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Roles Of The Royal Court

The court of a monarch, or at some periods an important nobleman, is a term for the extended household and all those who regularly attended on the ruler or central figure. 

It can also refer to the physical residence of the monarch where the court resides or a series of complexes. 

The court of the monarchy would gather in the throne room.

In the largest courts, the royal households, many thousands of individuals comprised the court. 

These courtiers included the monarch or noble’s camarilla and retinue, household, nobility, those with court appointments, bodyguard, and may also include emissaries from other kingdoms or visitors to the court. 

Foreign princes and foreign nobility in exile may also seek refuge at a court.

So I bring to you just some of the many roles of the traditional royal court.

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New Hogwarts House Covers of The Philosopher’s Stone Revealed

Available from Thursday, 1st June, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original publishing date of The Philosopher’s Stone, 26th June 1997. Hardbacks will be £14.99 each, paperbacks £7.99 each (most bookstores will offer special prices, though).

The hardbacks will be black with the house crest in a house colour and striped sprayed edges. The paperbacks will reverse the house colour theme and have single colour sprayed edges. Both editions will contain fascinating facts about the houses of Hogwarts, and three specially commissioned house illustrations from Levi Pinfold per book.

Read more about each House crest:

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Whitehall by Leonard Bentley

This is an anonymously published postcard but it assures the purchaser that it is of British manufacture. The view shows Whitehall looking south and was taken from near the junction with Downing Street. It is June 1911 and the street decorations for the Coronation of King George V are in place either before or after the Coronation which was on 22nd June. The columns in the foreground were also described as pylons and were a gift from the province of Ontario, Canada. The route of the coronation had been divided into several sections and Companies were employed to decorate their designated section. The decorations in Whitehall other than the Ontario pylons and the New Zealand Gate (see below) were made and installed by J.M. Boekbinder & Co, the white columns were decorated with the armorial bearings of Kings and Queens of England beginning with William the Conqueror and alternately topped with a Griffin and the figure of Victory. The designer of the columns was J.M. Boekbinder who was a famous artist, sculptor and theatre designer.


Lettres Memoirs et Negociations de Monsieur le Comte D'Estrades
Bruxelles Henry le Jeune 1719

Gilt armorial binding bears the coat of arms [and bookplate] of the Duke of Hamilton
Duke of Hamilton is a title in the Peerage of Scotland, created in 1643. It is the senior dukedom in that Peerage (except for the Dukedom of Rothesay held by the Sovereign’s eldest son), and as such its holder is the Premier Peer of Scotland, as well as being head of both the House of Hamilton and the House of Douglas. The title, the town of Hamilton in Lanarkshire, and many places around the world are named after members of the Hamilton family. The Ducal family’s surname, originally “Hamilton”, is now “Douglas-Hamilton”. Since 1711, the Dukedom has been held together with the Dukedom of Brandon in the Peerage of Great Britain, and the Dukes since that time have been styled Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, along with several other subsidiary titles.

Free Forex Training - Five Tips For A Good Forex Trading System

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Final Fantasy XV and it`s connection to history and culture

We know that Final Fantay XV`s slogan is “fantasy based on reality” and as we look at the game, that certainly is the case. We can spot buildings and locations that are influenced by thing found in real life. What I think is even more fascinating, is that FFXV has also seemed to gain a lot of inspiration from history and culture, especially from Medieval ages and knight-culture. It also seems connects to other things, myths legends and etc.. This is not super new, but the amount of little things they have integrated into FFXV is really fascinating, especially since FFXV world resembles an modern one.  In this post I am going to look at some the historical, mythical and cultural things that have possibly inspired FFXV.

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Ok, so I wrote this because @alabamacmiles told me I should write my crazy thoughts, so there it is!….  I just noticed that Charming’s armorial bearings is flowers+lion…

At first I thought it was something made by Arthur but rewatching 106 I saw the same patterns on Charming’s shield.  (or his twin.. but who cares xD)

So, if we go on this road… This belongs to Emma too.. The flower (the tattoo on her wrist) and the lion (the symbol of Regina’s true love)….

It’s a lot of coincidences…

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