[1/2] Enstars: B’s-Log July 2016

Released in May 2016. A short story project with the theme of “Class Outing” that commenced from Feb 2016 issue (released Dec 2015).

This month features 3-B students going to the aquarium!

Also more of Mr. Alex, the game planner.

Kanata: Puka, puka…♪ The aquarium is so much fun, there are fish everywhere…

I see dogfish sharks, Japanese armorheads, and Atlantic footballfish…♪

Rei: When it comes to fish, Shinkai-kun becomes very lively, as if he is no longer the same person.

I don’t dislike the aquarium, either♪ This place is quite dark and it shelters me from the scorching sunlight. It’s very comfortable here, I would hate to leave this place…♪

Nazuna: I’m kind of the opposite. It’s not like I’m scared, but I can’t calm down… I can feel something’s gonna pop up from the dark and it worri—

Leo: Wahahahaha, wahahahaha. Wahahahahahaha!☆

Nazuna: What the!? Wh—–wh-wh-wh-what are you doing, Leo-chin! You almeows gave me a hurr addack!

Leo: “Almeows”…? You’re like a cat! …Are you, actually!? Ahaha, you’re funny! I like you, I love you! ☆

By the way, who are you?

Nazuna: Did you forget again!? That’s awful, Leo-chin. I am your classmate, Nazuna Nito. Don’t forget anymore, okay?

Leo: Uuh… Nazu. You’re all right with ‘Nazu’, yeah!?

Nazuna: Not ‘Nazu’, I shaid ‘Nazuna Nito’! Why won’t you wemembel…!?

Kuro: Calm down, Nito. Getting worked up only makes you stutter everywhere.

Nazuna: Kuro-chiiin…. Do you remember my name, Kuro-chin?

Kuro: Well, otherwise I wouldn’t have called you ‘Nito’. Gee, you’re a guy, don’t cry like a baby.

Nazuna: Ahaha, Kuro-chin is so strict… But, I guess it makes me happy that you treat me as a guy. Unlike someone, who treats me like a child…

Wataru: Oh? Did you call? You did, did you not? Then, I shall answer you!

Amazing! Wataru Hibiki is here, yours truly…☆

Nazuna: Wah, don’t take pigeons out at an aquarium! You’re bothering the other visitors!

Kuro: The moment I heard that we were going out with this line up, I expected some kind of a mess, but I didn’t think it would go out of hand this badly.

Well, I don’t hate this lively atmosphere…♪

[edit] Rei calls Kanata “Shinkai-kun” and not “Kanata-kun”, I’m sorry for anyone who’s read it;;

Valkyrie pages (basic info, nothing really new) and Mr. Alex giving tips for  beginner players after the jump.

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