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Generaloberst Heinz Guderian visited the 13./SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 of the Leibstandarte Division in his capacity as Inspector General of the Armored Forces in mid-April 1943, Kharkov area, Ukraine. The company commander’s tank Tiger ‘405’ is displayed for Guderian.

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The Panthers of the 5. SS Panzer Division Wiking in action in Kovel sector, where the division saw fierce combat in the spring of 1944.

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Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler examines a Tiger tank with SS-Hauptsturmführer Herbert Zimmermann (left), the commander of the 8./SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 of the Das Reich Division, Kharkov area, Ukraine, 24 April 1943. In the hands of the Waffen-SS the Tiger will rule.

Wiking Division Panther immobilized with track damage, but the gun is in working order, and the crew continue to give fire support. Kovel sector, spring 1944.

Wiking Division Panzergrenadiere in Sd.Kfz. 251 armoured half-tracks go out on a mission, while a plume of smoke rises in the background, Nurzec-Stacja area, July 1944. Action seems to be imminent.


Counterattack with the 12. SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend in the area north-west of Caen, Normandy, June 1944. The division fought superbly throughout the Normandy campaign, its performance a testimony to the training it had received, its leaders and the calibre of its individual recruits. However, its fighting qualities were to no avail in the face of the Allies so-called ‘materialschlacht’, their overwhelming strength in tanks, aircraft, motorised infantry and artillery.


Tiger tanks from the 13./SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 of the Leibstandarte Division roll out on a mission west of Kiev in late 1943.


Tiger Tanks from the 13./SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 of the Leibstandarte Division on the move in the area of operation west of Kiev in late 1943.