armored fist

i’ve read a lot of fanfics that explain cullen’s lip scar with stuff like “he was slashed with a knife/sword” like no he was definitely not because if it were a knife, the marginal chances that said blade only going through his lip (and not into his gums/teeth) is TINY and really i guarantee you it’s because cullen was punched in the mouth with an armored fist


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

Yeah, let me come to Vale with no armor and my fists. I’ll fuckin’ punch the dragon. Why don’t you throw me into the sky, I’ll ride him around like a fuckin’ dragonborn.
—  Yang, before certain unfortunate events, probably

there was a time before your trenches. flowers grew between my teeth for other lovers, but you loved this land enough to leave scars. consequence: there are girls lying in the ground I will never know; girls I will never be. I don’t know if I can face you without petals of armor and a fistful of poppies. cartography: when we met again, the borders of my thighs will have changed but the dirt beneath your fingernails is always mine; the bullets beneath the grass forever yours 

gate guardian stops you with their armored fist out, towering over you by at least 4 feet and tell you that if you want to move through the gate you must solve their riddle and you tell them you can solve any riddle and the gate guardian nods and holds out two swords, one in each hand, and asks you “which is a cooler sword?” and you stare at them for about 5 minutes with this thought burning in your mind wanting to tell them that that’s not a riddle it’s a question of subjective taste but the fact remains that they’re holding two swords and you’re holding none so you’re pretty worried about pointing that little fact out