. The soldiers present are warned and no whispers of the “incident” spread outside their ranks.
  • The Inquisitor arrives at the Winter Palace in great pain and almost sleepless for a month, demons whispering at the edges of their thoughts and their hand leaking magic.
  • Not headbatting nobles unconscious is a huge feat for them.
Tale As Old As Time

So…I mentioned to my Kallura buds that I had this idea for a space version of Beauty and the Beast

I’m also using it to dust off my old HTML skills…it’s been so long

Tale As Old As Time

Once upon a time, a young prince lived in a shining castle…

Well, to be fair, he wasn’t a prince and he didn’t live in a castle, it was more a shack in the desert…

…and though he had everything his heart desired…

EVERYTHING might be a bit of a stretch, but he did have a knife, and a bad attitude…and a killer hover-bike! That thing was awesome!

…the prince was spoiled, selfish and unkind…

Yeah, that bit’s actually pretty accurate.

But then, one winter’s night, an old beggar-woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.

Yeah, he was actually kinda captured being all noble and stuff. And there was no gift. Unless you consider agonising torture a gift.

Repulsed by her haggard appearance…

I’m sure THAT at least was true…

…the prince sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old women’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.

We’re kinda getting off track here. This bit, yeah, not really what went down. No talk of inner beauty or transformations. That witch stayed her actual haggard self. I mean, quiznak, that’s even her name! Sort of…

The prince tried to apologise…

I’m pretty sure he spat in her face…

I did not! I head-butted her in the face and broke her nose.

Seriously? You really do have an impulse control problem, don’t you?

…but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart and as punishment she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

Yeah, jerk-face or not, he totally didn’t deserve what they did to him…

Ashamed of his monstrous form…

Oh, yeah, for sure…

…the beast concealed himself inside his castle…

Literally, he went into the ventilation system at times…

Lance! If you don’t stop interrupting I’ll shove YOU in the ventilation system!

…with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.


Try me.

The rose she had offered, was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another, and earn their love in return by the time the last petal fell, then, the spell would be broken! If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time!

As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?

Now let our story begin…

They may have captured him but they would never get into Black. He’d seen to that. He had ordered the lion to put up her force-field, not to let it down under any circumstances. He had left Shiro’s bayard and his Mamora blade on board, there was no way he was letting them get their hands on either of them. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t come out fighting.

He sprinted down the ramp, it quickly slamming shut behind him, the energy-shield crackling and humming to life as soon as he was clear. He took a flying kick at the closest soldier and took up its weapon, opening fire as the rest charged at him. He knew he wouldn’t last long, there were just too many of them. But he was going to take as many of them with him that he possibly could. And as they began to overwhelm he took comfort in the knowledge that his teammates, his friends, his family, were safe.


He awoke, he had no idea how much later, a cold metallic surface behind him, shimmering bands of energy around his wrists and ankles securing him to it. He wasn’t alone. Two of those creepy masked druids flanked the door. His armour had been removed, gloves and boots included, leaving him in only the black body suit.

A third figure who had been hidden from his sight behind the upright table he was bound to came into view. It was strangely pretty for a Galra, if it wasn’t for the colouring Keith would have doubted the being even was a Galra. He, something told the bound paladin that he was indeed a male, despite the fine features and long, silver hair, was holding his helmet in a way reminiscent of Hamlet and the skull of Yorick. Keith had no idea who he was. He didn’t care. He wasn’t giving this overdressed jerk anything.

The door swished open and a hunched, hooded figure entered. This one he knew. Haggar.

“Behold!” The pretty Galra said, theatrically holding the helmet aloft. “The Black Paladin of Voltron!”

Haggar’s expression didn’t change.

“This is not the Black Paladin.” She said evenly.

“Is that hood effecting your vision?” He scoffed. “Do you not see the helmet?” He held it up again. “Is it not the Black Lion that we currently have under serious look and key in the bowels of the very ship? Both black. Ergo. The Black Paladin.” He gestured at Keith.

“I don’t care what he’s wearing or what he was piloting.” Haggar snarled. “I know the Black Paladin. I am on quite close, intimate terms with the Black Paladin.” She stalked towards Keith as she spoke. “He was my masterpiece.” She curled her lip as she looked upon the pale-skinned, dark-haired boy. “This is NOT the Black Paladin.” She said haughtily, turning her back on him.

“Unless…” She turned back, eyes narrowing. “You lost him.” She surmised. “Probably the same time we lost our Emperor. And you stepped up.” She leaned in close. “So which one were you?” She mused. “Red, green, yellow or blue?”

His only response to her question was to throw his head, the only part of his body he could actually move, forward, his forehead connecting solidly with her nose. He smirked as she staggered backwards, her hands going instinctively to her face. The pretty Galra chuckled.

“Oh, he’s a feisty one.” Keith could hear the grin in his voice, as Haggar pinched her nose, studied the blood on her fingers for a moment, before flicking it off.

“The Red, then.” She said, stabbing him quickly in the side, sharp nails tearing through cloth and into flesh. He winced as she pulled back her hand, far more of his blood dripping from her nails than he’d brought forth from her nose. “The Emperor has quite an interest in you.”

Keith frowned slightly at her use of present tense. Zarkon was alive? Incapacitated most likely, but alive. He closed his eyes, trying to keep his expression neutral. They’d lost Shiro for nothing.

She crossed the small room, stepping up to a console in the corner. She let his blood drip onto what looked like a small sensor pad. It was quickly absorbed, and quickly analysed going by the cruel grin that spread across the witch’s features.

“Interesting…” She purred, cold eyes focusing on the young paladin. “VERY interesting…”

The pretty Galra walked over, twirling the helmet in one clawed hand, curiosity obviously getting the better of him. “Really?” His eyebrows rose as he glanced at their prisoner. “He doesn’t look-”

But Haggar cut him off with a wicked smile.

“Just imagine what I can make out if you.”
Title undecided

Okay so this fanfiction based around the story/pictures from the askthefontfamily blog on Tumblr.  I have asked for and received permission to use their AU as a base for my story.

Full credit for creation of characters goes to  I strongly recommend that you check them out as they are awesome.  Also you should check out their fic, Splashes of Blue and Red at .  Be advised though that some of their content is NSFW so 18+.

Oh one more thing though I am using an existing AU and I am using some of the story as a start off point my work does not represent what the creators of the blog think.  In other words this is not cannon, this is just a story I got in my head from seeing their work.  

This chapter/piece will be a bit heavy with things taken from the AU just while I set up for my stuff.  Again check out the Creators page.


Red and Blue had been together for about 3 years when they learned they were having their first child. Red was ecstatic when he saw that tiny soul floating in his translucent belly for the first time.  Blue had had much the same reaction when Red had told him. Both small skeletons could not wait the day that they got to meet their first born for the first time.

That’s not to say that the pregnancy was easy for Red.  Pregnant monsters tended to lose some of their magic abilities during the course of the pregnancy, unfortunately for Red this meant the he could no longer teleport when he was feeling lazy and his blasters had a nasty habit of fizzling out due to lack of magic. Also having suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of his older brother, Papyrus, meant that he now suffered from some on-going medical problems, like his epilepsy.  Poorly healed broken bones meant he suffered joint pain and general aches all over.  Luckily the cold air of Snowdin was just the thing to help alleviate some of the aching.  Red would often walk alone, enjoying time with his unborn child in the quiet forest.  It was on a day much like any other that things suddenly took a turn.

As he had for the last several weeks Red walked through the forest surrounding Snowdin Town.  Gently falling flakes of snow brushing against his skull as he passed by Blues sentry post, which stood empty, Blue having arrived home an hour before.  The child within him gave a sudden sharp kick causing Red to slow his steps and place his hand on his belly.

“Heh, don’t you start that now kid.  We’re only going as far as the ruins and then we’ll head home.  Your Pops is making quiche tonight we definitely don’t want to miss that.”  Red smiled and rubbed his belly for a few more moments before carrying on towards the ruins.  Just as he crossed the bridge where Paps had built his “gate thingy” the child gave another sharp kick.

“If you don’t give that up lil guy I might not give you dessert tonight.”  Red smiled fondle down at his belly, concealed behind his closed jacket.

“Who are you talking to Sans?” the voice speaking from the bridge behind Red chilled his soul. Turning slowly around he came face to face with the black armoured figure of his brother.

“Boss?”  Red brought one hand up to protect his belly and backed away, slowly, never taking his eyes off of the skeleton in front of him.

“So you’re alive.  When you disappeared I thought that someone had finally dusted your lazy ass.  But here you are having a nice stroll through the forest talking to all your friends.” Papyrus gestured to the empty air next to Red, smirking coldly.

Realization dawned on Red, *He doesn’t know about the baby*. Red wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing but he knew that he had to get away as soon as possible.  Looking to his right there was nothing but a few feet of land and then a sharp drop, to his left there was dense forest, too dense for him to get through. Behind him he was quickly running out of room he knew, he could feel the looming shadow of the ruins on his back and in front of him was his brother standing on the only bridge out of this area. He was cornered, without his teleportation powers he was trapped.

His attention was brought back to the area in front of him as he heard foot falls crunching through the snow.  Papyrus was coming.

“Boss. I… I…” Red could think of nothing to say that might placate Papyrus.  His back met with a solid barrier, he had reached the door to the ruins, he had run out of places to run.  He looked to his left and saw the camera in the bushes next to him.  Would Alphys be monitoring her cameras?  I she was then there was some hope of help arriving, unfortunately it was just as likely that Alphys was watching some anime or doing something with Undyne.

“Sans I’m talking to you.” Papyrus was right in front of him, close enough for Red to see Dust clinging to his armour and gloves.  Red felt his soul tremble with fear, the child began moving restlessly within him as it sensed his rising panic.

“Bro..”  Red got no further as Papyrus’ fist lashed out striking him across the face.

“I’ve told you before Sans. I am not the brother of such a week pathetic piece of garbage.”  Papyrus glared at Red with contempt in his eyes.  “Now get up you lazy good for nothing we’re going home.”  

Red trembled violently in the snow, his face aching from the blow.  He looked around, desperately trying to find some way out of this. Suddenly his pocket began to buzz and music began to play.  His phone. Quickly he reached into his pocket and pressed the answer button, only to have the device struck from his hand and sent flying into the snow several feet away.  The blow had caused Red to fall forward catching himself with his hands just in time to stop his face hitting the snow.

“You little piece of shit, I told you to move NOW!!!” As he yelled the last word Papyrus drew back his foot and lashed out catching Red just below the ribs.  Right where Reds unborn child lay nestled.  Red felt something inside him break and suddenly he was in overwhelming pain.  Crying out he fell forward into the snow clutching his abdomen.

Papyrus heard a faint noise from off to his side and realised it was the phone he had knocked out of his brothers hands moments before.  He raised his foot and stamped down on the annoying device.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”  Papyrus barked from above him “I didn’t hit you that hard.” When Red did not answer Papyrus approached and stared down at him.  He had hit his brother harder than this before so why was he acting like this now. He looked closer and saw something glowing under his brother’s jacket.  He reached down and tried to grab the fabric only to have his hand knocked away by the smaller skeleton.  Papyrus snarled and reached down again this time batting the others hand away when he tried to stop him and finally he yanked up the fabric and recoiled from the sight of the glowing red belly with a tiny soul floating within.  As he watched the red glow faded and began to flicker.  He could also see a red fluid staining the snow.

Without another word Papyrus turned and walked away leaving Red to lie in the snow alone.


Blue stood in the kitchen finishing dinner for himself and his family.  Red was out for his walk and Paps was due back from training with Undyne any minute.  The house was peaceful.  Blue supposed he should enjoy it while he could, once the kid was born there was going to be a lot less quiet and a lot more wailing baby and sleepless nights,  he couldn’t wait.  Ever since Red had lifted up his t-shirt to reveal the tiny soul Blue had been in love with his child.  Paps too had been so happy when they shared their news.  Even Undyne and Alphys were pleased for them.  Blue smiled to himself, he truly was blessed to have this family.

The front door opened and in walked Paps and Undyne.

“Hello Brother” Papyrus called cheerfully

“Hey nerd” Undyne raised a hand holding a bag.  “Where’s the mommy to be?  Got him something.”  Undyne looked around the room as though she expected to see Red pop up from behind the couch.

“Reds out for a walk. He’ll be back soon if you want to wait.”

“I’ve got stuff to do nerd. How about you go get him?”  Undyne said pacing back and forth.  Blue knew she would pace a hole into the carpet if he kept her waiting.  Shrugging he pulled out his phone and dialled Reds number.

After a few rings Red picked up.  “Hey Red Undy….”  Blue got no further when there was a loud bang on the other end of the line and a voice shouting.

“You little piece of shit, I told you to move NOW!!!”

Followed by a cry of pain which could only have come from Red.  Blue felt his soul stutter as he listened to the love of his life cry out in pain.

“Red can you hear me? Red? RED!?!” Blue yelled into his phone before the line went dead.  He redialled Reds number only for it to go directly to voice mail.

Blue looked at the phone in his hand, his hand shaking violently; he didn’t know what to do.  Red was in trouble and he had no idea where he was. Red had not fixed route that he walked. He could be in Waterfall, near the Ruins, hell he could be in Grillby’s.  Why had he let him go alone?


Blue looked up at the concerned faces of Paps and Undyne.  “Whats wrong nerd?”  Undyne asked softly.  

“Somethings happened to Red.”  Sans began to walk towards the door.  “There was another voice and then Red screamed and now his phone is dead and I have no idea where he is.”  Just as he reached the door Paps caught his hand.

“Brother we’ll find him quicker if we work together.”  Paps said squeezing his hand.

“That’s right nerd.  So you say you don’t know where our lil Red mommy is well let’s ask Alphys if she can find him on her cameras.”  As she spoke she pulled out her phone.  Soon she was talking to the royal scientist.  “Al.  Lil Reds missing can you see him on the cameras?”

A few moments of agonizing silence passed before Undyne spoke again. “Close to the door of the ruin?  Alright we’ll get to him as fast as we can.”  Undyne turned to tell the two skeletons what Alphys had told her but there was only one there.  Blue was gone.


Red was trying to stay as still as possible, the pain was getting worse and the only thing he could think of now was the baby.  He was losing the baby and it was all his fault.  What would Blue say when he found out he had failed to protect their child. Would Blue ever forgive him? Another wave of pain rolled through him and he whimpered.  Boss had left a little while ago, not even looking back at the misery he had brought. Red didn’t feel the cold anymore but he had a feeling that was a bad thing.  Tears flowed freely down his face, he had been so happy, now everything was in ruins and it was all his fault.  If he had of fought instead of backing away if he had of run instead of being cornered if he had of protected his child better this wouldn’t be happening now.

Suddenly the air in front of him gave a loud pop and Blue was standing only a few feet away, his back to Red, looking franticly around.  Red tried to call out to him but all that came out was a strangled whine as another wave crashed over him.  It was enough though as Blue swung around and ran towards him.  

Blue took in the sight of his love lying in the snow with amniotic fluid (there really isn’t anything else to call it) slowing staining the snow around him.  Red looked up at him and tried to speak only to have his words cut off by a strangled cry of pain.  Blue gathered Red up into his arms and quickly teleported both of them to Alphys lab.

“Blue!” Alphys cried as he appeared beside her.  I have a room set up with everything you might need follow me.”  Alphys led Blue to a secluded room at the back of the lab, inside was a surprising amount of hospital equipment.  “Thanks Alphys, can you let Papyrus know what is happening?” with that Blue shut the door and began to work.

It took almost an hour for Paps and Undyne to arrive, both of them had started for the ruins when they had realized that Blue had teleported, when Alphys had called to say Blue and Red were at the lab they had been at Paps Gauntlet Bridge.

“How is Red?” Paps asked as soon as he saw the small dinosaur like monster standing outside on of the many doors in the lab.  

“I don’t know.  Blue locked me out and I haven’t heard anything in a while.” Alphys was wringing her hands together as she spoke.

“So you heard something to begin with?” Undyne asked gently.

“Red was screaming.” Alphys responded sadly.

“What!?!” Paps cried as Undyne stepped forward to slam her hand on the door.

“Nerd!!! Open up or I’m breaking down the door.”  Undyne waited a moment before yelling again.  “You have till the count of three nerd.”  Once again silence was her only answer. “One… Two… Thr”

The door swung open revealing Blue tear stains on his exhausted face and a small blue blanket held in his arms.  Paps was the first to move, walking quickly to his older brother.  

“Brother?” Paps spoke softly gently laying his hand on the smaller skeletons shoulder.  Blue looked up at him and gave a crooked smile.  “Heh, meet your nephew Paps.”  Blue spoke while gently moving one corner of the blanket to the side revealing a tiny skeleton, a faint purple tint showed on his cheeks and on the right side of his face (The baby’s right-side) was a deep crack that ran all the way from his chin to his forehead.

“This is Times New Roman.” Blue said with a smile.


Red took several weeks to fully recover his HP had dropped dangerously low during his ordeal.  Red had told the others exactly what had happened and who had attacked him and had had to grab Blue to stop the other skeleton from teleporting into the alternate reality that held his attacker.  None of them could figure out how Reds brother had crossed into this reality to begin with.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months to years and after a while things began to get back to normal.  Red kept Roman close to him at all times, not only for the baby’s safety but also to share his magic with the child, giving him an extra boost to get him through his first few fragile months.  All of their family and friends adored the tiny baby bones.  Paps especially loved spending time with his nephew, reading to him and showing him puzzles.  Undyne and Alphys often came to visit often bringing others with them.  Mettaton loved the tiny child often trying to dress him in cute outfits made just for him, Asgore had come by to see the newest addition to the underground bringing with him some tea for Red to help give him energy and a new soft toy for Roman.  Even Toriel had opened the ruins door when Blue had knocked and told her he had Roman with him.

All in all those early day were peaceful.  That is until one day.

Blue sat in the living room reading a joke book when Reds voice had come from the landing.

“Hey Blue?”

“Yes Red?”

“Um… are these your blasters?” Red had asked not looking away from Romans bedroom.

“What, my blasters aren’t out.” Blue put away his joke book and teleported up the stairs and joined Red in at the door of the nursery.  Red simply pointed at the crib with a confused look on his face. “I think we might have a problem.”

Blue looked down into the crib and sure enough lying cuddle up to his sleeping son were two tiny blasters. The magical aura around them shone the same colour as Romans soul.

“Well this is unexpected.” Blue said reaching down a stroking his sons skull gently.

After that Romans magic came on in leaps and bounds.  First his blasters materialized then his telekinesis.  Paps had gotten quite a shock when the stuffed animal Asgore had given Roman had rocketed into his face one morning.  Roman found this very entertaining and it soon became one of his favourite games, making his poor uncle Paps dodge.  Next came Romans ability to teleport, one moment Roman would be sitting on a blanket on the floor and the next he would be in the kitchen on the table or he would disappear from the bath only to reappear under the bed.  Needless to say this terrified his parents.  Red even went so far as to tie a bell on a piece of ribbon to his wrist so they could hear him.  This worked well enough for a while until one night Blue went to feed Roman. The crib was empty, Blue went still and listened for the tell-tale ding of the bell or some coo or cry from Roman himself.  Nothing.

Red and Blue searched high and low for their child but could not find anything.  They called there friends and family for help but still nothing, finally it seemed like the entire underground was searching for one small, lost baby bones.  But there was no sign of him.

In Underfell…

Papyrus walked through the silent forest; he was in a foul mood and swore he would kill the first fool who crossed his path.  From off to his right was a small sound, he wasn’t even sure if he had heard it. Just as he was about to continue he heard it again. Ding. A small sound that should have held no interest for the Captain of the Royal Guard.  But for some reason he felt drawn to it.  Papyrus followed they sound until he came to a clearing, for a moment he thought there was nothing there until another ding drew his attention to the base of the tree next to him.  

There on the ground was a tiny skeleton, no bigger than the annoying dog that was sometimes seen.  It wasn’t unusual for children to be abandoned by their parents, if the child was sickly or if the family didn’t have enough money for food.  Papyrus told himself he didn’t care but as he turned to walk away the baby opened his eyes and looked at him and for a moment all Papyrus saw was his little brother staring up at him.  The baby let out a small cry, cold and probably hungry the baby wouldn’t last long in the forest alone. As Papyrus watched the baby’s arms reached out to him.


Well that’s it for this bit. Holy crap that was far longer than I intended.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Just so you know the next bit will not be nearly as long and I am hoping each bit is about 1000 – 1500 words long.  Let me know what you think.

Also title/story name suggestions are welcome

Straight White Boy Problem #609

I walked outside To my car and damn!! My mom was right! It’s really cold out here! I need to go back inside and chaNge. *throws off my Nike basketball shorts, puts on grey nike sweatpants, grabs a Patagonia fleece, but forgets my under armour gloves* i should be warm now!!!

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Author’s Note: I wrote this a month ago as a drabble and decided to post it today. Thought of you Laur ( @fvckingavengers ). Coincidence? I think not.

You broke out in tear-jerking laughter, hunched over with your hands on your knees. It was super weird hearing your laugh in such a low tone, but it didn’t stop your laughter. Natasha and Wanda chuckled too, not pitying the guys at all. The guys looked SO unamused, but it just made it funnier than it already was.

The team went on a mission to find the Reality Stone before Thanos could get a hold of it, and you guys were successful, reaching it in time. However, none of you knew how unstable the gem was, so now, you were stuck in this situations. Everyone’s gender has been switched. Fortunately, the gem also changed your guys’ suits and uniforms as well, because that would make this situation even more awkward than it is now.

“It’s not funny,” Clint said in a high-pitched voice. He cleared his throat, not used to the voice change.

“It’s pretty funny,” Wanda responded, arms crossed in front of her.

“How do we switch back?” Bucky asked with a stone-cold expression, which was just as intimidating with him being a female.

Tony bent over the gem but didn’t touch it for that’s how you guys got stuck in that mess. “I don’t know. We’ll have to bring it back to the lab to get a better understanding.” He got up in a standing position and unattached his glove from his armour. He put the glove on, though it was clearly loose on his now delicate hands, and grabbed the gem using the titanium alloy as protection.

Steve commanded, “Let’s head out.”

Unfortunately, it’s been two weeks since the incident, and the answer was still unsolved. It was amusing to see everyone adjust to their newfound identity. Wanda, Nat, and you clearly enjoyed your time as males. When training, you guys took off your shirt when it got to hot to wear it. The men were not used to always wearing confiding clothing. 

Also, not only was Thor not used to the gender swap but he wasn’t used to the whole culture thing as well, so at one point in time, he took off his sports bra, which was an interesting scene to see.

By week three, you were genuinely worried though for it meant that time of the month, and you didn’t know how well the guys would take it. Your feet hung over the edge of the bed with your newfound height. You were dead asleep after having a three-hour training session with Natasha. Natasha still used the same battle tactics from when she was a female, but it was even harder to shake her off with her body doubling in weight. 

You jumped out your own skin after you heard a woman shrill scream, almost falling off your bed. You ran to the source of the scream, which led to Clint’s room. You bust-opened the door to see Clint sitting in his bed, looking down at his sheets. You knew this time was eventually going to come. He was on his period. You turned your head to see Natasha running down the hall as well.

“Natasha,” you stated. “Get a pad… and midol.” She nodded her head before walking back to her room.

“Midol?” Clint asked. “What’s mi-” His sentence was cut off as an excruciating pain set in in his lower belly. “OH MY GOD! IT FEELS LIKE A KNIFE IS REPEATEDLY BEING DRAGGED ACROSS MY UTERUS.”

You sighed before walking over to Clint and placing a comforting hand on his lower back. This is going to be a LONG week.

The other boys eventually got their period as well, making yours, Natasha’s, and Wanda’s life a lot harder. The boys were whiny and clingy, this being their first menstrual cycle. They were not used to the cramps, cravings, nausea, and mood swings.

“I’m going to run to the store,” you said, getting up from the couch. “I’ll bring food back.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Steve asked, like a gentle… woman.

Remote in hand, Natasha scoffed, “No. You do not want to go to the store on your period.” She was trying to find something to watch on TV.

You pointed to Natasha in agreement. “That’s true. You’ll end up buying the whole store.”

“I’ll come with you,” Wanda offered.

You grabbed your wallet off the table before heading to the elevator. You reminded, “Don’t put any romance movies on. Do that or you’ll need tissue boxes.”

“Good point,” Natasha said, putting on ‘How I Met Your Mother’. You smiled at her before the elevator doors closed on you and Wanda, leaving male Natasha with the female boys. They were silently watching the TV, when Sam sneezed aloud.

“Aww man,” Sam whined. “This sucks.”

“You poor thing,” Natasha said, half meaning it and half teasing.

Placing a hand on the arm of the chair, Tony announced, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Don’t forget a pad,” Natasha reminded. “You never know.”

Tony huffed before getting up to go to the bathroom.

You and Wanda came back with boxes of pads, ten boxes of pizza, and five tubs of chocolate ice-cream. “We brought period remedies,” Wanda announced, placing all the groceries on the table.

“I’m going to hit the gym,” you said, placing your wallet and phone on the table as well. “Anyone want to join?”

The boys whined at your offer. “I’m not feeling up for it,” Clint stated, eyes glued on the TV.

“I’ll go,” Bucky said, before getting up from the couch.

“Great,” you said with a smile. “Just don’t wear your white shorts.”

Bucky glared at your suggestion before departing to go to his room.

“Meet you in ten,” you said.

After that week, the boys were a lot more urgent to try to find a reverse. They had a newfound understanding to you and the girls when you hit your time of the month. In a way, the gender swap was a blessing and a curse.

With A Kiss

Kaidan clutches Shepard tightly; hands scrabbling for purchase and fingers clawing at fractured armour as he drags her away from the twisted wreckage of the mako. His heart pounds. Desperate. Frantic.  His muscles tremble and breath sobs in his throat as he heaves one of her arms over his shoulders and half-carries her towards safety. 

Splinters of her razor sharp armour cut through his gloves, bite into the calloused flesh of his hands, and blood runs in rivulets down his arms and hands, drips down her chest plate, and smears across her face as he stumbles and falls. He can’t afford to stop. To pause. The Normandy is coming and Shepard needs an evac. He hoists her up, a half-formed yell of frustration and determination tumbling from his lips as he drags her on.

Around Kaidan, the endless raging of the war goes on, oblivious to his struggles. The ceaseless rattle of gunfire, the deafening roar of brutes, the blood chilling shriek of banshees, and the bone-shaking thrum of the reaper beams. Men scream. Howls of pain. Pleading for death, for life, for mothers, for saviours. Their cries follow him. Echoing. Haunting.

He wonders how many nights he’ll hear these screams.

He wonders if he’ll have the chance.

Kaidan goes on. Doggedly. Determinedly. Step by step. Dragging Shepard through the blood and mud. Past dead soldiers, piled up rotting husks, and mud churned red with gore. Clawed hands reach for him; some pleading, some shrieking, some human, some reaper. He kicks them all aside, his biotics fire weakly but don’t do much. His amp is burnt out, and his power exhausted. 

The humans collapse in on themselves sobbing, the husks follow him determinedly; some are in pieces but they still move; their beady eyes glaring at him as he stumbles past them, splashing through pools of fetid water. Legless husks claw their way after him. Their fingers wriggle in the mud, blackened hands groping dumbly at his heels, their gaping mouths hissing and screaming in rage as he escapes.

He has no time to fear them.

Shepard moans, trying to run with him, semi-conscious and in obvious agony as he drags her out of the battle zone. Her bloodless lips pinch tight. Her eyes are glazed and dull. Kaidan curses her for this; for making him do this alone. But he knows she’ll try to come with him if he doesn’t get her clear. She’s too brave, too strong, too pig headed; he has to leave her behind.

And he loves her and hates her all at once as the Normandy lands ahead of them and he knows this is the end. 

He kisses her goodbye because they never had that chance last time. Because he won’t let this end without a kiss. Because this time he’ll save her life. 

He’ll save her life, even if it means giving his own.