armored titan spoilers

by Paleblood

RBA's "hometown"

So im going out on a limb here, but I think its pretty possible that Reiner and Bertholdt cant go back to their hometown, because theres no hometown to go back to. When Reiner and Bert are talking to Eren about their home, Bert says that he woke up one day and his village was under attack by titans. And later that day, Reiner says that his hometown is in ruins.

Now, most people chalk this up to them just creating a story to tell Eren so they wont blow their cover. But I don’t think so. They look too disturbed and upset to be just faking. I think their hometown outside the walls really DID get destroyed and is now in ruins. Im assuming that their village is not the only village out there, and so im sure the survivors of the titan attack went to seek refuge in another town.

This is the whole reason RBA’s goal was to wipe out humanity. These people lived in the safety of huge walls. Safe from the titans for a hundred years. Those outside the walls were able to avoid the titans for the most part, most likely taking advantage of their titan shifting abilities. But once their village was destroyed, they realized they couldn’t push their luck forever. The group of villages banded together and sent people to attack the walls. Bert and Reiner were from the same village, and Annie came from another. They knew that if this plan was to work, and they were going to have to go all or nothing. They couldn’t just walk up and demand to be let in. And they couldn’t kill just one district and take it. Because then humanity inside the walls would retaliate and kick them out or kill them. No they had to eliminate everyone. Kill everyone within the walls. This was the only way to ensure the safety of everyone. However, we know that the plan to eliminate humanity within the walls changed when they found out Eren had titan powers and most likely possessed the coordinate. We can even see Reiner tell Eren.

With the coordinate, they woudnt need the walls, and they wouldn’t need to kill everyone inside. They could have the power to keep the titans at bay by themselves and everyone would be safe and everything could go back to the way it is. That’s the only way Reiner Bert and Annie could return to their hometown.

The SC is so fucked right now

What´s the situation now for the SC? Lets take a look. The three vet squads fighting the small titans are dead. Three squads of experiened, titan killing soldiers, in one strike. Thats a pretty big loss of combat power. Squad Hanji, another vet squad, is either dead or incapaciated. The 104th squad is stuck against the colossal titan, with limited battle supplies. Eren has proven ineffective and was kicked on top of the wall, and is likely unconscious. The colossal titan is slowly burning the inside of shiganshina down, and prepares to do the same with The recruits, horses, Levi and Erwin. Those are thus stuck between the bombardment of Zeke, his titans, and the colossal approching from behind. They have nowhere to run. The armored titan isnt dead either. It looks really fucking bad right now tbh.

What options are left?

1- Levi´s titan serum. It would turn any soldier into a mindless titan, presumably attacking both humans or shifters. His size, power and abilities are unknown. Not a reliable method, but used correctly it could defeat Zeke or his titans.

2- Reiner turning good. His soldier persona might take over for a while and he might attack the colossal. It´s unlikely that his titan would be any more effective than Eren on the ground, but he could definitely distract Bert.

3- The coordinate. Eren deus ex machinas all the enemys to oblivion?

Chapter 76 Thoughts

First off, SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t read. Okay were clear now.

First and most important, Reiner seems to be dead now. It didn’t show us which makes me think something is afoot. But He had 4 or 5 Thunder Spears mere inches away from his human head before they exploded. Even if you’re a titan shifter, that’s going to kill you.

 Before he was supposedly killed, Reiner tried to tell them to wait, as if to tell them something important, Though I don’t know what it might be.

Reiner seems to have known he was about to die. He knew that because he was alone and cut off from Ape Titan and Bert, he didn’t stand a chance, but was determined to do his best, even with the odds stacked against him. Which makes me wonder what the Ape Titan was thinking. We as an audience, as well as Reiner himself, knew he wasn’t going to be able to win, being cut off from his allies, so why would the Ape Titan essentially sacrifice Reiner like that?

Also we see whats happening inside Erwins head, and we see the weight of his guilt, and his remorse for all the people he’s sent to die. He understands the logic of it and knows it was necessary, but it still weighs heavily on him.

Also we saw another glimps of Erwins father, which seemed weird to me that Erwin even mentioned or talked about his father, which makes me think hes going to play some sort of role later on.

We even see him have selfish thoughts, and thinking that even if the Survey Corp loses, maybe he can still see whats inside the basement before he dies. We also see him talk about how he manipulated everyone who joined, and because of that, feels responsible for all the pain he has caused them. I just think its nice to finally see the human side of Erwin. It allows us to connect with him better.

And last but not least, I like how in the end, it was really Jean, Sasha, and Connie who killed Reiner.  Mikasa and Hange blinded Reiner, but is was those three who delivered the final blow. We can see how they hesitate to kill him, and this shows that even after everything they’ve done, theyre still hesitant to kill their former friend. Its pretty clear both sides feel this way. And I like how Jean stood up and knocked some sense into Sasha and Connie, and lead them to deliver the final blow. I like when Jean steps up to lead.