armored peacock


Had to update my DRK glim glams because the blue glow on Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant clashed with the blood red scheme I had going on.

A switch to peacock blue, a few key changes, and a new hairstyle (that doesn’t clip with the armor OR the sword!) and my DRK is gonna be styling on the journey to 270. Most pieces overlaying 250 gear right now. 

  • Sharpened Guillotine of the Tyrant in Peacock blue
  • Blue Cherry Blossom Corsage 
  • Hellfire Armor of Fending in Peacock Blue
  • Tantalus Cuffs in Peacock Blue
  • Augmented Shire’s Custodian Hose, undyed
  • Legacy Warrior Sabatons in Peacock Blue