armored pony


Got some muse for the Goddess!AU so I did a couple of doodles, featuring good ol’ Pinkie being a good big sister-like babysitter to these little tykes. For those of you who don’t know (or need a refresher), I’ve mentioned awhile ago that Pinkie is much older in this AU than the Mane 6 and such. And given how often she used to hang out with the Sparkle family and the Dash family when she was younger, she really took to the youngster to the point that she’d sometimes babysit them. Pinkie, despite her cheery personality, had a hard upbringing in this AU, and given the discrimination against Twily, Shiny, and Dashy because of them being half-bloods, she’s very protective of them. o3o

I think that’s all I have to say here, so if you have any questions feel more than free to ask! :3

  • Princess Cadance, looking at Flash and Twilight: They make a great couple, don't they?
  • Shining Armor [annoyed]: They certainly are standing next to each other.

What is the Flutterdash Fiesta?

This is a two week contest I am holding for writers and artists of all sorts! All cash prizes, totaling $40 (USD)! (if you don’t live in the US and you win, we can certainly work something out)

(Will increase as there are more fiestas, or more participants!)

$10, shoutout on @flutterdashdaily prize for the most drawings submitted!

$10, shoutout on @flutterdashdaily for the ‘best’ drawing submitted to the contest! (I will have a panel of flutterdash experts helping me in this process)

$10, shoutout on @flutterdashdaily for the most writing pieces submitted!

$10, shoutout on @flutterdashdaily for the ‘best’ writing piece submitted! (Again, I will have a panel of flutterdash experts to help me out)

If we get at least 15 participants, each prize will be increased by $5, making the total fiesta money being given away $60!


1. The content must relate to the shipping pair flutterdash (I mean, this is called the Flutterdash Fiesta after all!). There can be more than just them in the drawing/writing piece, and 3tp/4tp/etc. that include flutterdash are accepted in the entries as well.

2. The writing pieces/drawings must be done in this two-week span. I WILL be doing research on the submission if I feel something is fishy.

3. For writers, every 3 paragraphs (5-7 sentences counts as a paragraph) will count as one submission. Giving room for you to write a longer piece and not get penalized for It in the quantity portion.

4. Every submission must be tagged with ‘#flutterdash’ and ‘#flutterdash fiesta’



6. Optional, you can send me a tumblr message with links to your submissions, or submit all your works to my submit box and/or the submit box on @flutterdashdaily

I really hope you guys like this contest, since it has been highly requested from my followers! If you have any additional questions, PLEASE ASK ME! MY MESSAGES AND ASK BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN!

I wish you all the best of luck, and happy flutterdashing!