armored pony

“According to table 11-3, slimes should take triple damage from ice magic and be obliterated.”
“The spell has no effect, they must be protected somehow.”
“Nu uh! Midnight Whisper’s Magical Watchdogs would have alerted me of any other active spells!”
“But you never actually cast it.”
<not looking up from her elaborate character backstory> “Shiney, let your sister obliterate the monsters.”

EQD’s ATG 7 - day 13 (makeup): Draw a pony family party


Got some muse for the Goddess!AU so I did a couple of doodles, featuring good ol’ Pinkie being a good big sister-like babysitter to these little tykes. For those of you who don’t know (or need a refresher), I’ve mentioned awhile ago that Pinkie is much older in this AU than the Mane 6 and such. And given how often she used to hang out with the Sparkle family and the Dash family when she was younger, she really took to the youngster to the point that she’d sometimes babysit them. Pinkie, despite her cheery personality, had a hard upbringing in this AU, and given the discrimination against Twily, Shiny, and Dashy because of them being half-bloods, she’s very protective of them. o3o

I think that’s all I have to say here, so if you have any questions feel more than free to ask! :3


I finally regained access to the Cintiq! I’ll be working on commissions for a day or two but before I get into it I did a late Father’s Day image featuring Shining Armor and Flurry Heart. I’ve always wanted to draw these two interacting together, so I finally did so! Despite all of his prowess as a fearsome soldier Shining Armor is a gentle and doting father, and Flurry adores him. I’d imagine she takes a lot of fascination in his scars, and he never backs out of telling her some of his epic tales… but edits them to make them a tiny bit more kid friendly. xD

I included the process GIF as well! I might start doing this more often but some of them will be shown off the bat while others will only be viewable through patreon; perhaps with some commentary on how I go about the process. Hm.

ANYWAY, I hope you guys like the image! C: