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Northern Fortress Training Video

Pre-Game, Corrin’s childhood

Deep in the Northern Fortress, a young man named Jakob sat by the fireplace, reading a book. He looked up and greeted an unknown individual.

“Ah. Welcome. Well if you’re hearing this, then let me be the first to say congratulations! You’ve recently been coerced- I mean hired by King Garon to work in the Northern Fortress. And this is your first official day of training.”

A young girl with pale hair in the style of a ponytail perked up. “Yay! My name’s Felicia! Do I get to be a maid for Lady Corrin now?”

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Sage EBR M1A

A drop in chassis for the Springfield Armory M1A, it modernizes the original platform. The Sage EBR however does not fit with certain configurations; if you want to install a heavier barrel, you have to buy the correct model chassis since they aren’t universal to all M14 variations. Although all Sage EBR’s have the cut-out for the selector switch, they also sell a plug to cover it up for civilian semi-auto rifles. (GRH)