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must see |  Fountain Art Fair

Fountain’s opening night was quite the party. Overwhelming and packed to the brim with people. In the same location as the original 1913 Armory Show it brimmed with excitement and artist (which is usually void in most other art fairs). The energy was exciting however the art was a bit underwhelming. I like to think somewhere between the two modes Fountain and Armory that the role art fairs play in the art world will adapt and form something more symbiotic. It was nice to actually have fun at an art fair. Plus we bought Ai Wei Wei teeshirts but missed the urinal installation. All in all- good times.     

Our favorite works; 
Willard Morgan; “Debtolution”
Patricia Watwood; “Annunciation” & “Semele”
Takeshi Sato; “Untitled”
TheSo&SoCollective; “#PillowTalks”

The Armory Show

Recap images I took from the Armory Show. Aperture, the place where I intern had a spot where we exhibited our magazine and some of our limited photography prints. The magazine publisher needed some volunteers and I jumped on the opportunity. It was an overwhelming experience mixed with multiple galleries and publishers that exhibited their art. Also people and galleries from all over the world came to exhibit their best art work. It was interesting, but I must say way too many people, not the best place for viewing artwork.
must see | ArtWeLove's Curated Guide to Armory Week

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Art lovers, brace yourself. The Armory week is upon us! If like most visitors, you feel overwhelmed by the number of fairs and events happening throughout the city, then ArtWeLove curated guide to Armory Week is a must-read, before (and even during!) the events.

must see |

For the past 13 years, artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world have made New York their destination, during Armory Arts Week. In celebration of the city’s unparalleled artistic communities, The Armory Show highlight  each neighborhood or borough’s art scenes, each night of the week, with public events including receptions, open studios, art tours, museum discounts, performances, panels, artist discussions and parties.

Obviously, our pick for most fun night of gallery going would be
Saturday, March 5  -  Brooklyn Night

Discover the rich cultural offerings in one of the city’s most cutting edge neighborhoods.

Click on the pic for the full posting of what events will be going on during New York’s Armory Art Week 2011